Monday, November 27, 2006

There is NO separation + Note on Lineage

DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS NEW BOOK on Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - "Gleanings from Nisaragadatta" now available for Ordering.
- "There has been little published in recent years that comes near to it's direct impact."
- We anticipate a great deal of interest in this book, a book that could be described as a 'potent extension' of the book "I am That".
- It contain a very clear expressions of extremely salient points concerning Maharaj's teaching.
- In my opinion, it is 'sharper' and so, more 'cutting to the core', than what appears in the book 'I am That' and that book is held to be a classic by many.

If I were to leave a 'mark' in this world from my so-called 'existence', then finding Bob Adamson and Mark West and getting their books published, is more than enough.
Actually that all happened quite naturally. - To witness 'others' finding some truth through these books is more than satisfying.
- This book on Nisargadatta's teaching is a gem."
- Gilbert.
Note for today:
Bob Adamson took delivery of the full impact of Nisargadatta's 'pointers' and his life immediately changed. - After it all settled, Bob began to speak to others about this freedom from 'the bondage of self'.
- It is 30 years hence and the message has been 'passed on' in numerous cases. - Take advantage of this yourself and leave the 'troubled mind' behind, assigned as a vague and distant memory.
- That is how it is for me, so the same can be for you also.
There are many pointers within what Bob Adamson is expounding in his meetings.
For a few, there is a resonation that is felt, a (so-called) ‘deep hidden truth’ is felt and that resonation ‘appears to deepen’ as the mind finds more and more evidence of the truth of what he is pointing out.
- It is now seven years since I first heard Bob’s pointers.
I can still sit and listen to him, or one of the recordings which I made at his home, and see things in a fresh way, through his pointers.
- Even though the message delivered its full impact some years ago, for me, I still feel or resonate with the message.
- It is in contrast to what we normally believe and challenging in no small way.
There needs to be a kind of willingness to explore oneself and how the message resonates and all that it brings to the surface. - A desire to find the true.
By absorbing that fresh information, those pointers and in testing it all in my own life, all beliefs were freed of their hold over me. - It was very simple yet it has such wide spread ramifications, in (the appearances of) how one views life.
I would put it this way: - There is an ease of being in which everything flows as it does. - Everything is witnessed and any responses in oneself are also witnessed without getting lost in the drama of it all. - That drama may appear to be very dramatic at times. - In truth nothing sticks anywhere.
In the relativity of the appearances: - Few things ever ‘stick’ for any ‘length of time’ and most so-called ‘problems’ are dealt with without drama. - Any drama dissolves quite naturally.
- In my dealings, others may demonstrate some sort of drama happening but it never touches this clear space of knowing that I am.
Even though I have written extensively about what has arisen in this understanding, I would advise anyone that is truly interested, to read Bob’s two books thoroughly.
All of the insights that have flown through this mind here, have come about naturally due to Bob’s most profound and insightful pointers.
The 'blockages' to natural intelligence were removed.
The pointers of Siddharameshwar and Nisargadatta are equally potent (for me) in a slightly different 'language' and style.
- Being a straight shooting Australian, Bob is most clear (for westerners) with the same potent information, although his comes directly from his own experiencing, with the odd reference to his teachers words. - He made it his own through the potency of the pointers. - That is how it comes about. - Direct knowing in being, as the actual and immediate knowing.
- Bob's discussions with Nisargadatta were animated and direct.
Those living words, spoken so animatedly by one so free of the trappings of life, resonated with him so profoundly.
- That is also how it happened for me, with Bob.
One critical non dual teacher (popular) in Europe said I, or anyone speaking about non duality, should not quote others.
- He has no one to quote because he did not have a teacher.
- I find his own words to be rather sloppy and rather foggy myself but others hear what he says and apparently 'get it'.
- There is no problem in any of that, so I will let him sort out his own critical mind.
It is quite natural to draw upon such potent 'pointings' and why not quote the words now and then, of a message that clearly destroyed one's own misunderstandings?
- If I had not absorbed Bob's pointers so completely and found their truth in my own direct experiencing, I doubt that anything would have been written (by me) about any of this Non Duality at all.
– The writing that does happen here just flows of itself, often without any wish to.
The bottom line is that it is all, the whole manifestation, it is all ‘of one intelligence’ expressing itself.

