Thursday, July 27, 2006

Destiny ? Tomorrow ? Where is it ?

Destiny? - Is there such a thing?
- Some Non Duality teachers speak of the destiny of the body/mind organism.
- What are they going on about? - Who is it that ‘has’ a destiny? Destiny implies time. - What time is there apart from this moment? - All the rest is conceptual projection or memory. - And these future projections are really memory anyway. - It all appears now and nowhere else. - Presence is all there is. - Some whisper in my ear that that is too subtle. - Yeah subtle as an Elephant sitting on your head! - It is Obvious. - I don’t know how some of you ever got through high school, let alone college. - I didn’t even finish high school and I am writing about this stuff. - It makes me laugh when some write and say they find it annoying to read my notes where it slips in and out of ordinary perspectives and the non dual perspective. - Isn’t that how your own life is? - I can’t win, if I write from the pure non dual perspective I am accused of being high minded and if I write from the ordinary view, I get pounced on for being sloppy.
- I am pleased to inform you that most just enjoy this stuff for what it is. - It is better than reading some glossy pamphlets that arrive in the mail box – no?
At the stroke of midnight I don't see anything click over except the hand of the clock.
Tomorrow NEVER comes! - There is no coming or going to this presence that I am.
- Is that subtle? - No, it is equally as refined or as gross as it gets!
- So, anyway, where is this famous 'Destiny'?
Sitting on a couch somewhere with Adi's 'Deliverance' watching kids TV or the discovery channel?

Time is mind is time is mind is time is mind! - Destiny can only be a concept in the mind.
- For whom is this destiny? - For the mind content? - That content appears and disappears constantly. - Only the knowing of it is changeless. - Are you not that knowing?
Destiny is really just an easy concept to ease the concerns of programmed seekers.
- But it is those concepts themselves that keep the mind churning over itself, perpetuating those fixations on time and all that attaches to it. - The milk of concepts is churned into butter and the seeker gets bogged down in its own stale smelly curd.
Looking at the big picture in the light of the universe being an infinite pattern, a fractal pattern, then destiny may hold some limited meaning but not for 'anything' or 'anyone' within the pattern. - Since everything made of matter is in the pattern, then there cannot be anything outside it to need or have anything called destiny except an ephemeral being or simply pure awareness itself. - Awareness does not need destiny or time since it is timeless.
The limited point of view, called the individual, is at most a reference point which we can call the witness. - The witness is powerless and cannot influence the pattern.
In ‘time’ the pattern appears to unfold continuously. - The pattern appears to move. -
Many ‘things’ appear and disappear quickly while other ‘things’ appear to remain stable.
- A mountain appears to be relatively timeless and stationary.
Whatever appears or disappears, you are present to it all, within the scope of the witness and the limits of the instrument of cognition.
The past appears as traces, memories of the present which appears to have slipped away. - It is the pattern that appears to change as it appears to unfold into new fields of its vastness.
The ordinary mind is not quick enough to see past the dominant impressions of passing time.
One thing that we can agree on is that the future remains unknown even if somewhat predictable in some respects, i.e. - The mountain will most probably be there tomorrow.
In the apparent unfolding pattern, a volcano may exhibit signs of immanent eruption.
It may erupt at anytime but then again it may not. - No one knows!
No one knows what will happen, with 100% accuracy.
As one stabilizes in presence without the habitual identifications with ‘normal’ time lines and space patterns, they lose their hold on the mind. - It appears that one lives in a timeless way.
Now such statements are bound to be challenged by the intellectuals. - However their challenge is based entirely on their own limited views and those are obviously bound up in concepts. - Take away their concepts and all that is left is a quivering vulnerable confusion. - They avoid such ‘places’ with a vengeance.
It happens that it is virtually impossible to convey to another anything about this timeless experiencing because the ‘other’ is only a time-space pattern which appears in the timeless presence.
All paradoxical for the ordinary mind.
If however, the so-called ‘other’ is not identified in ‘time mind’, then there is nothing to convey.
“I am That” is a simple statement of equality expressed from the Totality.
The Totality is never a personalized ‘thing’.
How can a seeker approach it?
It can’t.
Only via the conscious investigation does time bound mind lose its hold on consciousness.
Now, no one wants to be nothing. - The impasse is: The fact is that they are nothing.
Discovering this is actually inevitable. - Some only discover it through the death of the body. Some rare ones discovery it prior to that dissolution.
Freedom is not caused. - It is.
No one attains freedom.
I am that nothing in which everything appears and disappears.
The true nature of mind is clear and empty.
There is no ‘entity’ here or there to ‘get it’.
Knowing that is freedom.
All this spiritual game is just kinder garden entertainment. - Those obsessed with spirituality
only find greed for knowledge and they are twisted into a grotesque shape leaning towards a non existant future. - Those obsessed with money find endless holes in their pocket. - Those obsessed with sex find momentary nothingness and endless itches and desire. - Those obsessed with food find themselves to be consumed by the food and end up looking like a pork pie.
Hey! - don't forget to have a giggle. - It is all for you. - I write all this for you. - There are no others.
Millions upon millions of dollars are donated every year to worthy causes and this eases the conscience of the giver. - A whole bunch of ineffective action fails to change the situation. Corruption is quick to take over when money passes hands.
The culprit is always self-centered-ness. - An invalid reference point called 'me'.
No one donates a penny to the only effective means of removing psychological suffering - the pure message of Non Duality.
It is all just the way it is.

