Monday, August 28, 2006

Extract from "Everything is Clear and Obvious"

One must gently navigate through the erroneous beliefs and realize the ineffable qualities of awareness.
The habitual and dull pain of a false separation from wholeness and a long-standing belief system inhibits a clear view.
This clouded view can be cleared away.
Love of being ― is the bridge, which spans this erroneous separation.
We can simply open to the warmth of our own being and stay quietly attentive.
With a simple open view you may very well see clearly that you have never been bound and that this innate freedom is yours.
You may also realize that this has always been the case.
Few believe in such a possibility. It is not about belief!
It is a ‘direct knowing’ of the fact.
The fact of BEING.
‘Being’ is present tense, it is always Now!
What is it that is shining through the mind?
Awareness shines through the mind and illuminates all therein, without exception.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Hi G,
Great to hear that your new book is out. - I shall order a copy from your website.
Everything is well here and there is great enjoyment of the peace of knowing there is nothing 'I' ought to be doing to get and retain that peace.
- Looking back it seems as if there has always been the thought that there is something important to do and something important to find out and it will require great struggle.
- The dropping of that burden of ‘becoming’, releases an unspeakable sense of completion. - There is so much paradox in this whole thing.
- There is something important to be found out and that is the letting go of all struggle and knowing what is already present which is what one was after all along using effort and struggle as the means. - A laughable paradox.
On a Buddhist meditation retreat after a particularly suffering ridden group sitting with an intense migraine, panic feelings, struggle, etc. - the decision was made that it was all too awful, quite beyond me and that giving up the whole thing and going home was what had to be done or I would not survive the ordeal of the next few days.
- After that session and back in my room while slowly eating my tray of breakfast and in total despair there was suddenly a flooding of total relief, peace, bliss, no thought, no struggle, just the such-ness of the moment in all its glory.
- I should have put two and two together and instead of carrying on with more years of heavy practice, I should have had a jolly good laugh and cut and run!!!
I have had very short lived relapses into old conditioned patterns when exposed to spiritual teachings which emphasize a path of practice.
These immediately produce a heavy burdened feeling until dropped like a hot potato.
Eternally grateful that something loosened up here and fell out of the picture on contact with your website and the communications that followed, including your first book and CD.
Warmest regards as ever. - Vanessa

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sailor Bob & the Caged Bird

1. - There is no doubt here that what ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson is pointing to is the truth.
Whether others recognize it is another 'issue' altogether and that can only be addressed by them.
- I know without a doubt that some do come to recognize it. - And I know that what Bob points out is so ‘spot on the mark’ - because whatever it was that had me ‘seeking something’ ‘out there’ has gone completely.
- It only took a short while through talking with him.
- My own intense intent may have played a part in it.
- I know that there was an easing off of that intensity and a more subtle investigation just spontaneously happened, seemingly independently.
- Seeing through the content of mind & the old habitual feelings just happened all by itself.
- Seeing remains as a quality of the simplicity of presence awareness.
- There was no usual forced intention in that 'break though'. - Like seeing a mirage for what it is, there is no effort in the seeing - things just reveal their true nature spontaneously.
- The overwhelming evidence was (is) clearly here, obvious and profoundly present.
- A clear space of being, empty of all the usual garbage.
– I just knew that I was (am) free and a great relief spread throughout myself (this natural presence).
- It feels like 'coming home'.
- What was even more remarkable was that there was no impulse to make a 'big deal' out of it to myself or to others.
- Any 'mind stuff' that I could use to make a big deal out of it is just old reference points anyway.
– So a new 'relaxed way to be' emerged and there was (is) no ‘doer’ in that.

Bob has assisted so many to naturally 'see from' what is naturally true in themselves - to see what is naturally true 'outside' of themselves....and to know that these apparent 'two' are One.
Now, I will tell you something interesting. - Meeting Bob and in realizing what he so clearly points out, my 'personality' wanted to tell the world and shout it from the mountain tops. - In a smaller way I have done that. - What I am saying is that the impulse to make a grandiose 'thing' out of it is brought into check instantly.
Not by some mental gymnastics, conservative attitude or shyness. - It is intelligence. - There are only a few that 'want to know'. - When someone is ready to see through the facade, that intelligence behind everything, brings what is necessary. - I have witnessed this so many times now. - So, appart from telling everyone who visits my website about Bob and about 'this stuff' which expresses itself 'through me', what more can I do? - The world is crammed full of advertising with every promise a dud. - Everyone has been ripped off a thousand times. -
Those that are 'ready' find what is needed. - Paradoxically the only time you can be ready is 'now' and the only time you can 'see through' the facade is 'now'.
Now is all there is.