For any westerner, who is searching for an answer to the deepest questions of their own existence, Bob’s clear pointing is a gift of the greatest magnitude.
The fact that few recognize that is not surprising.
- The fact that those few who actually do resonate with it and that they experience a new freedom beyond description is no surprise to me.
You can visit Bob’s website from a link on my Link Page.
If you feel a deep desire to liberate yourself from the errors of belief and mis-information and have a sincere approach, read his books, follow what he is pointing out and I say that it will clear away all misunderstandings as it did for me.
- The world may appear to conspire to prevent that 'clearing away' but if you meet the challenge, this natural freedom will reveal itself.

Today's Note:

Zero degrees of this immediate fact of being.
It is the direct and immediate nature of awareness and of all the pure functions of the senses, seeing, hearing, taste, touch etc.
- Memory may be postulated as being ‘time bound’ but actually all memory appears in the immediate nature of awareness and nowhere else.
Time and space are like a polar axis running through the apparent 3 (or 4) dimensional universe.
- Time equals duration and space equals volume.
- One cannot appear without the other yet they are one and the same.
- Energy is matter, matter is energy and these apparent two are one and the same.
- All of the dynamic display of energy and life as we know it in our daily lives, ‘appears’ between these two polar opposites commonly called the North Pole and the South Pole.
- A Living Earth we call home.
What we do not commonly realize is that Life is not localized in any specific spots in the universe and it is not separated from anything at all.
Life is all.
- The intelligence that suffuses the whole is not a hairs breadth removed from your own true nature.
The singular factor which we have overlooked because it is far too obvious is the factor of ‘knowing’.
- The natural presence of your own being is nothing other than this intelligence, which displays itself not only as your body and what you call mind but it is the Planet Earth and the Whole Universe with not one degree of separation in time or space.
- Everything is of one instant and it is THIS knowing presence right now and it is the one and only instant.
- We could call it the pure duration of eternity.
When have you ever left THIS moment?
It is not a trick question or some intellectual game.
Contemplate it.
Even a moment of contemplation is simply intelligence looking at a pattern in mind and that apparent recognition of ‘something’ profound or ordinary is nothing but a movement in this Moment which in itself never moves.
- It neither comes nor goes.
Only identified patterns in mind appear and disappear within THIS.
Is it not so obvious?
My first book is called “The First Instant”.
The second is called “Everything is Clear and Obvious”.
A third book is planned for next year and it is titled “Zero degrees of Separation”.

Note 2:
Some apparent sorry souls imagine that you just have to learn the 'Non Duality' lingo and just go on pretending to yourself and everyone else that there is no 'me' and that is it.
It is rather common but a shallow way to be and it is full of dis-ease in a restless mind.
So some have missed the point completely and with some of the advice they get from popular gurus, it is no wonder.
Binding devotees into believing in a future time of deliverance is just ignorance.
Nothing could be further from the truth and it is unnecessary to propogate or postulate such nonsense. - Anyone awake to the moment can see that it is clearly the notions of a bound mind.
- Best I drop this point, because so many get ruffled up about it.

Seeing, knowing and all the senses are nothing but this immediacy of NOW.
Nothing will come from ‘time bound concepts’ and postulations or beliefs.
All such nonsense can only fall away in THIS immediacy and that can only happen if we really look, investigate what ‘appears’ to be.
In This instant of seeing, one can know without any doubt that all these conceptual frameworks are just mind content. - All mind content comes and goes. - Nothing sticks in the mind unless you fixate on some concept and even that will disappear in the night. - Each morning is a fresh opportunity, each moment in fact, is an opportunity to see directly from the pure awareness that you are.
There is ONLY NOW.
Some say we have to learn to live in the now. - Bollocks!
You cannot live anywhere else than right here 'as' this now.
That is how it is and how it has always been (but even that is a 'time bound' expression).
"There is only now": It is not a cliché.
It is the Essence that you ARE.