Bob told me this one - The Definition of an expert: An 'ex' is 'a has been'. - A 'spurt' is 'a drip under pressure'!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Natural Knowing

Note: "Everything is Clear and Obvious" a new book on Non Duality will be available in August.

Do you imagine that I know something that you don’t know?
The only difference can be in the (cognized) patterns that appear within and without.
The Knowing is the same and the apparent boundary between within and without is only a way of looking. - It is a learned way in acquired mind. - Natural seeing is not conditioned by such concepts.
What I am getting at is that natural ‘knowing’ is not separate from natural 'understanding'.
Misunderstanding is only reference points in mind and they seemingly cause confusion and conflict in an identified mind.

- Why? - Have you ever looked at that simple question?
- The self-centre, which is the habitual point of reference, is the only confusion there can be - a 'self' seemingly confused by its own attachment to conflicting ‘data’ and belief in those myriad points of reference. - All of it is temporary and is a misplaced value, placed conceptually over 'the natural' from a phantom point of view. - Is that what you are?
Of course not! - So, investigate the situation and realize your own natural freedom of simple understanding.
- It is so simple; it defies every attempt to explain it.
- Yet, somehow we know innately what we need to know.
- But somehow as identified consciousness, we so often ignore it. - Why?
- Because the majority around us are identified consciousness and so they also ignore it.

By seeing clearly that a concept is only a concept, we see that they can serve us or hinder our clear sight of what is.
Through clear seeing the mind aligns itself with that pure intelligence that you truly are.
Problems solve themselves when seen in a new light.
Data is data - knowing is knowing.
Data can appear grossly distorted or relatively 'close' to direct cognition (knowing).
By 'seeing' the epicentre of distortion, which is the ‘me’, means that the view is 'outside' of the 'me's' distorted view - only then will a clear view open up and allow that intelligence to flow freely.
New data is 'flowing in' constantly. - Let it be as it is. - Don't grasp at the 'good bits' or reject the 'bad bits'. - There is no need to purify the natural functions of seeing, hearing etc.
- You do not have to build an empire with any data. - Don't bother pretending to be a guru - There are already enough Gurus to fill the Albert Hall and few of them have brought any benefit - most have been downright 'conmen' decked out in fancy garments and trinkets.
All data, in its own relativity, lives only for a fraction of so-called 'time'.

- You are that knowing principle - this timeless knowing presence.
- Why you reject that knowing presence with a preference for conmen's stories based on mere beliefs is a mystery. - Is it just irresponsibility?
- Letting someone else tell you what is what and so remaining in ignorance?
- Responsibility is 'the Ability to Respond'. - Find out for yourself!
Stop being a lazy slug like creature. - Stop being filled with 'second hand data' handed out by gurus and others.

