Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thought appears in Thought Free Being.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj & Sri Ranjit Maharaj - Bombay, India.


What the mind ‘sees’ is multiplicity, the world and things.
What actually registers in the 'pure seeing' consistently, without any division, is oneness. - No labels are attached to THAT because it is beyond the 'mind'.

It is the apparent ‘point of view’ of mere conceptualizing of that one-ness appearing as 'an individual', as a ‘seer’ and the 'seen', as a ‘knower’ and the 'known', that is what SEEMINGLY divides the indivisible One-ness into 'Duality'– but this is only in the 'appearance', which is 'happening' in the so-called ‘mind’ - The duality is only in appearance.
The habit is of the 'me' relating to the world and consequentially to 'that which is', via an ‘image’ of ‘self’. - That 'image of self', to which everything is referred to, it cannot actually SEE or KNOW anything.
This needs to be recognized. - The habit needs to be questioned.

One of the most potent ways to reveal naked cognition is:

Where is the seeing actually taking place?

Don't pass over this or dismiss it. - Well, not if you are 'serious' about this 'finding out what is really going on'. - We too often dismiss anything that threatens the fortress of belief.

All that that 'mind image of self' is, is imagination.
Mind is time - it is not the 'seeing-knowing'.
The 'I Know' is always questionable.
All there truly is, is Knowing - knowing beyond the limits of a 'knower' and the 'known'.

The 'mind' taking itself to be separate, it imagines ‘a puzzle of oneness’ - and all the pieces must be found – that is 'the seeking'. - The puzzle has to be put back together again - before completeness can be achieved.
It is a crap story, an endless story -a fragmentation of ideas in the mind. - It is a very popular business and very profitable for those who ‘sell’ the ‘lost pieces’.
In taking oneself to be a separate entity, a 'person' that 'oneness' of what we truly are enters into a dream - and 'People' in that dream are 'suckers' for buying those 'lost pieces' - 'hidden secrets' - 'buried treasure' etc.
The puzzle only 'appears' for the mind. - There is no puzzle to solve in Being.
The ONLY way out of that endless seeking is to start from the fact that you ARE that ONE, without a second. - Simply BE.
Drop the fragmentation concepts and simply BE….SEE…..KNOW.

The expansive sense of being is ever fresh in this moment.
Be open towards it, simply by letting go of 'old ideas' about 'self'.

"There is no good or bad (right or wrong) - but thinking makes it so"
- William Shakespeare.

Today's note:

The ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’ is only a signpost – a ‘pointer’.
Many aspirants gather around the signpost and make a lifestyle living near the signpost - "devotees of the signpost".
They ignore what the signpost is pointing at.

Some signposts actually point away from 'the actuality' of simple being and yet the ‘words’ on the sign 'seem' to be accurate.
A genuine signpost points you beyond the mind, into natural being presence-awareness.
Some signposts look 'real good', freshly painted and crisp - but they only 'pretend' to point you 'beyond the mind' - they actually point you back into endless mind stuff, with more 'work to be done', 'post awakening' and various other 'time bound concepts', which is the 'bondage of self' - all servicing 'a believed in entity' - or they point in multiple directions so as to occupy the mind on a 'merry go round ride' to nowhere.

Be careful to examine your preferred signpost carefully.
"The proof of the pudding is in the eating."
If an unmistakable resonance in being reverberates in you (a sense of expansion of being) then it is a true signpost.
If there is only an intellectual excitement and a proliferation of endless concepts, then one must certainly take a closer look at the signpost. - It is not about convincing the mind of some specialized concepts.
Such pointing is most certainly pointing the wrong way.
Non Dual jargon, like "There is no right way or wrong way" is just piffle and is just talk.

In seeing through the appearance of being a ‘me’ there ‘appears’ a ‘new freedom’ – this freedom is not actually ‘new’ because that freedom is the ‘natural state’ and that has always been ‘here’ – it has merely been overlooked through an engagement with ‘believing’ in that ‘me’ and its story.
In seeing that the body is merely an appearance, an instrument - and in seeing ‘these thoughts that come and go’ are not what I truly am, is it really helpful to say that I am these appearances?
In being free of it, in the ‘appearance of guiding others’, is it truly helpful to say that I am ‘all of it’, to imply that ‘I am that me’?
No it is not helpful at all. – In fact it is a misguided piece of advice.
Some ‘teachers’ may sense that they are very clear about everything – yet they need to realize that those who are attempting to be free of those ‘things’, things that they themselves were once caught in, these ‘seekers’ need clear advice that will cut through those forms of identification.
If your preferred 'teacher' sounds like 'a second hand car salesman', then he or she is most likely not pointing very clearly. - Adding new concepts about some process is NOT what is needed. - The negation of the belief in 'time' and 'me' is central to exposing what is true. - No personal benefit or achievement is in that exposure.
Emphatic statements implying that you are that ‘me’ and all of its attachments is actually not clear pointing – one could say it is counter productive.

If you want a clear and precise pointing to your own true nature – then drop all thought and simply be - that is the source of your own being – this living presence.

If that seems impossible then find a clear ‘teacher’ and there is no one I know of, other than Bob Adamson, who is speaking directly, without deviation, speaking from the natural state. – While Bob is still ‘with us’ an opportunity is available.
Why settle for second best?
These thoughts expressed here, just like all thoughts, appear spontaneously.

