Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spiritual pursuit - a tiring business.

I have it on good authority that John Wheeler's new book "You were never born" is very good. - Burt Jurgens's new book called "Full on Being" is excellent, I have just been perusing its contents. - Bob's latest 2 CD's are 'tops'. - The contents of these various items are constantly assisting the mind to 'come back' to presence awareness, in a most practical manner - at least for those that are willing to really look into things thoroughly and are not just wishing to embellish their spiritual self-image. - Each author obviously KNOWS the taste of being free in a most intimate way. - And they share that through their 'pointers' and expressions.- Check out their respective websites for more details. - Bob of course had an influence on the other two mentioned as well as myself, as you may well be aware.

Email: Hi Gilbert,
I've been reading your web posts and emails. - A few little flashes, but no enduring results. Written "pointers" are useless for me - I've read too much and thought too much.
Bob doesn't 'do it for me' because I can easily think of counter arguments to his comments and questions.
I need to meet someone sharp. - You wrote that you are relocating to Melbourne. - Are you willing to meet with me? - Martin.

Gilbert replies:
We can meet – but I think you have been missing the point and that Bob is far too sharp for you – how sharp do you want ‘another’ to be? - YOU must put yourself on the razors edge yourself. – The razor is THIS immediacy of living presence – seeing – knowing – what is. – You may be too fond of concepts and the 'result' you want will NEVER come - it is a pre-conception full of erroneous beliefs, all second hand nonsense - meanwhile you may well be ignoring the obvious presence of clear knowing with you right now - that is what you truly ARE.
You may also think that you have a good grasp of the concepts about Non Duality.
You may have some favorite spiritual heroes, like Ramana etc.
Ramana, the man, was not the great teacher as he is made out to be - he would be the first to confirm that.
The essence that you are and the essence that 'appeared' in the form of Ramana is the same essence - One without a second.
Those old second hand 'sacred concepts' about 'sacred individuals' are merely recurring reference points in the mind, collected together to form a stale attitude and that is all hovering around a self image, like flies around rotting meat.
- Rubbing shoulders with these modern gurus who 'play the game of being special' and hanging around 'spiritual people' is a sure way to dull the mind or pull a blind down over your own light of knowing.
There may be a strong habit, an 'old river' that flows automatically in your habitual states - it is a kind of confusion of identity - is any of it what you truly are?
Any confusion of mind is merely conflicting reference points.
You are truly not any of them. - Negation (neti neti) is the way to proceed.
Bob is so clear in the way he expresses - you must be present, consciously, to catch the mind as it throws up its defenses and responses. - Who is the 'agent' of that 'stuff' and what is he trying to protect.

The resistance to whatever Bob is pointing out is in the mind stuff and it is nothing other than 'yesterday' stale stuff - held onto by the ME.
The razor's edge is nothing but conscious presence.
The 'me' is blunt, dull and slow - seemingly quick because it is believed in. - In paying attention you will find a new 'space' which expands (appears to expand - allowing more to be seen clearly) and you will see what the mind is doing from habit. - It may be extremely challenging to the habituated mind but unless it is seen clearly, it will keep the mind bound to those old and stale ideas about 'what you are - what you call 'your self'.

The mind is its content - thoughts, images and concepts etc.

One must go beyond it - see the content for what it is - No one can force you to do that - the impulse must arise from within, a genuine investigation, no matter what the cost.
See that they are not YOUR thoughts - they simply appear and disappear.
In 'doing' this investigation, one finds that one is actually beyond it already and that profundity is found to be inexplicable - but it is Knowing and Knowing is really all there is.
Investigate the mind, find this 'me' if you can. - Don't give up - keep looking.
I can tell you what you will find but that would be empty words - you must discover it yourself.
Once it is done, you may laugh like you have never laughed before.
I see the evidence of many who think that they have done the investigation - yet their own words betray them and their false proclaimations are empty and foolish.
Some well known popular gurus fall into this catagory. - No harm done - they fool only their own type, ignorant 'ego bound' devotees, the ones who do not even suspect that their silly practices are totally useless and just a trap of the mind. - THIS moment, prior to thought, is empty of all content, no entity, no time, no practice - 'who' is going to improve on THIS? - and with what?

That pattern of belief, the one that 'appears' to fool itself into believing that it has done the investigation belongs to the habitual mind - it is only thought. - SEE that clearly.
You have presence, you ARE presence and that alone will cut through any belief whatsoever.
Have no truck with the 'devotee self image' the foolish and ignorant mind - SEE and Know that you ARE this presence of Seeing - discover directly that there is NO see-er.
There is just this knowing, THIS seeing - ever fresh and totally unencumbered by any concept, idea or whatever the thinking is throwing up - you are THAT presence that is seeing - in which ‘all of it’ appears.

The ego has no access to the immediate function of seeing or knowing - it, the ego is merely a concept and is a false agent, one that 'seemingly' causes so much havoc unnecessarily - merely because of belief in it.
This is totally confronting to the idea of who I habitually believe I am. - It must be seen through one way or another......and it is being seen through right now - just recognise that fact and avoid constructing any new beliefs about that. - The profound resonation of clear being is not limited to concepts, words or ideas. - It is the original presence - the only presence - how have you ignored it? - The mind believes in nonsense and it is unquestioned - that is why.

As long as there is an ego perusing a 'prize' then what you long for, what you seek will forever recede for the mind - and that appears to the mind as 'something' which is always out of reach.
It is the concept that creates the apparent distance. - Surrender and devotion is one 'way' but it is a 'long path' - for those with a pure heart - Knowing, Jnana, is THIS Immediate Knowing. - You are THAT.
Who will you bow down to? - Some guru who teases his devotees with a 'promise' of holy deliverance in the future? - Give it a break my friend - Listen to what Bob is saying in his meetings - do yourself a favor - drop that old crap about someone 'doing it for you'.
Have it out with him - he will not flinch - get to the bottom of it all.
You may not benefit from these words but someone may - it is not all about YOU anyway - or is it?

This knowing presence IS your own heart essence - already present as presence awareness itself.

Those words will seem empty until a genuine resonation happens throughout your whole being.

False humility and sacredness is really bullshit - easy to criticize in 'others' and not so easy to detect in oneself.

You expect 'someone' to 'do it for you' - that is an erroroneous belief - give it up - be the immediacy of being that you ARE and just see.
Stay with that wordless I am - that is enough.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Effortless seeing, hearing, knowing.

The modern spiritual scene in the West is plagued by opportunists, charismatic teachers full of conceptual nonsense about 'the evolution of consciousness' and 'the perfection of the self' and every Tom, Dick & Harriet consider themselves 'an advanced soul'.
It is all humbug, total fabricated nonsense and self delusion.
– 'The Secret' is a pretty good indicator of how gullible seekers are and of how 'clever people' can manipulate ideas into a sale-able item. - Commercialism will never represent the truth, it will always distort things for its own purposes.
Like a honey trap, the viewer is tempted into a 'tunnel vision', lined with barbs and hooks to keep you trapped in the ideas - and 'self blame' is used like a weapon upon the unwary.
It is only a realm of belief in a formula, designed to feed the greedy soul, the hungry ignorant one that refuses to face reality, the fanciful self-image that is so used to fanciful notions.
In that presentation 'the source of the secret' is only hinted at – because it is their trump card and they know that it is only a crutch. – It is their own beliefs that they are peddling and at the root of the imputus they want a 'payout', 'more and more' – greed and manipulation are the ingredients most obvious.
Speaking of such, take a look at any of the popular gurus – they are infested with conceit and their own special-ness – and so their followers learn the same patterns of behavior. – It is the conceited self-image that clouds the clear view. (to be fair, I should add that there are one or two who don't fall into that old concieted guru trap - but they are few in number)
I am sure these gurus say many wonderful things and know exactly how to appeal to the 'hungry seeker'. - They may smell like a freshly baked cake – but take a real bite of it and what you find is that it is a hollow façade, a cream puff with no nutrition at all.