It is only the caged bird that sings of freedom.

And the caged bird loves 'a worm'. (a guru's promise for the 'future time')

The caged bird's sad song is believed in and believed as being an expression of something true. - The stories keep the 'appearance' of the cage there - as the bondage of self.

Is it true?

It is not!

The believer is a mis-identified notion (false identity) believing in being a seeker of freedom and truth.
- To know the true one must be the true. - Knowing presence.

The sadness of that 'caged bird' song, like a virus, spreads its infectious dis-ease far and wide.

Only by hearing its vibrations at the source, in the silent, wordless presence, can this infectious dis-ease be 'seen through' and dispelled.

In pure presence, knowing, the authentic freedom of the natural state is clearly never contaminated by anything.

The in-authentic belief system is nothing but concepts. - The 'old campsite' of the 'me'.

Be what you are and see clearly that all those concepts are just concepts.

It is far too simple for the complex 'seeker'. - How is any concept known? - It appears in that knowing space. - Everything appears there! - There is nothing outside it.

Pure seeing is happening.

It is pure knowing, that knowing space, which is your own true nature.

All the respective senses present their unique data to that knowing presence before that data reaches the processes of becoming mind stuff, which is always based on the past.

Stay with that immediate presence of knowing and all is seen. - Maybe it is ALL a mirage.
- Only you can be the seeing of it. - It is not a matter of belief. - It is simply 'seeing-knowing'.
- The first and only instant.

Note: As Bob Adamson points out: "The cage of limitations is a fraud. - It does not exist".

Friday, August 18, 2006

3 Notes from today

Let me speak loosely and candidly for a moment, my dear uptight Non Duality sponges.
I guess I don't have any choice in this. - Even though I decided weeks ago that I would cease from writing these notes, since I thought I had exhausted everything that I had to say on this matter, I still find myself writing them.
Every now and again, someone writes to me with a 'break through' they have experienced.
I immediately know without a doubt that what they are describing is that profound 'emergence'
from 'identified mind'. - I recognize it, even though each one is a unique 'case'.
- I know, from my own experiencing, that things start falling into place 'after' that breakthrough.
It all is about the investigation. - Really taking a look at what the mind is up to.
- In knowing what the mind is up to, so the mind no longer distorts that knowing.
Paradoxically it is never truly distorted but if you do not know that, then one must investigate to discover that.
- That 'intent' cannot be planned or contrived. - One simply gets an impulse to 'look into it' and that's all there is to it.
- Once you really look, seeing takes over and everything is revealed.
Seeing that all the content of mind is just that...content, comes as a relief. - So, no choice, no doer but there is seeing happening and it is through seeing the erroneous for what it is, that is the investigation.

So here are 3 notes from today.

There is no real problem.
Everything is THAT expressing itself AS THAT.
-Knowing that is freedom itself knowing THAT.
-It does not mean the drama ceases to appear.
-It just means that the ‘eye’ of seeing is from beyond all that appears.

Now that is so obvious, even logical in a very ordinary way.

If there is no identification with being the instrument, the body or mind, then seeing must be known to be from an invisible realm, from and AS direct cognition – Awareness.

2. The Ultimate journey of self discovery.

Many steps appear to be taken physically or metaphysically. - Not one step actually takes you out of, or away from this presence, which is here now.
Without a doubt, you are present and aware. - How could one even imagine that that is not true?
All the apparent conditions, which present themselves to you, all appear in this presence. - Whether they be imaginary or relatively real, they are all transitory appearances without even one exception.
- As long as there is some assignment of an identity onto the content of whatever is appearing, then there will be a sense of coming and going experienced as that identity. - This appears as relative confusion for the mind. - The fact is that what you truly are does not come and go. - How could it?
All that is needed is already present. - Seeing and knowing are nothing apart from this presence awareness.
What you are is nothing other than that.
All efforts to be something other than that do not amount to anything with any substance or permanency and it will all disappear and it does constantly.
- That is why for the identified entity there appears to be vulnerability.
- That is just a misplaced sense of self - misplaced in the changeful phenomenal appearance of things.
- What forever remains, is seeing, knowing, presence awareness.

