Thursday, January 01, 2009

Inner Guide - is there one?

“We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.” Jane Austin from Mansfield Park.

In our ‘journey’ we have all been informed by life.
We may all have come to various conclusions about life and its meaning.
When someone asked Nisargadatta - “What is the meaning of life?” – He answered “Living is the only meaning of life.”
‘Living’ is not a concept. Without it, life, there would be no question about meaning and no answer(s) either.
If we study the ‘evidence’ presented by scientists about the activities of neurons and synapses in the brain it doesn’t take much to conclude that behavior and the belief system itself could well be related to the ‘network’ that ‘builds’ itself in the brain.
The argument about the differences between brain and mind go back centuries and NO satisfactory ‘answer’ has ever put ‘an end’ to the debate.
‘Quantum Physics’ has postulated that the ‘observer’ plays a role in the ‘observation’.
They are intertwined. So-called ‘objective facts’ are postulated and argued over.

In this so-called ‘field of self-enquiry’ or what we may call the subject of ‘Non Duality’ the concept of being an observer is ‘important’ – a useful ‘tool’ to investigate ‘present evidence’ or ‘what is’.
The usefulness of the concept of being an observer ceases to be needed in the ‘moment’ of recognizing that the ‘observer’ is merely a conceptual appearance in what we call ‘mind’. In the ‘moment’ of recognizing that the ‘thinker’ is merely another thought is the same equation. It does not matter how much ‘I’ or ‘anyone’ talks or conceptualizes about this ‘moment of insight’, it cannot have any true value unless this ‘moment of insight’ ‘happens’.
As the old saying goes “You can lead a horse to water – but you CANNOT make the horse drink”.
The attachment to these habitual frameworks in ‘mind’ is due to the identification – the fabricated ‘entity’ and the ‘patterns of belief’.
The apparent bondage is what we can call ‘identification’.

The fabric of this so-called identification dissolves in the ‘moment’ of SEEING the ‘fabric’ – One SEES from beyond the fabric that ‘I am not this fabric’.
The value of such ‘seeing’ can not be quantified or evaluated by the mind. In fact the mind is the fabric and yet the ever-present true nature of mind is ‘emptiness’.
The potency of “You are not the body – you are not the mind” has the capacity to cut through the habitual activities of mind.

In a way, to mention these ‘sayings’ or ‘pointers’ is not so helpful.
The problem is we get used to hearing these ‘pointers’ and the ‘mind’ may well have already built a ‘defense mechanism’.
Knowing this equation, it would seem that, I have made every effort to present new ‘angles’ for looking at these ‘things’.
Many, it would appear, have not reaped any benefit from this and it would also appear that a few have.
Looking at things from the perspective of being the phenomenal appearance, the pattern, it looks like THIS is a ‘big deal’.
Seeing from clear and present, naked awareness, it is no big deal at all.
In not playing any games about being an enlightened being, guru or teacher, leaves one free to move without getting stuck in the ‘honey jar’.
You may have a hundred horses at your water hole, or a thousand, yet you cannot make them drink.
The ‘odd one or two’ that actually ‘drink’ may be any one of them or even a stray that wanders down to the water hole.
Most usually that habitual attachment to body and mind is ‘seemingly’ to strong.
The grossness and the subtleness of that attachment appears to run deep.
Therefore many come up with a concept of ‘Grace’ and this would appear to be a self-calming ‘devise’ and the ‘dark side of it’ is that ‘I am unworthy’ – ‘I must strive to become worthy’.
All conceptual notions merely appear and disappear.
Awareness is ‘at all times’ beyond the grasp of conceptualizing and the realm of thoughts. That is WHY all these things are ‘known’.
Giving them some value, is the realm of mind content and an ‘entity’ that evaluates.
Awareness is clear and untouched by the content.
Knowing that is not the knowing of some entity – it is the nature of knowing.