- Stop pandering to gurus and set them free from your own hypnotic adoration.
- If you identify with the ego of a guru or teacher, that identification will bend your mind into servile attitudes and imagination. - And that is all ego based rubbish.
- Have you not had enough of that garbage? - The commonly perceived state of the world is due to such nonsense and it is a violent abuse of the natural state.
- Stand in a beautiful forest and see the wonders of the natural world.
- There is no gross self-centred activity there. - The natural presence of one tree can inform you a thousand fold more than any politician or ego-bent guru.

- Stay with the facts. - Know what is what for yourself.
- In the relativity of phenomena, I know that I am free yet this knowing is from beyond the relative. - I am this knowing - same as you.
- I am this awareness.
- I am this consciousness.
- I do not need to imagine what 'others' think or understand.
I look through my own eyes and direct cognition informs whatever is needed to be known.
The so-called 'great understanding' is here, as ordinary as breathing or walking.
I know without the slightest doubt that this is the (potentiality) case for you also.
I refuse to play a game of pretending that I have 'something' or to be 'special'.
I refuse to become another 'trickster', another guru that has succumbed to the egoistic realms of 'being recognized' by the 'outside'. - In relativity, I was extremely fortunate to find one who is free of all mind games. - Since then there has been a 'wish' for others, like myself, to go and see Bob Adamson. - Although it seems against all the odds and against all the world's dramatic self-centred activities and the evidence that few take heed of the advice, that wish persists. - Call it compassion or whatever you like. - It is naturally occuring.

- The so-called 'arrival' is little more than the absence of belief in the ‘me’.
Understanding is naturally right here and ‘when’ the fixation of ‘me’ drops away, this pure understanding is known to have always been right here.
So, if you imagine that I know something that you do not know, then simply see it can only be imagination.
- Stay with the knowing presence, that you are, long enough and that effortless effort will be enough to reveal pure understanding.


Those interested in my new book "Everything is Clear and Obvious", keep an eye on the Suggested Reading Webpage on this website, for its details. - That new book says precisely what I have to say on the subject of Non Duality. - It is a dynamic and a gentle experiential exploration of conscious presence.
- Once this book is readily available, I may cease writing these notes and just suggest you read that book.

Today's note:
All talking, every conversation, all expressions are about THAT.
It all appears from That as That. - It appears to be differentiated and particular due to how the mind deals with impressions and the influence of memory on those very impressions. - That is also That. - There is nothing 'outside' of That.
It is all inclusive.
It is all undifferentiated in its immediacy as the actual and forever immediate movement within THIS presence – THAT.
It is all THAT and that includes the apparent myriad appearances of That in That.
It is all valid in its undifferentiated 'state free' activity. - It never coalesces into any state or duration apart from how it appears for the mind and memory.
I would call it the 'pure duration' of timeless presence. (I am That.)
Intellectually you cannot enter into it, because the very activity called the intellect is arising (out of) within That undifferentiated movement.
The ground of all movement is stillness and these two, apparent qualities, movement and stillness are actually One.
So all this activity which you are witnessing, called Life, is THAT.
This knowing that you are, is the pure duration, which has no beginning and no end. - This knowing presence is seemingly engaged right now with these words that appear before you.
If there is zero resistance to what these words are pointing at, then there is silent understanding.
The 'personal' disappears. - The personalized 'I' of habitual states of being cannot enter the so-called enlightened state. - The enlightened 'state' is formless. - Formless knowing – presence.
This silent understanding is completely unachievable for any seeker.
It is already here. - There is no possibility that it could not be here.
Does the only problem that can 'appear to be', simply arise because we ignore the natural state of silent understanding?
A 'person' is really just that ignorance.
Right now, there is abundance beyond all comprehension.
We love to be. - We are most intimately entwined in this Oneness.
When this being-ness begins to fade you will give anything and everything for another five minutes of this livingness.
Why punish ourselves with imaginary misunderstandings?
Investigate. - Investigate. - Investigate until it all reveals its true nature. - You have the most powerful tool there is – Knowing.