The integrity of a genuine 'messenger' can never be tempted to lead anyone into any belief structure whatsoever. – He (or she) avoids being the centre of attention, where possible. - He says “take a look – see for yourself” – "Test what I am saying and know the truth of it for yourself – there is no other way".
Fancy self delusional concepts can never bring you back to the immediacy of ‘this moment’ – they always lead the mind away into realms of more and more belief and the only one making that journey is the 'me', and that is just a bunch of concepts - idea about oneself.
All this nonsense about 'consciousness evolving' is ludicrous sales talk.
Consciousness is THIS Immediacy and it cannot be anything 'other' than THIS.
The illusion in the minds of seekers, that their own consciousness is evolving is the 'hook' for getting sucked in - The only thing that can 'appear' to be acquired in consciousness is a concept.
The whole guru game is a fraud and if you can find me a guru that will admit that, then I will sing his praises. - I am inclined to think that the days of the guru are over - so many gurus and priest being exposed laterly - they have to close ranks and turn in on themselves go underground in their own self-deluded 'campsite'.

The self absorbed notions of a seeker may manifest as 'an imitation' of some worshiped guru and it may say, of itself, “I am pure awareness” - and it may ring as true as any cracked moldy bell will ring - with an unmistakable dullness. – The intellect may resonate in a limited fashion exclusively 'in the head' only - and that needs constant 'feeding' to supports all kinds of erroneous beliefs. - Dracula needs his blood and he avoids 'daylight' - sounds familiar!
Being 'stuck in the head' or in the heart is obviously the case, for thousands upon thousands of believers. - Being fed bullshit by charasmatic leaders is an age old 'story' and it 'appears' to work and as long as it 'appears to work' then 'people' will 'fall for it' over and over.
It is a flourishing business - franchising the truth.
A parrot that has learned to say those same words " I am pure awareness" may sound far more genuine than some fancy seeker – at least the parrot is not fooling itself with embroidery on its self-image.

What you truly are can say the very same words but that expression will only arise ‘after the fact’, expressed from 'this unmediated present knowing' and it is that knowing essence that is pure awareness itself. – That is a resonation throughout the whole being - it has no need to say those words, or any words at all.
The singular and indubitable fact is that that presence, that knowing essence cannot be negated – even if it appears as the form of a desperate seeker, a beggar, as a so-called fully realized sage or as yourself.

In the tradition I was 'in' some years ago, prior to 'how it is now', (as this unencumbered ‘presence of knowing’, which revealed itself after an introduction via the 'clear pointing' from Bob Adamson) - in the 'practices' of that previous tradition there was a strong emphasis on all kinds of efforts and even super efforts, designed to 'go against the grain' of habitual and mechanical patterns in oneself.
At times it would appear that one had broken through a stale energy ‘wall’ and the functioning would instantly have a completely different quality to it. – My teacher at that time, often spoke of an 'effortless effort' and I doubt that few, if anyone, understood what he was indicating. – I had ‘an inkling’ of what he meant but it seemed more like an empty idea, at the time (because the mind could not 'do' anything with it).
Without 'a good taste' of effortless effort, the mind cannot even turn it into what we would normally call 'an understanding' of it. - The mind was more or less totally with naming things at that time, for 'me', which is based on words and images anyway.
Underneath all that mind stuff, something kept me 'going', I knew there was 'something' incredibly valuable to uncover 'somehow'.
Now, as this 'presence', there is understanding - understanding that the natural functioning, of seeing, hearing, knowing etc, are all effortlessly presently functioning – and that there is no need for being 'someone doing it' - no need for any contrived notions to 'intervene' in what is 'naturally occuring'.
It appears that the mind gave up 'the game of trying' to be the one ‘doing’ everything.

The myriad ‘Ways’ of spiritual traditions have simply appeared - there is no one with a secret behind it all 'pushing' a 'product'. – Some are just 'conceptually enclosed circles', going around and around, leading the mind on and on, with no escape. – Then some traditions are closer to the heart of the matter and are like a broken circle, providing a way out (or in to the essential centre). – Whatever they appear as, the heart essence is the same and it is not conditioned by any circle nor any object, concept or idea. - Unmediated Knowing is the true nature of what one is - no matter 'who' it appears as.
As the façade of the 'sales rep', the 'me' is seen through, and as it is seen from a clear space of knowing, then there is a taste of what I truly am – I am this ‘knowing presence’.
The habitual mind cannot claim anything there - and that is disconcerting for the mind.
‘That’ pure knowing needs no support whatsoever and from that space of knowing all concepts are seen to be what they are - concepts.
The old identified point of reference is robbed of its delusions and what usually happens is that the mind will panic and look for something to clothe itself with, an old favorite idea or concept of itself.
The 'me' is an appearance in the mind - it can serve you whenever it is required - but if it thinks it is the 'king' and it is running the show - then suffering will go on, as usual.

Having heard such news, how will you proceed?
Will you brush it off? - tell yourself that you have heard it all before?
Will all those old habitual efforts be made as usual?
Then will you come crying to your guru, after another ten years, complaining that you have still not arrived?
Or is it just a life style thing you want – just enough ‘input’ to keep you feeling spiritually special? - Do you hold internal conversations with yourself - argue about oneness in your own mind? - Wake up, how many times do you think that 'message' is going to be layed at your feet?
Spiritual arrogance will turn into pathetic beast in your own heart, unless you vanquish it once and for all.

A flow on from the previous note from yesterday:-
Gilbert replies to R.

All good. - No one writing - it flows out from intelligence - this will come more and more easily - not that you will find 'anyone' to agree with what is written.
You recognized 'something' in my notes some months ago - now by following the various pointers, you KNOW for yourself something that was only glimpsed or theorized about 'then' - and now that is the PAST - dead and gone.
Knowing is all there is and as I always say (yet few see the significance of it) seeing is already happening - it is the immediate functioning - living.
My first book "The First Instant" is a raw expression of insights that were happening at a time, a 'time' much like where you are now, speaking in the realtive, in the apparent scheme of things. - Many of the things I said in those notes just flowed out onto my keyboard or onto a note book. - I was not ‘doing it’ and it was not for anyone - but it seemed to help get things clear for myself.
I do not insist that people read my books or listen to my CD's - I know that it is useless to push this 'stuff'. - Whatever is expressed is just overflowing here - "My cup runneth over" - ever fresh expressions keep coming out - that is the nature of it. - When the contriving mind ceases to grasp at 'old ideas' then the freshness of immediate awareness is realized as the first instant of cognition - "I am THAT by which I know I am".
The best advice for anyone is: Re-read Bob’s pointers until they sink in or they resonate in a deeper way. ('deeper' is just a way of expressing 'a stronger resonation')

Warm regards - g

R. replies:
Reading your website - an excerpt from one of Bob's meetings seems to have brought some more clarity.

Bob: "Well 'knowing' is what I call intelligence. -Not your intellect. -Intelligence. -That is the activity of knowing – intelligence energy. - Knowing is an activity – of something that is going on in the immediacy of the moment. - Any activity is a movement of energy. - Not the content of knowing, I know this or I know that, than is all acquired, all conceptualized, all words stuff. - The basic activity of knowing. - You are not knowing a moment ago. - You are not knowing a moment in the future either. - It is going on in the immediacy of the moment, so its an activity – something is happening now. - It is this energy or life force or whatever label you want to put on it. - It is functioning there in the immediacy of the moment. - That is what you are."
- end of quote.

