Thursday, December 29, 2005

One single factor

Well you may have one, two or three life insurance policies out on the ‘me’.
You will never be able to cash it or them in. If the ‘me’ dies (so-called), prior to the body’s disintegration, it will be impossible to convince the Insurance Company of its demise.
- It is imperative to see that all this expectation is worthless or just down right obstructive. - That is a paradox as well.
You may feel that you are waiting for the stage curtains to open before you can ‘do your thing’ but I assure you that there are no curtains. - Everything is seen!
There is nowhere to hide and nothing to cover yourself with.
Awareness is naked. - You are invisible. - All your costumes are made of dream stuff. - And the prancing about as all these multiple characters is simply in the dream.
“Much ado about nothing”.
It is just a lot of appearances all revolving around reference points in or on NO thing.
Trace it all back to the first instant of being-ness.
The Knowing is never in the object that appears.
This single factor when seen clearly to be the case, includes the immediate potentiality to decompose the bridge of identification for all 'time' hence.
Then (now) identification is known to be a fraud and that which is identified is also a fraud.
Many go on about the 'I am' yet they have not explored what this 'I' is.
The 'am' is the being. - AM is the verb 'to be'.
The 'Amness' is clear and obvious. - How long have you been around saying 'I this' and 'I that'. Find out what this 'I' is. - Have you given any of your precious 'time' to that investigation?
You don't have to travel or move into some special state to explore this.
All these precious spiritual characters and poncy teachers are just marionettes in YOUR world.
If the odd one is genuine and has anything of value to offer, then it is quickly imbided.
Protracted games of 'transmission' and 'service' is of the dreamscape only.
No matter what your circumstances may be, your authentic natural state of clear openness is always present.
The more you try to nut it out, the more it unfolds into more and more complex 'systems' and 'matrixes' of conceptual gabbage. - Trace it back to this simplicity of authentic presence.
It is never a matter of identification at all. - It is more like dis-identification. - Eliminate everything you cling to, until you arrive at your own true identity. - You won't disappear but all your 'baggage' will.
The ultimate discovery is ones true nature.
The natural identity needs no support in the phenomenal.
You are free! - Expose all the 'reasons' why you believe you are bound and see directly that there is no such bondage. - It is very simple but so very few even approach it.

"I am free". - Say it! - Does it ring true?
Where is the doubt?
Explore those doubts - see and know that you are not those ‘things’.
It may appear that I am cold about this in the written word. - I am not. - I know full well the situation that the seeker is apparently in. - Now, I am out of it. - If these words can assist then well and good.
It is just a bit too direct for many. - Let them hang onto their sacred beliefs. "Let the dead bury the dead". - It is time to shake the cage of erroneous beliefs. Without that, the sad stories will just perpetuate themselves.
No more sad stories.

Warm regards and a happy New Year - gilbert.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fictional Characters

So the child reaches 'maturity' when it realizes that Santa may be a made up character? - Yes? So the adult reaches 'maturity' when it realizes that the 'me' is also a made up character? - Yes? It is commonly believed that reality is obscured for the seeker of oneness. - It is not obscured at all. - It is right here at all times. - It is all so very simple.
- It will always appear to be a paradox for the dualistic nature of ordinary mind. - 'No one' sees it because it cannot be seen. -And yet we can't really say that we don't see it. - 'No one' knows it because it cannot be known. - And we can't really say that we don't know it. - Why?
- Because it never compounds into any 'thing'. - Also: Because it is the Seeing. - Because it is the Knowing. - You look for it and try to conceptualize that which is ever prior to all concepts. - Naming it makes no difference at all. - Having given it all so many names, you think you understand it. - See precisely and clearly that all such 'time bound' conceptualizing is simply content of mind. - Are you that? - Or are you beyond that? - They all come and go.
- Do you come and go?
- All forgetting and remembering is just the parade of this 'content of mind'.
- Realize that all this content is transient. - Not one fraction remains as anything that we could assign the word 'permanent' to. - Nothing sticks. - The apparent continuity of this content is accompanied by habitual states in the body. - It all disappears in deep sleep. - Whatever is authentic does not disappear. - Find out what you truly are. - Self Knowledge.
-What is your authenticity? - It is counter productive to be anxious about it. - Relax into it.
- All circumstantial evidence is unreliable and relative and it is all from memory, so it is of the past. - The authentic is of this presence now. - How could it not be?
- We can only be it and yet we attempt to be all manner of other 'things' and qualities, which we deem to be superior or whatever. - Effortless presence awareness is this authenticity that you are. - You have had no choice in that, nor in anything else. - In fact the realization of that is not even anything other than transient content of mind. - The ever-present direct cognition is unmediated and that imparts to the mind what people call realization. - Realization comes and goes. - So it is not and can never be the authentic presence. - Those who have an intellectual approach will find difficulty with these expressions. - The singular fact is that direct cognition (knowing) cannot be turned off. - All proof to the contrary is just opinions and hear say.
- Do yourself a favour and listen to the last Podcast of Bob and Eliot with their fresh guest Rick. - It is pretty thorough. - No monkey business going on their. - Even the organ grinder is on holidays. - The link to the Advaita Show is at the bottom of Bob's webpage on my Website. - Forget about your Non Duality Heroes. - Forget about guru worship and fairy dust. - Listen to some genuine communication.
- See if you can detect any 'superiority' in Bob's responses to questions. - He treats all equally - as THAT. - No carrots are dangled before you. - No unconditional love stories. Just straight talking. - That knowing presence does not need to perpetuate its 'position'. Ever fresh and new.
Happy New Year Cheers - Gilbert

