Friday, April 27, 2007

What progress? THIS is instant - Actual - Reality - Now.

It is rather odd why this 'teaching' remains 'hidden', even though it is spelled out loud and clear. - The fact is that thousands of followers of non duality teachers, remain in bondage because their teacher is telling them lies, pretty spiritual lies.
These followers believe the nonsense that their illustrious teachers sprout and so they remain trapped in 'time' and 'belief' - Slaves to a super ego.
Politics is not much different.

In meeting a clear 'teaching',a few simple words may stop the mind and a moment of pure insight may (appear to) happen. - Projecting that 'result' back onto the messenger or teacher, as being the one responsible for the insight is dismissed immediately by a true messenger. (The unscrupulous teacher swells with pride)
In following the pointers and in investigating as indicated, these moments of insight (appear to) increase in frequency and a most definite taste permeates the mind from beyond the mind. - One knows in the deepest recesses of the heart that at last something is ringing true in oneself.
The messenger is recognise as a messenger, not turned into a god of worship.
One needs to be vigilant and stick with it. - Any little thing can take you off the scent.
Many have profound insights and it is then lost again because the mind comes in and adds the old habitual ideas in reference to the old image, the self-centre.
However, as the habitual identification drops away (in and 'as' those moments of freedom), there may be a perception that everything is floating just beyond what you are. – That is a temporary ‘phase’.
– It settles and opens out into a simple seeing that everything is appearing in this space of knowing that I am.
Even space appears in THIS.
So, (as a child) before words were learned, everything ‘was’ un-differentiated - one.
– Words appear and with those words what is truly one appears to separate into parts
and so the unicity of all things is seemingly fragmented (but only in the mind).
– Then word is ‘finally’ cut away in a ‘moment’ of no thought. – thought-less reality.
Who can contrive such an event? - What practice can achieve such an event?
Spiritual empires are built on stories of awakening - while simple wakefulness is ignored. - You cannot franchise what is totally free and totally available to all.
You can only sell spiritual lies to spiritual beggars.
How much have you donated to a guru and his organisation?
Has he delivered you into freedom yet? - Does he say, it will take some time, years?
Crap! - Make no mistake about it - that is crap - complete bullshit. - It is the old pyramid sales stuff.
The immediate living-ness is the true, the actual and that is not 'an event' at all – the first instant of it for you is the natural state of pure seeing – pure knowing – pure intelligence. - Why ignore that and take up so many concepts and do so many practices? - while the simplicity of being present is effortless.
Investigate the 'me', the 'spiritual climber'.
The mystery of why one will take full delivery of a direct ‘pointing’ while a million others will continue to make efforts and admire a guru with all his trappings is inexplicable.
The masses are as if hypnotised and the guru of ‘the path’ is no different – just another appearance in a dream. – The dreamers are imagination, a self-image that they are making progress and they follow their guru as he climbs an imaginary ladder to higher and higher consciousness.
– It is the most insidious mind game and bound up with transitory emotional highs and lows. – Treading the wheel of time keeps them all in a realm that cannot exist in the immediacy of freedom.
Pointing this information out to those caught on 'the time wheel' only brings reactive accusations and defensive language.
– The threat of losing what they imagine that they have gained is just too much to bear for that fabricated self-image, which they are convinced that they are.
– That conviction is threatened consistently by doubts and so the search for wholeness goes on and because og the poor quality of information (erroneous data) that they receive, the obvious is overlooked or hidden by uninvestigated beliefs.
Believing in the ‘time stories’ of a guru will never cut through that habitual mind stuff. - (He does not want any rivals - except the ones he chooses and trusts)
In that 'camp' anyone that starts to see through the gurus game will be thrown out quick smart.

Beyond all the spiritual games there will always be one that speaks directly from ‘timeless’ freedom. - That one can direct the mind to look precisely and directly at what needs to be investigated. - But it is yourself that must do the investigation - no one can do it for you.
– All these popular teachers with their emotionally charged stories and promises are nothing but ‘forms of resistance’ to what is ‘the actual’.
When will you cut away the erroneous beliefs? - NOW is all there is.
This instant of seeing is all that is needed.

Watch the mind and see, investigate this moment of presence.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Emptiness speaks to Emptiness - (revised note)

“The lamp of the body is the eye:
if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light”. N.T. - Mathew 6.22

The light by which you see and know - is non-conceptual awareness.

Here below is a revised note written when I started this blog:

Emptiness speaks to Emptiness.

