Monday, July 14, 2008

Incomprehensible for mind - yet natural for being.

Incomprehensible for the dualistic mind. - Being is Knowing.

Being a slave to concepts about ‘special states of being’ is foolish.

Let me state clearly that there are no concepts being indulged in here. - I have no investment in a self-image, that I am 'someone special' or that something special has happened to me. - I have not attained any state of being - either enlightenment or whatever name you want to give it. - It could be said that it is 'the ordinary' that contains the miraculous. - We overlook the ordinary 'pure functions of being' and go looking for some 'thing', some idea of 'becoming' - imitating what is suggested to us by 'suggestion' itself. - We ignore the FACT of wonderment - the fact of our own being - just as we are. - What a miracle.
You may imagine that you are in the process of ‘becoming’ – you may have been given many tools to achieve your desire of becoming something ‘more’ than what you are.
Who is the observer of this ‘becoming’?
Is that anything stable?
Is it not merely thoughts about becoming and self-assessments, more thoughts and judgments made about some self-analysis?
Where do all of these activities take place?
Isn’t it all simply an appearance in being?
We can re-arrange ‘the furniture’ in our minds but nothing of this activity will ever ‘become’ anything but what it is.
The appearances cannot be THAT, which is unchanging, that 'one without a second' – they are appearances and they cannot be that changeless fact of being, it is THAT, the changeless, in which ALL the appearances appear. - You are THAT - not the transient appearances - That fact is obviously here right now and it permeates this living moment - totally ascertainable (for anyone at all, right here, right now) because it is a FACT. - What prevents the seeing of that fact? - It can only be mind stuff that gets in the way. - Drop it.
Some say that such expressions are from the Absolute, not from where they see things from. - The fact is that ALL true SEEING is not actually 'happening' via the mind's content. - The translations of the mind cannot SEE. - These translations appear to be so quickly 'on the scene' we habitually believe that this 'believed in entity' is seeing - is knowing. - It is simply NOT true. - There is only ONE Seeing happening. - Where are you Seeing from? - Don't be tempted by any 'idea' about that. - Where is the seeing happening? - This question delivers the mind to beyond its realm. - No conceptual answer can satisfy - Frustration or denial is a usual response. - The SEEING is prior to all concepts. - Calling it an 'Absolute View' which only a 'sacred few' have access to is just a story for the mind. - Believing in stories in preference to the actuality is an 'insubstantial problem'. - A problem that dissolves instantly if it is truly questioned thoroughly and actually.
Believing in ‘the process of becoming’ is the error.
99.999% of teachers are ‘guilty’ of proliferating concepts of ‘becoming’.
It is all useless and it leads ‘you consistently away’ from the obvious FACT of Being.
Place your trust in one who ‘points’ directly at the facts.
Is it not obvious that all these years of following the practices of ‘becoming’ have not led you anywhere – that fabulous and imaginary ‘realization’ keeps slipping out of view. – It remains ‘up ahead’ somewhere in ‘the future’. - It will continue to do so – because it is only a concept. – Being a slave to concepts about ‘special states of being’ is foolish.
Stop ignoring the natural state of simple being. – It is non-conceptual.

I can almost hear a reply. – “That is too difficult, to just simply be”.
Why is that so difficult?
Are you so sold on the idea of making effort, that ‘the simplicity of being’ is turned into an unattainable ‘thing’?
Being is Being is Being.
A lion is not making an effort to be a lion. - Effort may appear in the activity of a lion chasing a deer - the Being of the lion or the deer is not changing or becoming anything but what it is. - Why do you imagine that you can become something 'greater' than what you are? - Because it has been suggested and it has been believed in - that is why.
Mere concepts - concepts that fill a space called 'mind' and thus an ignoring of natural being as one is, seemingly takes us away from that simplicity of 'being what I am'.
Being is there timelessly, naturally, 'before' such erroneous efforts are even indulged in.
Being requires NO effort whatsoever. – effort appears in being - not for the sake of being. - No ‘person’ has ever ‘become’ more than the being-ness. – The ‘person’ is just a bunch of thoughts. - See if you can stand on those beliefs. - They are an erroneous foundation - a delusion. ("Build your house on the Rock - not on the shifting sands")
Many aspirants go into hiding at this point, the shutters come down and a defensive mechanism kicks in. - Reaction is behavior - not being.

Why is simply being so difficult?
Being has nothing to do with that believed in ‘entity’ called ‘me’.
The ‘me’ is a fictional character. – It has NO Being whatsoever – it is only belief.
Empty rhetoric about "that me must be what I am because there is no separation".. is flimsy intellectualizing – it is 'a cowards excuse', NOT to investigate that ‘me’ and truly find out what is real about it, if anything.
Habitual resistance, to really taking a good look, is like a fortress wall around the ‘me’.
A self-made prison – full of fictional drama and suffering – all of it is unnecessary.
"I can't let go of this idea about 'who' I am, because if I let go of that, who or what will I be?" - Like the man who couldn't knock on God's door - self-exiled because the courage to really KNOW was smothered by self-doubts.

All these points may be a bit sharp, too probing for the average ‘seeker’.
It is not meant for them - they get what they need through beliefs - they are not happy - but they won't hear what is being offered - so what else can be done?

No matter how sharp it appears to be, it really needs to be looked into – putting it off is tantamount to another ‘ten year sentence’ in that ‘cage of limited views’.

We must recognize that the open view of 'simply being present to what is', is clear.
It is the belief in what the mind brings into the picture, that is what 'seemingly' clouds the view.

A certain concept may appear to help but if it is clung onto, it will obscure the view with a mind set, which is not the clear view at all.

Our habit is to believe what the mind translates from 'what is'.
All the while, 'What is' is totally available 'ever-prior' to mind translations.
In the midst of a 'sticky belief' the clear view is actually unobstructed for BEING, which is the SEEING itself.
For the believed in 'entity', all it has is concepts and it cannot truly see anything at all.
There is only one SEEING happening - and the 'me' is nothing but an appearance in that seeing. - See that fact and relax in being.