Tuesday, April 25, 2006

'Freedom is Right Here' - plus 'Post Note'!

OK, so you want to find your genuine authenticity? 'Who' wouldn't? But 'who' can?
And it appears to me that you do want to find it through the external world?
Seeker seeks ‘out there’. Seeker goes to guru. Seeker searches everywhere (except in their own core essence).
So you need to find this authenticity in yourself and put it in a post box.
Post it too yourself at your address, at the Post Office.
Then when it does its trip around the ‘out there world’ and arrives back, you need to take the ‘notification slip’ to the Post Office to pick it up.
Then once you open the box, you have to find it there in the box somewhere. It may be transparent or may have slipped into a corner.
Once you have a grasp on it, you have to put it back ‘inside’ where you snatched it from in ‘the first instant’.
Now, all this must happen in one moment or your authenticity will go stale.
But hey! How can it go stale and how can you find it?
Stop looking for it.
Simply be what you are. Watch the mind. See that you never leave this moment of actuality.

Freedom is right here. (Right there where you are)
This ‘Right now’ or better put ‘Presence’ is NOT ‘in time’.
All time is really conceptual.
This moment has no beginning, nor any end.
As you look at that fact, it is presence awareness - that is, the pure function of ‘seeing-knowing’ peering into its own vastness and knowing that there is no boundary anywhere.
All apparent boundaries are actually ‘awareness itself’ appearing as a limited concept or object in the time bound mind processes.
Knowing is beyond all such processes and this is easily confirmed simply by the fact that you can see or know them.
Whether you assign some sort of identity to them or not is also observable, is it not?
Every experience is nothing but yourself and the only experience is THIS one right now.
It may appear as a memory or as the actual and immediate impressions received in this moment.
When the mind ceases to fixate on ‘past and future’ as IF they were something real, then the natural presence of wakefulness ‘appears’ to be free of restrictions.
However, wakefulness is always free.
Metaphorically speaking: The ‘prison bars’ are appearing and registering in the immediacy.
The ‘prisoner’ is a fixation in the mind.
When the ‘bars’ and limitations of fixations in mind are seen clearly to be a projection, then they lose all their apparent power to limit this conscious presence that you ARE.
No one else can ‘do’ the ‘seeing through’ of mind stuff for you.
Have a look and see for yourself if these fixations are real or not.
Take into account that any doubt that may appear is only a concept.
You are NOT a concept.
See it clearly and rest in the pure space of Knowing.
Even a brief glimpse of clear seeing is enough to bring it all crumbling down.
The courage to face freedom is not anywhere else, other than in and as your own true and authentic, natural, presence awareness.
Once this 'knowing' is open, and concepts are put aside, there is no longer any reliance on, or hankering for, any concept whatsoever.
All Gurus and teachers can be dropped from view.
Get the message and be 'done with it'.
Notions about 'unconditional love' and all high spiritual nonsense is of no value to you.
Freedom is freedom.
As Nisargadatta says: "You are free now, you have never been bound by anything".
(ed: Any 'Thing'.)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Authentic is authentic plus Note on 'Time'

Well, if you are looking for some fresh writing on this Immediate Realization, you can find an excellent example of it in Burt’s new book “Beyond Description”.

Review comment including my own about the book appear on his website. - See the 'Recommended Reading' page on my Website for a link to it.

Non-Dual Notes for Today! - That is Right NOW! There is no other time! :

Any 'rude awakening' is only happening for a 'character' or a 'me'.
As the character appears to drift further into objectivity and away
from any relationship with 'present evidence', - so 'when' a shock reveals
the characters 'ground' to be insubstantial, so the character appears as a
reaction, a feeling of being penetrated - and vulnerable.
(That may or may not be clear to you - it's a matter of perspective.)

But how is all that (or anything) witnessed? - and by what?

The transcedent view, from beyond it, is the only true seeing, which is happening NOW.
It is not inaccessible as some teachers suggest. - It IS happening NOW.
Since it is the ceaseless, pure functioning of awareness, so it is always present.
Although one could say that all functions must appear in 'time', the pure point of their arising is 'touching' the source directly. They must, because that is where they arise. - Actually they never deviate from THAT.
-Reactions and mind translations (knowledge) are seemingly removed in 'time' like 'reflections' are removed, by distance, from the mirror, and yet it is all inseparable.
What is 'knowledge' without this immediate Knowing?