Monday, December 26, 2005

What happened to me?

After receiving the message in very clear terms from Bob Adamson, things began to be clear like they never had been before. - The old ways quietly slipped away and a fresh presence to the moment was self-evident. - What a remarkable turn around it is. - This freedom is unmistakably present in those first few months of emergence. - It settles down as the contrast of previous states and old reference points fade away. - Prior to all this, I had spent many months working on manuscripts and audio files for the publication of his books and CD’s. - That has proven to be of immense value to many seekers. - Instead of quoting him endlessly, I will make one very strong recommendation to you. -Read his books. - Listen to his Compact Discs. Watch the DVD’s. -Visit him if you can or must but get the message! - It will not fail you! - A visit to attend his meetings has proven to be fruitful in the extreme for a considerable number. - Only a few have taken up the task of speaking publicly about the message. - I was struck by his message to such a degree, that I was compelled into spreading the word about him and his teaching. - Like a devoted Bhakti, I spent every spare hour of the day on the tasks at hand to do with this. - I became so saturated by his message that it sank into every pore. - As a consequence of this and in many personal talks with him (in meetings or privately), all doubts vanished. - Quietly, in my own company, a realization dawned that the job was done and I hadn’t even noticed that any ‘event’ had taken place. -The words, which he uses often are: “it dawns on you”. - Now, quite remarkably they had (have) a most definite meaning. - Some time after this I used to sit in meetings and momentarily wonder why these others couldn’t see what he was saying. - The depth of his ‘pointers’ were (are) so clear to me. - Often I would add something in these meetings (as Bob encouraged me to do) and the response was mixed. - Many were upset and imagined I was pretending ‘to know’ something that they didn’t. - They were there to hear Bob and not some student who thought he had ‘got it’. - I was not deterred. - It is interesting to note that when I first attended, some of Bob’s meetings were quite heated discussions. - It was not what I was used to. - Things were thrashed out. - It wasn’t always like that. - Certain types of seekers bring in that element. - It’s all a challenge to the spiritual self-image and that needs to be exposed for sure. - The ones closer to realization have dealt with most of the arguments. - There are no rules to how a meeting will turn out. - That’s the nature of free expression. - In the silence at the beginning of one of Bob’s meetings you can feel the atmosphere of freedom and an open respect for all just as they are. - Then it is down to business of questions and doubts. - Yet this atmosphere is always there in the background. - For me, during that time, it was (is) all good and proved to be a cleaning out of the dusty corners of the mind and a clean sweep of the remnants of a false self-image. - As the months went by things just settled into ‘a solidity’ and the ever-present fact of knowing became so obvious. - I could not fall out of THIS. The fact that it is always now became the norm, so to speak. - I was no longer coming and going in presence to what is. - ‘It’ was (is) not a state and its qualities are beyond all descriptions and words. - Now, I find it difficult to remember how I had been before I came across this message that started with receiving a copy of “I am That” from my ex-brother in law( a christmas present). - The path from that to finding Bob involved a visit to India on a self-imposed task to put an end to this ‘not knowing’ the answers. - I was totally convinced that Nisargadatta had what I was looking for, yet he had departed long before. - My conviction proved to be far beyond any expectations I might have had. - So, you see, I can’t emphasize this strong enough. - If you need convincing, then let me convince you—you won’t regret it. - There is nothing in it for me. - Gilbert couldn't care less if you get the message or not. - However in the heart essence of being there is a resonation, which cannot be diminished. - It is a subtle warmth, a love of being. - To see ‘others’ who are confused and who are genuinely seeking fulfillment, then the message resonates out to them. - So it is that I have put the message in a book form as clear as I can. -Its effect has taken hold with some already.
- Bob said to me, early in the piece, when you realize THIS, you may use the same words or you may express it in your own words, it makes no difference. - He has always encouraged those who have opened into ‘the knowing’, to spread the word. - I witnessed this when John Wheeler came to Melbourne. - John and I spent quite a few hours together walking and talking while he was there visiting Bob.
- Over that period, I witnessed an opening to Bob's message in him. - John, as you well know, has gone on to be a clear exponent of the message and has already assisted some others into this openness of being. Getting the message out there is pure compassion - for those who imagine that they are trapped. However, the messenger can only deliver the message. - He can't realize it for you! -His or her presence does make a difference in some cases. - Make the journey if you must - why wait? - Basically it is like this: I can take you into the most beautiful garden in the world. - It is up to you to see it - YOU must see the beauty of it all - not I.
- I already see it and your belief that I see it is really worthless to you, in fact it can be a hurdle to cross or a resentment.
- "Don't try to look through someone else's eyes" - Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj - (his photo at top of page).
Get the message. - If you desire this freedom, then get the message loud and clear. - ' Let it sink in well and truly. - Don’t let the mind wander into extraneous stuff. - Don’t jump from one teacher to another. - This is a habit for many seekers and it leads to confusion and attempts to knit together differing expressions. - There are other teachers who are clear. - However, I see erroneous concepts being expressed there in their teachings and this is significant and reveals something. - Bob lives this freedom 100% and his expression is pristine. - Simply pay attention to the message, give it all you have got. Contemplate it within your being-presence. - Pay attention also to your life in its immediacy. - It's all inclusive! - All that Bob is pointing out is in relation to ‘this moment’ - Right Now!
-THIS is all there is and ever IS. - This fact will hit you or dawn on you. - The message is clear. It could hardly be put any clearer. - It's the attention that wanders about which causes the delay in receiving the message. - Presence with the teacher can assist that error. - If you read Bob’s books with a keen attention, it will not fail you. It’s up to you.