Note on Lineage:
A lot of importance is placed on the gurus credentials but to do so is to miss the point, the living and immediate nature of the potency which he is pointing to. - ‘The investigation’, which this lineage ‘encourages’, is the pivotal point of ‘a turn around’ in consciousness, for the seeker.
Bear in mind that awareness is untouched and already clear and present ‘before’ and ‘after’ the investigation. – The apparent ‘journey to freedom’ is for the mind only. – The bondage of self is a fiction but knowing that and not knowing that are ‘worlds’ apart, so to speak.
To pretend that one has been liberated from the erroneous beliefs, when no such freedom from bondage has transpired is an insidious situation that an increasing number of seekers face.
Absorbing the language and the various cliché’s is no substitute for a direct and immediate inquiry.
Natural freedom from the ‘bondage of self’ remains for the usual mind, as a mysteriously inexpressible ‘non thing’, outside its domain. - The usual mind set is ignorant that it, itself is only a transient appearance in the timeless.
Being introduced to this ‘investigation’ is the basis of the expression of ‘the lineage’.
For the one introduced, it appears as some sort of lineal series of events and experiences.
However, as soon as one attempts to form a matrix of references, story of what happened, for a another, a listener to relate to, the essential impact is mostly likely to be missed, since the mind ‘goes’ into ‘time and story’.
– To my view, this is why Maharaj rarely spoke of any ‘personal past’. - It is the nature of our apparent ‘history’ and its stories which seemingly hide the clear and obvious, apparently obscuring direct cognition of what is true. – Beyond all such explanations about anything at all, cognition is shining. – Revealing that for a seeker is the great mystery and the apparent cause of so much misunderstanding. – Understanding is this living presence of conscious cognizance. – What presence is there without That?
Here below is how Nisargadatta responds to a question about his lineage:

(Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj is of the Navanath Sampradaya, the ancient lineage of the nine gurus. Maharaj did not place any stress on ‘time’ or his lineage, especially with his western devotees.

- However, he did speak about it once in awhile and one account appears in the book ‘I Am That’. - This book is what aroused my attention and it led me to the right place.)

Question: - I see here picture of several saints and I am told that they are your spiritual ancestors. Who are they and how did it all begin?

Maharaj: - We are called collectively the “Nine Masters”. - The legend says that our first teacher was the Rishi Dattatreya, the great incarnation of the trinity of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva. - Even the ‘Nine Masters” are mythological. (Ed: ‘Yesterday’ or ‘ten thousand years ago’ are equal – they are not the livingness that is with you NOW – the ‘lineage’ in essence is this living presence, now.)

Question: - What is the peculiarity of their teaching?

Maharaj: - It is simplicity, both in theory and in practice.

Question: - How does one become a Navanath? By initiation or by succession?

Maharaj: - Neither. the Nine Masters’ tradition (Navanath Parampara) is like a river—it flows into the ocean of reality and whoever enters it is carried along.

Question: - Does it imply acceptance by a living master belonging to the same tradition?

Maharaj: - Those who practice the sadhana of focusing their minds on “I am” may feel related to others who have followed the same sadhana and succeeded. they may decided to verbalize their sense of kinship by calling themselves Navanaths, it gives them the pleasure of belonging to an established lineage.

Question: - Do they in anyway benefit by joining?

Maharaj: - The circle of satsang, the company of saints expands as time passes.

Question: - Do they get hold thereby of a source of power and grace from which they would have been barred otherwise?

Maharaj: - Power and Grace are for all and for the asking. - Giving oneself a particular name does not help. - Call yourself by any name—as long as you are intensely mindful of yourself, the accumulated obstacles to self-knowledge are bound to be swept away.

Question: - If I like your teaching and accept your guidance, can I call myself a Navanath?

Maharaj: - Please your word-addicted mind ! - The name will not change you. - At least it may remind you to behave. - There is a succession of gurus and their disciples, who in turn train more disciples and thus the line is maintained. - But the continuity of tradition is informal and voluntary. - It is like a family name, but here the family is spiritual.