That which is true, is true irrespective of the instrument that measures it. - Whether it be a physical instrument or a so-called intelligent being doing the measurement.
- That which is true remains true, whether that instrument be a brilliant scientist, a village idiot or a piece of technology.
- The endless ‘conflict in mind’ between various living ‘instruments of cognition’, people, amounts to nothing and none of those conflicts actually alter that which is true. - It is all relativity. -
To know the true, one must be the true.
The paradox for the mind is that you are the true, which is beyond appearances.
Pure cognition or pure knowing is equal to that which is truly known.
- No separation. - There is NO separation, except as appearances in the mind.
- The knower and the known appear 'within knowing'.
- Such immediate knowledge is inexpressible as time bound knowledge.
- Words are words and they remain as words. - If by chance something is understood by one, when ‘shown’ by another, then that understanding is a revelation in the mind of one or both of what is true in both. - No division. ( that may be a bit wordy)
- One could call it communication.
- However, understanding is always present and only seemingly covered by words and mind stuff.
- Who could believe such a thing?
The revelation is appearing in mind but the resonation or understanding is beyond the limitations of mind stuff.
- Who can agree?
- It is not a ‘person’ that agrees. - It is that insight, that understanding which one is. - Agreement is a sense of equalizing in which all conflicting elements are absent.

- Get my drift?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"All your problems are so unreal"

Well, it never ceases to entertain me, just how so many ‘people’ get thoroughly upset about any undermining statements about practices and methods. - There is obviously a self image woven with many merits points from past practices and idolization of Great Teachers etc.
Every one of these ‘tender souls’ have missed the point of what Non Duality is pointing out.
ONE – without a second.
All inclusive.
There are no sides to take. - It is NOT Duality.
Those who argue about Non Duality from a fixed view point are just ignorant.
There is no right or wrong and no foundation to take a stand within the natural equality of Oneness.
As soon as you take up in opposition to some idea, your own idée fixe or prejudice blinds the mind to an open view. - That activity attracts the attention and so a biased feeling arises. - Identification! - One assigns ones imaginary identity onto ‘things’ and the drama unfolds.
The essential nature of awareness remains untouched.
There is an open view totally available, which very few even suspect. - It is direct cognition. - It is awareness. - Identified consciousness, ‘People’, are so accustomed to seeing via what the mind believes, they no longer impartially see or witness what is actually happening in their own minds.
All it takes is a little attention and just staying with watching the mind and a revelation opens up. - But the attention has gone into the drama and will not let go until something stronger comes along or it just peters out through lack of energy.
Beyond all that, the few that just happen to clearly see and know this, are not an elite group or ‘special’ in any way. - It is totally available to us all.
The violent reaction so prevalent to hearing something that deconstructs old beliefs is just one reason why no one is really interested in Non Duality. - All the Club mentality which has grown around this subject is just more of the old stuff, which is so apparent in the average spiritual group.
The price of realizing Oneness is basically dying to the ‘me’ and all its erroneous beliefs. - That is a challenge that few wish to take on.
To these upset ones, I say go back to the average spiritual group stuff. - Do your practices and forget about this non duality stuff. - If you are not prepared to pay the price, then you are just going to suffer on the circular path to nowhere.

Wrestling with intellectually trapped ‘individuals’ is quite useless. - What is needed to shake them out of it is the very thing they resist.
There is one distinctive thing that argumentative participants miss. - They only miss it because they are identified with their own opinions and beliefs. - That point is that memory is a useful thing. - It serves well. - However, if the memory appears to be stronger than the immediate knowing, then it takes on a quality of obscuration. - Many well read argumentative types are full of opinions and little of the immediate knowing is evident.
- The mind refers to the past because it is the past. - Awareness is the present and always the present.
The drama all revolves around the self-center – the ‘me’— and that swirling activity seemingly covers the clear and obvious. - If that activity is not witnessed cleanly and precisely, then there is no freedom to be expressed. - Just sticky opinions and discomfort. - It is nothing but a rehash of the past.
Many do not realize that when they hold up a sacred guru as a hero to be imitated or admired, they subjugate their own natural freedom.
Oddly enough, for many, the more this is pointed out, the more desperate they appear to get. - Anger and blame start coming to the surface. - Their whole imaginary realm of knowledge is threatened by freedom from it. - If you cannot see the weight of these old beliefs and that they are the very thing that cuts you off from the immediate, then even that old favorite ‘hope’ is useless.
Being afraid of freedom appears to be the problem. 'Who' is that that fears its own freedom? - Its own demise is sensed because there is a knowing that 'it' is not real at all. - But no one taught me how to be myself! - No university hands out degrees on how to be yourself - what you truly are. - You don't need one!
"Excuse me, I need some space and free time, to be alone, so I can practice being what I am."
Some throw up Buddha as an example of a teacher that taught practices etc.
They miss the clear message he expounded. - “I am formless”.
Once that realization arrived, it is reported that he did not speak for a long time.
When asked about the meaning of life he held up a Lotus flower.
The beauty of that symbol of the manifestation is also silent.
All the subsequent teachings of this and that are really just a practical means to live life in a more harmonious way. - So many things were added by others to the teachings.
Now, let me ask you a question.
Awareness is clear and present. - There is no past imposed upon it, except as possible mind content. - The future is not pressing upon it, except as possible expectation or anticipation. Awareness is truly clear and free of time. - See that this is so.
- Now, what practice is there to be made? - What method can be done to increase that clear presence?
It is so obvious that nothing touches it.
The only problem that appears about this is that the identified consciousness cannot ‘have’ that clarity. - And that fact is so annoying for the 'entity'.
- It is the very thing that seemingly obscures awareness.
- 'Who' has a problem? - That is not a trick question.
- Find out what that 'who' is if anything apart from thought and identified consciousness.
Where is the problem? - In the mind? - with an entity? - Is that what you are?
The Buddha himself said that there is no self. - No entity.
If there is no entity with any substance in reality, how can there be a problem?
As Nisargadatta says: “All your problems are so unreal”.

