Saturday, February 18, 2006

Seeing is happening - knowing is happening.

'Seeing-Knowing' are spontaneously happening.
- In that there is direct knowing of all you need to know. - It is the elimination of beliefs which uncovers the innate knowing presence, which is your authentic being-ness.
When a fog clears away, that which was always here is seen clearly.
- Nothing has happened except the fog has cleared.
This is effortlessly achieved by resting in the true nature of mind, which is clear and empty. Usually such direct instructions are rejected too quickly, as being unachievable by the aspirant.
This is simply due to habitual attachments to a mindset, which has little faith in what is authentic.
Your authentic nature is in direct communion with what is real. - It is 'the real'.
All the rest is simply reference points arising within the realm of direct cognition.
The reference point called 'me' is simply a phantom character within this realm of reference points.
It cannot see, know or be anything with any independent nature or separateness.
It can never attain anything at all.
It's apparent life is a dream and nothing more than that.
All such activity registers in the immediacy of direct cognition and never compounds into anything beyond THIS immediacy. - There is nothing outside of THIS moment!
Wakefulness IS. - No one ever awakens as a 'who-ness'.
- Teacher who go on about a future time when you will awaken are telling a 'whopper'.
In the context of this immediate and direct experiencing of now, who is free and who is bound? It is all mind processes and that is TIME.
This immediacy has never been anywhere other than right here.
It is not horizontal or vertical. - No up or down. - No higher or lower.
All such concepts are just concepts, held by a self-centre in an apparent reality which has NO autenticity whatsoever.
A concept can never SEE. - Seeing is happening and the 'seer' is a phantom, a reflection in the mind.
- 'Who' really wants to unveil that?
The 'imposter' does not even have the power to reveal its own phantasy.
Pure seeing strips it bare.
- 'Who' is hiding in the shadows?
What is authentic remains authentic and uncorruptable and what is unreal simply remains as unreal.
'Who' is it that has a problem with that or anything else?
So you see, it is pointless in trying to make any 'other' see anything.
Those seemingly caught in fundamental views are (only appearing to) trying endlessly to convert 'others' to see what they see. - Yet what they apparently 'see' and believe in is only their own mind content.
- Common mind is hypnosis!!! (Ha! Who would agree with that?)
- It is 'Club Mentality' and totally vulnerable.
- It is slavery to concepts and erroneous beliefs.
- The irony is that there is no one bound into a self-centre.
- Dream characters will never be anything except dream characters.

If you feel that you are lost in a dream, look back into the space of seeing and see that the dreaming is happening within. - It will quickly vanish. - In this way you will discover the open space of intelligence that you are and know that you are free of it.
If you believe yourself to be a 'spiritual person' then it will remain closed to that fixation.
- However, in dropping such concepts, it spontaneously opens up for as long as there is no grasping at reference points. - In grasping at some 'past notion', then freedom appears to recede.
- That movement of open receptivity will break the hypnotic dream (if only briefly) and the authentic will reveal itself as this ever present presence awareness.
Seeing is happening - knowing is happening.
Teachers who rant and rave and say that there is something called 'not seeing' are deluded and nothing more than dream characters.
Seekers are dreamers. - Seekers are not finders. - Popular teachers are dream weavers.
No matter how you appear to reconstruct your view of reality, it remains as a personalized view and you must see that the 'person' is a dream character.

Dreaming that you are traveling towards awakening is the 'big con' job.

Wakefulness IS. - It is unattainable simply because is already IS.
Realizing that, you need never pick up another book on the subject.
You need not read another line about it anywhere.
Look at all the troubles over religion. - Where has the essential message disappeared to?
Misunderstandings parading as superior understanding.
Bloody minded fundamentalist with guns and bombs.

Wakefulness can never be bound by words.

The four noble paths lead away from THIS immediate moment, into the realms of mind.
Whatever way it appears to unfold in this precious 'time' of the mind, the bottom line is:

No harm done.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Are you Free?

Todays Note:

What is freedom?
Freedom is not found through concepts. Freedom IS.
Stop believing that the intellect will ‘bring’ you to an understanding of freedom or ‘Non Duality’.
The most elusive factor is the most obvious.
Everything appears in this ONE - Just as everything appears in (your) awareness.
Same principle! - Same same.
It is all too obvious.
All the mind can do with it, is to conceptualize more and more realms of analysis and conceptual projections.
Isn't there awareness of it ALL no matter what it appears as.
Same principle! - Too damn obvious.