Questioner: -Do you have to realize to join the Sampradaya?

Maharaj: -The Navanath Sampradaya is only a tradition, a way of teaching a (simple) practice. It does not denote a level of consciousness. - If you accept a Navanath Sampradaya teacher as your guru, you join his Sampradaya. - Usually you receive a token of his grace—a look, a touch or a word, sometimes a vivid dream or a strong remembrance. - Sometimes the only sign of grace is a significant and rapid change in character and behavior.

Questioner: -I know you now, for some years and I meet with you regularly. - The thought of you is never far from my mind. - Does it make me belong to your Sampradaya?

Maharaj: -Your belonging is a matter of your own feeling and conviction. - After all, it is all verbal and formal. In reality there is neither guru nor disciple, neither theory nor practice, neither ignorance nor realization, - it all depends on what you take yourself to be. - Know your self correctly, - There is no substitute to self-knowledge.


In a new CD set Burt Jurgens presents a very clear expose of the basics and subtleties on Non Duality. - There is also a CD compilation called "Non-Dual Expressions Volume 1", which has music tracks included.
Anyone within traveling distance to Portland OR should go and attend his next meeting.
Check his website for details: Beyond Description dot net.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Words - 'who' is challenged by words?

Oh, what a serious bunch these 'spiritual people' are.
Such Advanced Souls on the Evolution Scale!
- But how tender their fragile egos are.
Words. - Word is sound. - Just words can bring whole ‘private worlds’ crumbling down. - Look at the Tabloids and the gossip columns in the local rag.
A cess pit of 'anything goes'. - Reputations dashed in minutes. - All words.
Then there is the other desperate side. - Was it May West that said: "It doesn't matter what they say about you darling, so long as they ARE talking about you."
All Stories....rarely are any of them true, if ever.
Here is a story: The Walls of Jericho come crumbling down, all because of sound.
Those trumpets aimed and played in a certain key, apparently made that stone wall tumble. - It is an old story but in some it still ‘rings’ as being true.
Our beliefs can come tumbling down too.
- When we first hear of this natural freedom, beyond 'the bondage of self', some cracks appear in the fortress walls of age old erroneous beliefs.
It is not words that bring the wall down, it’s what I term as ‘seeing – knowing’.
It is just a way of putting it. - The mirage is seen through.
Something that does not exist does not need to be destroyed - just seen for what it is.
- A mere belief has no power over clear and present evidence.

The mind must investigate the mind. - As Bob points out, it is the only tool we have (the mind).
‘Who’ is it that is investigating?
Pure awareness is not investigating; it has no interest in such activities.
Pure awareness is free of all mind content and so is unbiased.
- It is just registering everything cleanly, without preferences or prejudice.

It is the mind that must investigate the mind. - This is where clear ‘pointers’ assist the mind. What we innately know, resonates with clear information that arrives from one who knows, one who is the knowing of what is expressed. - Not mere pretense.
- In the content of mind, for the apparent ‘entity’, the investigation may hold some promise of liberation for that entity but that is a falsehood. - One that must be revealed for any genuine sense of real freedom to be even sensed at all.
- With the clear pointers from one who knows, that game of being an entity is not long lived. - Pretty soon that 'entity' is revealed to be a fraud and one sees that one does not disappear or disintergrate, without it being 'front of stage'.
I witness so many baulk at that point in the proceedings. - It is as though they think: I shall cease to exist if I let go of this identification with being this ‘entity’.
Most gurus avoid this ‘point’ (for themselves and consequentially) for their followers.
Whenever I mention something like this, I get emails of complaint from readers that have felt a discomfort with whatever is being said. - Sure I sell less books because of it but those who avoid my books due to a few prickly words, will not get anything from the books anyway, so no harm done.
(Words! - Just words.)
The whole point, if we can say that there is a point to this Non Duality 'stuff', for a seeker, it is to reveal the ‘self centre’ as being insubstantial, which it IS.