Bob will not tell you that you are that ‘me’ – others can do that but it will not free you. There never was a 'me' caught in phenomena - but you must see this very precisely for yourself.
You must see most clearly, in the immediacy of presence, that the ‘me’ is just an idea. Once seen clearly, one can use the word ‘me’ and ‘I’ without any trouble.
Without seeing through the ‘me’ then there will be endless trouble and you will drown in your own imaginary suffering.
These words here may cause a stir with certain characters – that is not my concern.
Telling it straight and true is what this is all about.
Whether it is ‘heard’ is another matter.


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The whole universe moves and turns upon emptiness - where are you seeing from?

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Today's note:

'Who' is it that gets caught up in thoughts?
Are thoughts free to come and go? - Is it true that anyone ever was caught up in thoughts - what are thoughts comprised of and what is the 'substance' of the one caught up in them? - Examining this factor alone, reveals what needs to be seen.

One without a second means exactly that. - There is no duality in Non Duality.
There never was any ‘entity’ ever.
At no ‘point’ in any ‘time’ was there ever any ‘entity’ caught in any phenomena whatsoever nor freed from such bondage.
The bondage of self is a fiction.
This fact may be totally confirmed in this instant - by simply dropping thought and recognizing the clear space of cognition. - That clear and empty space of cognition is not divided into parts, right and left, right and wrong, good and bad.
There is no 'point' in that space and there is no boundary either.
Close your eyes now and see if you can find a point or a boundary.
Sit with that clear space and recognize that that 'space-like awareness' is the 'place' where everything appears, the whole universe appears nowhere other than right there.
That space is not filled with Christians or Buddhists, Muslims or Jews. - In fact there is no one there at all - nothing except your true nature and that is not a form - it has no color, shape or form. - It is so familiar to you, you have overlooked it consistently.
Stop ignoring it.

The whole drama of duality, including the appearances of teachers and pupils, is an insubstantial ‘play of the elements’ and they are nothing but ‘images’ appearing on awareness.
Like the appearance of multiple reflections in a mirror, they can never jump out of the mirror or even bump into each other.
To say that awareness is just another story is to miss the fact that what the word ‘awareness’ refers to is not a concept.
Awareness itself remains ‘timelessly’ indescribable and indefinable.
All of our descriptions and definitions fall short, because every single description or definition is nothing but an appearance in or on awareness.
‘You’ cannot negate that instantaneous cognizing (knowing) that is happening – THAT activity of knowing is awareness.
Can you grasp the import of such pointing?
Not with a concept, nor with a ‘knower’– only AS the knowing does it reveal itself in its fullness.
The rest is merely concepts and floundering intellectual gymnastics.
Words appear on or in awareness, just like all phenomena appear in or on that same unchanging presence-awareness.
Just as LIFE, sentient or otherwise, is the prerequisite to all activities, awareness is the prerequisite to knowing anything at all.
Awareness and the activity of knowing cannot be separated.
It is only the ‘mind’ that seemingly separates THAT naked presence-awareness.
The seeker cannot get there. – That imaginary journey is totally useless.
What has truly been achieved by so much struggle and effort?
How close are you now to that, that which you strive for so vigilantly?
Have you ever truly moved out of THIS presence?

Be honest with yourself - why not?
Is fooling oneself such a good idea? - Convincing oneself that so much has been achieved and 'soon' I will 'get there'. - Oh what a tiresome story it is.
What is it that we are overlooking?

What is wrong with right now? - if we don't think about it.

‘Thought free being’ is the gem that we overlook and go off in the mind looking for some projected, imagined prize.
All the while the true prize lies ‘under our very noses’.
What a remarkable joke it all is – but few are laughing.
The effort to remain in a state of being a serious seeker is tedious to say the least.
To relax in being is effortless’
Try it sometime – you may be surprised.

The mind may play a game of being judge, jury and executioner - but where is that activity taking place and how real is it?
Does any of it have any BEING - or is it all as insubstantial as a mirage?

Contemplate these things. - If you wish to.

Because there is no entertainment here for the whims and wishes of seekers and all of their erroneous beliefs, 'my life' is not crowded by them wanting more and more fodder. - No submission is required. - No seminars and no big fees. - The clear message can be delivered simply and effectively within this unchanging presence.
Time itself is revealed to be nothing but a concept. - Knowing that simple fact is enough to release the distorted and convoluted 'form' of the seeker.
Oddly enough, it seems few are willing to let go of that 'person' that they think they are - and/or that 'spiritual-ized self-image'.

Some words from William:

"This above all: to thine own self be true". - Hamlet Act I, Scene III.

"Everyone can master a grief but he that has it". - Much Ado about Nothing Quote Act III, Scene II

“There’s a skirmish of wit between them”.
Much Ado about Nothing. Quote Act I. Scene 1.

“Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps”.
Much Ado about Nothing. Quote Act III. Scene 1.

“Are you good men and true?” ~ Much Ado about Nothing. Quote Act III. Scene 3.

"All the world 's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts." ~ As You Like It

"What's in a name? -That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." ~ Romeo and Juliette

"Alas, poor world, what treasure hast thou lost!" ~ Venus & Adonis

"There is no right or wrong - but thinking makes it so" (from memory)

Quotes from William Shakespeare