This KNOWING is happening, presently... anything that arises is known. - You may say "I know" but where is that "I" that knows? - It cannot be found. - In fact, the body which supposedly contains this "I" is just appearing in KNOWING... - even for the body to appear that knowing must be present, otherwise how would you know it?

It makes no difference if there is peacefulness, chaos, suffering or bliss... - it is all happening within the activity of knowing... - I am JUST that KNOWING. - All experience, BAR NONE, is just reflected in that knowing awareness.

The body appears to do this or that - even the slightest real doubt about the nature and reality of the body is enough to break that spell... - How can you claim to be moving about, using the thoughts... - the body is apparently functioning on its own in so many ways, growing hair and fingernails, beating the heart, sucking in and pushing out air... how can you claim partial control? - The body functions according to its environment, in fact the "environment" and the "body" cannot be separated - the actions of one are dictated by the other. - This body is pushed or pulled - as Nisargadatta says, there are no causes, or the only true cause is the universe itself. - As Bob says, you are being lived.

It is all one solid block of "consciousness" appearing in that knowing that I am. -Individual "events" are only distinguished in the mind identified with the body. - I am knowing (this or that). - The I AM KNOWING is all that can be known. - The "this or that" is just concepts, relative to apparent time and space, mental constructs. - All that continues to go on - but that immediate, present knowing is what it all arises within. -That never changes, never stops...

All concepts, whether "mundane" daily life type of concepts, or "spiritual" concepts, all arise within the space of knowing that I am. - God may come down and bless everyone, the world may explode into tiny bits, the car may get a flat tire...- all happening within that space of knowing... - I am out of it. The body/mind may suffer, may rejoice... - none of it affects what I am, touches me in any way. - I am no thing - I am what all "things" arise within or upon. - If a God exists it can only be within this space of knowing that I am, cannot be separate from it in any way. - God is a concept or a useful pointer back toward that which creates and is aware of every single bit of data presented. - I am that. - I am the source of all and contained within all but also beyond. - This impersonal intelligence is presently knowing itself through myriad points of reference.

This leaves no room for ego - you cannot know what you are and then be concerned with the achievements of this body, the attachments of a "person". - The body may go on achieving - but it makes no difference whether you are a rocket scientist or homeless. -What I am is no thing, cannot be anything different or special or lovable or happy or wealthy or healthy... - all these things, even if achieved, are still just arising in this simple space of knowing. - No knower, just knowing/seeing.

And these things are impermanent - this knowing is not. - It is there in the baby before reasoning, language, identification with the body... - it is there presently. - All else has been brought in from outside, learned...

Many will get up in arms when the statement is made that it makes no difference if you are a rocket scientist or homeless - the goal-oriented mindset is hammered from the time we are old enough to understand language, that we must "be somebody", do something important, make a difference... - this all assumes a do-er who can be or do something... - I am just the knowing of all apparent activity, experience... - I cannot achieve, cannot BE anything, do anything, have never spoke a word or thought a thought... - I am and have always been this clear present seeing/knowing/awareness (whatever label points the most directly). - It is impossible to NOT be what I am - all the rest is relative, impermanent, doubtful...
“What you're seeking you already are - you can't be anything else, you can't be anything more”. - I've read those words a thousand times but they just did not sink in.

Once again I've written a ‘small book’ in reply... – R.

Gilbert: - Spontaneous cognition and flowing expression. – No one to ‘get it’ yet the sense is that something has been ‘gained’ – on closer examination I know that I am beyond it all.

However the mind will not cease from its activity – So - Watch the mind - drop all habits and if you must keep one habit then make this the one - watch the mind.
warm regards - g

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monkey tree - monkey mind & an email or two.

If you are in the USA, go see John Wheeler, Steven Wingate, John Greeven or Burt Jurgens.
If you are in the UK, go see Tony Parsons, Nathan Gill and see what you can make of it.
If you are in Australia, then you are most fortunate - go see Bob Adamson affectionately known as 'Sailor Bob'.
Seekers do not become finders, at least not in 'the realm' of Non Duality.
The 'true teacher' points you back to 'the essential knowing' - 'that you are'.
Science attempts to construct 'knowledge' about 'links' between various patterns of 'matter' and yet they have no idea how that 'sense of I' in themselves happens to be there, or appear to be there.
In your search for meaning, are YOU the missing link?
I heard that Richard Dawkins was intimidated by some high flying fundamentalist Christian in a Documentary recently - a believer confronted by a non believer. - I must have a look at it.
Each party is convinced of their 'rightfulness' and conflict appears. - I wonder if they suspect that they are both wrong? - The 'I' is invisible and un-provable - just like God - can you not see that these apparently two 'things' are the same?
In exploring 'the sense of I', you discover the absolute nature of existence - yet it is far too subtle for a mind full of biased views and beliefs. - This is why very few realize their own true nature and yet it is totally available and ever present - just ignored.
It is more subtle than any concept - it is your own presence awareness and THAT is no 'thing' to the mind.
What we 'humans' (the crown of creation?) are more used to is really gross sensations, gross concepts and highly biased opinions and ridiculous unfounded beliefs.
Where are you in all that?
The monkey, as it flings itself through the forest trees, sometimes leaps through empty space and lands on a branch or limb of the next available tree. – Usually it will use its long arms to swing from one tree to the next with ease. – It does not let go of one branch until it grasps the next. - Humans are not that much different.
When it comes to changing relationships, many people appear to do something similar. - Security is paramount, or so it seems and deceitful behavior comes in as a necessary evil. - Selfish types have several relationships going all at once - the complexity of such an arrangement is just too much for the average 'relationship game player'. - Some would say: "I prefer to stuff up one relationship at a time, thank you very much - juggling is for circus clowns".
People change their religion also, when their ‘belief system’ is disturbed by new information concerning another belief, another religion. – They will be scorned and ostracized or even destroyed by their old colleagues in that religion, as they declare their intention to leave the flock. – This is the nature of 'tribal man', with all his compromises, conflicts and beliefs. – Belief is just a set of ideas, usually highly biased and necessarily exclusive – they exclude anything that threatens those beliefs and that includes the truth.
The truth, if you will excuse my use of the word, the truth is ruthless upon the fragile realms of belief. - Look at the ridiculous beliefs of the major religions who wage war upon each other.
– Do you believe in One God? - If so, do you imagine that He would punish his own created beings simply because they hold onto certain beliefs? - Don’t you think that if there was such a God, that he might look down upon his Earth bound beings and ponder why these unfortunate creatures go about killing each other under the thinnest disguise – and do such horrors to each other in His Name! – My God – what a pathetic thing it is.
Politicians appear to gather more and more self importance and behave like 'gods' on Earth and dream of a New World Order. - It is the drama of life and the old idea of evolution seems to be crumbling around our ears.
- I am playing with common concepts here - you don't have to believe what I am saying - better not to.
- But let me go on:-
Fundamentalism is wiping out 'the age of reason' and many unscrupulous ‘powerful people’ are taking advantage of manipulating the masses – at least, it is one way of looking at it.
Endless points of view do not add up to suddenly become reality.
Reality is.
You can say that 'I exist'. - Anything that you add to that sense of existence may be questioned but no one can convince you that you do not exist - it is actual - factual. - That is not belief nor is it subject to reason.
Each of us has the power of reason but there are areas of our belief that we do not want to expose, especially to ourselves. – Don’t get all non dualistic and criticize my words – YOU do it all the time! - Language is dualistic.
You may have devoted many years to exploring your own ‘self’ and you may have come up with a set of beliefs, values, ethics and conclusions. – They are just concepts.
They are not fixed, static or permanent in any way. – In fact, they are morphing all the time.
Are they not just a cloud of ephemeral particles floating in your psyche?
Where are you in all of that ‘stuff’?
Are you willing to go out and kill other people because their ‘cloud of belief’ is different to yours?
The old cliché - “Variety is the spice of life” is ‘on the button’.
We cannot penetrate the state of hypnosis in another. – Our potentiality is conscious presence.
Now, every guru will tell you a bunch of stories about evolution of the spirit of whatever his sacred terminology dictates. – It is all fanciful nonsense and it is time that you cut that crap away from yourself.
I will be blunt and direct. – The news may be a shock – but it is overdue.
An emergence into conscious presence is not possible.
The indubitable fact is this: The conscious investigation into habitual beliefs is the negation of those beliefs and as they fall away, conscious presence emerges, because it has always been here – just covered over by mind stuff, a cloud of erroneous beliefs.
The profound discovery is that I am present and aware – and I have always been so.
The one who ‘thinks’ it is seeking freedom or whatever it seeks is just a conceptual pattern – a belief. – The actual, the factual, is conscious presence.
A beautiful peacock ‘appears’ to emerge from an egg (in time). – A magnificent Oak Tree ‘appears’ to emerge out of an acorn (in time).
Awareness is the ground of all being.
In stopping the ignoring of your own ‘conscious presence – awareness’, you banish the realm of mere belief and the bondage of self. – It may appear to be gradual and the life time habits may appear as a resistance – but they have no power or independence – they will evaporate in the face of conscious presence.
The ‘intent’ necessary is in the very nature of awareness itself.