Now, when someone is complaining about some words that I have expressed on this website, can it be anything more than a ‘me’, a self centre that is upset?
Yes!? - True enough. - Is it just one of 'them'? - Or is it you?
The self centre is just an image, a re-present-ation of 'self'. - It is NOT what you ARE.
Whatever is upset, can only be a self centre, no matter how sacred or how special it is dressed up to look like. - So the whole point 'of revealing' that 'remaining form' of identification, that slippery special-ness, that evolved self image, is a gift.
- It is a gift that is most unwelcome for some, because they just won’t see past their own fixations and special-ness.
You could point the same finger at me and say, “Ah! You’re no different”.
So, what, if I were the same? - What is it to you? - Who am I anyway?
If you do not know yourself, how can you know anyone else?
So, you may well have missed the point over and over again!
It is never about me. – It is all about YOU.
You are the 'apparent' centre of it all, at least it appears that you are, for you at least.
You are the apparent centre of ‘the whole shebang’.
You may believe that you have acquired so much knowledge and accrued so much merit and that it is just a matter of time before you burst out with light and love.
Are you aware of the pure function of knowing right now?
Without it you are nothing....but what do you know of it?
Or are you just wandering the Library of Self Knowledge in your Memory Banks looking for some clever response to this most annoying webpage?
Whatever is necessary to reveal that ‘form’, that ‘identification’, can only be useful.
There is no harm done to anyone. - Words are words.
The fact that some words disturb the fanciful notions of being a special spiritually advanced soul, is just proof of that usefulness. - Who else is going to prick that self hypnosis? - You won’t do it.
- A Loving Guru won’t do it, he is too blissed out to bother. – He will just smile and pat you on the head and tell you to go meditate.
Loving words from a guru may only work for a few.
The challenge of a true investigation cannot be side tracked into arguments and sorry ego issues. - A half hearted investigation gets side tracked very quickly, as you probably know all too well but are hesitant to admit.
You can’t 'mess about' with this investigation and hold onto the old ideas of yourself.
- They will all be destroyed.
- This is not some kindergarten diksha, darshan, kundalini playtime game.
When the walls start coming down, you better be alert. - If you mess with this information, the 'me' will be challenged and there will be nowhere to hide.
(If you are really serious about this stuff, read the previous note about Bob Adamson and forget this note)

Words. - All words. - You are present and aware. - What do these words, or any words, add to, or take away, from this presence awareness that you are?
And that is my point. - Everyone loves the loving words of a loving guru but the prickly ones never got published.
When that special guru walks onto the podium, ‘its all roses, roses’.
- You don’t see the tantrum and the shit fight that went on a few minutes before back stage. - All the dirty washing is hidden from view.
(We have witnessed some of that dirty washing recently. - How a certain guru still remains tight lipped on the whole affair is rather interesting, don't you think?)

The Whole manifestation manifests in the pairs of opposites. – You imagine that that special guru is in a permanent state of ‘goodness’?
– Give me a break. - Theatrics and putting on a show is just entertainment.
Sadly that is what most seekers want - a good show and so that is all they get.
– When that 'special one' actually sits in a normal everyday chair down amongst his followers on the same level, then we shall see what it what.
– But he won’t give up his ‘raised platform’ so easily.
Beyond all such nonsense - The truth is that ALL of this manifestation is equal in its own nature of being of the One Essence.
- Who is really teaching whom?

One without a second.
– Where is the guru and where is the disciple in THAT?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Boat - One Ocean