As long as you believe that there is a solid 'someone' who is going to become enlightened in some future time, then a subtle shroud of ignorance clouds the mind.
'When' this someone is seen as a transparency, a pattern appearing within this direct seeing (that I am), then it is known in an unmediated way as an appearance in the knowing presence that I am and so 'it' is known directly and immediately that I am not this appearance-this pattern of belief commonly called 'me'.
'Then', which can only ever be 'this immediacy' of now, this habitual belief pattern has already lost its hold in the mind. - Even so, it is just belief and has no real hold at all.
It re-appears due to its long-standing 'pattern of recurrence' yet its roots have been cut or loosened and with continued effortless seeing, it will be seen through and it will appear to evaporate, taking with it the afflictive identification of that habitual belief in being a limited personality.
Paradoxically for the mind, there is 'no one' making any effort to bring about this freedom. – SEEING is already happening.
It truly is here already. - Pure Seeing is from beyond the instrument of seeing, a clear space of freedom itself and is not limited by the minds interpretations, which are only content of mind, acquired mind – memory or translations of whatever has appeared in that seeing.
In looking into things carefully, one can see clearly that all of our repeating referencing to a self-center are just a series of appearances in the clear and empty nature of mind.
Whatever happens - seeing is still happening.
The question of who sees and who does not see is an invalid question.
This is a profound and simple fact and its cutting profundity is missed by just about everyone. – There is no one actually there in the pure cognition – This will never be palatable information for the mind of habitual notions.
The essential nature of seeing is not easily expressed in words.
In reading these words, seeing is happening. – What the mind makes from it is not the seeing – these Samskara, these impressions are already mind content.
We imagine that we need to get behind the impressions – get to the understanding – but ‘who’ is that? – You are already beyond the mind content, that is why it is seen and known.
Seeing is direct always. - If someone threw a ball at you, you would duck or catch it without having to think about it.
The point I am making is that 'Seeing is happening'.
The more words I use to ‘get that over’ the less likely the message works – no harm done.
The minds interpretations where the psychology (me) appears to get caught - thinking that these conceptual identifications are actually what I am and that those concepts are doing the seeing and knowing. - Its just not so!
It is extremely subtle for many of us yet so obvious it is not suspected at all.
Those who argue against such obviousness have an invested interest in a particular system of belief and it is this belief that forms the grounds for their argument.
All of it is simply content of mind! - Content of mind is not what you are.
Freedom is freedom is freedom.
It appears as a continual natural release from the past events and memories, even from a moment ago. – Seeing is immediate.
What psychological 'stand' can be taken in the face of the empty nature of unmediated direct pure cognition?
This simple profundity remains incontestable due to its simplicity – its empty nature.
In the pure space of seeing, of direct knowing, this emptiness is full of presence.
Habitual grasping attitudes and states of mind all come and go in this space of knowing that you are.
The belief in being a 'someone' also appears and disappears. - This can be seen clearly by paying a little more attention to what is happening. - The habit is to stay stuck in an attitude, within the bounds of the old habitual views and those stale states of mind. – What we unwittingly sacrifice, by not being mindfully present to what is happening, is we sacrifice the freshness of ‘this moment’ of livingness, in exchange for yesterdays impressions, memories or views – Samskaras – and that is the dead past!
DO you see that? - Now?
When can you see anything except now?
'Who' is it that can't see this obviousness?
Cast aside the old mindset and just see – know – it is subtle and it is not the seer or the seen – it is simply SEEING.
It cannot be denied – even in the blind or visually impaired, seeing is happening but not in the sense that we ‘link’ it with.
(I doubt many will agree on that – but I do not give that fact any credence)
The point is: Seeing IS happening!
A mind pattern has no ability to see or know anything at all.
The pure functions are apparently borrowed by mind patterns, which are simply beliefs in some 'entity' that is believed to be able to 'see and know'.
It is simply not so.
An open view, which clearly sees this, is already transcendent to the content of mind.
Do you really believe that you leave this moment of direct cognition?
Where do you go when you leave this moment of actuality?
Direct cognition is all there is and ever is!
This profundity confounds the intellect.
The seeker who has invested so much in the process of liberation without results still resists the clear evidence of the obvious.
Why? Simply because it can't SEE or KNOW anything! It is just a PATTERN.
Does the pattern on your kitchen tablecloth have a choice?
Can it 'do' anything? - Beyond all patterns, this actuality of knowing right now is an open view. It is already presently here (for you) and cannot be negated. - It only seemingly is cluttered by these passing visitors in the mind. - They come, they go.
Show me one that has stayed.
Are you one of these transient visitors? - or are you present and aware of all that comes and goes? There is no choice.
You cannot stop seeing or knowing. When the dream stops you remain.
There is awareness. - It is not 'something', which you can claim to be yours.
Where would the 'you' be without it? Openness remains no matter what appears or disappears. - You will not find teachers of what I am pointing out. - It cannot be taught.
IT IS the actuality (for all concerned). - All is empty. - Where are the traces of the past?
They are present in this actuality yet they are nothing but patterns of energy appearing in the knowing presence that you are.
Show me one that it not in your direct cognition!
You are free right now and 'seeing-knowing' are spontaneously happening.
Where will you go from here?
Emptiness speaks to emptiness.