Note: Things may go quiet here, for a short time, while I relocate to Melbourne.

Meanwhile here is an addition:-
I have been corresponding with R in Middle America for a few weeks. - I have with held putting the emails on the website until now. – Actually there may have been one on the site some weeks ago. – I have witnessed a dissolving of a hard intellectual stance and a lack of warmth towards his own presence. – There has been a shift.

Gilbert replies :
The sense of 'I' appears from a bunch of elements, molecules - you cannot stop it appearing – you know not how or why it appears - but you can know most definitely that you are prior to it all – even logically. Since you are aware of it all temporally - you must be beyond whatever it is.
You cannot set up camp there as a finite observer – in that no thing space – no need to - but the ‘habitual slope’ of the mind will attempt to claim some territory there - it is a natural tendency - don't fight it – instead, just see it, witness it most clearly.

These habits of a life time will not go away in a flash - (rarely do they ever do that for an apparent individual, Ramana or whoever. – Anyone who brags about any such event is a wanker.)

The essence is in the seeing, IS the seeing - you are THAT and nothing else.

In my case it took two or three years for the old patterns to lose their hold - relativity.
Infinity is no causal – it is all inclusive.
Relativity is the apparent connected-ness. Patterns engaging with each other.
The sum of all relativity is not equal to infinity - one is contained in the other - and yet they are not two.
I may write things that you already know – yet it is no harm to reiterate various points.
You are truly beyond anything that you can witness, so, it does not matter what the details are, of what is happening, noise or silence - but in the early stages, one can or even should arrange some quietness for contemplation - which of course can easily turn into habitual mind stuff in a flash - so one needs to relax and watch, let intelligence come to the fore.

It is all paradoxical until paradox dissolves. - The answer is not in the mind. - Study Bob's pointers - find them and write them down - contemplate them - there are over a hundred or more in his books. - I cannot penetrate your world - all I can do is throw a line - into it via emails.
Talking one to one with Bob is far better than emails, he is patient - but will be ruthless if you back step too much.
It is good for the mind to be confronted - is not our usual way of going about things though. – Warm regards - g.

R replies:
The drive to become something, to achieve in "life", to do right - all these things have been washed away. The old habits of wanting to be noticed, wanting to be important, this type of ego craving, is mostly gone. There is a sense of peace and acceptance of "life" as it comes and less of a sense of controlling it.

The attachments to material things and “people” are mostly dissolved... if I am not, then there cannot be "others". All is impermanent - but nothing is lost nor can anything be held on to. It is all one substance, seemingly broken out into forms, organisms, either actually or just perceived that way through senses which only create an illusion. What I AM is that intelligence that is aware of itself through an apparent infinite number of reference points. I witness this apparent body functioning in an apparent world of forms and organisms... the activities and thoughts of this body are not me and not under my control. All that happens is spontaneously happening in this moment according to the nature of that form which is actually the universe itself acting.

The entire "spiritual" search has been transformed from trying to figure out the meaning of life and God, to looking within. The understanding that I am nothing perceivable, nothing I can witness, because I am the witness...

Please correct this statement if it sounds false - however it is spontaneously flowing... I AM - in the "world" as consciousness, the witness... I am not - in reality there is no thing, only this intelligent cognizing emptiness.

If I am the absolute, the source of all, the infinite and eternal, then all is one substance and form is emptiness and emptiness is form... all appearances are "illusions" - only appearing as part of the whole and seemingly separated by conceptual thought. Between apparent solid forms is empty space or air and it is also made up of elements... in essence it is all one solid block of emptiness/form. Whether that form is fast-moving energy or thinned-out form, as in air/gas, or slow-moving energy or condensed for, as in "solid" form.

There is confusion around the understanding of this being part of the point and trying to get the answer in the mind. The only thing that arises to this question is - the real understanding is an unshakable knowing of what I am, not a mental or intellectual understanding gained through logic.

Maybe logic is necessary in the beginning to see through the concepts we've lived under for so long. Once these are seen through logically, it allows a relaxing of the search, a releasing of identification with the body and thoughts, and allows for the real KNOWING to arise.

But in the end all of this is bullshit because I am already that... that consciousness is seemingly looking out these eyes right now. This awareness never stops, is unavoidable... no matter what is happening, suffering or bliss, this awareness, this seeing is happening. The undeniable fact is that seeing is happening - all that arises, arises against or upon or with-ing this awareness.

And as you say, this sense of "I" happens in this awareness, in time. Even if the sense of "I" is there what I am is prior to that.

I hope this free-form writing is ok with you. I guess it is more of a writing to myself. The writing seems to be coming spontaneously instead of being the product of thought or mind trying to figure it out. You and Bob have been a radiant light illuminating the night...

With the warmest regards,

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A mystery - it is up to you to solve it.

