Sunday, January 29, 2006

Read it once and make your move - that is all.

You are present and aware.

There is sensation and perception happening.

It does not depend on any will-fulness or action on your part.

It is natural.

The body and mind appear to be central to what you are.

You appear by all accounts to be in a world.

You are the centre of this world.

This is your apparent individuality.

All these ‘elements’ are transitory within awareness itself.

They are all subject to time and change in the appearance of how things are.

The spiritual aspirant believes that one can stabilize all the ‘elements’ - and so enter into a so-called higher state of awareness.
( no higher or lower states of awareness exist - just simple uncomplicated awareness)

All manner of practices and methods are apparently diligently implemented so as to achieve an ‘end result’.

At ‘the end of the day’ - it all remains transitory and relative except for one factor.

What do you know of this factor?

What is it?

You are present and aware. - Surely you know what it is!

It is just that! - You are present and aware.

It may be a shock to hear that all ‘spiritual paths’ are a falsehood.

All of them!

If you are fortunate, you may stumble upon a ‘teaching’ which actually negates the whole façade, even the belief that there is a teaching.

The paradox only arises in the mind’s habitual notions and the mind projections of the ‘time realms’ of past and future. - The projection is from the immediate actuality and the projection is believed to be real. - So even this erroneous set of beliefs is arising from and within the actual and immediate reality.

The so-called ‘teacher’ of such a ‘non-teaching’ gently or abruptly robs the aspirant of all ‘conceptual ground’ and belief.

This alone reveals a ‘view’ which is direct and unmediated knowing.

This view cannot be described successfully in words.

It is direct experiencing and nothing outside of that.

In the appearance of ‘time’, new teachers appear from contact with this ‘non-teaching’.

Even though the message can be conveyed via books etc, a personal contact appears to be a multi-dimensional introduction with a few receiving the full impact of that in a direct manner.

It is a ‘shock’ which penetrates the ‘time bound’ state of hypnosis.

The habitual mind states are stilled and the view reveals its presence - and so the mind is freed from its habitual views. - One moment is enough. - This may require only one such ‘shock’ - or it may appear to require several.
- Each case is different and yet the same. One moment of clear unobstructed in-sight - Seeing.

However, make no mistake about this following factor:

Nothing is acquired that was not already present.

One is left present and aware, as one always was and is. - No paradox is actually here in the non dual stateless state of simple awareness.

The erroneous power of the mind to wander into hypnotic states is broken (Once only).

Everything continues as usual.

No harm done.

There never was a problem.

A living teacher to look at - is Bob Adamson.

- His website link is on this Website.

An email to share.

Hi Gilbert,

I just wanted to say that I have been reading and appreciating your
"First Instant" blog for a while now.

I don't call myself a seeker or an intellectual, but I am interested in
Advaita and other non-dual teachings (Zen etc.) and I have an
intellectual type background. - I also see that we have to sidestep our
thinking processes to experience reality directly.

Sometimes, Advaita seems a bit too fundamentalist to me.
- The intellectual part of me is interested in issues such as free will or the
nature of time, and Advaita writings sometimes seem to be over
simplistic. - That's OK though, because I think the point of Advaita or
Zen is not to provide an intellectual explanation of reality but to
point towards a direct experience of reality.

Anyway, I don't want to answer your question about intellectuals and non-
duality and the laws of physics (they seem unrelated to me), but to wish
you well and thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.
- Love, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,
-Thanks for the email.
Yes, what you say is clear to me.

What is revealed is that I am alone.
There are no 'others'.
This sharing just happens.

I write to myself. - Why? - Who knows?

When I slip into believing that there are 'others' who need to know something etc, it seemingly gets complicated. It's always simple.

I see it as a rose to a peak and is lowering (itself) back into the natural state of being water, which it always was.

Once I cared about the miss-understanding being perpetuated 'out there' by apparently unscrupulous egoistic teachers etc.

It's all just appearing to 'happen'.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nutshell - numero uno - repeat-o

I am going to spell it out once in a nutshell.
Word, words, words, words. - Endless words!
Ramana said this and Papaji said that. - Eckhart Tolle said this and ‘so and so’ said that.

Well? - What do you say or think?
The essence of non duality is not a matter of what you think or don't think, or what 'they' or anyone thinks.
Thoughts spontaneously appear. - Like flowers appear in a field, thoughts appear in the mind.
- All this manifestation, including thoughts, is all expressed spontaneously. - It all just appears and disappears. - Apparent duration is witnessed from a point of no duration (immediacy).
- Does awareness disappear? - If you say 'Yes' - How do you know? - It must be witnessed as disappearing. - If there is witnessing taken place then awarness must be there for the witnessing to take place.

