Saturday, July 12, 2008

Seeing through the self-centre is not via the mind.

Extract from Everything is Clear and Obvious:

"Knowing is instant.
Words are (always) secondary.
In the realm of words and concepts, we appear to leave THIS immediate knowing and enter into a realm of descriptions.
In that psychological 'journey' of mind, you can only 'arrive back' at the place you have never left, which of course is now.
This 'space of immediate knowing' has never left you.
It is, in fact, what you are."

The following is a single paragraph extract from a 6 part Note written a few weeks ago:

The innate capacity of pure knowing belongs to our true nature - and it lies at the core of what we are.
What we truly ARE is not depending on anything at all.
It needs no time to find completion – it requires no method to adhere to and it requires no concept at all.
Its nature is NON conceptual.

Recognize that.

Some additional points are:

This natural BEING is not relying upon any concepts or conditional mind - it is non dual.
If you cannot see that that is what you are then simply 'Stay' with THAT and it naturally dissolves erroneous beliefs in dualism.
However, the holding onto the core belief in being 'someone' will appear to bring about a 'split' in that open space of knowing - SEE that for what it is.

Do not 'go with' any concept - and so the sense of separation will dissolve naturally.
Repeat this as often as possible and the idea of being separate cannot survive.

Then, be attentive, because the 'idea' of 'now I am enlightened' will pop up. - Do not entertain this concept. - It is separation weaving its way back into the picture.
There is No Duality in Non Duality.

The display of competition in the 'spiritual circles' is a joke and obviously fed by ignorance.

Today's Note:

If there is no impulse to be totally ‘honest’ with oneself, why should ‘what is actually true’ reveal itself?
Could it be possible that what you have been searching for, for most of your life, is ‘something’ that is so obviously present in ‘your very being’, so obvious that you miss it completely?
Have you fallen over and over for some ‘story’, some philosophical convoluted complex equation, some spiritual formula or have you simply fallen for some charismatic character?
Have you handed over your trust to someone, some teacher, who shows ‘signs’ of having, owning, what it is you are seeking?

If that teacher ‘allows’ you to spend year after year, treading the treadmill, chasing some exalted state of mind, then he is not pointing at what is true at all.
The ‘system’ of such teachers is a prison made of concepts.

It is a very profitable spiritual game, that is for sure – but it is not about what is true.
Everything but that.
The whistle blower may be a very unpopular ‘appearance’ in life.
But he still blows the whistle irregardless.

All organized spiritual groups contain an expectation of exclusivity.
The sense of separation is fed by such spoken or unspoken ‘contracts’.

As J. Krishnamurti says:– “The Truth cannot be organized” & “Truth is a pathless land”.
What IS is what IS.

Today's Note:
The error of seeking is so obvious, it is not even suspected.
The error is the insistence of being ‘someone’ that is searching for ‘something’ that you 'imagine' that you don't already have.
That is the hitch, the self-center 'knot' that cannot be undone by the seeker.
The angst of the seeker is a self feeding 'loop'.
The only way out of it, is to recognize it and drop it - and be what you are, just as you are.
The ‘pointer’ “The answer is not in the mind” can be put another way, “There is no answer in the mind”.
Stop looking in the mind. – Drop the concepts and see.

Then the mind usually comes up with: “How can I do that?”
There is no 'How' - that can only be an addition of more thought or concepts.

Just stop thought and see. - Drop it.
It may only seem to last a few moments - but see into those moments - simply be in the moment and let the mind rest on nothing at all.
That moment may appear to go away - but in the subsequent re-tasting of it, one realizes that THIS moment is all there ever is. - It is the mind content that comes and goes and that coming and going INCLUDES the IDEA of 'me'.

In that clear space of BEING, there is nothing that you can say about that no thought ‘state’. – We can call it a state but it is actually not a state at all.
In staying with that empty mind, it is found to be full of livingness – and we can call that 'thoughtless reality'.
There is nothing wrong in that. – 'Until' the mind re-enters with its 'me' stuff.
The IDEA of 'me' CANNOT see or Know anything.
So, in seeing that 'stuff' for what it is, without wanting to alter it, there is STILL no problem. - What a blessed relief (for no one).
It may be recognized that it is the re-engagement with the 'me', that is where the problems re-enter - and that 'happens' because of the believed in 'entity' 'me' has not been questioned or looked at closely. - It is belief - mere thoughts. - It has NO being whatsoever - so how can you BE that 'stuff'?

All of the mind content, no matter what it is, is only an appearance in or on the 'natural state’. - The mind is clear and empty - right now.
Reach in there and grasp a thought, if you can find the mind.
Thoughts have no substance at all.
Get a taste of that fact, over and over.

Stories in the mind go on and on.
Here is one: Some latest fabulous ‘guru’ comes to town and seekers flock to him imagining that he will be ‘The One’ - the one to tip the scales. - The local gurus get upset because their 'flock' numbers drop as these 'sorry souls' pop along to the 'The latest Pide Piper'.

The 'mind projection' of 'a savior' who 'comes to town' is just another error of belief - the belief that he will, most hopefully, be 'The One' - and it cannot be anything but an error. – Why?
Because what YOU truly ARE is that ONE. – Seeking that ONE through some other guru or teacher is a dualistic trap for the mind - a prison. - Why are so many spending decades with Gurus and teachers? - To get a certificate? - To give away half their wages?
(Note: Nisargadatta said eight days was enough to absorb the message.)

These traveling 'non duality minstrels' all come and go - and the seekers are left seeking - it happens over and over.
After the 'wham bam', the local gurus pick up the pieces and pull the flock back together and resume their 'trade'.
Don't get me wrong: - There is no judgment here about any of it - I am just telling a story - one that may be very familiar to you.
No one is 'doing any of it'. - It is all in the appearance of 'things'. - By investing hope in all these 'special teachers' and 'things' we entrap ourselves on a path to nowhere.
What is necessary is already 'right here' - there is nothing you need from someone else, in order to realize this moment of life. - No concept is ever this Life. - Drop all concepts and Life is obviously this livingness, without a single thought to support it.

The mind conceptualizes all of the ‘pointers’ and with those concepts, it creates another mind trap.
Seeing through the self-center is NOT via the mind. – Living without a self-center is not a memorized concept or something one can imitate. – There never was a 'me’ – just see that fact and be over and done with the 'latest fad' or the latest 'hot' traveling guru. - Surely you are exhausted by now? - How many teachers are you going to run along to?
What is needed is a simple messenger - it is extremely simple - but everyone is attracted to the 'teachers' who play the promotional game and dress up in all the garb and 'walk with sobriety and conscious intention' in an atmosphere of sacredness.
There is no need for long winded stories and contracts with gurus or teachers.

In five minutes, it is possible to point out the essential facts. - Whether it is heard is another matter.

The insistence on being 'someone' seeking 'something' and 'imagining' you don't have it, that is the hitch - the knot of self-torture.