Our true identity is this ever present pure functioning of cognition. - Knowing.
Invisible unto itself, I (or it) remain(s) beyond objectivity.
- Pure seeing is happening.
It is not a trivial point - it is of the essence and inescapable.
The prison and the prisoner are appearances - matter.
Awareness is space like.
Any thought about this, or anything at all, is appearing within the scope of pure seeing.

Where is any doubt about this - or indeed about anything at all?

The search for truth in oneself is unnecessary! - Useless!!
It is the mindset of 'looking' which takes the mind on a never ending 'journey' to nowhere.
The authentic being is not removed from the pure function of the senses.
The senses do not 'lie' in the immediacy of their touch.
What the mind translates from them may well be a gross distortion.
The seeker is apparently caught in a realm of these mind translations and projections.
'It' thinks that it is seeing. - It is not seeing at all. - One could say that it is 'looking' but it isn't even doing that.
The seeker is nothing more than a reflection, an apparition which 'feeds' off the livingness.
You do not need to search for your own authenticity.
Such seeking is just more reflections and delusion.
How many 'steps' do you need to take to arrive at your authenticity?
How many miracle courses?
- Surely None!
Drop those habitual seeker mind postures, those grasping notions, and let the mind rest from its incessant 'reactive' conceptualizing.
There is nothing to be afraid of in your true nature. (it is what you are not that is so imaginary, fearsome AND fearful in its dualistic realm of mind stuff)
Let the mind rest on nothing. - Let it be spacious. - A living openness.
Watch - see. - Natural seeing is spontaneously here.
A series of re-actions may come up with an unease of feeling in the chest.
Let it be just as it is.
- Reaction attracts reaction - and 'before you know it', there is a 'community' of angels and devils fighting for centre stage (in the psyche).

Rest in the empty space of direct cognition, in which all and everything is appearing.
Be nothing at all.
Know immediately that the pure function of seeing is free of what is seen.
-It is not above or below it. - In a certain way, it is beyond it all.
The authentic pure knowing is the only accessor to pure seeing.

- No seeker can go there. - Why?
- Because the seeker is just composed of thoughts and thoughts can't SEE.
- There is no 'not seeing', - so see or recognize that this seeing is already happening.
Totally pure and direct.
- It is what you ARE. - You are nothing else!

In this seeing, there is direct information - 'intelligence' which is potently informative.
By resting in this manner, the grasping, identified habitual consciousness is starved of its habitual 'feed'.
- Like a cut vine, it will shrivel up and drop away.
This 'direction' given here is far more valuable than a hundred years of meditation or laborious practices.

The problem appears to be that it is all far too simple and far too effective.
- There is no 'value' in it for the egoistic seeker.

It is far too effective in removing the grounds of erroneous belief.
That is why this so-called teaching of Non Duality will never be popular.
It appears that so very few really wish to wake.
- A life time of investment in the ego is just too much to give up, even for absolute freedom.
It is really not an issue, except for an elusive self-image called 'me'.
- How can a mirage have an issue?

(New) Time?
(Subtle and seemingly impenetrable for some - stick with it!)

Whatever you think you are, it is and must be appearing in this present moment.
This present moment, infers time and duration.
It appears that ‘this moment’ may be divided by chronological
instruments into theoretical smaller durations of time.
Each new division may be divided again and again.
The only restriction in observable divisions is in the mechanism that
appears to divide the duration of ‘time’.
The reference points being used as data points must be represented by ‘something’ other than time itself.
If we say that time is movement, then any trace of that movement must be of the past, in respect of that movement.
Yet all traces must appear in this immediacy for anything to be observed at all.
It all takes on a hyper-theoretical realm, which must be held in memory, for it to make any sense.
Now my point is this: This ‘space of knowing’, which we will call the observer of all activities is still whole. (It is so obvious it is missed altogether)
It is neither touched or divided by any activity.
Does 'it' move?
In itself it can’t be said to do anything apart from pure cognition.
How do I know?
Because I AM THAT and no doubt can alter THAT knowing presence.
Can you drive a thin bladed knife into that knowing space and so separate it into parts?
Can it be anything apart from what you are?
Everything you experience is of yourself.
Drop the limited view from a fixation in a body.
Let it 'open out' into its own fullness and its natural potentiality.