"The First Instant" book is to be followed by "Everything is Clear and Obvious" within a short period. - Preview copies will be available soon. - These two books cover many subtle points that emerged in me, all quite spontaneously from 'the message'.
My last and final teacher, Bob Adamson, removed all doubts through assisting me in a thorough investigation of all my beliefs. - I now live in a freedom that does not come and go. - Few can believe such a thing is possible for an ordinary chap. - They are just more beliefs. - It is belief that keeps you from your own self-liberation. - Why hang onto these obscure and erroneous states of mind? - A taste of the first book can be downloaded on the website. - It is a short version that carries the same punch, which re-appears throughout the book. - It is uncompromising and tends to keep the mind focused on the immediacy of direct experiencing. - Many do not have the attention span to read it without mind wandering and so get frustrated.
That is not uncommon for them when trying to 'get this' message. The habit is to conceptualize it all and so they miss the non-conceptual 'ground' of their own beingness.
- For a few the book 'hits home'. - Those who have come to a point of wanting directness more than spiritual entertainment will find an interior resonation in this book.
As for me, I do not dwell on any ideas of being enlightened or in being someone special.
- I live in one moment of livingness - or one moment lives in me! - No difference. - This does not bring any sense of being special. - The so-called 'ego' gets little chance of launching itself. - It still appears at times but there is an immediate knowing of what it is. - Seeing is happening.
This same light of knowing in myself, I see in everyone. - Even though in most cases, this light is covered by errors in belief, it is plainly there (here). - It is the simple elimination of these beliefs that free the light to shine without hindrance. - To watch the true messenger like Bob Adamson deliver the message is a privilege. - Sometimes gentle and nudging the mind towards an insight and sometimes ruthlessly blunt depending on the state of the seeker and the kind of resistance they may put up.
- In contrast to that, I have witnessed speeches by devotees (known personally to me) of a famous guru, to a crowd of thousands, in which they expounded great insight and professed a deep self-liberation—only later I found in a personal contact with them, an admission that they were lying—a divine lie for the good of the group. - Surely that lie resonates like a cracked Bell.
Delusion leads to more delusion in these (all) cases. - Trickery is a lurking thief in many of these groups. - It is not and can never be a matter of tricking anyone. - It’s the removal of self-trickery that leads to liberation. - The touch of freedom is freedom itself. - Anyone who has been with a teacher who lives the teaching will know a taste of that freedom. - It is only through the elimination of the minds erroneous beliefs that that freedom will expand, in most cases. - There are many devotees of popular gurus who have never had a one to one conversation with the guru. - Surrendering yourself to someone who doesn’t even talk to you is ludicrous. - This projection of an ‘idol’ is tantamount to a sentence in a personal prison of self-exclusion from your own self-realization. - The true teacher sees these projections and demolishes them without hesitation. - The underlying love you have and express for the teacher is then left as it is without these contrived egoistic projections. - Having been with such a teacher, I speak from direct experience and insight. - A fresh and immediate view does not rely on any conventional programming or conditions. - It is ever prior to words and literature. - The mind opens up into a clear space of knowing as the thought ceases to be intrusive in this immediate living presence. - This wordless ‘I am-ness’ is left clear and the wonder of living is expansively present. - The mind may return to its normal activities but there is a new possibility and the open view is still known to be present, even if the focus has gone into some particulars of this present. - Everything is the same yet ever fresh and new. - This is the liberation. - There is no before enlightenment and there is no after enlightenment. - All there is, is THIS. - The bottom line is: "Your true nature is this ONENESS - Your total potentiality is right here, right now and this is nothing 'other' than 'the presence of knowing' that you already ARE.
It is ONE - and ONENESS does not NEED any separate pattern called 'you' or 'me' - or 'anyone' to realize its ONENESS. - It is complete just as it IS. - Knowing that is freedom in its Totality. - Do not limit yourself to being a fixated concept.
- The organism (body) which you take yourself to be, is simply an instrument of direct cognition". - gilbert.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It is up to you!