It only appears that we get closer and closer to the essential understanding?
That ‘getting closer’ is an illusion.
You ARE the essential understanding.
- In clearing away the misunderstandings through the investigation, all paradox disappears.
When one ceases in attempting to claim ownership as the ‘knower’, then ‘knowing’ reveals its ever present nature – (to no one).
There is nothing that I can say, or anyone can say, that will convince you.
All that is necessary is a clear view. - For the mind it is like a ‘glimpse into’ its own space. – In that the ordinary mind plays no part. – A clearing. – Emptiness.
Not vacant emptiness – A fullness of knowing presence. - All inclusive. – I am That.
Like an open space that appears in a crowded city.
Like the drama of life suddenly appears transparent or absent.
Natural understanding reveals its presence.
Pure Simplicity.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Hello! - A quick note to thank you for your directness, insight and profound ability to cut through the bullshit - I have been a seeker since my parents were killed when I was eleven (mostly in an informal and independent sense but more recently dabbling in vipassana and Soto Zen).

I have been drawn to people, like yourself, who present with the quality of being able to bypass all the gongs, bells, whistles, robes and secret handshakes of formalized religion and point directly to truth without pretension.

I down loaded your e-book and was stopped in my tracks by each and every one of the 40 passages presented. - I, as a well established cement head very slow on the uptake, have been surprised by the depth of the resonance your pointers have elicited.

- I still remain, frustratingly, firmly entrenched in a conceptual understanding of what you are clearly gesturing towards. - (K, That is NOT True! - You are not entrenched at all -G) - Steve Hagen, a Zen priest I had some interaction with, stated it most clearly - "if you try to point the moon out to a cat, he will most likely just come and sniff your finger".
I have Sailor Bob's books on order and am looking forward with great interest to reading them. - I want to tap more into your insight as well - what options are available to someone in my position with few resources to travel and interact directly or even acquire written material (sounds like the inability to guru shop has actually worked in my favour up until now). - Thanks for your time, consideration and the wicked blog and website! - K

Thank you K,
It is not necessary to be in the company of any teacher. - You are the Knowing Presence. - I know what I am talking about and there is no doubt or any concept that obscures this knowing presence. - I know that this is the case for everyone. - However, most 'people' will not let go of the reference point called 'me'.
Few open into that space of knowing even though there is nothing to stop that opening. - Awareness is Non Dual. One Awareness!
Same here as it is there. - No here – No there! - One Presence.
It cannot be grasped by any concept. - All attempts to do so fail.
Some open to it through sheer exhaustion.

All we have in this means of communication is words, so I will tell you this:
If you take your attention back – back - and back into that space where seeing is happening - and cease from holding onto anything - you will find that the mind is truly empty - even 'the witness' is noticed or seen to be a reference point.
Abide in that space as often as you can - it is not a doing - it is effortlessly there - as if waiting for you. - But that 'you' is actually left behind as transcended content of mind.
Bob's books are enough to complete the job as it were.
Bob is the only teacher I know of that is pristinely accurate.

Warm regards - gilbert.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ripples in the cloth of One Garment + New Note

Take note:
There is no information here that will be of any interest to the identified consciousness commonly called a 'seeker'. - Only those who can drop that perspective will find any resonation in direct experiencing. - The mind will only be baffled by its attempts to hold onto the false safety of the identified state of mind. - That is why few 'get it' even though there is 'no one to get it' and there is no 'getting' in what you truly are. - It is only through the elimination of the false which reveals That which is ever true. - And it is revealed to no one - for as long as there is an idenified 'point' taken to be what I am, then the revelation is only temporary and relative - and so it will disappear again into the relativity of time and memory.
Today's note: Magnifying the Fine Print Clause.
Like the Finest print at the bottom of a contract, which hides away the salient points.
Let's take a closer look:

"Alright, so you want to know what the complete and utter (spiritual) deliverance is like – before you get there.
This moment right now is actually it.
Freedom is right here.
There is no one that has freedom. - Freedom that is believed to be a possession is really bondage for the 'apparent possessor'.
Freedom is uncaused – THIS un-manifest empty space of knowing.
Whatever is super-imposed on this space of knowing cannot be anything other than the patterns or forms, which only appear in THIS immediacy of Now from this immediate energy - being-ness.
All and everything that appears, arises from its own non-being. - Endlessly unfolding in One instant, it has no duration except as the apparent ripples in the mind. - That is where 'time' is apparently born - yet nothing ever arrives and nothing ever leaves THIS Moment. - I am present and aware.