All the worldly evidence (conceptual knowledge) contradicts the ‘direct knowing’ which is always present. - It is given no credence since its nature is emptiness.
It needs none!
In the ordinary 'sense of things', you have most likely taken on board all kinds of knowledge and it is ALL ‘second hand’ and 'of the past'.
Why does the Professor forget where he left his glasses? - Because he has 'set up camp' in the intellect - and is not 'consciously' connected to his presence and the immediate receipt of impressions appears to by-pass him. - 'He' as a psychological 'thing', ignores the present evidence in preference for 'like minded stuff', a mindscape of theories and explanations of things that are not even 'here'.
- Precious Knowledge - of erroneous factors and hypothesis.
- Does it ring a bell? - Eccentric characters - off centre.
- The 'One pointedness' of meditation techniques is similar. - Myopic.
All this knowledge has come from ‘out there’, while what is closest is ignored.
In a certain way, every molecule of this universe is pointing back at what you are.
The very impressions received are the nourishment of knowing everything you need to know.
We ignore it and go with our personal drama and dreams.
When the attention ceases to flow ‘out’ like a bleeding and dying beast nor into imaginary mindscapes, - When the attention is retained in a delicate balance of presence to what is, then the boundary between inside and outside vanishes.
- It is expressed as “I am That”.
‘I am That’ is a destroyer of ignorance and imaginary boundaries.
‘I am Free’ is equally devastating to the limited beliefs of any seeker.
The natural courage to utter those words is there as the untapped potentiality that you ARE.
Who needs a Guru?
‘Claim’ what is naturally your own and then discard the ‘claimer’ and be the freedom that you ARE.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Higher states of consciousness?

An email:

Hi Gilbert - 'ONE MOMENT'
is very very good. (the new CD)
2 days ago I had a little preview and knew it was something special for me so I had to wait till I had a quiet hour. - I have just finished listening.
-Generous use of bird calls.
- I can't remember anything you said, which is perfect.
- Just a lingering peace and emptiness.
- It's different to any other approach and very powerful - this form of passing on is happening beautifully as it should.
- Thunder and lightening was mingling (here) with the bird calls (on CD) and now the storm is about to hit - the cool wind is relieving.
- Thank you for your work.
- Keep at it so we can all know we're free now! All the best and thank you!!
- This CD should be available on more widely. - regards from Peter.

Reply: Thank you Peter.
The CD is really only for a few who resonate with this 'approach'.
Like 'awakened mind' or simple presence, it is direct and immediate.
- Why wait for deliverence into Freedom?
- "What's wrong with....RIGHT NOW?"
- Freedom is already present. - Be THAT!
- Be Free now. - When the next concept is picked up, look at it and realize that "I am not that concept". - "I am free of it." - Then its over.

Note for today:
No one really wants to know! - Belief is more tasty.
- The seeker cannot know anything!
- It is only 'a belief' itself!

-The fact is that knowing IS - and it is not limited by any 'thing', especially not by any 'seeker'.

Higher is deeper, or so the esoteric teacher suggests.

Higher states of consciousness are prized like jewels in the crown of attainment.

However your own immediate truth of clear presence is like a sword that cuts through all illusions.

All spiritual beliefs and ‘stories’ are just mind stuff and have NO real basis at all except in the realm of concepts etc.

'What is clear and obvious is not noticed'.

That sentence may appear mystical for some. - Thoughts spring up about what is clear and obvious - however, what is clear and obvious is, at all times, free of thoughts.

All these stories of the highly prized higher states are all just experiences, which all come and go. - They do not alter what is clear and obvious.

They are remembered and or anticipated. -A whole realm of methods and practices is indulged in for what? - Another transitory experience mixed with the hope that it will ‘become’ permanent.

The simple and direct experience in THIS moment is overlooked by a busy spiritual fixation with ‘other times’ and ‘other past experiences’.

In this open space of knowing, this immediacy is clear and obvious. - It is not a thought. -Thoughts may arise in it. -The view is not actually limited by any thought.

The spiritual seeker is a thought and its imaginary ability to see is limited to imagination.
- I am not that.

It is far too simple to be expressible in words. - You may feel a hint of what I am getting at but it is so obvious it just eludes words at all times.

There is no ‘Higher’ or 'Deeper' except as reference points in imagination.

Presence awareness is not a concept.

All of the spiritual aspirant’s realms are an investment in a ‘future time’ which can never ‘arrive’.

All there is, is this present which does not budge from its immediacy.

Simply be the space of immediate knowing and see what is clear and obvious.

Waste no time in attaching yourself to any conceptual conclusions about what is known.