The way in which Bob Adamson outlines ‘our situation’ is profoundly engaging, if it is really heard. – It also contains ‘a means’ of getting free of that engagement.
In the first moments of hearing a recording of one of his meetings, some years ago, something registered that there was some element in what he was saying that I had not really come across before – even though I had been a serious student of what I would call profound esoteric knowledge.
– Something cut through all that and stirred in my consciousness.
– A response arose in me and I followed that ‘scent’. – As I delved deeper into what he was saying, I recognized a most profound ‘expose’, one that I could feel most directly, to be releasing age old ‘stuff’ in myself. – There was a ‘tasting’ of something utterly free in myself. – Like the first glimmer of true light. – I had been in a room with a few candles, thinking that that situation was the great prize. – But the dawn was on its way and the light of that dawn made all my ‘previous knowledge’ fade in comparison to this immediate light that grew in brightness each day, ever so slightly.
I saw that all knowledge is faded information and that the immediate light of knowing is all there truly is. – ‘Eventually’ I realized that I am the source of that light. – Then that realization was left behind and the direct knowing remains – it needs no support – it needs no expression other than itself. – Everything is THAT – anyway you look at it.
The basic 'structure' of Life can be likened to an ever emergent simple pattern that informs and underlies all the complex details (of 'you', life and the world) of what is emerging, it appears as the ever new appearances of phenomena (too vast and overwhelming for the intellect to process or comprehend).
- Is the complexity of life just an infinite expression arising out of a singular simplicity? - or from the breath of 'God' - a basic algorithm – or is it just a simple pattern generator at the heart of matter? – for some it is called God - but that has been an unsurpassed 'bone of contention'.
Is it No Thing appearing as 'something'?
If so, can that 'something' understand its origin - no thing?
The clear and empty space of pure cognition is 'the (ultimate) answer' that has no form.
The essence of (any) insight is 'seeing'. - Everything is clear and obvious.
It is the investigation that aligns the mind with pure intelligence.
Arrogance is ignorance.
– With profound insight, the view and perspective shifts and a miriade reference points are released (instantly or progressively) and so the original ‘point’ of perception is left naked. – The essence of this view is naked ‘seeing’. - The 'unveiling' is 'time bound' - bound to process and therefore 'time' - while seeing is ever immediate. - What you truly are is this unmediated knowing - pure and beyond the grasp of concepts.
- You KNOW the concept(s) - the concept does not know you.
This naked seeing is the pure, immediate function of (what I call) seeing-knowing.
THAT is freedom - the fear of freedom is attachment to concepts and the one that fears is ultimately simply 'mind content'. - Who wants to know that?
Who-ness is psychology. - The 'who' pattern is like an emergent pattern that is woven into all the complex details of 'a difficult life' - a 'personal life' - Me and my problems.
- Looking directly into it, one recognises 'something' beyond it and yet what is 'doing the seeing' is beyond it all- beyond it ALL without exception.
Words are words.
- The content of this moment 'arrives', appears. - In not 'taking sides' with old biased points of view, the (otherwise overwhelming) complexity of life may be seen to be just infinite expressions arising out of simplicity (or a basic algorithm – or a simple pattern generator – for some it is called God).
– The view and perspective shifts and reference points are released (instantly or progressively) and so the original ‘point’ of perception is left naked.
– The essence of this view is naked ‘seeing’.
Paradox: - These are all words and concepts, being used to reveal what is never a word or a concept.
This naked seeing is the pure function of (what I call) seeing-knowing.
So, I write about That, in many ways, from many angles, knowing that there may be one out there who may just recognize ‘something’, just like I did.
Siddharameshwar’s words ring so true and so loudly when he said “Don’t try to see through someone else’s eyes.”
No one can make you see and seeing is already happening.
The truth is clear and obvious yet what is it that seemingly prevents a clear recognition of what is true?
That is where to investigate. – Someone else’s words may assist to direct you in some way. – Bob Adamson’s clear way of expressing through speech what needs to be recognized, is so profoundly obvious to me, so direct and so immediate – it is remarkable that so few actually hear it.
That is a mystery - it is up to you to solve it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Don't want to look at it - too unsettling - for whom?

You imagine that you can construct a ship made out of nothing but your sacred concepts and then you intend to sail deep into the Universal Ocean of Being and find your self projected imaginary treasure – but that Vast Ocean is nothing but imagination in non-conceptual awareness.
(You may or may not want to hear or read what I have to say - but I will say it anyway - you can always choose not to read it - or can you?
Maybe you just like the entertianment of my trivial notes?
Surely it is more entertaining than all those holy words that the western gurus play games with.
Some say that I am far too contraversial (at times) and some even believe that I am an evil son of a bitch (all the time) - and that makes my laugh.
An actor can take off his mask and leave it hanging on a hook on the back of the stage door - go home and sleep a blissful sleep, knowing that it is all just a play and that all the characters are just characters in a play.)
So, anyway, you are setting the sails on your conceptual rigging, bound to the mast by your own ideas - a personal sacred journey - but I am telling you that you are no better off than any other poor miserable seeker, who is in his barbwire canoe, up ‘shit creek’ with no paddle.
The hazy and indistinct, ever receding, horizon and that 'pot full of gold' will stay out of reach, as you imagine your advance. - The more you believe in it all, the more you wiggle about, the deeper into the shit you go. - Your guru watches you squirm but he is there with you squirming in his own sacred ways, unable to escape his own erroneous beliefs.
An image from Dante, or was it Goethe, springs to mind?
An image of suffering souls with their heads just sticking out above the muck (their habitual condition of belief), while two free souls walk and chat with ease across the murky mire.
What weighs these poor souls down? – Is it merely beliefs? – Personal history? - Fate?
The weight of the past and/or fear of the future?
Do you relate to such an image? - Are you repulsed from even holding such an image in the mind for more than a few seconds? - Is it too close to the bone?
In your own 'life story', have you unconsciously entered into sticky compromises, just so you can feel safe?
Is that fabricated ‘safety realm’ suffocating you with its mundane predictability?
Is the mind full of data that you have been fed by others and the media?
Will you fight a fierce fight for the sake of belief? - Where did those beliefs come from?
Is a fact more reliable than a belief?
Does a belief disintergrate in the face of bare facts? - Have you ever pondered such things?
Have you ever had an original thought of your own?
Where do all 'your' thoughts come from?
Are you behind them – within them or are you merely subjected to them?
Are they ‘the boss’ of your own mind? - if so, where are you?
Are you truly willing to explore your erroneous beliefs consciously?
Do you ever watch the mind to see what it is telling you?
Whose mind is it anyway? – Where are you in relation to the mind? - Are you that one that appears in the bathroom mirror? – Isn’t that just a reflection? - In that mirror, have you ever looked into that dark space beyond the iris? - Inner space? - Who is there?
Too spooky to contemplate?
For goodness sakes!!! - it is only yourself - are you afraid of your own self?
Are you still in kindergarden spiritual school? - Filled up with all that precious guru nonsense?
Is 'belief in belief' an unquestioned compartment in your own mind, filled up from ‘outside’ input?
What else lurks there? - Do these words make you uneasy or squirm?
Are you really happy with your self-image?
Is there a deep honesty there or is there just a whole bunch of self delusion and an avoidance of anything true, whatever the cost?
Why are you reading this? – Do you expect to find something here that you can 'gain or add' to your conceptual luggage?
Who are you? – What are you? - Do you really want to know?
Has that poncy guru promised to help you find out? - Does he insist on useing that old concept of ‘time’ - time to ‘get there’?