Everything spontaneously appears or happens without any entity with any volition being behind it. - It seems to be there for sure. - Is it a projection of belief?
This is all too spooky for most seekers and they turn away and reach for something more comforting.

In the ordinary sense of things, we have learnt many, many words.
- We interpret everything with words but it is always after the fact and based on memory. - The speed of its functioning in mind (process) is always behind the immediate instant of knowing, which is mind free (pure mind).
Do you label everything and project these words out into your world? - We label very little but it is enough to apparently get caught in.
Can you descriminate between pure cognition and the labelling that goes on?
Contemplate that( it is not so easily recognized or seen).
In the psychological appearance, of being a ‘person’, this mindscape is so habitually constant for this ‘me’ that the natural world appears masked by a realm of words.
- These words make a screen, which is often in conflict with personal drama.
- It's the cage of limitations, as Bob calls it.
- It seems to bring suffering and you want someone to save you from it.
- This 'me' keeps appearing to fall into its trap. (This applies also to a great number of so-called non-dualists. - Why else do they hang around teachers and gurus?)
Is your life like a weird court scene? - Where various solicitors take the stage and argue about everything while you keep taking sides with one and then another and then another. ALl about the past and what it true. - Isn't it confusion and not much more than that?

- In our quite moments we may hanker for the peace of no conflict, no mind.
Sex brings a brief relief as the psychological ‘me’ disappears for a short time.
But quite often sex becomes a big problem too.
- The very thing that brings relief is now a problem.
- Due to the reliance on words and conventional values, handed onto us, all the drama appears as if by our own making and guilt arises or anger.
In the appearance of time and things, you are the only one that can transform it all.
- Your teacher or guru cannot do it for you.
- All they can do is point.
- All talk of the grace of the guru is just belief system clap trap crap.
- All these dramas are a transparent film which does not touch you.
- It only appears that we transform them into clarity.

Reality is wordless – changeless. - Your true nature is THAT.
There is no possibility that you could not be THAT.
You can negate every ‘thing’ systematically but reality remains timelessly present.
Absolute silence/stillness is the core of what I am.
- What identity can ‘you’ or 'I' put on it?
The psychological ‘me’ cannot perceive it (or anything).

Seeing is knowing.
There is a silence/stillness where cognition registers all movement, sights and sounds.
It spontaneously happens without ‘doing’ anything and without becoming anything that we call a ‘Witness’.
- It remains empty and because it is empty we call it clarity.
(But that word is over used by some to the point of obscurity)

- Find the timeless. - You can't depend on memory.
- Time is memory only. - All doubt is in time and arises from memory.
- And who is the rememberer? - The one engaged in memories?
- Transient waves of appearance only!
The core is: You ARE Reality.

Why sacrifice your absolute silence for a bunch of words?
- Is that really what happens? Isn't that silence always here?
How can you hang onto it?
Stop trying to make efforts and let is be.

That is it in a nutshell.

No one wants to know

If you have not read Burt's on line book, then I suggest that you do so.
The link to it is on my 'Recommended Reading' page on the main website.

Well, the Quiz is Over - the winner is announced on previous Note.

Today's offering:

If your famous guru were to expound anything like the following note, a mass exodus would follow with only a few deaf stragglers hanging on.
No one wants to know what the true situation is.
Do they just want some comfort and ego support? Ask the Guru, she or he knows the answer to that one.

One without a second.
The Whole is undifferentiated in its immediate essential nature. - In the appearance of space and time it appears as all the diverse and differentiated ‘things’, space and time realms.
- The individual is nothing.Not knowing that, there arises a ‘seeking’ process in space and time. -Each apparent individual appears to need to discover its own nothing-ness.
- Only then will the seeking disappear. - I cannot reveal your nothing-ness for you.
- You must see and know it.Paradoxically, in that seeing there is no you that sees.
- Seeing encompasses the appearance of a ‘you’ and it is seen to be nothing at all.
- The individual identity dissolves or appears to dissolve, since it never was anything, so it can’t dissolve.
- The ‘seeker’ has no appetite for this discovery.
- That which SEES this dissolution (and indeed sees everything) is already FREE.
- What claim can a ‘seeker’ make upon this open ground of no thing?
- To set oneself up as a representative of truth is a falsehood.
- Having discovered this, there is a natural inclination to rest back in ordinary life.
- Where is the problem? - Some will say that all seekers must be released from the dream.
- My experience is that almost all seekers do not hear the message. - Selective hearing.
- Their inclination is to find some support for the ‘me’, yet disguised as a spiritual entity, a worthiness etc.
- It is just another absurdity. - There is no problem. - Remove yourself from your normal environment and sit in nature for awhile. - It is clear and obvious that there is no problem. They all reside somewhere else in another space and time. - Drop the reference points and see clearly that nothing touches this freedom that you are.
- It is immediate and ever fresh.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Final Notice! - to a Seeker - maybe it's YOU

The New CD is called "One Moment of Eternal realization".
- Check the website for details of how to order it.