Friday, August 11, 2006

No fancy stuff - just clear pointing.

Right now, I want to talk about the one who assisted me in revealing my natural freedom. - Bob Adamson, affectionately known as 'Sailor Bob'. - He too can fire up when necessary but mostly he is in my experience of him, a loving presence.
- When I first heard that nick name 'Sailor Bob', I almost dismissed the conversation but the information about him actually being here in Australia, where I live, kept me interested.
- I was in India at the time and a fortuitous series of events were 'set up' within a few minutes of talking and the rest just unfolded 'in time' and my natural freedom was realized and remains so up to, in and AS this moment.
- There is no reason why I should invent such a thing, unless I be an idiot and I can assure you I am no idiot but I can certainly 'act' as one at times.
There is a deep respect here for Bob and a warm appreciation beyond anything I could put into words. - What is also remarkable is that he offers the same assistance I received to anyone who turns up at his meetings.
- I can't speak for anyone else but I can tell something of how his clear 'pointing' 'did the trick' for me. - Of course I had a part to play in it - and I had to follow what he was saying closely and with a serious 'intent' and I had plenty of that.
- He just kept on pointing things out, guiding my mind back to the facts.
- As my questions changed, with a gradual opening up, he kept pointing back to the basics, according to what I had understood so far from it all. - This was repeated in many ways as long as it was necessary. - It was all relatively quick, not years as my mind had adapted itself to believe it would be - and how it had been for over 20 years of expectation.
- Expectation itself was deconstructed and 'this moment' revealed its nature.
- I would put it this way, what I now call 'the space of knowing' (that I am) appeared as an opening up, more and more until it was pristinely clear that I was not the limited and ever changing 'content of mind' at all.
- In a nutshell, knowing just that is the revelation.
Many of those same 'pointers' appear as a series of very clear passages available to us all in Bob Adamson's books, website notes etc. - These books and CD’s and DVD’s are so direct and simple. - I am a bit surprised that he still remains relatively unknown. - That is just how it is.
- Of course all teachers usually tell us how important their literary works are and have a promotional team. - You won’t find Bob doing any sales pitch about his books or meetings.
- I guess he knows that only a few are genuinely interested. - "I thank my 'lucky stars' that I did not give up."
In the meetings, his way with things is not contrived and his response is an effortless response addressed to the essence, behind the complications of mind stuff - but full of direct information for aligning the mind with the natural intelligence that we are - stimulating a recognition of what is already innately known. - He has been at it for about 30 years and he knows exactly what he is talking about.
- He stays with and as 'the direct and immediate' and I would say he directs ones attention to the immediate evidence, which is available right now, without any books or any other medium.
- However, only a relative few make it to see him.
- So, I and a few others have made the required ‘efforts’ to make his message available for many more than those who get to see him.
- Since the first book appeared, there has been a steady stream of those who have discovered that essential nature he so frequently points to in ourselves.
Transcending the convoluted life of the 'me' is no small thing.
- Even so, when that is 'done', one does not necessarily make a big deal out of it. - After a settling in period, it is all so natural and 'blowing trumpets' to 'wake the dead' is found to be quite useless.
Those who recognise the message, respond in their own way as they do. - You can't 'push' this stuff onto anyone. - Such actions are pointless.
Bob is not an intellectual and he does not play the usual guru mind games, games of being superior - to anyone or anything. - (I could mention a few good examples of those who do but I won't.) - There are no fancy Indian names or Indian clothes with Bob and that is just one sure sign of his genuine, natural way with all of this.
- It's a relief to meet him, if only because he is so 'straight'.
There is an atmosphere of equality, which one feels in his presence. - In a way it is all so very ordinary and that is often quite disarming for a lot of 'expectant' seekers - especially if they have spent time with some of the pretentious gurus.
- When one relaxes into just seeing what Bob is pointing out, in dropping the anxious states of mind, then it starts to ‘seep into one’ in a natural way.
- Things are recognized in their own immediate nature. - Everything is clear and obvious (good name for a book!).
Intelligence is freed from erroneous beliefs.