Stay put and see that nothing actually compounds into anything ‘other’ than this immediacy. - 'Open' yourself as this thoughtless reality.

This is freedom. Freedom that IS. It cannot be gained or lost. It is simply realised.

Spirituality is bondage and any teacher who does not reveal that fact to you, is a ‘warden of the prison’. -Make no mistake about that.

There are very few ‘teachers’ that point relentlessly to this direct and immediate freedom.

They have no ‘airs’ about them at all.
-They shun all admiration and will not abide with any ‘doe ting hangers on’.

Look at these popular teachers and their 'caravan' in tow. - Flowing garb and precious, calculated behaviour. - Are you really sucked in by that pompous paraphenalia?
Isn't it obvious that it is the ego that love all that spiritual 'showing off'?
Wake up! - It is not all about them and their ego!
- It is about YOU. Find out about this 'you' and be free of it all.

The popular teachers are not what they pretend to be - except in their own imagination and in those who have been hypnotised by them.

Freedom is freedom. - It is NOT about following anyone. - That is the behaviour of Sheep!

Believing in another’s imaginary world and supporting it is tantamount to keeping yourself and them bound up in illusion. - That includes these teachers. - Challenge them!!!! - Break out of this dream of higher beings and special people.
-All these concepts of ‘unconditional love’ and ‘grace’ are just the conceptual weapons of a salesman with an agenda. -Some very popular non dual teachers are actually salesmen and women. -The ‘clarity’ they sprout about endlessly is a cloudy self-indulgence and it all belongs to a campaign.

Where are those who have truly been freed by these salesmen? - I see only more salesmen. - Clones of a conceptual campaign with all its subtle egoistic pitch.

It is all futuristic banter. - What New Earth? - Diamond in your pocket?

New sale pitch more like it! -You must see that what is clear and obvious can never be ‘sold’ to you because it ALREADY IS. Your blindness to it is just a bunch of thoughts and beliefs.

Who wants to explore those?

Most want to ‘play in it’ and ‘hone’ their higher concepts.

Ironically it can only be a new pupil, who happens along, that actually frees these egoistic teachers from their bondage. - The resistance to any receptivity in these teachers for such a happening is very unlikely.

I am well aware that these words will be unpopular. - However, I cannot reconcile myself to mislead anyone regarding this subject of Non Duality.

Maybe one or two will recognise something and it is really only meant for them.

Warm regards – gilbert.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You ain't going nowhere!

New Audio file from Mark West is excellent. - It is in two parts named as #5 and #6 - due to its length.
It is most revealing and will be of great interest to anyone with a Buddhist background.
The latest Audio file, if not working, will appear within hours (if you find a notice saying 'fault' or whatever) so try again later.

An email:

“Gilbert, how do you explain how existence or the appearance, appears so real and solid, if in fact, it is nothing?
And How do you explain that Nothing is happening or Nothing ever happened or Nothing will ever happen?”-

“Even an explanation comes from nothing, appears and disappears.
The 'I' is that 'nothing'.
It can only be Known by you as the Knowing activity and yet the 'you' knows nothing.
There is one 'I' and no 'other'.
It is in-explicable and unknowable in any objective sense.
It alone is real. It has no boundary and it imparts all the qualities to what you see as being real or otherwise.
Look and see for yourself.
Don't look to me or anyone else for any answers”.
- warm regards - gilbert.

“Got it!”

Today's controversial Note:

You ain’t going nowhere.
All your luggage is empty and useless.

You are the Centre of your World.
Everything and everyone else is appearing IN that world.
So, all is an appearance in your-self.
I know this as ‘I AM’. - (You know this as 'I AM'.)
Because this is known ‘here’ completely, so also I know this is true for ‘you’ also.
The apparent differences between what I call ‘I’ and what I call ‘you’ are only in appearance. One source.
The source of duality is Non Duality.
The source of misunderstanding is understanding (knowing).
The source of all sound is silence.
The source of all movement is stillness.
The source of all Chaos is Order.
The source of all content is Emptiness.
The ‘I’ is the same ‘I’ there and here.
It is not that ‘we’ are ‘one’. It is because the ‘one’ appears are two.
Without ‘one’ being the source of ‘the all’ then nothing would ‘be’.
However this ‘being’ is only the ‘AM-ness’ which appears from the ‘I’.
The ‘I’ is unknowable and its nature is cognizing emptiness.