Email received in response to the above note:
Dear Gilbert, I was just blown away by your recent website column on Emptiness.
Beautiful in its directness, clarity and simplicity. - You really speak to and from my Heart.
It thrilled me because I write about and am devoted to this same absolute openness, emptiness, vacancy, nothingness. - Not personal, not changeable, but absolute and constant - one essence appearing as 'many'.
At some point it dawned that 'openness' was (and is) not a personal quality, at all really.
It was (IS) an already universal condition of existence.
You don't need to try to be open. - Openness is already a fact of existence - without the openness of space, where would the universe appear?
Boundless space. - What a relief to see there is no need to try to be open - it is already the situation. - Then you wrote about the presence which occupies the openness.
Also changeless, indivisible, absolute. - This is the aliveness, the imperishable well-being we are. - Another aspect of This that we are that I seem to come to when I get right down to writing or speaking about the essence of it is Wholeness or Completeness.
Here I am sometimes struck speechless. - Everything is held within this Wholeness that You Are/I Am. - The imperishable changeless energy in motion. Where is any destruction or creation here? It is eternal substance in motion within our changeless Wholeness - - In this Wholeness I don't see any foundation for anything other than the (immediate) express-ing of this Wholeness.
- Love, Bill

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where is the Seat of Consciousness? Plus an Email

It has taken you ‘a long time’ to ‘get here’. - Hasn’t it?
– All your life has led to THIS moment. – This immediacy.
– Yet THIS immediacy is all there has ever been – you just keep missing it. – For whatever reason, you have opened this website. – You may have looked at it before, in your imaginary journey and search for meaning. – Looking for some proof that this tiresome journey is worth the trouble. – Looking for a scrap of evidence that there is some reason for your own existence.
Well, the fact is that you have ‘seemingly’ been filled up with concepts and you have used them to navigate through this maze.
– All the while you have listened to all sorts of teachers and gurus, mentors and friends and still you keep looking, because nothing really satisfies.
Well, this is an opportunity, right now, to see through the whole mind set.
– All you have to do is follow the various ‘leads’ that are within this website.
– There are umpteen notes and a link to another website or two that will prove to be a ‘god send’. – Don’t waste any more ‘time’ chasing bad leads.
Stop being an arrogant know all and get to the core of the matter now.
You may consider yourself to be thoroughly knowledgeable about non duality but I can assure you that if there is still some search for 'more' going on there, then that needs to be sorted once and for all time.
– Forget the past and all its disappointments, memory is useful but it is now time to set it aside and come directly face to face with your own immediacy – this presence of knowing that you are. - In that face to face duality dissolves and all the conflict of mind and its confusion dissolves also - I can't express this freedom so that you can grasp it - you have to unveil it yourself.
Follow what is pointed out here - Don't doubt or waste time with reactions, just see them and stay with it until it all unfolds naturally. - Warm regards - Gilbert

Stephen H. Wolinsky’s New DVD is Out Now.
It may prove to be an excellent addition to the previous 2 DVD's in the Trilogy.
(I have not seen it as yet, so, naturally, I will reserve my opinion until I do see it)
New lengthy footage of Maharaj is included.
"PRIOR TO THE I AM - The End Of Self Consciousness"
Go to Neti Neti Films dot com to watch some previews, or better still, go to google video and search for neti neti films or Nisargadatta. - and enjoy.

Note for newcomers:
(Speaking in a realtive sense) Most spiritual aspirants have been conditioned to expect a certain presentation of what they conceptualize as 'The Truth' - trumpets blasting, speeches given in an atmosphere of holiness, pomp and circumstance etc.
All that is fine for about one minute, to get the attention, but if it continues, it is just rubbish and a 'down right pest'. - Most gurus make all that obligatory stuff for their own 'career' survival.
– You have by passed over the 'truth', over and over, so much so, you do not even suspect that this simple presence, that you already are, is THAT which is truth itself.
- You miss it over and over as you look so fervently for a facsimile of it in your mind stuff and 'out there'.
The great prize is really nothing but ordinary awareness – everyday awareness, so all this 'spiritual hum bug' and specialness is really just a mind diversion and another obstacle for the mind, and by its very nature, it leads the mind on and on into more and more anticipation, looking for something grand, something to grasp and hold onto.
- Pardom my french but that is all CRAP.
You may not have noticed it but almost all of the material presented on this website is basically a negation of the usual conceptual biased views, which are so common in spiritual aspirants. - The destruction of those divergent concepts is essential - that sounds a bit dramatic - actually all you have to do is see through them - that is enough.