Those who carry an agenda or some personalized ‘need’ will not find much in my words except objections to this and that.
- Only those that are willing to drop their stories and their biased neediness will be able to ‘hear’ or ‘resonate’ with the expressions that appear in “Everything is Clear and Obvious” or “The First Instant”.
- These books will never be popular and I doubt that they will ever appear in your local bookshop.
- Every now and then I receive an email from someone that has been ‘stilled’ by one of these books. – For me, there is a genuine and spontaneous warmth that comes with the receipt of each expression of gratitude.
– I don’t keep track of them but there have been a lot more than I would have anticipated and the same applies to responses to my recent CD.
– I am about to re-release the first CD after repeated requests for it.
– I have re-mastered the audio and cleaned up the contents slightly.
- All of my CD’s are designed for Headphone listening. - I plan to release one more book and one more spoken CD. - At present I am working on some music and may release a 3D Audio compilation of songs, music and 3D effects. - These will engage ones attention in such a way as to emphasis the 'spatial nature' of awareness itself.
– This, combined with various ‘pointers’ can carry an impact which the intellect knows nothing about.
– It, the intellect, is often ‘stilled’ and a view opens up, one that is beyond description. – The mystery of this moment reveals itself ever fresh.
– In the appearances of things, once a good taste has happened, it tends to ‘reappear’ as ‘the scales’ tip away from identified states of mind.
– The woman holding the scales of justice has a blindfold on. - Why?
- It is symbolic.
- That, to me, indicates that the truth or immediate evidence is what it is.
– Reality or truth is not loving, cruel or subject to discriminating mind (judgment).
- It is as it is!

The hypnosis of the daily drama must be broken.
– Speaking within the relativity, if you make some ‘space and time’ and allow a resonation to arise within yourself then a resounding response will come but you must be genuine, or as we say here in Australia, “Fair Dinkum”.
– After all, you are the centre of all that drama and every fragment of the drama is appearing in that space-like awareness that you are.
Let’s put our favorite gurus aside and get down to the basics.
- Let’s get Fair Dinkum.
Email resonance from reader of "Everything is Clear and Obvious" and Website notes:
"Dear friend,
Though it is known by no one that the Core Heart of Being is prior to and includes all transient phenomena, yet the reading of your words often produces the most pleasant radiant vibration in this organism. - So many wonderful mysteries."
- Shelly.
All of our problems are so unreal.
Through ignorance we 're-create' the dramas over and over.
We fight over things that don't even matter.
We set ourselves up and create a monster that needs to be fed.
We become slaves to our own projected dramas.
We seemingly enter into 'ever more' complications of needs and wants and then blame our neighbors for 'our own' ignorant neediness.
We attack and accuse, while our own behavior is suspect.
(Sound familiar? - Personal and Global?)
Is it real? - All this drama - Is it truly real?

Nothing divides this Wholeness into any realms of ‘time’ or ‘separation’.
That is only known by that 'pure space' which is the centre of yourself.
It has no boundaries and actually contains the whole manifestation.
Without any need of a concept or a translation in ‘mind processes’, it is clearly evident that everything is spontaneously present in this space like awareness.

It has always been this way.
IT IS ONE - ONE (long) moment of direct-cognition.
It has never been divided into anything ‘other’ than what it IS.
A simple way to describe it is – it is ‘What IS’.
The 'story' of a life continues to ‘play’ itself out in the 'appearance' - Some call that 'Lila'.
None of it is anything ‘other’ than this directness of immediate livingness.
Nothing can stand between what you are and what is real.
How could it?
YOU are the real but not how you think or believe.
Concepts appear in awareness.
There is no ‘between’.

It is all pure directness.

The mind processes can't catch up to the immediate 'spark' and yet they could not appear without it.
Even the word ‘directness’ is incomplete in expressing THIS profound-ness that we ARE.
In this directness, this razors edge, this moment, you cannot deny that you are present and aware.
Everything you see is 'awareness' appearing as 'this and that'.

Where is there a boundary or a separation? - What is separated by what?
Are you not aware of it all, including all apparent boundaries.
- Do they 'appear' anywhere else, than within the scope of (your) awareness?
There truly is no boundary anywhere, unless the mind seemingly 'creates one' and that can only be a transient appearance, an apparent boundary - like a mirage.
THIS endless infinite universe is the phenomenal aspect of your own being-ness.
The clear and empty nature of this unmediated knowing - is the pure potentiality of your non-being-ness.
These two aspects are actually One.
Right here, right now, there is just this IS-ness.
The intellect shouts "That is a trivial statement".
What does the intellect know of itself.
Is it not just a bunch of memories?
Is that what I am?
A bunch of memories? - A sentimental machine?
We need to get down to it - what am I?
Where is an answer to be found?
After the mind has done all its usual twisting and turnings, have a quiet look.
What you may see or find is actually inexpressible in words.
Isn't it this immediate, vast and everlasting expression of living-ness?