In a flash, in an instant, all such questions can be cut asunder in the recognition that you are the most simple of all simples - simplicity itself – space-like awareness.
Belief has lead you astray over and over and many spiritual 'stories' are just beliefs.
The truest 'spiritual story' is very brief - and example is this:
"I am THAT by which I KNOW I AM" - Nisargadatta.
All reference points, all concepts only 'appear' to depend on a construct, other reference points, other concepts. – That apparent dependency is a fraudulent impression and WHAT is it at the base of all such dependency? - Is that you there under all that weight?
All concepts are equal in their own simple nature – which is that they are all just ‘concept’.
In other words, a concept has no weight, no substance of itself.
Stop getting tangled in the conceptual constructions of your own mind.
Stop! - Cut through it all simply by being the actuality, being the factual, being what is authentic, what is REAL - knowing immediately that you are this simplicity - this naked, unembellished, knowing presence – this space-like awareness and that you are nothing other than THAT. - All the rest is a series of states, transient concepts and beliefs.
Recognize that all words are merely words – you are the sentient presence which gives words their apparent life – let them serve you or simply ignore them or banish them from your presence – BE what is real – the only place to discover what you truly are is right here, right now in the ‘space of knowing’ that you ARE.
That is the ‘great prize’ which all seekers walk blindly past in their own bondage of belief - belief in a ‘time realm’ of seeking.
Right here right now is this moment - OBVIOUS!
When has 'this moment' ever not been here and available?
Except 'when' because you have apparently ‘gone’ with a concept into a mind realm of ‘time’. - In such experiences (past), did you really go any 'other place' that is real (present)? - Of course not - is it too obvious to mention?
Right here, right now, is ever present, 'it' has not ever left 'this moment' and neither has the essence of what you truly are ever left 'this' moment.
There is no doubt here about any of this, thanks to my discovery of a profound, what shall I call it? - a profound ‘lead’, which I instantly responded to, when I listened in the year 2000, to a cassette recording of a single (ordinary weekly) meeting of Bob Adamson. – Sensing its profound, yet ordinary and even logical sensibilities, I simply followed that lead and now I can say that ‘time’ and 'the troubled realms of mind' have been seen through. – What a relief! - They can never trap me again – when they appear, they are instantly recognized for what they are – can you say the same for yourself?
No? – Then follow that lead.
Stop expecting to be hand fed by others. – Get off 'your ass' and investigate your own consciousness.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Salient Point

News: - The Advaita Show has a new meeting of Bob's to listen to. - Download and enjoy.

- It is very comprehensive.

Salient Point:

The predominant feature of this teaching is NEGATION. - Elimination.
Eliminate the conceptual bondage and what is actual is found to be your own existence - clear and present.
Now, in my experience, the eradication of all my erroneous beliefs ‘came about’ through contact with an ordinary chap. – He persistently rejected any of the usual ‘setting him up’, in my mind, as being anything more than I am.
– Gradually I began to realize that I had been on the wrong track and I had been overlooking this ordinary wakefulness which is the essence of knowing - and that this knowing has always been here, just overlooked in preference to ‘spiritual concepts’.
– Those old concepts never truly satisfy.
– I could indulge in them and create special feelings in myself with them but they never lasted long. – It all vibrated back into 'the search' and a feeling of ‘not quite getting there’. – There was a period of time when I felt like the thinnest film separated me from what I was seeking.
Then a 'miracle' appears – With Bob Adamson’s constant ‘pointing’, moments of clear insight broke through that ‘film’.
– That film was made of old concepts that I was hanging onto.
I know that I was not given anything new by Bob.
– His pristine clarity and the totally relaxed manner of his assistance, touches the intelligence in oneself and a dawning happens – or a falling away of ‘old ideas’.
That doesn't happen without a persistent inquiry made by yourself.
– One 'eventually' finds something remarkable - in a most knowing fashion, I know without a doubt that 'I am present and aware' and that nothing can threaten that presence.
Strangely enough, there is a knowing that you were never ever truly cut off from anything and that those ‘old ideas’ were just recycling patterns in the mind (like bats circling around on a moonlit night).
So, now - and NOW is all there is, I realized that I am Non Duality – I am existence – this living presence, no matter how it may be appearing to be like.
There is no doubt in this clear presence now – never can be – all doubt has been tossed out.
– I know that those friends who ‘know me’ may have certain things to say about me but I can assure you that all of that is in their own minds and nowhere else. - The drama of life goes on regardless.
The burden of psychological suffering is totally unnecessary. - There is a subtle bliss that 'comes' as the investigation penetrates the erroneous beliefs and as they fall away.
– The mind can be freed from the past - and the future - with its emotional baggage, its fears and expectations etc.
In the ignorant state, the mind is like a prison, a prison of old reference points, old ideas and images fabricated from past experiences and events.
This mind (here) is free from all that. – Sure, I can think about the future but the only place I can do that is in ‘this now’.
– I can remember the past but that past is now free from the old emotional content associated with those memories. – Factual memories can serve and do serve without a problem entering.
– Emotional memories seduce the mind back into a dreamy state and the freedom of witnessing what the mind is doing is seemingly lost. - Why does that happen?
Because you identify with a recurring reference point - ME.
That must be investigated - That is the most 'important' pointer. - INVESTIGATE.
You can put it off and put it off until your personal sun sets - but if you do that, then freedom from the bondage of self is foregone - and the burdens in mind will not leave you alone.
The one that is disturbed is a phantom - but only you must know that totally.
You may have convinced yourself that you have done the investigation - is it true?
Or have you just tricked yourself into believing another 'story'?
Just do it ! - Investigate the 'me'.

Realize that all of the past is conceptualized experience.
– You cannot go back to the past events.
Any concept whatsoever can only appear and disappear. – In believing that a concept is ‘the real’ is where everyone gets into trouble. – Yet it is so clearly obvious that a concept is a concept.

Are you just a selfish lump of resistant flesh and bones?
Are you a concept?
Or are you a subtle presence, awareness itself?
The only thing that seemingly covers that is concepts and the eradication of erroneous beliefs is a blessing, a potent blessing which is forever waiting for that investigation to be made.
- Just do it!

Toss your self centered guru out the window and read Bob Adamson’s books, listen to his CD’s, watch the DVD’s.
– That is the best advice I can give anyone.

If you must do anything – do that.

Just Do it ! - Investigate.

The first knowing is the knowing that you are.

The first seeing is clear empty space, which is not located in any particular place – yet even in that space between the lens of the eye and the retina, there is a clear substance in a clear space.

The eye is not clogged up with all the previously 'seen'. - The mind is not clogged up with the previous content.

The first hearing is silence – all sound appears within a vast silence, a silence we do not even contemplate. - That is not clogged up with any thing. - All phenomena appear and disappears, just like all thoughts appear and disappear - all sound, sights, everything - same equation.
– Even in a very large noisy city, if you go up to the 40th floor of an apartment building, all that noise is reduced to a mild hum.

- Silence, stillness, engulfs those vibrations as it does to all vibrations. - The so-called 'Big Bang' that some scientists insist upon would be deafening today if it were not for the overpowering presence of Silence. - The great cathedrals in Europe have a vastness and silence, which is an integral part of the architecture. - The architecture of all thought patterns appear in a clear space of knowing presence just like a cathedral appeared in a medieval meadow. - (Of course, I am story telling, speaking in the relativity of time)
The cathedral first appeared as a concept in 'someone's mind', and then it was acted upon.
- The original architect did not live to see the finished cathedral. - Most of those cathedrals took many generations to complete. - Some of them have crumbled and some are still well preserved - they all will disappear. - Their (apparent) duration is presently here, just like the planet and all that appears presently on it. - Some say that when you look at the stars, you are seeing the past. - That theory is 'mind content' - The distance between two thoughts is the same as the distance between two galaxies.