Extracts from “Consciousness and the Absolute” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

January 7, 1981

Questioner: - Every time something happens now, instead of getting involved in it, I am seeing that everything is that "I Amness". - I am experiencing that.
Maharaj: -Witnessing takes place, there is nothing to be done. - It is total freedom for one who does not identify with the body.
Q: Everything is happening on its own and I have no concern with it.
M: If that is so, it means that you have understood everything and there is no need for you to linger here any longer.
Questioner [Another person]: - It is diferent for me. I have to make an effort not to get involved in thoughts when I meditate.
M: It is the nature of the life force to express itself through thoughts and words, so they will keep on coming. - If you have to make an effort in the beginning not to get involved, make that effort until it becomes effortless.
Q: Does the jnani have a mind and thoughts also ?
M: Although thoughts come and go, the jnani is not concerned. - Thoughts will come in consciousness; witnessing also takes place in consciousness. - You must have the conviction that you are consciousness. - Thereafter there is nothing for you to do; leave it to the consciousness to do what is to be done. - Whatever happens, happens spontaneously.
Q: Where is the seat of consciousness?
M: In every particle of the juice of the body. - In the scriptural books it is normally given that there are various chakras. - Those are available if you want to locate them like that, but according to me, it is throughout the body.
Q: What is the difference between the body and consciousness?
M: What is the difference between sugar and sweetness? - The sweetness is there in the sugar cane juice. - In the body the sweetness is the knowledge you are, the consciousness. This knowingness is due to what? - What is the prerequisite for consciousness?
Q: Is it the body?
M: The body is necessary to sustain consciousness; for the body to be, food is necessary, is it not?
Q: Yes.
M: If the body does not remain, consciousness will not remain. - In the absence of body and consciousness, what are you?
Q: I don't know.
M: Now you want to get some benefit, some advantage, for yourself.- To whom is the benefit?
Q: Consciousness.
M: If you are not the body or the consciousness, then what are you? - When you realize the Self-knowledge, then the self is released, liberated.
Q: Then what?
M: Then you know, definitely, who you are. - That by which you know, you know that, also.
Q: Is that liberation ?
M: Liberation means what? - It is no more there. - [Flicking his cigarette lighter on and off] This cigarette lighter is the body; the consciousness is the flame. - Now it isn't there anymore; it is liberated. - Where is the need to label it in the absence of consciousness?
End of extract.

Here is a comment I made on a forum recently in regard to the same questions.

Every thought, every motion is consciousness. - The First Instant (the Only instant) is KNOWING - cognition.
So, THAT is the ‘understanding’ - the knowing IS the understanding - there is NO entity in that. – Any appearance of an ‘entity’ is seen – and you cannot see yourself – primarily you KNOW yourself as yourself and then as everything that IS. – No two-ness.
There is a seeing of each thought - a hearing of your own speech – taste, touch, all the senses register ‘on that awareness’ that you are - the investigation is of that 'space of knowing' and the investigator dissolves into the knowing – forever - as it always was - is and will be.
It already IS - so it is truly no Big Deal.
Ordinary awareness is clear and present always. – It may appear to be covered over by mind content – but for whom is it covered over – only a sense of identification – INVESTIGATE.

Those who make a big deal out of this are really ignorant and that dramatizing of it all, just keeps the concept of separation going on and on - then the ignorant guru promises you deliverance if you do what he says - that my friend is EGO looking for companions on a road to nowhere or that old fabricated castle of 'Salvation'.
The guru's MAP is fabricated nonsense. - You ARE here now and there is no other time or place to SEE directly.

Right NOW is IT - you are already FREE - but your mind tells you otherwise - and you believe it - 'who' is the believer?
Watch and see - that is all one needs to do.
Everything is revealed in SEEING.

Email correspondence:
Hi Gilbert,

I'm trying to look into the depth of your philosophical understanding.

Regards – T – Hong Kong.

Hi T,
You say that you are trying to look into my philosophical understanding - and that will take you nowhere but on and on in the ever unfolding realms of the mind, Full Stop!
This is not a philosophical understanding!
Philosophy is of the mind - a creation of the mind and nothing more.
Understanding is simple, direct and silent.

If you look about the room you are in, you see everything and know what everything is, before thought (Philosophy is thought) and you understand what everything is – it is so ordinary yet so profound in the same instant.
From your own culture: "The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao" - Lao Tzu.