When have you truly been anything 'other' than THIS?
It is always IMMEDIATE!
It is always OBVIOUS!
Don't think on it too long or in the appearance and the identification with appearances in mind it appears to 'take you' into apparent 'otherness'.

Just be quiet, watch and SEE.

Monday, November 06, 2006

News plus a short extract from "Everything".

The quality periodical "Inner Directions", a well presented and well respected magazine on spiritual matters has an article on Bob Adamson.
There is also an article on Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, both in the latest publication.
Fortunately you can read the whole magazine as a PDF on their website.
The magazine has high standards and is 'heads and shoulders above' most spiritual magazines you can pick up in a store.

New Note:
Most seekers believe, quite sincerely that things should all be in the light of 'loving'.
Many teachers promote this view and seekers gravitate to it because of a deep lack of 'love of self' in themselves. - Others are drawn to cruel leaders.

Reality is not loving and it is not cruel either.
Reality just IS.

It can ‘appear’ as a loving-ness and it can ‘appear’ to be very cruel also.

In fact it 'appears' as every conceivable form and pattern in the manifestation.
Who can argue with that?

In the relativity of your ‘journey’ and in the seeking of oneness, you have seemingly passed through all manner of situations, dramas and joyous states, to arrive right here, right now.
Right here, right now. - Just as it is.
Isn’t it perfect?
Reality cuts through all time and space.
In fact space and time only appear within the bounds of reality and yet they are only appearances.
What we need to see is that everything, every thing, every speck of dust, every thought, every feeling, every state is appearing nowhere other than in this clear and empty space of knowing, that is nothing other than your true nature.
– It is sometimes called the natural state.
In its essence it changes not and all space/time patterns and change appears in that 'changeless', 'stateless' presence.
Every thing is transient.

Everything is clear and obvious.
What is ever present, if not yourself?
Even a projection of 'something other' as being 'the ever present' would rely on you being here to project it.
No need to set up a campsite in THIS – because the ground is not there and it is not 'in' time. - Time only appears in that presence. - What is 'time' without presence? - There is no 'time' without presence - and 'time with presence' is just a concept.
The ground of all things is – space like awareness.
There are NO entities herein.
Enlightenment is a concept of some, often obscure, quality of being, fixed into some possible 'future time' or it is some quality that your teacher pretends to have 'acquired' and he tantalizes you and all the others with its promise.
- The mind is a bad master.
And there is NO enlightenment other than this clear and empty nature, right now, this space like awareness - in which every thing is appearing as the clear and obvious.
The Buddha pointed all this out but very few have ever heard what he pointed out.
The whole of Buddhism is a 'spilling out and over' from those simple truths that the Buddha expressed.
- How many Buddhists are attached to Buddhism? - All of them!
If one realizes what the Buddha so profoundly points to, surely there is freedom from all labels, including 'Buddhism'.

In our habitual ways 'we' attach our 'identity' to every 'thing' or 'event' that comes along, and so we miss the essential underlying clarity of our own natural and effortless presence.

No step need be taken and no practice is needed in this “right here, right now”.
Isn’t this always so?
All sense of 'coming and going' is nothing but a mirage in identified mind.
Presence in this moment is natural and free of all attachments.
Don't try and find the truth of this or that in a concept.
- Reality is prior to thought or concepts.
- Can you truly detect any 'arrival' taking place, in and of 'This Moment'?
Can you detect any departure of 'This Moment' right now?
Stick with it. - Watch - investigate.

Presence is not a concept.
Watch the passing parade.

Can you truly say that you have ever left this moment?
Has (your) presence ever gone anywhere? - anywhere 'apart' from this space like awareness of 'right here, right now'?

I can tell you with total confidence that it is impossible that you could ever have 'arrived' or 'departed' from this moment. - Impossible!
(But see how the mind attempts to reject these statments because they don't compute.)
It is clear and obvious.
What is more, there is a 'knowing' there (with you) that you know this also.