A New Website:
Burt helped me set up this Website some months ago.
More than twenty thousand visitors have dropped in to this website since then.
- Awareness has been expressing clearly with Burt.
- Here is a link to his new website (small, as yet) where you can read some of his writings.
- It is excellent and has a punch.
Email your comments to him via this address:

Today's Note:

It is very simple and so it is bypassed by the busy mind.
A 'person' is simply a series of beliefs, which appear to reside in the mind's terrain.
It is all ancillary to direct knowledge or more accurately, Direct Knowing.
Direct Knowing does not need to be freed from whatever the mind appears to be caught in.
- The 'entity', which feels that it is caught, is only a reference point, which is attached via identification with other reference points. All these are from memory and none of them are contained in the immediate and direct evidence of presence awareness. - It is this content of mind which appears to need to be corrected with more accurate information.
- When the projected terrain of belief in these reference points is dropped, then the 'problem' dissolves.
In direct cognition there are no problems whatsoever. - That also means that there is no entity there in that simple space of knowing. This can easily be ascertained with a simple investigation. Paradoxically, the mind content appears to avoid this investigation, since such a direct investigation would in fact dissolve its apparent control. As Nisargadatta says, "The mind is a good servant but a bad master".
Now since the obvious clarity of the Oneness of all things is directly cognized, not only by the so-called 'sage' but also by every single mind-body organism without exception, how can we say that we do not see it?
Where is the problem?
All problems are contained within a kind of 'geometry' patterns of reference points.
When all this geometry is not referred to, then the clear and open view comes to the fore.
- Even so, this view is always present, just overlooked.
Whether reference points appear to be binding or not does not affect the fact that you are present and aware.
Some teachers say that silence arises between thoughts. - This is a complete error.
It is totally misleading and shows a certain kind of ignorance. - Silence is the ground from which all sound arises. - Speech is an expression or extension of thought. - It is subtle vibration.
- The silence is not affected by the sound. - No sound can overcome silence. - Even the most noisy and exuberant Football crowd is swallowed by silence.
Standing on a mountain above a city, I heard the gentle hum of the city. - In the midst of it, it was a great deal louder. - Flying high up in the atmosphere in a Balloon basket, the combined sounds of the Earth are not even noticed. It's all relative.
Silence is an aspect of the Totality.
Sound versus silence is dualistic notions only. - Unconditional love versus conditional love is just dualistic nonsense. - All teachers who rant and rave about unconditional love are deluding themselves and their followers.
However, when these gurus and teachers speak of it, their seeker followers swoon into emotional delusions. - And they love it.
Once one is out of it, there is no concern with it.
It is no comfort to those who refuse to let go of habitual beliefs but it is rare that a seeker reaches the point of emergence from its delusions.
- Most turn back to 'the familiar' insecure beliefs.
It is just the way it is.
It does not have to be that way.
It is up to you!
Some say there is nothing you can do about it.
What use is such sprouting?
If you do not pay close attention to the immediacy of life, then these patterns will hold you in their repeating orbit.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Friends! Talking happens. Writing happens.

