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Beyond what you call yourself

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If we can postulate for a moment, that there is an absolute truth, an absolute reality, then it is surely even logical that it must be present throughout ALL 'time and space' - throughout ALL the universe and throughout ALL eons. - And so, even logically, it must be present right NOW. - It must permeate All Being - which of course includes 'your own being' right now.
Such a revelation may fill the mind with wonder.
This 'ultimate truth' permeates everything and nothing is excluded.
The mind, with its limited intellect, cannot capture it with a concept.
That Ultimate subtle fact is this immediate livingness that you are - it is the 'hum of being'. - In looking for it with the mind, we miss it. - It permeates ordinary awareness. - Silent and relaxed in being and also every activity, every movement within this vastness - this endless array of galaxies - everything that there is.

This living presence is its own activity of knowing - a knowing of everything, without a single exception and without ever moving away from THIS ever present 'now'.
There is NO separation that comes between this Knowing and the appearances of all that 'appears to be'. - One Being. - You are THAT. - There is no possibility that you could not not be THAT.

Let me share part of an email from a friend in the USA.
We were 'talking' about the direct message, this reply came:

I find this direct message in its unadorned elegance marvelously unpopular in general here. - actually less than unpopular - usually 'actively discarded'.
The self-promoters and folks willing to play the guru game are dominating the field, for the most part. - If there is no special enlightenment offered, no exotic Eastern terminology, no groovy guru on a platform, no retreats in which to look for mating opportunities and to hobnob with rich yuppies and fellow eternal seekers - then there is really not much interest in the straight and direct message.

"Franchise Paradise" is not about the truth - it is about money, sex and groovi-ness, obviously.

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The fine lines on the back of the contract usually tell us some things that we need to know but so often over look. - Here below is some of that 'fine print'.

certain conditions apply

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Taking delivery of the idea of being a sufferer is 'the catch'.
The ’story of ‘me’ IS the bondage of self.
See that, that ‘you’ does not register anything at all - it can’t because it is only an idea, see that, that concept about a ‘you’ registers spontaneously, the same as ALL impressions register.
No one can ‘get behind’ that spontaneous registering (cognizing) that KNOWING Presence.
All these thoughts appear ‘on (or in) awareness’ - there is no ‘entity’ there.

(to paraphrase Shakespeare) “no right or wrong, good or bad - but thinking makes it so” (makes it seemingly so).


The current notes are on the following page. Meanwhile, here is an extract from The First Instant book (published 2004), a manuscript written several years ago, at a time when the message was flowing out of my elbows on onto my computer keyboard. Attempts to get the book published failed, for various 'reasons', so I published myself. This message that is written about consistently is not about any popular ideas or about seducing anyone into new beliefs, fancy concocted Philosophies or endless mind traps. - Here is that extract.

"Beyond what you call yourself"

In the bondage of appearing to be a limited being, an individual, there is a desperation, a trying to hang onto 'things' that are not there - here. - They are all concepts and mind projections. - You imagine terrifying things and you scare yourself to death with them. - You dream of pleasant things that are nowhere to be seen in the actual present evidence. - You dream a stream of dreams and you flutter about in imaginary worlds of past and future. - Anxiety is a regular visitor.
When all obscuring factors are seen through, the portal of what we can call 'Awakened Mind' opens fully - all is seen and the apparent 'believed in' substance of your dreams of separateness vanishes - forever - never to be believed in again. - They may still appear in a transparent form in mind, like a visiting butterfly in the garden - but they are known instantly for what they are.

In naked awareness there is no 'becoming'. - No coming or going, for it is non-dual awareness. - All that comes and goes is merely an appearance. - Everything appears in exactly the same way. - I cannot say what the difference is because it is actually undifferentiated and the problems did not exist in the first instant.
‘I am’, you are, this ‘first and only instant’. - At no point can any ‘I’ or a ‘you’ leave this. All manner of things appear and disappear in this first instant. - None of these appearances last. - All are transient. - The ‘master’ may appear to bring you back conceptually to this first instant (which you have never left). - Because he lives entirely from this first instant, his speech arises directly from it. - He is not speaking from any platform in mind. - His words may seem profound.

This profoundness is the living vibration of unobstructed expression. - It is expressed from and as the immediate knowing, it is a reciprocating resonance in yourself. - It is not some memorized thing that he is telling you. - He is the knowing of what he says.
You may believe that you come and go from this immediate presence. - It is not so. Only conceptually do you appear to depart from this first instant. - The remembering and the forgetting are just mind stuff. - All is as it ever was. - Yet it never was, is, or will be anything other than this first instant. - You are That.

Even though many things are repeated here in this text, direct cognition is unobstructed. - Our habitual way of being is full of repetition.
When the 'apparent shift' takes place, from habitual mind-stuff and recognized things into direct and immediate knowing, then this taste will not leave you. - It cannot leave you because you are this direct knowing and you have always been THAT.
You are in fact, nothing but this. - (Where is the doubt?)
The innate knowing of this is it (also). - The content of this immediacy seemingly arises within an experiential realm (mind) and this is nothing but direct cognition.
It is nothing but this. - It never splits into two.

Know it for yourself!
It is all immediate and never anything else but immediate (There is no ‘ever’ or ‘never’ - ‘past’ or ‘future’ in this). - All of the mind realms, words, images and concepts are nothing but this. - The dualistic mind cannot sit quietly with the non-dual.
‘You’ are taken beyond the dualistic mind. - To go beyond the mind you simply rest in open awareness.

Beyond what you call yourself
Within what you call yourself,
Is this vastness of direct cognition,
Untouched by anything.
The words are pointing at it
All that appears is it
Appearances never move or stray from it
The essence in what is seen
And the essence in what is seeing
are One.
All there is is Knowing.
Even what you call ‘mind’ is nothing but it
When you look for mind, all you find is direct knowing
- cognition.

Because it is all there is - and because there is nothing other than this, there is nothing to compare with it. - So you do not notice its significance in what you call ‘mind’. And yet your very ‘seeing - knowing’ is nothing but this.

This knowing does not come and go
It is vast like the ocean
Does the fish notice the clear water?
No water - no fish
The water is full of fish
The fish is full of water
Not two.

See that what you truly are, in essence, which is this direct cognition, do not move - you are not this movement. - You ‘know’ because of this movement. - There is only knowing happening. - The immediate intelligence energy is the pure potentiality of this movement. - You are the movement of knowing - You are That.

- fin.

The expressions happening here today have not changed all that much since 'then' - maybe a little clearer these days- some may say a lot clearer. - This First Instant book may be re-printed with slight changes in the text at some point. - I have had just a few of it printed recently because someone requested it. - Email me at the above address if you wish to purchase one.