There lies freedom. - It's yours.

What are you afraid of?

Email Question from Wayne:
Why is this non-duality message so unacceptable to the general public?

A: Generally speaking, ‘people’ believe in 'the world' and that they are in the world.
That is what they have been told - in a round about way. - One who is educated and fixated intellectually, when they hear anything about non-duality, there is most often a resistance, which comes into play very quickly. - It is a self-defence mechanism.
- One could say that there is selective hearing happening. - The reference point called ‘me’ finds many points in any expression about non-duality to be contrary to its own foundations and so almost all points are distorted, dismissed quickly as being nonsense or seen as dangerous ground.
Non Duality is very simple. How many books on Non Duality have you read so far?
Most Non Duality ‘students’ who are intellectually trapped into an endless two-ing and fro-ing, prefer the intellectual ramblings of their own kind.
So and so, says such and such.
Mr.Wilber is often sited as a ‘back-up’ with one of his many postulations or theoretical frameworks. - This endless conceptual realm fails to satisfy the intellect fully, because it, the intellect, just goes on and on dividing the indivisible.
Publishers love it and so do intellectuals. - No harm done to anyone.
The point is that it is all so unnecessary for a direct in-gestation of the basics.
The embroidery on the cloth is not the simplicity of the cloth.
The message is simple and straight-forward. The simpler the message, the less chance of biased paraphernalia.
Over stimulation of the intellect is very common and any over-active mind will devour all kinds of ramblings and so avoid or cover over the simple nature of Non Duality.

Warm regards - Gilbert

Blind Spots

There are a few common blind spots.
I see them come up repeatedly in conversations with seekers.
There is the exaggerated ‘waiting’ for that immanent event.
The wish to arrange the invisible components so that, that great event of final liberation can happen.
That reveals the seeker as a ‘neediness’ - unto the unscrupulous teacher.
And it’s a ‘meal ticket’ for such scoundrels.
All in a realm of dreams of course.
So it is that the wolf in sheep’s ‘clothing’ gets away with it over and over.

Any teacher that is totally free cannot lead anyone astray.
Only a ‘bonded’ mind could utter the words of bondage.
So many teachers use high minded concepts and fancy ‘potent’ words to entrap their ‘prey’.
If one looks closely at the words of some of these famous teachers, one finds concepts of bondage.
The unwitting don’t recognise these traps of the mind, because the mind loves them and the self-centre (me) ‘gets’ a new lease of life.
As long as the ‘event’ is ‘safely tucked away’ up ahead in the future, then there is no danger of its losing the ‘hold on things’.
All this activity is simply ‘content’ of mind.
It all comes and goes and there is not one ‘sacred’ exception in that.
No ‘yes but’!

It is not Freedom!
It is the ever unfolding content of mind.
Freedom is in this immediacy of pure functioning, seeing, knowing.
It is happening right NOW.
There is no possibility that it isn’t happening now.
It appears that if one does not have a clear intention of being prepared to witness whatever is happening, no matter what, then one drifts back into identifying with mind content.
It is the dull realm of ‘the me’, where only mechanical reaction is possible.
The ‘me’ can’t see - but it can appear to steal the impressions from ‘seeing’.
Therefore it seems that moments of freedom in pure functioning are the ‘result’ of some previous effort or condition.
They appear to come and go and so the ‘seeker’ of them is born.
This is a totally false premise.
All the pure functions are happening, although, for the identified ‘me’ they appear to be insignificant and in the background.
In this realm of psychology, a ‘false king’ has usurped the crown of ‘presence’ and turns it into a dull witted kingdom of fools.
Both ‘I’ and ‘me’ are invisible.
One is universal and timeless, while the other is nothing but limitations and bound to the fleeting realm of mind content.
It is this formless ‘I’ that sees - that is this 'seeing' - it is NOT an Event! It is ever present - and even the ‘witness’ is within open view of this direct cognition and presence.