- Impressions register and memory is formed - no problem in that. - Discriminating mind only apparently splits this natural presence into 'parts' via naming and preferences.
A complex mind, along with its biased point of reference 'me' is nothing but a disturbance upon the ‘surface’ of no thing-ness.

So now you see?
No! - Seeing is happening! - No entity is seeing anything!
Whatever you believe is happening, in the mind realm of past-present-future, is just ripples. - The essence of that movement is knowing. - The apparent 'entity' is just that bump in the surface which appears and disappears.
- Your struggling to grasp the un-graspable is so unnecessary and impossible.
Any guru or teacher who pretends to assists you in that struggle with 'time bound practices' is also unnecessary - totally and utterly useless - but they will never tell you that.
- Even so, whatever it appears as, it can only be This perfection of 'AS IS'.
(who can argue? - Only identified consciousness! - Useless!)
That which KNOWS it all in every possible detail, is this unchanging presence of this knowing-ness. - That I AM.
- It can't be any other way!

It is truly NO BIG DEAL - THIS freedom is Ordinary presence. - Ordinary understanding. - Ordinary Wakefulness.
No deflections into 'fancy stuff' with spiritual garments or sacred white starched collars.
Boring stale organized theories and yesterday's methods just don't cut the cheese. Those who teach such 'things' are caught up in the past and in their own self-image.
Conscious presence needs no such things.

The body and world are of One Garment - One seemless garment - the manifesting cloth of appearance - manifestation.
So, This Moment, just as I am, is the (so-called) Full Deliverance, the Absolute seemless immediate perfection just as I am.
'Who' searches for that which is ever present? - It is just a ripple.
Even this ripple of movement, this searching motion, is the perfection of THIS ONE - appearing as many".
Every Movement is That - Are you not that unmoving knowing-ness, which knows all these movements? - At the core of it all there is an obvious empty space. - So-called 'seekers' miss its unique value completely because they fill it with the blindness of the search.
How extraordinary it all is.
How ordinary simple presence is.

New addition -
Note to a seeker:
Because you identify with every little thing and event, you get tossed about like a cork on the ocean. - That is the common habit of a lifetime.
Do you expect to break that habit with one strike of conscious presence?
You must either take it all apart piece by piece or be courageous and just see through it all.
- It may be unbearable to remain consciously present.
Is what I am saying true? - It surely seems to be like that - but is it true?
Only you can varify it for yourself.
What needs to be seen, is that all the impressions of ‘coming and going’ (in regard to yourself), are all an illusion of mind only. - They are all memory and translation of the direct and immediate, mixed with the past. - What is direct and immediate is self evident and is not touched by words and description. - A finger pointing at the moon will never touch the moon.
The apparent ‘entity’ that appears to come and go (remembering and forgetting – whether it be sacred or profane) is only a series of reference points, which all appear nowhere else than in the mind. - I prefer to call this mind ‘a clear and empty space of knowing’. -Those eight words point directly at That Knowing presence and that is what you are - and you can truly be nothing other than that – this I know.
It is the ever present true nature of this NOW. - THIS Moment.
All other qualities which the mind may assign to this space are only conceptual notions appearing in this Now-ness. - Without substance, they can only appear to be real via the energy of belief.
The true nature of NOW is ‘Presence’. - ( That is incontestable!)
THIS presence does not change in anyway, even though within this presence, all apparent change is registering directly.
Simply be the presence that you are and nothing more. - That is self-realization.
Knowing this fully, there cannot be a doubt in that knowing presence because there is no doubt in it.
(- Doubt is ignorance. - Knowing is knowing. - Never the twain shall meet.
As ignorance approaches knowing it is consumed completely.
Who would sacrifice knowing for ignorance? Impossible!)
So, knowing this is its own completeness, a natural way of being – AS Wakefulness.
Even though no belief has any true existence or independent substance - it is THIS Wakefulness that cuts the roots of belief without ever touching them.
Therefore it is said that: “Nothing is happening”.
So, the belief that ‘you’ come and go from this wakefulness is simply due to an identification with the habitual concepts and reference points of the so-called (me) ‘self’.
KNOW that they are All simply concepts.
When the energy of belief ceases to support those concepts, they vanish or simply take on a transparency.
- So it is that the sense of coming and going ceases altogether – quite naturally and effortlessly. And what brings it about? - Seeing – just seeing- and SEEING is already happening!
Practices and methods are known to be the game of ignorance.
The old habit patterns may still appear but you know what they are
- and they all belong to common consciousness – worldly affairs.
You are not limited by any concept.
In your true essential place of direct cognition there is no harm done – no matter what happens.
Put away your spiritual sword of truth and simply recognize that you are that pure space of knowing and that every being you see is THAT also.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