Clear understanding is available without effort or internal posturing.
As I pick up various spiritual books or read website passages, I see the concepts of slavery being perpetuated by all kinds of self professed ‘liberated individuals’. - Like a stone in my shoe, these erroneous expression are obvious.
They are Taoists or Advaita teachers or whatever they may be. - Even in their ‘profound’ first sentence in their expounding, there appear grossly biased concepts, which are like the magic slogans of an advertising agency. - All apparently designed to ‘get you in’.
Get you into what? - Into believing that by following their advice and by joining their ‘club’, you will work your way to a final ‘result’. - The so called ‘final understanding’ and the final ‘liberation’ can, in their terms, only come about if you ‘do’ what they profess to be the ‘only way’.
Someone wrote to me, thinking that they were doing me a favour and said that “The Final Understanding” was now available bound in ‘hard back’ for $65 or something like that. - I wrote back and said that this understanding is not ‘bound’ by anything and is totally free right now.
As Bob recently pointed out so potently: “There is nothing ‘final’ about it”. - (podcast)
So obvious is it, that just about every seeker misses it. - Why?
- Because the 'seeker' is nothing but a series of beliefs and that includes the acquisition of more and more beliefs, to bolster its castle of dreams.
- That incessant desire drives the appearance of being a seeker on and on, looking for that ‘key’ which is nowhere to be found ‘out there’. - The lock is only made of mind stuff. - The natural Key is your own attention.
- Be clear and direct!
We need only look back into the space of knowing.
- Look in that space from where seeing is happening.
It appears that most are too scared to even entertain the possibility of entering that space due to fear. - How ridiculous! - That 'you' can't even enter it. - Your true essence IS that.
Your own true nature abides there.
- Are you afraid of your own self?
What could possibly be there that is so scary?
The shroud of day dreams and day nightmares are just a thin layer of belief.
They have no substance at all.

That ‘person’ that you think you are – when did it arrive?
Isn’t this being-ness here, and in this, doesn’t the concept of being someone ‘come and go’? - Now, look closely - what knows the factual-ness of that - and all comings and goings?

Knowing is.
Being is.
Whatever is conceptualized as being ‘final’ is actually time bound - and so it will disappear just like everything else. - What remains? - What has never left you? - You don't even have to find THAT. - You ARE that.
So, we see that much of the ‘teachings’ ‘out there’ are subtly keeping a ‘carrot’ before the ‘donkey’.
Are you a donkey?

There is no end to the appearance of things. - That is obvious - even logical.
Your life insurance policy will run out one day. - No payment for an extension will be possible.
What can you do to add to the ‘appearance of things’?
More appearances? - Made of what? - More processes? - More purifying practices?
More meditation? - 9 or 10 days of no talking and endless meditation?
Does the infinite silence care about your transient silence? - Wake up.
Does any of it compound into anything worthy to enter that pure space of knowing?
When that last breath leaves the body, all your life-time efforts will be known to be useless.
Knowing that now, while the livingness is still pulsing through you is the only knowledge worth having.
- Yet it cannot be ‘had’ – it can only be lived.
- And yet no one can live it.
The one who thinks that they are living a spiritual life is just a deluded mindscape.
The one who knows that life is living them is nothing other than this immediate, unmediated knowing presence.
THAT is ONE without a second.
What is ‘final’ about THAT?
Isn’t it clear and Obvious?
Without taking one conceptual step away from this, it is so very obvious.
All that appears is reflected in that mirror like mind which does not move.
All movement is known within that knowing presence. - Not in the mirror!
Prior to the mirror. - Is the movement (any movement) ever apart from this knowing?
When the ‘me’ is seen through, it is seen via direct cognizing, which is actually the only seeing that there ever is. - With no cumbersome mind processing to distort the view, when the mirror mind is clean, the fixation of a ‘me’ is tasted as it fades away.
- It can't see, hear or know anything - but it appears to obscure direct seeing and knowing.
It does not, except for the fixation which only borrows the pure functions.
You must fully realized that that ‘me’ cannot see or know anything at all. - It is just a series of fixated reflections in the mind. - Much of life is lived without the ‘me’, yet those moments are not noticed to be useful or worth anything by the fixation of being a ‘seeker’.
- It appears to ‘want’ to ‘get’ and ‘nail down’ the understanding.
It may even want to be a teacher of Non Duality. - It’s all delusional.
You may join the ‘sideshow alley’ gang and perpetuate the ‘miss-understanding’ but no one will ever find their innate freedom through it. - You may make a mint from books and have a thousand devotees but your own authenticity will remain disturbed in dis-ease.
Realize that dualistic mind can never be the understanding.
It is time bound as a reflection in the mind only.
What to do? - Seeing is the key. - See what you are NOT and BE what you ARE.
Neti Neti. - No this – Not that.