Over the years I have looked at many available teachings and the works of so-called non duality teachers. - I can tell you that there are none equal to the simplicity that Bob points out, with the odd exceptions, being that of some ancient texts.
Some obvious 'students' of Bob are also very clear.
- I can add, most emphatically, that the potency of Bob’s pointers actually work, because in my own case they ‘did the job’ and my natural freedom is here without a doubt.
- Others may doubt this freedom but that is all to do with their own mind stuff, not mine.
- So, I can recommend, like no other, Bob’s Books etc. to anyone that is serious in this investigation of self. - If you have the slightest chance of visiting him first hand, do it.
- Make that possibility an actuality - be the 'doer' one last time.
- You will not regret it in any way.
- Realize this freedom now.
- If you can’t get there, to Melbourne, then at least get his books and immerse yourself in what they are pointing out.
- If you do this and cease to read anything else ( mixing teachings can be confusing and a bit like mixing a fine wine with a cheap cask wine) - read his books until you are clearly and obviously free, then the true value of his ‘message’ will be realized, no doubt.
- It was working on these books and CD’s, along with deconstructing my beliefs with Bob that ‘finished me off’, so to speak. - I was more or less totally immersed in it all for several months - I KNEW, without a doubt, that I was 'onto something' quite extraordinary and yet so ordinary at the same time.
- Those items, the books and CD's contain that realization, not for ‘me’ but for that true essence that I am and that you are. - One without a second.
Many have taken this advice and it works.
- It's up to you - as it is.

It is an odd thing to witness how seekers get attracted to what I call 'fancy gurus' and do the rounds of them all - or they get stuck for decades with one, with no freedom in sight.
- In my website notes I have 'stepped over the line' many times as I play the role of being a stirrer. - I can say that there is freedom in that since I need not fit into any mold. - Many are 'put off' by such notes but one or two have been shaken up enough to take a fresh look at the situation AND something revealed itself.
- Some long standing habitual attitude loosened up enough for a glimpse to shine through. - That is all it takes to 'set the ball rolling'.
If the foundation stone 'Me' is disturbed enough, the house of cards comes down.
No harm done to anyone.
The age old states of anxious seeking disappear and one can breathe again in an ever fresh freedom and that freedom defies description.

1. Nothing to do? & 2. the Practice

1. So, our illustrious Non Duality Teacher says there is nothing you can do about this self realization.
What a useless teacher he is!
It leaves the ‘seeker’ feeling helpless and confused, does it not?
It reveals more about that helpless nature of that teacher than he would prefer to reveal.
Of course, in a certain way it is correct but the mind cannot make that leap of faith which he wants you to make. - The mind’s habitual beliefs must be deconstructed by an active investigation. - The self-centre will not vanish or lose its apparent power without a thorough testing of its nature. The 'me' plays its part in the first steps of investigation but the essence of it all is 'seeing'.
By asserting oneself as this self-centre ( and we are all familiar with that), the mind learns of its own limits and a realization penetrates those old beliefs and so that intelligence that one is, begins to shine through the whole belief system illuminating it for what it is.
So it is that I say, make a wholehearted investment of effort, as much as you can muster, take it to its limits. - Expand it all, exaggerate it.
- You ARE the conscious presence in which ALL the activity is taking place.
In this way, one comes to know the nature of all the content of mind, including that self-centre, called ‘me’.
Telling you that you can do nothing about self realization is The Way of a Wimp.
It only leads to being a stand up comic on a retirement plan scheme.
So, assign that teacher to the past.
- Take your own efforts to their limits and make this thorough investigation into the nature of self (and everything else).
- There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. - Your natural freedom must be actualized one way or another.
- Even though in essence, you are already free, as long as there is a belief that you are not free, one must actively challenge that very fixation, that erroneous belief that “I am not free”.