The simple man is worthy to rule the land - not the complex man of mind.
The simple man has no desire to rule anything and flows with the Tao.
He is Freedom itself.
His declaration of freedom is viewed with suspicion by the one who is bound in thought and conceptual notions.
Many years may pass in the company of a free one and no result - because the seeker is a concept that 'appears to want' (a need) to grasp the freedom from the other one.

As Bob says, start from the FACT that you are THAT (freedom).
Then everything falls into place - AS IT IS - the ACTUAL - not only as the conceptual.

This teaching is the most profound teaching of them all yet it is nothing but your own presence awareness.
That is not a teaching. - Teaching takes time and THIS is timeless - perfect just AS IT IS.
It appears to be extremely subtle yet it is the nature of ordinary awareness - some 'laugh their heads off' as it 'clicks in'. - 'Clicking in' is just a way of expressing something inexpressable. - Any word, concept, idea or any re-presentation is just a facsimile of what IS.

Warm regards - Gilbert

Note: - A new book project is planned, so anyone who has the required skills and is interested in assisting me with some editing of texts, please email me.

The book will be called “Zero Degrees of Separation”.

- Working on such a project can be quite useful in bringing the mind more fully into its own natural understanding. – That is one of the ways things really opened up for me, while I worked on Bob’s first book in 2001.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Complete Fabrication? - For Whom?

Note 1:
There is an odd thing that is kind of inexplicable and it is this:
A most profound expression in words can be read many times and the depths of its profundity are missed over and over. - Then ‘one day’ it just ‘clicks’ revealing something not seen before.
As I worked on the transcriptions of tapes of Bob Adamson’s meetings years ago many such revelations happened. – So many of us skim over the surface and say ‘Oh yes, I understand that’. – We miss the essential impact of direct pointing.
Read Bob’s website notes and quotes – read them until they ‘click’.
If you think at any point that you totally understand what he is pointing out and that the mystery is solved, then you probably are just fooling yourself all over again.
You will feel a ‘quickening’ in your bones and a tingle in your atmosphere, if his pointers have ‘clicked in’ and a vista of the miraculous wonder of existence will fill you up with vivid living impressions that then pulse through your body. - I am not exaggerating! - I still feel it after seven years, when I read his pointers.
Part of my ‘self-appointed work’ – is to spread the word about Bob and his ‘pointers’.
Watch some of the video clips of him – go to the Bob Adamson page on my website for the links to

2. One of the most misleading beliefs is that there is some condition that is remotely acquirable – attainable for the ‘spiritual person’.
– By following the directions of a guru or teacher, it is believed that ‘I will get there’. – The basic misnomer is not recognized.
That postulated future of attainment is just a concept, a tantalizing concept but ‘concept’ it is. – That glorified ‘enlightenment’ is drooled about, fantasized about and a wondrous image is built up in the mind.
– Added to this is the ‘example’ that the guru presents himself as – ‘I am enlightened - follow me’. – All this fantasy teases the mind and the fact that it is all fantasy is not recognized – in fact the guru keeps those images alive by presenting lots of new information to maintain those images in mind.
– If the gurus followers were to see the game, they may even get violent and attack the guru because of his ‘lies’.
– But they do not see the game and the few that do, just leave.
– It is a conundrum because who can you trust?
- Who is going to inform you of what is true?
Well, you have ignored what is true in yourself for so long, it seems that that ignoring has become a thick barrier. – The fact is that it is only a thin and flimsy film of conceptual separation. – As a hypnotized and mechanical creature, nothing much will transpire except patterns of repetition.
– As a conscious presence the equation is radically different.
The only way out of that self-hypnosis is to investigate the ‘centre icon’ of that realm of misunderstanding - the ‘me’ and that ‘me’ is the false ‘King’.
The true essence is the rightful sovereign.
A resonation in that true essence dissolves the erroneous beliefs.