In the habitual mind stuff, there may be a belief that 'this knowing' is covered over.
Whatever seemingly covers it can never penetrate that ‘knowing’ which is prior to all.
- What I am getting at is subtle and it can appear to be nonsense for the intellect. - Those with more than a 'speck of direct experiencing' happening may see what I am hinting at.
- Language is a wonderful thing and in the telling of stories and 'whoppers' it is exceptional - but in the attempt of expressing what is true, it often teeters on the edge of absurdity.

Below is a short extract from “Everything is Clear and Obvious”:

If you do not consciously include this (your) body along with the content of mind (thoughts, feelings, states) within this 'space of knowing', this natural presence, and so the apparent substantiality of an ‘entity’ (me) is not transcended.

For the so-called 'seeker of truth', in the story of its search, this minor step or movement of attention can be a major turning point (a finding).

Without a thought and without relying on any mind processing or naming, something quite extraordinary, 'something' inexplicable opens up.

We can call it a shift in perspective.

However this open perspective has always been here.

Drop all ideas about time, past, present and future and sit with this immediacy.

Without a thought or concept it is all clear, an open, spontaneous living-ness.

It is the obvious pure clarity in being.

It is too subtle for the word based mind, because in its entire wondrous boundless expanse, it is utterly non-conceptual.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Reality is neither Loving nor Cruel.

Since it seems that I can not communicate with seekers, including self professed ‘transcend-ers of seeking’, without ruffling up their fancy egoic plumage and so soliciting an inevitable onslaught of abusive and defensive rhetoric from them, I will cease forthwith to be a ‘bee in their bonnet’.
Treading on peoples corns is a haphazard business.
- These loving creatures appear to turn into vicious fragile toady critters at the drop of a hat.
- Pandering to 'peoples' precious belief system is of no interest to me whatsoever.
As it is, my offerings, the two books and two CD’s appear to work quite efficiently to deliver the message without a direct attack of the ego of a seeker.
- That is by no accident.
- In a clear expression that does not divert from the present moment, there is no need to enter into the convoluted realms of the fragile ego.
– It reveals itself for those that are willing to explore things thoroughly.
- That exploration cannot be forced onto anyone – it must arise freely all by itself. – Any contrived formulation in this investigation will only trap the mind in its usual divergent habits.
I intend to release one more book in due coarse and it is my feeling at present that that will be my lot, apart from a possible new CD at some point.
There is an ability here to point very directly to the essential facts.
- (There is also an uncanny ability to disturb any egoic fixations in so-called others.)
Reality itself is not loving or cruel.
- It is as it is and it cuts asunder all mind fixations.
The ones that are willing to take delivery of that are very few.
- That appears to have always been the case.
- The internet has brought about a venue for touching many more seekers and those few appear to be a little larger in number than ever before.
The bottom line is that only a few are truly willing to make the direct inquiry.
Once it is started, nothing can prevent its fruition as long as the ‘pointing’ is clear and direct.
It is all so very simple but the spiritual realm is so full of beliefs and fancy merit points, it is passed over repeatedly by most.
Those who have a resonation in being nudging them constantly will always find their way to one who is direct.
- It is a reciprocal vibration in being.
The transcendence of ‘mind stuff’ is ever available but the seeker is itself a concept and until that ‘ground’ is revealed to be erroneous, nothing new in the seekers situation can eventuate.
It is very apparent that the ‘modern’ spiritual realm available to seekers is nothing more than a fraudulent ‘set up’.
- It is all ‘time bound’ nonsense.
Being free of it, there is no concern here about that ‘situation’.
All mirages are seen through (eventually).
The whole manifestation flows as it does (appears to).
- It is real but not as it appears.
The Essence of it all is One.
If you consider yourself to be a seeker, then you must repeatedly return to that unchanging natural presence.
That repetition will naturally fade away all by itself into its own empty nature.

As Siddharameshwar says:
“If you hold onto your pride or ego, you will drown.”