I will repeat something that I have said many times.
I know of only one so-called teacher who is clear and precise.
In the appearance he comes from a line of teachers.
This unique teaching is nothing other than this immediacy of presence awareness.
From that there appears a precise pointing back to the source.
He will tell you that he is not a teacher and can teach you nothing at all.
All he does is tirelessly ‘point’ you back to the fact that you are already free and to look closely at what it is that appears to bind you.
In my case, his pointing removed all doubts and they were banished into the realm of mirages.
Now, this knowing presence is unassailable - and no matter what drama may appear in it, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am free and this knowing presence is simply ordinary wakefulness. - Nothing special.
Albert Einstein said: "The miraculous can be found in the mundane". - Ha! He was onto something there. - We need not be a genius to understand the non dual nature of things because it is obvious and simple.
Paradoxically, I appear the same as I always have and many who (so-called) ‘know me’ have no idea of this profound freedom (in me or in themselves). - A few may detect ‘something’ and ask a question about life. - But doesn’t that happen with everyone? - I do not feel special at all and what's more, all desire to ‘transform’ another has disappeared.
- I see and recognise the light of knowing in all I meet. - There is no one to save but if the opportunity arises, then there is a willingness to shake the cage of erroneous belief but not just willy nilly. - It is in proportion to the capacity or tolerance.
- Talking happens. - Sometimes it is apparently 'deep' and sometimes 'shallow' yet it is always about THIS.
- It could not, not be about THIS. - THIS is all there IS.
Since I started my websites, there has been a lot of sharing going on. - It appears that I have tried to convey something very subtle, which I found through Bob’s assistance. - It appears to have made a difference in some cases. - As with everything, it all just happens as it does.
Apart from Bob's material, two of my own books have been written and a CD.
- The world of common consciousness is not really interested and most 'spiritual people' are not interested because it is just too confronting to their precious beliefs. - The clear attention needed to stay with the text is uncommon - due to the restless nature of dualistic mind.
- For a few, those who have exhausted the mind and are tettering on the edge, it seems to resonate most clearly. - Periodically an email or phone call comes in and it is clear that the message 'hit a home run'. - Strangely enough, that is just felt as a warmth in being and any stirring of pride is quelched by my own gratitude in having received the message myself.
- My (self appointed) apprenticeship was the rigorous transcribing of Bob Adamson’s recordings which would probably have put off most aspiring editors. - I did not have a choice. - It appears that I was carried by an inner joy of self discovery and all obstacles were dealt with, within my capacity and immediate presence.
The ‘big bad world’ (joke) has no interest in this message. - It will never be popular.
The impulse to franchise truth is only an erroneous and egoistic belief.
- As Krishnamurti says: "Truth is a pathless land". - He dissolved the 'Order' of egoistic spiritual persuits. - That is highly symbolic of what we must do within ourselves.
Many new ‘teachers’ have arrived on the scene from Bob’s visit to the USA.
The Nisargadatta lineage is called the Navanath Sampradaya, it means Nine Friends.
Not Gurus! - Friends!
- A friend can tell you things you apparently need to know.
- He will not rant and rave about unconditional love or some precious view.
- He will be straight with you and will not lead your mind away into territories of belief.
- He will not place himself above you in anyway. It is through a knowing presence of equality that the message is delivered.
If you are still seeking self-knowledge, I strongly advise that you read Bob Adamson's books.
Listen to his CD’s etc. - Read John Wheeler’s books. - Read James Braha’s new book.
Jean Pierre’s free book on line. - John Greven’s new book and others.
They all bring a confirmation that this message is not some hotch potch guru scam.
Each one in turn has opened up to the direct influence of the message in their own unique manner according to their nature.