Paradoxically no one wants to know this.
Yet it is what each and everyone IS.
Hidden from the seeker is the very thing that they search for.
It is hidden by the activity of seeking and identification of objectifications.
What is it?
Simple everyday knowing.
With nothing added as mind content, it reveals itself as the singular constant, which
one knows as oneself
.....................................and nothing more.

That is love.

Points of interest, for a few:

Three of my close friends are leaders in their respective fields of dedicated interest.

John Smith is a Rolfer who has written an excellent book on ‘Structural Bodywork’, published by Elsevier, Churchill, Livingstone. His book is making waves 'out there'.
David Lake is an ‘excellent chap’ with a big heart and is co-author with Steve Wells, of Pocket Guide to Emotional Freedom, an EFT method. David Hall is a Feldenkrais practitioner who has a new CD set for exploring ‘awareness through movement’ in his own expansive style. David's new website is under construction.

Here are two of the websites:

John Smith

David Lake

David Hall's email:

Sunday, February 05, 2006

This immediate Moment

The repetitive difficulty for the so-called intellectual is that any expression presented to it, which is clear and demonstrates a clear understanding is very often abrasive and challenging to its multiplex belief structures. - It grinds and grates against ‘all sides’.
It is often felt as an uncomfortable experience and is discarded after naming it as ridiculous or delusional.
The Solipsistic view is not welcome for the intellectual, due to their ‘centre of gravity’ being immersed in belief patterns of habituation.
Simple expressions of a simple and undeniable truth, like: Seeing is spontaneously happening without any instigation from any ‘you’. - Such expressions are discarded as being useless.
The fact that such expressions are a key to revealing a whole matrix of belief is forgone.
So how to proceed? - Put aside any resistance and simply rest in an open view.
With no references to, or even a notion of, a past and with no references to a future with its inevitable expectations and anticipations, let the mind rest on nothing at all.
In this way the nature of everything reveals itself without projected meaning getting in the way.
When it is heard that all is clear and obvious, the intellect fights with it. - Annoyance brings more resistance and that is the very thing that can reveal ‘something’.
In finding the source of this annoyance or resistance, one sees ‘something’.
All is in the direct and immediate experiencing.
As long as you place yourself IN the drama, then it is useless.
The open view is from ‘outside’ of the drama. - The dramatist is seen and so it is known immediately that ‘I am not that dramatist’. - The value in that knowledge is only in the immediacy of knowing.
Nothing of this or anything actually compounds into anything even if one is tempted to call it self-knowledge. - There is only immediate knowing. - No ‘library’ of self knowledge exists anywhere. - However, that is far too confronting to the intellect.
As Bob says: “The word is not the real”.
Yesterday’s realization is useless in the face of this immediate moment. - One must see through the ‘obscuration’ in THIS immediacy. - Trying to see with ‘yesterday’s eyes’ is a delusional exercise.
A great deal may arise which looks like self-knowledge but the immediate experiencing is not forgone for any description at all.
In essence it is only this immediate experiencing and nothing but that.
Understanding remains silent.
Now, having expressed that, there is clear evidence that very few will have the capacity to rest in such openness.
In saying that, I am not suggesting that I have something which others don’t.
The intellect quickly assumes much according to its habitual ways of interpreting information and impressions.
What is true is true. - What is false is false. - No new evidence will change the false into the true.
In the same way, no new evidence can change the simplicity of what is true.
All limitations are in the belief system of the intellect or spiritual aspirant.
The unlimited view is ever available. - What is clear and obvious is clear and obvious.
The fact that one appears to arrive at seeing the clear and obvious does not reconstruct reality. Reality IS and it is not a construction of mind, although that is debateable in the realms of intellectuals and scholars.
The basic paradox for many is due to the fact that ‘the form’ is actually ignorant.
The formless essence of knowing is the only knowing there is. All other knowing rests on that formless knowing.
The living essence, which imparts life to any form, is not separate from pure knowing.
The form conceptually aligns itself with the living knowing presence but it can never be it as a separate or independent ‘thing’. - Even so, it is nothing but it. - However it is just an expression of it and has no existence outside of this immediate moment of direct experiencing.

All mind projections can only arise from this immediacy.
This point is so obvious and yet it is overlooked by everyone.
As Bob Adamson says: “What you are seeking you already are”.

So where can you GO from that (if it is realized) ?
Back into the mind's realms of obscured seeking?

Anyone who has realized this simple fact does not advise anyone to practice anything or take up any spiritual method. - Why would they? - All teachers of practices and methods are in a dream and are subtly playing ego games. - It is so very obvious.
- However 'seekers' in the main, love it all and appear to prefer that to real freedom. - How strange!