But let's leave that contentious stuff and get back to the point at hand.

– Go up above the apartment building, further into the sky, in a comfortable basket beneath a large balloon and one can easily perceive that all the noise of this planetary world is not even registering at all.
One may feel an exquisite freedom up there away from all the drama and fuss of our usual ‘daily life’.
What the ‘seeker’ is not aware of is that the Ultimate Freedom is simply this clear wakefulness, this pure knowing, which is closer to you than anything you 'own'. - It is never truly weighed down, nor attached to anything that appears in its ‘field’.
– Knowledge does not compound into anything other than knowing.
In this clear space of knowing, everything is clear and obvious for what it is, without the need of thought to explain or translate it into the conceptual realm. - A spelling mistake registers instantly and a brief interruption of the mind process happens. - If it is not dwelt upon, then no problem takes hold of the mind. - Even if this conceptual realm is full of activity, that space of knowing remains clear and ever available. - The next spelling mistake is clear and obveous!
At some point you may be seemingly caught up in the deepest concerns about imaginary things and suddenly a knock at the door cuts through it that mind stuff. - You go to the door. - Anticipation leaps into the scene and you wonder who is knocking.

- The ACTUALITY is not touched or altered by any of your expectations and anticipations - whoever is beyond the door is the actual, not the expected. - It may be who you expect but your expectation is only mind content. - The confirmation arrives with the actuality of seeing - who it is.

- These points may seem trivial - but are they really?

'The Actual' is 'all inclusive' - it includes all the apparent changes that are 'appearing' - 'appearing to happen'.

Basically you are the knowing of it all - whatever the case may be.

- 'What is' - is what is.
AND – The essence of all knowledge is knowing.

To know what is true you must be what is true.

The pure knowing that you are is pure existence. – Existence is non dual.
Now a lot of fuss is made about spiritual persons who have realized themselves.
I can tell you that there is no way that you can detect such an individual in their appearance. – What you so often see is ‘behavior’. – They have learned how to behave in a ‘holy way’ and that is total bullshit.

- The external guru is 'at best' (as the phenomenal aspect) a living sign post that points you immediately and directly back to your own heart essence. - Essence to essence.

The recently released CD's "Gentle Reminders" and "From the Armchair" are excellent.

Order them from Bob's - iinet - website. - A link to it is on Bob's Page on the Shining through the mind website.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The word is NOT the real.

There is a recording from one of Bob’s meetings, now to be found on the Advaita Show site, the latest inclusion (#37), is very comprehensive. – Have a listen.

The 'word' is not the real - do you have to remember that as you read this?
Is that a GOOD question? - See for YOURSELF - seeing is happening before any idea of self arises. - That profundity will remain fairly meaningless until 'the investigation' is happening.
Nothing will stop words from sprouting - they are just 'the flowers of consciousness'.
Some can be named as 'weeds' - some as beautiful blossoms - They all have the same source.
You are the source of it all - yet you may not have a clear knowing of that fact in this moment.

There is one illusion that keeps popping up all over the place. Like a dreaded ‘weed’ it shows itself to be prolific in all the main religious or spiritual groups. ‘Do good-ers’ , ‘Advanced Souls’, the ‘in crowd’ and one could find all sorts of other names for them. – ‘Pretentious prats’ is a good one. – Of course I am not speaking about you my dear. – The imitation of those shallow, sacred gurus is only one reason for such behavior.
All those franchisers of truth, with their 16 different secret herbs, methods, practices and spices should be tied up in a room and made to listen to their own spiel, until they see through the crap they impose upon their own devotees.
Oh, perish the thought! – Anyway in the ‘advaita club’ you get an ‘inner circle’ of competitive ‘players’. – So for any ‘new comers’ it all can be very tedious indeed.
The ‘players’ from the ‘inner circle’ love to let you know pretty quickly, that they hold a ‘certain position’, a ‘special membership’ and they give you those knowing looks, those looks that feel like a mixture of false compassion and serious judgment.
Those are meant to seal the impressions for you, that they indeed are wonderous ‘ascended beings’.
What a load of bollocks.
The un-witted seeker may fall for that crap and get dragged repeatedly back onto that long trail, going around and around the ‘Advaita Showgrounds’. – The state of neediness in the newcomer is confronted by an extra dose of life’s competitiveness. – When the newcomer drops an incorrect word in their conversation, the hounds of Baskerville pounce like ravenous dogs, upon the nervous seeker. – It reminds me of feeding time at the Zoo in the dingo pen. – Café’s in Santa Cruz are full of these pretentious Non Duality Dudes and Dudessess. – The ‘In Crowd’, full of the latest ‘revelations’ of their precious guru and full to the brim with inner conflict because ‘deep down’, they know that they are only pretending. – Keeping up ‘appearances’ has become a shallow way of life for them and their precious guru just tells them that it will take another five years – ‘just be patient’. – On top of all this they force their ‘understanding’ onto anyone that is willing to listen or argue. – Years go by and then they turn into decades and the secret, private and hidden suffering goes on and on like an old record.
The struggling ‘pecking order’ in these groups reveals its ugly head as a superficial memorised understanding and endless argument about Non Duality – what could be more ridiculous and so unsatisfactory? -
If the teacher/guru truly has a clear understanding, such nonsense could not survive for very long.
Bob’s meetings are somewhat clear of such nonsense but it does filter in from time to time. – Egos wiggle into position and try to hold ground. – But Bob’s pointing is so profoundly poignant, that these egos either get seen through or they leave and don’t return, at least not until the suffering increases to an unbearable level again.
Words.........the word is not the real - just a reminder.
Just because you have made it to one of Bob’s meetings, doesn’t mean you have made it into paradise. – For most, the bar is raised and one must face the shallowness of ones sacred beliefs. – Harbouring them just increases the frustration. – So, after all these words, words that can stir up the ‘pot’, I will just say this: The best advice I can give is – read Bob’s books etc. – If a resonation with what he is pointing out is there, then go into it further, explore the pointers most thoroughly. – In that latest recording on the Advaita Show website, there are over a hundred poignant pointers.
- You have to pay attention - When I first heard a recording of one of Bob's meetings, I found myself grabbing a piece of paper and writing down some of the many salient points that were jumping out of the recording. - I had to rewind the tape over and over, listen carefully to the poor quality recording just to get what was being pointed out. - It struck such a 'note' in me, I can now see now that it really did turn me around - I had been going in 'the wrong direction' -without even knowing it.
– ‘Main steam life’, society will not accept any of it – but you can, not only accept it, you can live the truth of what Bob is pointing out, as he so clearly does. - He does not mess things up by playing mind games - he gets straight to the point.
– The fact that it is difficult to get Bob’s books circulated ‘out there’ is just part of the resistance inherent in the machine – the mechanical life of hypnotised beings. – It is a confirmation of the potent message.
Go see Bob and don’t sit passively in the back stalls – get stuck into it and ask your questions – rid yourself of those old doubts – cut through the bullshit of spirituality and start to live the truth of what you truly are.
Then you can take that worn out bamboo stick off the Zen Master, give him a whack and then give a hearty laugh at his finger pointing at the moon.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Muggly Other and the three Sad Blisters