In the Old Testament there is a line which struck a chord in me, many years ago.
“With all thy getting, get understanding”. We know that there is no ‘getting’ as such but it means something quite definite. - I resonated with that line and knew that that is what I wanted above all else. - Understanding. - At that time I did not realize that this understanding was only covered over by mis-information. - It is not an acquisition.
If you devote all your attention to the message coming from Bob, it will soak into every bone and it will bear fruit. - The seed of self-knowledge will flourish if it is attended to.
- Stop ignoring your true nature.
Simply pay attention to the immediacy of life - and it will unfold all that is necessary.

Warm regards – gilbert Dec 2005

Saturday, December 03, 2005

James Braha's NEW BOOK-Living Reality OUT NOW

New Book on the way plus A5 size copies of 'The First Instant'
are available for ordering.
"Everything is Clear and Obvious". Pre-Release copies will be made available in due course.
It's Full Title is: "Duality in Oneness - Everything is Clear and Obvious"

Check Mark West's Blog for interview number 4.
His enthusiasm is unbound. Here is the link.

New Website:
Burt is the one who helped me set up this Website and he did a thorough job of going over my manuscripts for the two books.
- Awareness has been expressing itself there in Burt as well. - Here is a link to his new website (small, as yet) where you can read some of his writings. - It is excellent.

Email your comments to him via this address:


- Jean Pierre has his book manuscript available on line.
- The joy of the message is resonating loudly there. - Link to his site is on my Links page.

James Braha’s new book is now released. - I had the pleasure of a preview copy.
- This new book called “Living Reality – My extraordinary Summer with ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson", is very refreshing and a welcome addition to the growing collection of books on Bob.
- It’s not for die hard 'semantic' non dualists or pseudo 'teachers'.
- It's an excellent introduction to this sometimes difficult subject. - The writing has a friendly atmosphere, so to speak and is a comfortable read.
- I am sure many will find it to be of considerable value.
- In the main it is dialogue transcriptions of talks with Bob.
- Some are from private talks and some from gatherings. - It demonstrates a dissolving of complex miss understandings.
- If one reads it with a relaxed attention, then some otherwise difficult topics may well open up in a new way. - The personalized sections are welcome and do not conflict with the main message at all.
- In fact the main message comes through loud and clear.
- There are even some examples of a boisterous egoist there that thinks 'it' has the understanding and makes definitive statements in an attempt to establish its position in relation to the 'others'.
- That in itself is quite elucidating. - The false passing itself off as genuine has a smell all of its own. - No harm done, since it is all transient conditions and quite common for many seekers especially if they are 'successful' in their life story.
- Many will find this book extremely useful, since James and others hammer away at various questions and concepts - which are shared by most 'seekers'. - It's very comprehensive and contains many points which one does not come across elsewhere in mainstream non dual literature.
- When I first discovered Bob, I wanted everyone to know about him and his clear message.
- Well, we know that not everyone, in fact very few are really interested. - Actually, even in spiritual circle, there are very few who really resonate loudly in their authenticity with a true message. - So habitual is the apparent bondage, that they can't let go of the sad stories of being a seeker. - How miserable!
- Most prefer to perpetuate the illusion and will avoid at any cost, the true situation.
Of course there is no entity 'doing' any such thing but it appears that way.
- Even though there is not a single doubt here about it all, it is still a joy to see more and more picking up on Bob's genuine and profound subtle pointing.
Surely all these seekers must eventually get tired of those sacred teachers in their 'get up' and all their 'preciousness'. - In a clearly obvious way, one can easily percieve that Bob has no ego base at all. - That freedom touches the innate freedom in us and something is revealed.
Once revealed, it can never full close over again.
- In simply seeing, without a reference point in (fixating) awareness, the shroud of ignorance dissolves completely.
- I must say I feel some 'personal' happiness about this book appearing 'out there' in the world of seekers.

- It is a relief to see that this book will be easily available through the publisher.
- This new book by James will make an impression and assist in spreading the news about Bob’s extraordinary ‘influence’.
- The book is around 320 pages long.
- I advise anyone who is a bit tired of the ‘heavy’ non-dual literature to get this new book.
- It is a welcome sharing of this living reality.