All heated up over nothing - Words.

Alright, OK! - Before someone bursts a blood vessel. - Let’s ease off on the stirring up of spiritualized self-images and nasty gripping emotions. - I won't be talking about angels and good vibrations to make up for it, so forget about that line of entertainment.
Instead, let me make a few things clear.
Firstly, realize that it is all just WORDS. - You’re getting all heated up over a few words on a website. - How do you think that I know how to press those buttons of yours? - Oops, there I go again! - "Sorry about that chief"!
I must confess that I have resorted to using a method. - Shame on ME.
But you see you have bound yourself up, all your life, with words and belief in words.
You have made them into something more than what they are. - They have become thorns in your side. - A festering wound.
The good Doctor slips a scalpel underneath to expose the puss and all hell breaks lose. - Screaming and struggling. - Abuse even.
Can you tell me of any other who does you this favour?
If you allow that puss to flow out, then the healing can take place.
Putting unclean dressing on that wound and covering it up with spiritual nonsense will only prolong the festering. - You know it.
I don’t pretend to be a spiritual teacher. - I can’t think of anything worse.
But hey! - I am free! - So are you, and you would know that if you would only stop that restless activity in your mind. - Cease it for just one moment and see.
Now let me quote J. Krishnamurti. - He says: “Freedom is not a reaction”.
I won’t be pretentious and explain what he meant but I will tell you what it meant to me when I heard him say that.
Freedom is uncaused. - It does not come about – it already is. It is not the result of some action on our part - it is not by some practice - It is our true nature.
– He is speaking from that space of freedom (which he still is) which is the knowing – the freedom itself speaks.
Now Krishnamurti was a very well known teacher. - He had thousands of followers and his books are still selling today.
- However well known he is, I would venture to say that only a handful have ever truly understood what he was saying. - Yet he spoke very clearly about it all. - There are umpteen study groups around the Globe talking about what he was saying. - But endless ruminating over words does not change anything. - Something else is needed. - and it is NOT what you expect it to be.
To my knowledge, he never taught practices of any kind. - He pointed directly at that freedom which he was. - He was well educated and spoke well and above all he knew what he was saying – first hand.
Anyone who pretends to be a teacher in the spiritual realm cannot speak from that freedom because it is not realized there.
There are many paths that lead up the mountain. - You don’t even have to take one step in that, or any direction to be the freedom that you already are.
Pause thought for one moment and freedom will reveal itself.
There is one line which I sometimes tell people and it is a potent revelation of that clear space of knowing - that you are.
It is this: “The true nature of mind is clear and empty”.
That sentence when looked at is an introduction to your true nature.

Drop the meditation practice. - Meditation is nothing more than presence with what is – as it is. - AS it IS.
Let that clouded mind clear itself and see that you are not the body, nor are you the content of mind.
You are the clarity of this ‘ever present witnessing’, even of the witness of all that comes before you.
Everything manifests equally and words are just words. - Seemingly useful but they all disappear into the clear and empty nature of mind. - I am That.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

You impose limits on your infinite being

Don't miss out on Bob's new CD. Order it from his website - no one else is selling it, or shouldn't be.

