Friday, December 12, 2008

There is ONLY self-realizing happening - without a 'self'.

....and 'WHO' is it that takes anything to be real and true or to be a problem?
Is it true versus false? - Is it right versus wrong?
Can duality have anything to do with Non Duality?
Can there actually be any duality in Non Duality?
The KNOWING is uncompromising - every falsehood is exposed before belief can get 'a foothold'.
Not Two is what One without a second means. There is ONLY ONE KNOWING happening - and that knowing is happening right NOW, right there where 'you' are 'appearing to be'.
The ONE does not need the 'appearance' - the appearance of 'another’ to KNOW.
So often ‘people’ learn the language of Non Duality but they still hang onto a ’spiritual self-image’ and all the concepts about time and progress - ‘I got it and they have not got it’. It is all crap - all of it. When a Guru sits on his platform he is indulging in a grand illusion of separateness - yet he speaks of Non Duality - what a sham.
The meetings are given a fancy name ‘Satsang’. I say Bunkum. A meeting is a meeting - simple as that - and anyone worth his salt (a so called teacher) meets others in equanimity BECAUSE he does not perceive separation and so he does not energize the fantasy of separation by inference or by his teaching or words.
If you can’t handle the HEAT, get out of the FIRE.
It is the fire that destroys illusions of ME.
All this preference for being NICE is bunkum - there is no entity - Full Stop. But this cannot be a belief or theory - it must be KNOWING.
There is nothing stuck anywhere. This is clearly obvious in the very nature of SEEING itself. Everything without a single exception is an appearance in this clear and immaculate seeing.
What is appearing?
It is all LIGHT appearing as sensations, impressions and what we commonly call ‘matter’.
Does a light beam stop and get stuck anywhere - does it ever compound into anything? If it bounces between two mirrors does it need to take a rest and recharge itself?
Everything is awareness appearing as this and that.
The mind cannot grasp the essence of THIS.
The mind is only an appearance in THIS.
It is all energy - ONE singular EXPRESSION - too minute and too vast for the mind to grasp.
The INSTRUMENT of cognition is an appearance in the cognition. The EYE is not seeing anything - it is a mere instrument. The EAR does not hear anything either.
A dead body obviously cannot ‘do’ anything. Without that life essence the instruments which are actively functioning right now - they could not function.
It is the arrogating ‘ego’ that says “I see, I hear and I do all of these things”.
The ego is an image - it is not the enemy as long as it is understood for what it is, it can serve very well. If it believes it is the life-force then it runs a muck and ’causes all kinds of unnecessary dramas. Yet it is all nothing but this expression - non duality appearing as ‘many’.
Everything that ‘you see’ is the same expression - the stillness of the finest spiderweb or a Mac Truck speeding down a freeway.
It is ALL contained in the SINGULAR SEEING.
The WHOLE manifestation is the SEAMLESS GARMENT - no beginning and no end. No edge and no center.
Everything ‘you know’ is nothing but this IMMEDIATE Expression. There is NO PAST. A memory is the same expression arising NOW.
It is NAKED AWARENESS. Unadorned natural presence does not need a concept.
It is the mind that seemingly needs concepts for without them it disappears.
Even though the mind disappears - what you ARE remains.
This is the only ‘thing’ you need to KNOW.
KNOWING this includes everything of the relativity.
Each fraction of the relative is the Absolute.
There is NO individual self realization.
It is ALL Self-Realizing - Just AS IT IS.
In the First Instant (the ONLY instant) of recognizing THIS, there may ‘appear’ a dissolving pattern of belief and the remnants may ‘feel’ like ‘humbleness’. This passes just as everything passes - YET what you are remains.
For a ‘lucky one’ there will be an uncompromising intelligence that will destroy any concept that arises regarding ‘I am now enlightened’.
The ‘unfortunate ones’ engage with that concept and take on the story of being an enlightened ‘guru’ - which is a falsehood of the grandest magnitude.
This is how it has been revealed ‘here’. Since this in incontestable as the immediate and is the direct experiencing RIGHT NOW, and so it is NOT relying on any concept (which is time), ‘I’ can say with absolute certainty that ‘This revelation’ is totally available to ‘anyone’ and IMMEDIATELY - as long as there is a dropping of any concepts that may arise and that there is no engagement in them - in the habitual way that everyone (’people’) so often ‘appear’ to do.
Letting this revelation ’sink into ones being’ takes one beyond duality - where one has truly ALWAYS been - yet forgotten ’somehow’.
Understanding is SILENT.
This is impossible to share with anyone - yet ‘pointing happens’. Most often it is not recognized because of the habit of going with the minds translation and the BELIEF that that translation is reality. Reality is unchanging - you have NEVER not been THAT. But the mind will throw up all kinds of arguments - YOU must tell it to be quiet - even if only for a MOMENT - THIS moment is ACTUALLY ‘Eternity’. Self-Realizing - The ACTUALITY.
As it IS.