You have heard it many times - "You are not the body – you are not the mind".
But have you really, thoroughly looked into what it is pointing out?
Since my ramblings have some apparent benefit every now and again, I will give it another shot. - At least it is not the same old 'Oh so precious-La-de-da' Non Duality 'sing-song' that you see on just about every other Non Duality website.
The Human Body – where are you located in the following description?
By mass, human cells consist of 65-90% water (H2O), and a significant portion is composed of carbon-containing organic molecules. - Oxygen therefore contributes a majority of a human body’s mass, followed by carbon. - 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.
You may think that you, as a body are independent.
However, if the water intake is stopped, dehydration will bring about death of the body. - So you are connected, as that body to the water that is ingested regularly. - You are also permeated by the air you breathe consistently. - The body also breathes through the skin and if the skin is covered with a substance that prevents that breathing, then death will occur.
Without fresh air with oxygen to breathe, then the death of the body happens.
Without some degree of regular food intake, the body wastes away and death happens.
So, we can see that as a body, we are only relatively independent.
The body is made from recycled elements taken from the Earth.
The body must be maintained consistently and various instinctive senses operate according to the body’s needs.
The whole system depends on ‘Life’.
The complexity of life on planet Earth, alone, is beyond comprehension and analysis.
The whole universe is alive (that will only be denied by a limited intellect).
The human ‘ego’ with its self importance is a complete misunderstanding of ones place in the scheme of things.
The wonder of it all is studied by scientists in many fields of study.
Some of them agree with each other but many of them can't even communicate with each other because of competitive motives or specialized language barriers.
The High flying politicians, in the main are very special selfish creatures with thoroughly a distorted psyche. - Infantile grandiose is the official diagnosis for most of them - self righteous men are very dangerous creatures.
The basic caveman attitude of war mongering personages in powerful positions is simply a life and of greed, greed for more power, more money and more material possessions. - The wonder of life is blocked out and he as with many of his soldiers , their eyes are the eyes of a dicarded broken doll. - Brainwashed killing machines.
Only after the big machine has used them all up, do their eyes start to open to the horror of what they have done and then the lack of support nails their souls in their coffins with a bottle of bourbon for good measure.
OK - let me remind you that these are just words - the images are arising in your own mind - whatever that means.
Are you the mind? - What story can you tell about being a ‘person’ in a mind?
Everyone loves a story. – Your story may go like this:
“It may come to pass that no one is interested in ‘My Story’ but that doesn’t matter, I am going to tell it anyway. - I for one want to see what happens in this story. - Just like God, before he created the world, heaven and earth and all the wiggly bits, I am bored and need entertaining. - I will have to stay awake myself just so I don’t miss anything, so please join me on an unusual adventure into hither to un-chartered territories.
Actually, I only have a vague idea of what this story will unfold into because it appears in the telling of it – just like life and the world at large.
When I was about 14 years old, I remember my mother telling me about the hospital that I was born in.
I had walked past it a hundred times to and from friend’s houses and I had no idea about my historic connection with the building. - All I could do was imagine being born there.
Like everyone else, I had heard the news that I was born and when the apparently fortuitous event took place. - I can not remember anything about it, so it is all second hand information.
It is this point that touches on a profundity, which most people don’t even suspect.
To speak clearly about this profound point is not so easy and it can easily be dismissed if expressed in the wrong manner. - I will give it my best shot - to approach with words this point that I am attempting to reveal.
It so happens that most people imagine that reality is something hidden or somewhere else. They do not suspect that they themselves are reality and that everything else is an appearance in that basic space-like awareness – that non-conceptual thoughtless reality.
- The true nature of mind is clear and empty.
Since first we learned about letters and words, sentences and meaning, we have unwittingly been seduced into a fabricated world in the mind.
All of our personal dramas are made up of conflicting words, ideas, perceptions and mind projections. - This has taken on such a magnitude; we don’t even stop to examine it at all.
- It is a kind of common consensus reality. - The social structure of society is apparently depending on these ‘gentlemen’s agreements’.
As a ‘person’ one must fit in with the scheme of things one way or another. - If one is to rebel against the ‘machine’ it is still a resistance and that is made up from states, ideas, words, images of right and wrong etc.
In other words it is all mind content. - Any disagreement with this is also mind content.
Now all mind content is an appearance in the mind. - Nothing of it sticks in the mind for long. - Every night in deep sleep it all disappears.
The pristine clarity of simple wakefulness is not noticed to be present. It is in fact the very basis of all experiencing for everyone. - Without it, there can be no experiencing at all.
This wakefulness is an aspect of our true essence, being and nature.
If we think about this wakefulness, we are just forming concepts about it and none of such can ever capture that wakefulness.
No matter how stupid or bright an intellect we may think we have, we cannot capture the wakefulness. - It is as though it stays one step ahead of all of our ruminating - however, just see that wakefulness is the very ground of ALL experiencing without exception.
How do you know anything at all, without that clear and present 'space of knowing'?
The same equation applies to enlightenment. - That old fanciful, embroidered concept is so easily used as 'a carrot' by the unconscious and so seemingly unscrupulous gurus.
This light of knowing, wakefulness, is present in all sentient beings.
- Man falsely gives himself a false 'crown of glory', telling himself that he is the chosen one, the one to rule over all the kingdoms. - But waht do we see? - Recent history shows, as stories go, how vain man can be, the wars, the destruction and the waste is extreme. - The wasted finances on just one of our famous war (which no one seems to know what it they are really about) could turn things around in a positive way for a great number of people, people who face so many difficulties every day of their lives. - Is it instant Karma? - Who is the enemy? - Have we become our own worst enemy? - And to put 'a cherry on top', we call it evolution.
Politicians ignore scientists and hold them to ransome. - What a disgrace.
A nation turned upside down by its own philanderings.
A one time dream turns into a bloody nightmare and our "one time hero" becomes a hated villain. - Is this the great cosmic joke?
When our hero is tried for crimes against humanity, what will we do? - pick another hero to do our dirty work? - Are they jostling for position already? - Where is there an honest voice amongst them? - The 'church' has been dragged into politics also - have they all forgotten what that man from Nazareth did in the temple, the synagog?
Such is the drama of life. - A story and one that a vast majority watch on The Evening News every night, more aptly called "The Punch and Judy Show".

Billions upon billions of concepts - trillions of concepts all bunched together weigh less than a tiny white feather of swans down.
You can drop it all right now and see them all flutter away and see directly and ever so clearly that a concept is just concepts. - What holds you back? - Is it the concept you have about yourself? - You are not a concept!
Concepts -useful or destructive - it depends on how it serves you. - If you are merely a slave to the mind and its old ideas, then wow betide you - that is a pathetic way to be and your potentiality is forgone for a life of ignorance and suffering.

But wait! - what has any of these words got to do with this clear and present awareness that I am, in this moment right now? - These too are just words appearing. They are silent words on a screen - the 'sound' they make is in your own mind and the best they can do is 'point' to that wakefulness, that essence of what you ARE.

When the last word is spoken, heard or read - there is that clear space - empty - and that emptiness is full of knowing and THAT unmediated knowing is your true nature.
It does not go away just because words come along.
- KNOW that directly and immediately.
That is all.