2. Mere words can ruffle up the most stern devotee.

The practice of non attachment is really ignorance parading as knowledge.
It is nothing but attachment to concepts and the idea that ‘I’, by ‘doing’, can alter the very nature of ‘things’. - When all along this identified form, this ‘entity’, the ‘doer’, ‘I’, is nothing more than just another ‘thing’ itself. - It is an appearance, a mere belief.
When the mind sets out to find silence or peace, it is already a disturbance in and on that which is never disturbed from its silent understanding.
Practice? - It is all a fiction and no result is possible because freedom is not a result that will arise from action or non action.
- It already IS.
Why do you not know this? – Is it only because you put your faith in another? - while all along this freedom is obvious. – Do you ignore that in preference to doing what that ‘special one’ says you should do? - If so, it is a bad compromise and most probably full of failed attempts and pretentious images and self evaluations. – Isn’t it all self-centered activity in spiritual garments?
I say without the slightest doubt, that a guru that promises liberation as a possible acquisition is a fraud. - When he or she promises ‘sudden enlightenment’ (in some tomorrow) via his or her influence and instructions, that my friend is nothing but ego talking.
Such teachers can only teach practices and methods because that is all they have.
They are no more than a regular yoga teacher with a few more fancy beads and a lot of pomp and circumstance. - They love to make a spectacle of themselves. - Red carpets and white limos sure smells of conceitedness, does it not.
In not directly pointing you to the fact of your immediate freedom and in addressing each one ‘personally’ in a thorough investigation of what prevents that realization, that deviation of your attention onto less pertinent factors, is the ignorant and fraudulent act of a fraudulent teacher.
There is NO excuse for such behavior.
For their own selfish purposes, they must engage your mind with some extraneous fruitless activities. - They plan all your activities to occupy your mind and so ensnare you in their trap.
They do not point you directly to your natural freedom because they do not know how to.
And that is only because they themselves have not realized freedom themselves.
They only do a good (actually bad) imitation of someone that is free.
Anyone with clear sight can see what they are up to.
So, that is what they teach – bad imitations of freedom.
They teach you how to punishing the body and mind with practices and methods which DON’T work! - and they can never work! - because freedom is not a reaction or result from any practice at all.
It already is.
These dummy gurus encourage the ignorant with praise and merit points, all designed to feed the egoistic appetite and spiritual self image, and that, they themselves are so familiar with.
And they take all the cream and leave you with the curd of dissatisfaction.
Strangely enough, it is all so very popular.
- It works like a dream!
- And it is a dream.

So says the 'know all guru' - "you can't do anything"

One of the most insidious things in the Non Dual teachings is this propagation of weak and pathetic concepts of impotency. - “There is nothing you can do”.
It is such a weak answer to give to anyone who is striving to understand.
- It is a weak challenge to the belief system and such answers are only worthy of a second rate teacher. - The teacher’s realization that there is nothing ‘you’ can 'do' may well be true from his perspective but for the seeker, the mind will not be satisfied with that at all.
It is a kind of Bhakti method, where you invest all your faith into the teacher and carry on believing in 'his realization' and so subjugate your own potentiality - natural freedom.
It is a most insidious situation. - Rarely can it be fruitful except as a profit for the teacher, who gleefully gathers his fees week after week.
- He obviously loves to promote himself as the 'only one' who speaks accurately about the Non Dual Nature of everything.
One without a second - means exactly what it implies - All inclusive.
- So, even the impotent words of this feeble teacher is included in the all inclusive, just like any another pattern of energy appearing.
- However, the freedom that lies behind all patterns of energy and within them is not attainable for a seeker, because the seeker is just another pattern also.
The fact is that you ARE this freedom.
- It is only the mind that says I am something other than that. - And it is that which must be investigated most thoroughly.
- Waiting about in a passive mood, thinking that "I will, just by some chance, be the next Ramana Maharshi" is tantamount to spiritual madness.
- My first teacher would often say “Move from that dead spot” in a reference to someone being stuck (internally stuck in some fixation).
It could be called a semi-hypnotic state of mind or a 'brown study'.
So I say, be active and move, shake yourself out of that complacency – investigate, investigate.
Be ‘the doer’ until the doer is revealed most clearly.
And stop going to listen to these weak teachers who wallow in their self pride and special-ness - so full of impotency.

It is just a little 'prick'.