So do you 'think' and believe quite strongly that you are on a spiritual journey?
Is it seeking fulfilment or enlightenment or whatever?
How does it start? - Doesn’t it start with a negative type feeling or a lack of something?
What are the roots of that sense of lack?
Is it just an idea? - A concept? - A concept from the Common Library of Concepts?
- Who introduced you to that concept?
Wasn’t it just about everyone you know?
The story of “Poor Me”.
As I sit in a café, I hear this story over and over. It is like a mass virus which has infected everyone.
There is a quote from Ramana Maharshi which is so clear and so accurate, that it demolishes the 'foundations' of every organised religious group. - Yet no one seems to hear what he says.
– They seem to prefer to make him into a ‘god’ and write endless books about him and so obscure his direct message with their own miss-understandings.
If you can get what he is saying, then you can put away every one of those old dry concepts about seeking.
- Here is the quote:
“You impose limits on your true nature of infinite being. - Then you get displeased to be only a limited creature. - Then you begin spiritual practices
(in order) to transcend these non-existing limits.
But if your practice itself implies the existence of these limits, how could they allow you to transcend them?”

Now does that not directly cut asunder the erroneous teachings of these fancy teachers, who indulge in TEACHING those very practices?
There is a book from the Tibetan Dzogchen teachings and its title is (also)
a complete teaching in itself.
It is called “Self Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness”.
There is one factor which is glaringly and obviously different about a ‘true teaching’.
It is the negation of erroneous beliefs. - Nothing is spared in that negation.
Everything is pared back to the naked and direct cognition of ‘what is’.
The erroneous sense of separation vanishes.
No one there! - (It is) Clear and obvious freedom - for no one. - No one to hang onto any teaching or teacher, word of concept.

See these limits that you place upon yourself and KNOW that they are just conceptual nonsense – every single one of them.

Read Ramana’s quote again. If you see what he is really saying, how could you invest another moment of belief in those false teachers and their practices?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Listen up! - you Blighters!

It is rare for any spiritual teacher to admit that it is all bullshit.
- Too much invested in the dream of being a teacher, to do that, for most.
My last and final teacher, Bob Adamson, is a living example of one who has no investment in any fanciful image about what he is. - His ordinary way of pointing to what is real and incontestable is disarming for most seekers.
- Why? - Because their own pretence about themselves covers up (in themselves) the very thing which they seek. - That is a relatively true way of expressing the situation.
For anyone who feels they are seriously 'approaching' or 'getting close' to a clear understanding, I highly recommend Bob’s latest CD.
- There is such a wealth of ‘material’ in it.
- Speaking from the so-called 'point of view' of the essence of freedom, that actual freedom carries with it 'a directing force' for the mind.
- The habituated view is an identified point of view and that will never release its hold without a fight. - Even so, it has no power of itself and it falls away with ease as that which is ever free is revealed as ones own true essence.
- Bob’s meetings are thoroughly unique in that he is so obviously free and carries no pretensions. - He asks for nothing, least of all our admiration.
I would say that if some of these fancy popular teachers were to go and sit in Bob’s meetings, drop their pretensions and open to a ‘true teacher’, then and only then, would their own followers have a chance to realize the freedom they long for.
I doubt if that will ever happen.
In essence we are freedom itself.
In the relative appearance of being ‘someone’ in a world, we are seemingly caught.
I could introduce you to a thousand such spiritual 'someones' but it would not make any difference.
No one can introduce you to yourself. - You do not have to learn how to be yourself.

Attending Bob's meetings and being with Bob, is the best bet around.
- That 'free essence' 'in Bob' resonates within oneself and that is 'an introduction' to actual freedom. It is what you ARE and does not belong to any 'thing' nor to what 'you think you are' and certainly not to any ‘person’.
Freedom is not a result of 'doing' or 'practices'. - It is uncaused.
All so-called causation is just a matrix of concepts, which all apparently 'lead away' (in the mind) from this actual freedom, this moment of direct, unmediated knowing presence.
As Nisargadatta says: "All 'paths' lead to un-reality".

Simply put: It is realized that there is NO Separation! – anywhere!

Let it be noted that I, Gilbert, have done my darnedest, for nearly 6 years now, to get you blighters to go and see Bob.
At least get that CD. - The link to Bob's site is on the 'Bob Adamson' page on my website. - You can order it via Paypal. - Takes about a week to be delivered to your post box.

News: Meeting with Mark West.
A good attendance at the first one last week. - Next meeting is on Thursday eve 20th July - 7pm. Email for further details.