Note 3:
So, who are you and what are you looking for?
Someone that knows in an absolute way what you want to know?
Someone who is perfect, someone to look up to? - Someone to imitate?
A perfect mirror?
Someone to tell you that you are okay?
Someone to wipe away all that hurt and self denial?
Someone to bring you completely into the now?
Do you imagine that the teachings on Non Duality can answer all these questions?
The questions are dualistic by their very nature.
The one you look for is and can only be yourself.
But who is looking for that self?
Surely the immediate function of seeing is registering in that space that can only be the self? - So the looking for the self is somehow a diverse movement in the mind or a reflection in the mind.
Could it simply be a fixation, an identification in the ‘mind content’ that is an imagination that ‘it’ is looking for the self?
Can you see the irony of it all?
No matter how coarse or refined that self-image is, it is only an image.
In the pure function of seeing, there is no such entity.
Every spiritual person you know of, no matter how famous or insignificant, that image is a fallacy and there are no exceptions whatsoever.
Your own presence is the only thing that you can directly know as being free of images. – There may be images that appear in the mind about ‘presence’ but 'an image' is not the real, no matter how sacred you believe it is.
Without that presence, no images could appear at all, so it is primary, just like awareness is primary. – Nothing can be known without the ‘knowing’ – which is awareness itself.
As I have pointed out many times, the essence of all knowledge is ‘knowing’.
The most sacred or profound book is just paper and ink and one could say that without the touch of ‘knowing’, it is not even that.
What I am telling now is so profound and yet so simple, it cannot be accepted by any intellectual, because it demolishes the mind’s matrix of conditioning and identification.
For the normal ‘person’, the intellect must protect its own history. – It is convinced that some progression has happened and that one is knowledgeable etc.
What the spiritual practitioner does not realize is that all those beliefs are just images, words and experiences and each and every one has no substantiality in the immediate evidence of presence awareness. – They are all simply ‘content of mind’.
Until you see that you are the unchanging 'knowing presence' of all the changing content of mind - then what use is your search? - All you find is more and more content in mind to identify with and that is an endless realm of unfolding.

The wondrous ‘thing’ that everyone makes a big deal out of is ‘enlightenment’.
It is made out to be something that is mostly unattainable.
That is a complete fabrication and the apparent cause of so much misunderstanding.
This moment of seeing and knowing is illuminated, prior to what the mind translates it as and that light of ‘seeing-knowing’ is it – it is in every sentient being – it is just ignored.
–The habitual preference in mind is to go with the content, what the mind is telling us and the fact is that what the mind is telling us is ALL changeful mind content and nothing other than that.
Right NOW is the expression of the absolute - just as it is - In words it is always 'present tense' in its verbalized expression.

The essence of THIS moment, the ONLY moment is now and 'now' IS ‘knowing’ - (Now-ing).
The word 'moment' implies 'time' but it also implies this immediacy which is beyond time.

This essential fact of 'One Moment' has been realized here without the slightest doubt to obscure that.
By writing and talking about these facts, it does seem to be a possibility that another may recognize something but there is no guarantee.
If for some reason, the mind empties itself for a few moments, a very different ‘view’ is present – one that does not include an identified fixation of being an entity.
If such a moment happens, the minds habit is to interpret that moment by adding references to it and weaving the minds meaning around it – and so the essential value of the insight is once again covered over.
Is it true - is awareness ever covered?
Awareness is primary - so it is impossible that anything - any thing could ever cover it - everything is seen.
Does the search go on?

How could that which is looking for itself, ever find itself?
Has it ever been lost?
How could words ever express that which is the source of those same words?
Isn’t it the same equation?
In the attachment to words, there is an apparent ‘getting lost’.
In the attachment to the instrument of inquiry, is there a subtle obscuring of what is actually a clean and clear view?
Do the characters in a projected movie drama ever make their way back past the celluloid into the light that projects the images?
That example is equivalent to the seeker trying to find the source.
This is the obviousness that is consistently overlooked by the seeker. – That is quite natural because the fact is that that seeker is nothing but a pattern of belief. – The courage to go beyond that pattern is the nature of what is 'actual' - real, and that movement of courage appears as a negation of the fixation, the mis-identification with the patterns it appears as.
– Sometimes 'a shock' an unexpected event will cut away that identification (for a short time).
The 'actual' reveals itself as the relative attachment in mind clears away.
– To approach the source (of self) while still being identified will ‘cause’ a panic to arise and it appears that few will get past that fear. – The fact is that there is no one actually in that pattern of belief but that news may itself cause a grasping panic.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj says: “There are no customers for this knowledge”.
The popular spiritual teachings give comfort to that self centred-ness and so they avoid the true situation. – That is why they are popular – plenty of customers.
Yet this clear and present awareness is totally available to anyone.
At one point, Bob suggested that I could publish my notes and added that it would show that anyone can ‘get this’. – The point being that I was and am not anyone with any special circumstances. – I was born in a remote place and had a fairly menial education. – My family background is basic working class, nothing special. – My command of the English language was passable – spelling was horrendous but getting better thanks to ‘spell check’.
Now there are some who would say that all my notes are just nonsense. – However, I get many emails of gratitude. – My intellectual friends would say that there are always people out there stupid and gullible enough to believe anything. – I might add that those friends are the ones that display ‘being stuck’ in the mind more prominently than others.
I will say this: There is no compulsory form that one must take on to share this knowledge, being a guru or teacher for instance.
What I observe is that many of these gurus actually keep the seekers bound up in stories. – Their devotees will protect that guru because they have made him into a ‘god’. – It would be a remarkable thing for any such guru to remain free of distortion in mind, while engaging in such an arrangement. – The photos I have seen of these gurus show very obvious signs of conceit. - I will not name them simply because of a preference, I am tired of emails from wounded egos.
It is the easiest thing in the world to piss off spiritual seekers. – Their whole world is based on erroneous beliefs. – Life itself – which is reality, is challenging erroneous beliefs consistently. – The maintenance of all those fabricated beliefs is a fulltime job for the mind. – When that internal dramatic work is given up, a relaxation happens and the ease of effortless living flows naturally.
Intelligence is within and behind all the activities.
There is no choice maker but there is a choice – a living and intelligent choice – simply to be what you are – present and aware.
Is it all so unbearable?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Clear and Present & book extract

