Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ancient Wisdom is in one's own Being - not the mind.

Wisdom is intelligence expressing itself, naturally, without 'becoming' a 'wise one'.

Words are NEVER that actual 'thing' that they refer to.
Awareness is a word. - The words 'I am aware' are not the awareness.
The words 'I am' are not the being-ness - they are simply expressions.
LOVE is a word.
The love of being is at the core of our existence.
We love to be.
Light is radiance.
Love is radiance.
Love of Self is undivided 'presence' - all inclusive.
The 'healing' is in seeing through the illusion of separateness.
The sense and the feeling of separation is based on an idea - the feeling follows the idea, the concept. -The feeling of separation vanishes once the idea has been exposed as false.
The 'space-like awareness', where seeing is happening, is not actually divided into two or more parts.
That fact is so clearly obvious we miss it - because it is so transparently obvious.
That 'clear space' is not a thought - the thought 'appears' in it.
In that clarity, seeing is 'taking place' and in that, all concepts appear - they appear nowhere else.
None of these thoughts, concepts or images, have any substance that can ACTUALLY divide this 'space of knowing'. - Only in appearance does separation appear to take place - it can be recognized that all such notions are concepts only.
You can chop the waves on the beach, as vigorously as you wish, with the sharpest sword, but you cannot divide 'the Ocean' - you cannot divide the 'wakefulness' with a concept no matter how refined it may be.
That wakefulness, is Non Dual.
The mind only seemingly divides it. - See this fact right now.

We imagine that the wisdom of the ancients is hard to ‘get to’.
The fact that when reading those ancient words, the resonance that reverberates through our being, is because we ‘already know it’. - Being resonance is LIFE itself.
Do we exchange the living-ness for stale old concepts?
That wisdom is not something that one can come to through thinking about it.
No University can teach you how to be what you ARE.

See that there is clear and precise wisdom innately in being.
It is NOT concepts in the mind. - Concepts may be expressed from it but they remain as what they are. - They can appear to be vehicles for wisdom - however the recognition arises because we already know it. - It is re-cognized.
'To cognize' means 'To Know'.

It is not some difficult intellectual thing to strive for. - No one can give it to you - because it is already yours.
The old 'time bound' habit is to create, in mind, a sacred mountain to climb, a difficult terrain to traverse - a sacred journey.

We ignore the natural state and take up all manner of complexities, creating all manner of obstacles for ourself and it is all in vain - it is spiritual 'imaging' and unnecessary suffering.

Stop looking for answers in the mind.
All the mind has is, is second hand stuff, learned words, images and memories.

Wisdom is spontaneously here. – It effortlessly expresses itself and it does not rely on anything from the past.
See everything as fresh and new. – In this manner, we see into the true nature of everything.
However, as long as ‘you’ perpetuate the concept of being ‘someone’ searching for ‘something’, the natural wisdom of being will evade you.
The ‘self-image’ we have is a mind construction, a mix of pride and guilt, all about some thing called 'me'.

It reminds me of the joke about being nothing. – Two Rabbi’s are in the Synagogue kneeling each day, saying their prayers: “Oh God, I am nothing, I am nothing”.
The janitor goes about his cleaning each day. – Then one day he decides to join them. – The janitor (possibly a gentile) kneels and prays: “Oh God, I am nothing, I am nothing.” - One of the Rabbi’s turns to the other and whispers “Look who thinks he is nothing”.

"The truth cannot be organized", so said J. Krishnamurti. - Once you start to organize the truth, the devil steps in and says "Hey, I will help you organize the truth".

We can all have a good laugh about the 'Look who thinks he is nothing' joke. - It is very funny, especially the first time you hear it. - But when it comes to taking a good look at one's own spiritual arrogance, it is no laughing matter - well, not until it is seen through most thoroughly.

The following notes are not for the meek and mild.
My advice is to follow the resonance in being. - Make that your touchstone.
It does not matter who or where the message comes from.
Stop collecting a mish mash of spiritual books and concepts. - That is a sure way to bring confusion.
Just follow the resonance in being.

Added Note: on the Therapy illusion. (Business is business is thriving business)

In the clear and open view of ordinary wakefulness, ‘post awakening therapy’ is an illusion, all about a 'me' that does not have any substance or independence.

Some words pop up from memory: "Don't go sticking your head in a hornets nest".
Everything is happening spontaneously - there is no 'doer' - so what is all the drama about?

Where do all of our agreements and our arguments take place?
Where does all the clear and precise evidence ‘for or against anything’ appear?
Where does anything and everything appear?
Where is the witnessing taking place, the witnessing of all these ‘events’ (large or small, vast or minute)
Where does the ‘time’, the duration of this witnessing take place?
What ‘ground’ do you stand on and what bias is there to your opinions about all of these questions?
Where is it taking place?
Can you find the witness?
What knowledge do you have and where do you store it?
Can you offer it to another and ask for a hefty fee?
Can you stand straight and tall and parade like a peacock, full of vanity and call yourself a saviour of humanity?
Where does all the drama of life take place?
Who is the witness of the drama?
Can you find him (or her)?

There is no duality in Non Duality.
In the appearance of life, so-called non dualists have turned Non Duality into a circus of dualistic tricks and business opportunities.

Where does all of the drama of life appear?
What duration does it have?
What is wrong with right now? – If you do not think about it?