Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Masquerade

Note to all concerned:
Due to increasing technical difficulties, or some sort of interference, the shining through the mind website has not been functioning as usual. - Some business type 'tycoon' (racoon) has purchased the name of the site in the 'dot com' side of things at some sort of 'dot com auction' and has been trying to sell me my own website name. - So my advice to all is to link to my blogsite, "Nonduality Notes" (the same notes appear there), instead of the shining through the mind website. If by chance the 'shining' website becomes in-operative, I will dissolve it. - I am not interested in playing extortion games with opportunists. - This is a non profit site.

Today's Note:

If there is no discrimination between what ‘appears’ as thoughts, concepts and story constructions in ‘your own mind’ – between that and the actuality of ‘what is’ – then what can you possibly know about reality?

Are 'you' searching for it 'out there'? - Using all manner of second hand wisdom to find it?

Reality cuts through all illusion - 'the mirage of water' is NOT water - it just 'appears' to be water. - All of our sacred beliefs are just like that mirage of water.

If you refuse to put aside your erroneous beliefs, even for just a moment, then what kind of shock is needed to shatter your stubborn resistance? - Who has the time and who has the effort to persistently 'knock on your door'?

How many times do you need to hear it - to be told?

What you seek you already are. - The fantasy character is chasing 'a concept of reality' or some other concept, like 'enlightenment'.

The ONLY 'place' to 'start from' is 'to be what you are'. - In that clear and open view everything is seen for what it is. - That natural open view does not depend on any concept at all and belief does not even enter the picture - or if it does, and belief kicks in to full gear, then the view is not open.

Without that clear and incisive seeing, isn’t everything mixed up in a concoction of floating opinions and beliefs? - Isn't that 'me' at the mercy of an unpredictable tide and that 'me' gets tossed around like a cork on the sea. - Is that the basis of... 'my personal knowledge of what is real'?

We fight like cats and dogs to protect our self-image and our beliefs, to protect that paper castle, imagining it will keep us safe.

There is no hiding from reality – it is clear and obvious.

Who do you image you are fooling, except yourself?

Hiding behind a semi-conscious persona, a mask is best left for the Masquerade Ball and party games.

The Urban Guru Cafe is soaring. - Click on blue lettering to go visit the site.

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The Urban Guru Cafe is a podcasting site, set up a few months ago - providing new material to contemplate, including interviews with those speaking 'directly' from their own knowing - rather than telling you what you have to believe. - All on this subject of Non Duality.
A new program is made and released every 2 weeks (approx). - If you have not listened yet - Do yourself a favor - take a listen.

I have just listened again to Bob on The Urban Guru Café (dot com) - program number 9. – It is extremely simple and direct - but you have to follow closely to what is being pointed out.
At no point does Bob rely on any story or belief about anything at all. - He simply tells it straight. - Any Buddhist, Zen or Christian, any follower of any religion whatsoever, can listen to this program and hear the essence of their own religion – because each religion is telling the same message, as long as you stay with the directness, the essential pointers. - With most religions that essential message gets covered over by all manner of ‘conditions’ and stories – That exclusiveness is ‘separation’. – As soon as you join a religion, you are most usually expected to be exclusive – you exclude all the other religions. – What Bob is pointing out is that essence of what you are is totally inclusive. - There is NO separation. – Take a listen to number 9.

P.S. - By the way, The Urban Guru Café is most definitely soaring - with about 10% exponential growth per day. – Amazing – word is spreading.