Well done James - Gilbert
- The ISBN number is 0-935895-10-8 51995
- Living Reality. by James Braha - Printed by Hermetician Press. - OUT NOW!

Check his website out -

Note on the Non Dual:
Speaking truth?
Everything arises out of that empty space of knowing.
Whatever appears, it appears without any bias or eccentricity.
In its immediacy, whatever appears is not a problem. - Even when it is translated as being a problem, it remains free of such bias in its immediacy. -The bias is only in the minds processes and in a posture taken by the apparent ‘entity’ there-in. - Even this so-called ‘entity’ has no real bias except in its appearance. In pure seeing, all such apparent eccentric postures are seen.....and in that very seeing there is an intrinsic knowing that I am not what is seen.
- Just like when you see a train go by, you know that you are not the train.
- Whatever you see in the appearance of ‘things’ is not what you are.
- You are the seeing aspect. - You cannot see yourself.
-Investigating that very fact is the core of the investigation. - When the investigation is complete, seeing remains as it always is....pristine and clear.
- This is untouched and uncontaminated by anything that is seen. - Identification ceases to be a bridge of attachment to ‘things’.
- Everything is set free to be what it is (as if it were ever bound).
- All methods of purification are known to be a fallacy. - One hears of stories like the zen monk climbing the mountain. - He looks up and ....seeing the moon, he lets out a hearty laugh.
- The heavy baggage of conditioning slips away and the body-mind organism feels a tremendous relief. - It just happens and it happens without a ‘doer’.
- It is simply seeing and nothing MORE than seeing.
- The absurdity for the ‘seekers’ is that seeing is already happening. It is only the attachment to a concept that some ‘entity’ is seeing and some ‘object’ is seen, which seemingly obscures the pure function of seeing.
- See, it is simple. - Where can you go from here? - Back into the mind’s terrain?
- As Bob so clearly points out: “What conditioning is there if you do not think about it?”
- Some intellectuals, no, most intellectuals immediately dismiss such suggestions as below the level of their capacity and will not even entertain it for a fraction of their precious ‘time’ which ‘they’ are seemingly caught in. – In the minds so-called memory, a bright intellect has already bolstered itself with an attitude made from many explanations and beliefs.
- It even places much value in ‘belief’ itself. - When these beliefs are challenged, a fortress of stubborn belief holds ground with a furious tension. - When pressed, these intellectuals will not hesitate to use all available ‘logic’ (their famous logic) to attempt to make you retreat or submit to their views or at least back off.
- It may be of interest to some that G.I. Gurdieff spoke of such 'attitudes' becoming crystalized in people and the only way to free them was to ruthlessly destroy these crystalizations - and this could often be very painful for them. - It makes some sense from a certain point of view. - However all such 'things' are not attached to the immediacy of direct cognition.
- They are seen to be the flowing content of mind only. - No separation really exists yet it appears that the pure cognition needs to be free of any assignment of 'identity' to whatever is cognized. - Much of Gurdieff's 'Work' is centered around becoming free of identification.

- The question is: Who is identified? - It can only be a 'me'.
- And in essence you are not that transient fixation. - All these inner psychological problems are simply contained in the drama of appearances - all in mind stuff - with habitual states seemingly sprouting from them. - Remove the apparent cause and the effect disappears also.
- It’s all no more valid than a dream. - It all comes and goes (while you remain unchanged in essence). - That is what is realized. I am NOT these 'things', then once that is free flowing, the realization is that I am That. And that does not contain any binding fixations.
- In other words, whatever arises does not matter because the pure function of seeing is untouched by any 'objects' or any ‘stories’, either sad, glad or pale.
Now!............are you going to keep believing in the story that you are not free?

The only so-called reason that so few appear to ‘get’ this message is because there is no ‘getting’ or ‘not getting’. - All is as it is in essence - and as it is in appearance. - It's real in its immediacy but unreal in the minds speading projections and beliefs (mind content).
- Images which are cast back onto the immediacy by the mind are re-cognized phenomena and dreams and all these are time bound and 'out of sync' with pure cognition, in a manner of speaking. In THIS immediacy of NOW - You ARE. - It is perfect just as it is.
Stop telling your sad stories to yourself ....and everyone else and be the actuality of freedom that you truly ARE.