Monday, July 21, 2008

Irrespective of what you think - Being IS.

On the 'other side' of what is true, there are hundreds of 'teachers' who make a very comfortable lifestyle out of telling very indirect messages - elaborate stories of enlightenment and about the 'becoming' process - and that nonsense keeps thousands and thousands of seekers bound into erroneous notions of 'trying to become' those same conceptualized fabrications of mind - and the irony of it all is that no one EVER becomes anything other than what they ARE - they can certainly 'pretend' to have 'become' enlightened and many do - and they tell their stories about 'my amazing experiences of enlightenment' and 'how' 'I' achieved it - and make hundreds pay over and over for listening to their stories and their 'special' advice. - When I read their words the 'hooks' usually appear in the very first sentence - to suck you into the story.
They appeal to the 'spiritual ego' almost exclusively and it works very well for them.

The direct message does not suck anybody into a story - it pulls you out of stories altogether....and reveals the LIVING PRESENCE of what you ARE.....right NOW.

There is no personalized achievement to BEING.
Take a look.
Where did you get that body that you call your own?
Did you achieve that? - Did you make the life force that flows through that body?

The obvious self-pride of these teachers is just a puffed up believed in story about 'self'.

Is that what 'we' are looking for? - To become like them?

Oddly enough, few are grateful for hearing the direct message - because in most cases it is rejected almost instantly by the habitually engrossed mind. - A few manage to 'stay with it' and absorb the message of what is being pointed out. - They could be said to be 'the lucky ones'.

Today's Note:

Your freedom lies in this immediate ‘presence’.
If you look for it with the mind it cannot be found.
The mind is time, duration. – Your true nature is timeless.
There is nothing you can 'do' to 'get to' (implies distance and time) this freedom simply because it is timelessly present.
It is not hidden yet it appears to be hidden - for the biased 'seeker'.
The seeker’s 'journey to freedom' is nothing but a mental journey, imagination, image-ing, a journey seemingly made by 'a thought' (the seeker).
It is all 'made of' concepts, images – it is nothing but a ‘failure to find’, as soon as the first (virtual) step is taken.
In a realm of belief the 'I' is conceptually moving away from the natural state.
The only time that erroneous belief is seen through is in 'this moment of clear sight'.
There is no other moment of clear sight - this is it - you have never left 'this moment'.

The dualistic mind is the fruit of one of two trees in 'the Garden of Eden'.
The other tree is The Tree of Life.
This symbolism is significant.
One tree symbolizes 'living being' and the other symbolizes the realm of polarized thought, good-bad, right-wrong etc.
We inadvertently ignore the natural state and 'go with' thoughts, concepts and ideas - usually, if not always, about some other place or some other time.
In this way, 'this moment', of the actuality, is 'apparently' occupied by 'other-ness'. The ACTUAL 'present evidence' of THIS immediate living presence is ignored, not noticed - even though it registers cleanly and precisely - irrespective of the mind content.
(Understanding is not via the naming of things.)

Take a closer look, have you not been chasing after ‘things’, which you have projected from your own mind?
‘Things’ we have been told about, 'things' we have been seduced into believing, without any sensible questioning of these ‘things’.
Erroneous beliefs cannot withstand a clear investigation.
Why should we believe anything that we cannot verify for ourselves?
There are so many who 'pretend' to be ‘clear seeing’, those who are seduced by their own self-image, who seemingly lead us off on a wild goose chase.
The more the merrier.
Is it our own indulgence in a false self-center, 'me', that blinds us to seeing through all those stories about a 'journey' to a future time?

The radical nature of ‘direct pointing’ goes over the heads of so many.
Is it because it cuts through 'time' and leaves THIS present moment bare, naked?

Seeing this is not via concepts.

Glazed eyes, or a turning away, belongs to the resistance to letting go of 'old ideas' about who and what we 'think' we are – a resistance to actually seeing what is true about ourselves.

What could be more pertinent than to find out what I am?
What I truly am.
Freedom from all methods and practices (time and duration) freedom from all these ‘things’ lies in this immediate presence, totally available – but not as a ‘person’.

The ‘persona’ is the mask, a mere appearance – it is not the true nature.
That mask, if believed in takes on the nature of a prison - a 'cage of limitations'.
Freedom from all this ‘stuff’ is not to be found in the ruminations of the restless mind.
Decades may pass by, while so many go on and on asking the question ‘Who am I?’
These ones are nothing but the non-recognition of the fact that the foundation of 'the one asking the question' is nothing but a ‘thought’, an idea.
It is an appearance in mind - a mere concept. - Why is this so difficult to see? - It is so obvious yet the habitual engagement with thought is not challenged - because 'I' still believe 'I am' these thoughts or at least the owner of these thoughts - which lends them 'my identity'.
Illusions of mind will not dissipate just by wishing them to. - They must be released and seen for what they are.
The only way 'out of the mind' is to stop. – Cease from thought for a moment and allow the subtle nature of silent being to reveal itself.
Don’t hold onto some idea that silence is the key.
Once this silent being is recognized clearly, it does not mean thought ceases to appear.
No, thought will always appear and disappear.
It is the stream of consciousness.
All we need is to recognize it for what it is.
The unruly mind will lose its restless nature once the habit of believing is cracked – believing that thoughts are reality.

You can pull these words apart and argue as much as you want about them or any words at all – or you can recognize what it is that I am pointing at.
It is not up to ‘me’.
The resonance of being itself is the potentiality – the ONLY potentiality – irrespective of what you or anyone thinks.

Email: Quote from the above: “There is no other moment of clear sight - this is it - you have never left 'this moment'”

The above is very clear and crystal. - It is what we are. - It sees through the folly of seeking. -We are searching for our very self, our being which we already are. - It is as you say foolish. - It is the knowing and seeing the present moment, the Now, without the thought, without the movement of time. - It is not even hidden if we don't think it is hidden, even though it may be invisible. - Like you say it is clear and obvious. - We can see it clearly if we are not worried about seeking and searching by thinking.

Thanks again, - Sincerely, - M.

Reply: Seeing and knowing THIS is happening ‘before’ the mind translates anything. – Seeing is not affected by time - the appearance of this thing called 'time' is appearing in the seeing. - Therefore, seeing is timeless. - The mind translations ‘appear’ with apparent duration within THIS clear SEEING. – So in effect, all the mind can 'do' is make up a story about THIS via labels and words, all learned and they are from memory - the past. - So 'we use' the past to inform us about the present and believe in these translations.
The understanding is 'beyond the mind', it is actually silent, wordless - it is THIS totally immediate ‘knowing presence’.
What I am, what you are, has never been anything but THIS.
This information cannot mean anything unless the resonance of its obviousness is actively present. - If the mind is caught in 'translation time' it remains meaningless mumbo jumbo.