- Enough.

P.S. My new CD "One moment of Eternal realization" is a gentle guide for the attention, so that the mind releases from its inceasant conceptualizing and rests in clear seeing - knowing.
- Intelligence is pure function. - Unmediated knowing.

You are beyond the phenomenal realm of attachment and delusion.
- You are free right now.
- Why not live that freedom completely?
'Who' has a problem with that or indeed with anything?

On March 15th Neti Neti Films released the second DVD in the Trilogy
-If you are interested in looking at more details and information about
this DVD please check the website netinetifilms.com
- Warmest Regards Stephen Wolinsky.
Watch out for a new book called "Noticing What You Already Know" by Robin Dale.
(of the Bob Adamson 'clan')
It is a beautiful expression of this non-teaching. - It will appear on my recommended reading webpage. - You can order the book directly from Robin (Melbourne).
- New audio tracks of Mark West are up on his site.
Tracks 7, 8 & 9 are on Christianity and Advaita - or Oneness.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Introduction to another Note.

It must be noted that anything expressed about the nature of Non Duality can never be 100 per cent accurate.
It is all in the realms of relativity.
The best any set of expressions can do is to circle around and point the attention, like a double pointed arrow, at that which is seeing and knowing.
(Like standing in front of the mirror and pointing at yourself saying "That's him" (or her) - who's pointing?)
(The twin points merge as one - as 'the seer' and 'the seen' are transcended in pure seeing - the origin of seeing is discovered!!!)
Expressions are always relative and so they are relatively adequate and inadequate.
Some appear to release the bondage of concepts and others appear to bind even more.

Nothing is truly bound by anything and all is 'made' of one energy and so equal in its nature, yet relative and so dualistic in its appearance. - NO harm done! - (Buddhists take note!)

Language itself is naturally objective and since ‘that’ which is cognizing cannot know itself to be restricted as an object, nor liberated as a subject (since a conceived subject would have to be an object), ‘it’ remains, forever ineffable. - It IS the freshness of THIS moment.
When speaking of these things it is quite easy to end up sounding like a raving idiot to a normally intelligent person.
Who cares? - and speaking or not speaking just happens anyway.
Speaking from the relativity of 'personal experiences', there is one factor which I perceive regularly and that is this:
Nothing amongst all this activity actually compounds into anything of lasting substance.
I find I am this emptiness in which all this parade of ‘things’ appear.
Like a bird in full flight, nothing sticks and the resistance of this ‘knowing movement’ is neither of an object in space or time, nor is it (or am I) a subject of any description.
As one of my teachers pointed out so poignantly many years ago: “This moment is fresh and new. It has never happened before and it will never happen again.
It is not conditioned by the past”.
The profundity of those few words revealed itself as they arose in my consciousness many times, as if by some unknown volition.
Like a distant bell tolling they heralded a shift in perception.
They may also assist you, if quietly contemplated.
In my case, it never fails to open up a space of clarity for the mind.
(However I am the space - at all times - which is always Now!)
Even though the common mind is puzzled by such words, the puzzlement fades away as the revelation expands.
The fixation of being ‘someone’ also fades away and leaves the true nature of mind so clearly obvious. (It is not an objective experience - it is spaceous in nature)
The ordinary ego based mind can’t really get a handle on such direct and open experiencing and so the natural wisdom remains beyond the reach of conceptualization and so it is not tampered with.
It remains ever clear and obvious. - A certitude.
All these words here feel rather cumbersome compared to what I am trying to 'get at'.
However, I know that some appreciate the effort that I ‘appear’ to make in writing them.
Having said all that, I can say that the following note contains some of the ‘points’ which can ‘turn the boat around’.
It is just an expression.
There is no wrong direction, as such.
I am sure you get my ‘drift’.
So, onto the note I mentioned which appears as "Authentic is authentic".

P.S. Humour:
For those who are tormented by the sacred spiritual tradition and so are bent on remembering something, remember this:-

Wisdom can appear anywhere:-

Eg: Toilet Block wall - “Don’t bother singing to pigs. Your throat just gets sore and the pigs get grossly annoyed”.