Watched a DVD of J. Krishnamurti - at one point he said: - "But you are not interested! (after a long talk) - "What are you interested in"? - "Myself" was an answer from the crowd - "Yes", he says - "You are only interested in yourself".
He then talked clearly for a few minutes about 'that interest in myself' and clearly brought it back to what he had been saying all along.
He looks very sad on that video - and I detected a tear running down his cheek.
People are so selfish - so incredibly selfish - and 'spiritual people' are more selfish than ordinary folk, in my opinion. - In 1929 he obviously saw through the facade (in himself and) of organised religion and all spiritual groups and so he dissolved 'The Order' saying that "truth is a pathless land" .
He continued to write and speak.
U.G. Krishnamurti was one who benefited from that cointinuation.
- But look how remarkable it is that so many thousands were attracted to 'K' and yet so few understand what he so clearly expounds.

Entertainment? is something:
A Film to see: I just saw “As it is in Heaven” – a Swedish Film by Kay Pollak.
- As one reviewer says " this Swedish-language film could do very well with global audiences".
It is well worth seeing, in my opinion. – Also, anyone into singing and choir members alike will find it inspirational. – There are magic moments in the film that touch the organic essence, sending a 'living sensation' around the body. - The singing quality of the choir is transformed from passable into something that can only be described as superb. - It is not a 'non duality film' as such (what film is?) but it touches on some very potent 'points', if I can be so bold in saying so.
- As with so many films latterly, it is about identity, overcoming ‘conditioned’ fears and finding, seemingly through the residues of conflict, what is genuine in oneself. - I don't usually recommend films - but I make an exception with this one. - Go see it.

Email: Thank you Gilbert, truly! - Now, you can't say anymore that you get no thanks!

Quoting one of your previous notes: "There is no point in my 'hitting you on the head' and saying "wake up". - I get no thanks for 'shouting in your ear' every day. - You just stir and tell me to 'rack off' before rolling over back into that hypnotic dream of separation. - Frankly speaking, I am tired of shaking you."

Sailor Bob and his lineage of teachers are remarkable; all of you. - The questions have long been over and the spiritual material I have kept probably doesn't even weigh a pound - but I still enjoy browsing the Web writings and mp3s of the Bob circle every now and then. - Your direct style, I'm sure, is appreciated by many and bound to help those who are ready. - I like the sense of humor too – “beware of the guru who looks to spend too much time getting pretty in the mirror” (Gangaji maybe? - can't be Bob because he has no hair to comb) - Peace, Jim.

Reply: - Hi Jim, - Thanks for the laugh. – Not pointing at any particular guru’s – they all seem to fall into the same trap. - Warm regards - Gilbert.

Ask yourself these questions: - Do I really want to know?
And/or: - Am I just interested in finding a comfortable ‘place’ where I can lull myself off into an imaginary state of peaceful bliss? - Sucked in by the guru's charisma and his bullshit stories of time and imitation of (his) ME?

So, for anyone that still considers that they are a seeker, I challenge you to read the extracts on Bob’s (iinet) website plus the various quotes. - Read them over and over until they are understood. – They cut to the core of it all with so much efficiency and directness.
Those wanting to add to their spiritual self image will not last long with it but those with a genuine wish to go beyond the shallow spiritual jargon, will find what they need, there is no doubt about that (here).
Everyone raves about this guru and that guru and everyone else gets immune to all the hype - but I can tell you that I am no idiot, I can see clearly from clear wakefulness and it is plainly obvious that what Bob is telling is so profound and so cutting, it makes the other 'time bound teachers' look like they are just spiritual dreamers.
I have no qualms about challenging those teachers and anyone offended by such stuff is obviously not awake at all - So - no harm done.
A warning to long term 'non duality folk' - you may be completely unaware that the non duality spiritual jargon and the concepts themselves have glazed over the mind and nothing cuts through any longer. - Read Bob's words on his website - seriously - there is a profound subtle yet obvious and direct pointing in it.
So, my advice is to forget about reading this website for the moment - go straight the the essence message on Bob's website. - The link is on Bob's page on the 'shining' website.

(After a lot of back and forth via emails)
To Gilbert:
So - this clear and present awareness is IT. - IT is what all the big deal is being made about.
- The present awareness IS - BEFORE thought, judgement, labelling, identification - they all occur IN TIME, AFTER the pure SEEING.
- Everything that arises ABOUT THAT but AFTER is always in the past.
- That pure SEEING continues immediately and presently.
- In fact that doesn't seem right - the pure SEEING doesn't continue, because that implies time.
- The pure SEEING is just THERE always unchanged- the sense of continuity is of the mind.

As you say, this moment is the FIRST moment, because there is no such thing as a moment - it's just a concept.
- It's the first and ONLY moment.
The moments seemingly arise through the sense of time passing but this present awareness never changes.
- Thoughts and memories arise which seemingly give continuity through the moments - but it's all bullshit!
- A moment never passes, how could it?
- It can only pass to that separate-self sense with memories, all of which are occurring in thought, all just objects appearing in this PRESENT awareness.

Nothing more can be said without moving away from THIS. - Randall

Hi Randall,
The expression is clear - it is seen without there being a seer.
Pure seeing cuts through it all - and so in the mind, seeing appears as a negation - it strikes down all the apparent substantiality of concepts instantly.
It is seen that there is no past, present or future, in which anything can occur.
There is only THIS.
There is no duration in THIS. - There is seeming duration.
Find what it is that always remains.
It is clearly obvious to anyone that really takes a close look at life, that nothing remains the same (for long) - everything is shifting and changing - metamorph-ing - energy, dynamic, dramatic, gross and base or subtle and exquisit.
- Sunlight turns into substance in a leaf - photosynthesis.
- A speck on the bark turns into a bud which grows into a leaf and (later) as the winds turn cold, the leaf loses its color and in this moment of presence, it falls to the ground and in this moment of presence, it decays - all the while the elements are forever recycling themselves.
- It all happens 'now' and nowhere else.
- The whole universe, Totality, is the One Energy, the Only Energy, unfolding in THIS moment.
- Inexplicable! - Yet the Totality is the Explication of itself - expressing itself as All & Everything in every way possible.
- Even as that one that you 'think' you are.
You are reality.
Mind is a dreamweaver with all its words, concepts, ideas, states of mind, attitudes and whatever, so simply be the immediate - See what is going on.

Knowing yourself as this unchanging presence, is not knowing oneself to be an object in space or time - everything is seen effortlessly, naturally.
- One essence 'appearing' as all things.

Still missing it? - Have you ever been able to find a natural place for your conceptual 'self' somewhere in this natural presence - like a forgotten piece of a jigsaw puzzle?

Pointless. - Just be still, absolutely still for a moment - SEE and KNOW.
(My CD "ONE Moment" addresses this moment of clear and open cognition)

Your last ‘conclusive’ line in your email is actually incorrect......take another look.
You say: "Nothing more can be said without moving away from THIS."

(In the relative appearance of things) Anything can be said and is said, by anyone and everyone, and yet there is NO movement away from THIS.

You are this first instant of cognition and nothing more than that.

That pointing is totally unacceptable for any seeker - Only in the dissolution of the seeker, a concept, does this open view - open up – even though it is always here.

Warm regards - gilbert.

Another email:

Dear Bob and Gilbert,
I have been consistently listening to Gilbert's "Shining Through the Mind" CD and things have really cleared away.
- Seeing is.
- Everything is made of Awareness and is spontaneously appearing - ever-fresh. Obstacles in mind are being seen through.
- Just this, nothing else.

Gratitude for all of your help. - Love, - Robert

Extract from "Everything is Clear and Obvious - an exploration of conscious presence"
The book can be ordered from a link on the shining through the mind website.

From page 148

You are the (source of the) light by which you see and know ―
You are NOT the content of mind.

In the clear and empty nature of pure mind, there is not one doubt that can obscure the view.
This view belongs to you.
If you drop all thoughts right now, it will be clearly obvious.
This clarity is not ‘yours’ as a ‘personal acquisition’ ― or as some reward for years of effort. It is truly yours right now.
In paying attention to your immediate life, not by remembering some formula or some trick, in simply paying attention to what IS, all will reveal its pristine clarity. Nothing will really compound into some special knowledge.
The knowing just remains un-obscured.
It may not appear to happen suddenly.
It may slip into place without incident and without being an ‘event in time’.
As Bob says: “It dawns on you”.
The doubts must be cleared away or seen through.
(Simply) Be the Seeing.