- OK, fun promotion time is OVER! - Updated below.
Here is what I called a ‘Double Whammy’ for those clever seekers.

“It is against ‘the laws of physics’ for an intellectual to come into a full understanding of Non Duality”.

The request was: Tell me clearly and precisely why this statement is true or false and receive a free copy of my new CD. - There can only BE ONE winner. - Is it YOU?
- Email your answers to me via the email address on the front page of the main website.
Warning: Don't stress out over this. - If it gets too convoluted, then you have missed the point.

Thank you for all the ‘good’ answers.
Some were better than the question.
Why is it a Double Whammy? A mind twister!
Well, can the intellect answer such a question?
Does the question have any meaning?
In the space where there is a clear view of what the intellect is,

there is just knowing with no questions at all.
Can the intellect ‘go there’?

The quiz is over.
The winner is: Bridget.

New Note:

Basically, everything is as it is.
- Speaking of truth or untruth does not change anything in the essential nature of things.
Now in my case, as a seeker, my apparent ‘journey to truth’ ended like a fading cloud, as it dissolves into the empty sky. - That appeared to come about by contact with the Non Duality message. - The message first hit home via “I am That”, a book I am sure you are well familiar with. - That book led me to India and to meetings with Ramesh Balsekar and Sri Ranjit Maharaj. - On my second day in India I heard about a guy called ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson, who lives in my homeland, Australia. -I followed up that info and that proved to be the finish of it all.
Through contact with Bob Adamson, the message was received in no uncertain way and yet it is still inexplicable, if I try to explain it.
Bob is an ordinary guy with a dubious background (in the appearance of life stories).
There was a time that he would punch your lights out and ask questions later.
In his journey, so he has told me, in the company of Nisargadatta, his mind just ‘packed up’ and a clear view came to the fore. - Further ‘help’ was never needed from that day to this.
I have witnessed many come into a meeting with Bob, full of expectation and reverence for the Guru etc. - What they are faced with is a naturalness which is disarming for the expectant mind. - If they still find a resonance persisting while their expectations are dissolved, then they return again and again. - A ‘clearing’ opens up and ‘conscious presence’ is found to be their own. This conscious presence is in partnership with ALL presence. - The focal point called the ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’ is found to be a transitory reference point. - It is a clear one to be sure but it is a reference point which fades away.
In the following years after meeting Bob and in the seeing through of ‘everything’ there has been a sharing with ‘others’.
Like a Blossoming fruit tree, ‘small flower buds’ open up here and there.
It is a beauty to behold. - Delicate yet as hardy as steel. - Even in the bitter frost of a winter morning, these flowers shine with a presence beyond explanation.
It is genuine presence. - It can’t be given or acquired. - It can be uncovered.
My advice to anyone who still takes themselves to be a seeker:
Go see Bob if at all possible. - He won’t be around forever (in the available form he is today).
Many have already taken this advice to heart and the ‘results’ have been clearly conveyed to me. - It only goes to confirm that what happened for me, is still available.
It is always available.
Yet this availability still appears to be a conundrum for most seekers.
If they fall into the hands of an ‘egoistic’ teacher, then true freedom is forgone.
This applies to 99.99999 percent of seekers.
If you are a follower of some teacher or guru, the chances of your true freedom actually opening up as an immediate and ceaseless conscious knowing, is slim.
I am not being dramatic or unrealistic here.
It is very subtle.
I spent some 30 years on a ‘path’ which led me nowhere. - The teachers on that path were honourable men and I cast no dispersions on them whatsoever.
However, it did not free me. - It kept me bound in subtle ways.
Some would say that the journey was necessary and the result came from the Journey.
I KNOW that that ‘story’ is untrue.
What Bob pointed out for me was not necessarily actually put into words at all.
In fact it can’t be spoken at all.
This immediacy right now is appearing as the ever changing nature of life.
The essence is unchanging. - When that unchanging essence is fully resonating, then conscious presence in this now is naturally overwhelming to the minds inadvertence.
Tasting this over and over, establishes one in THAT, even though one has never been anything other than THAT.
All that happens is that the belief that I am anything ‘other’ that THAT is vanquished forever. - Nothing and no one can take it away.
That is my advice to the reader. - Take it or leave it. - It makes no difference to me. I am Free. - Join me if you wish.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Walking with the Moon

Soon this website will be reduced to a minimum.
It will point to Bob Adamson as the one to resonate with.
I am finding that talking and writing about all this has its limits.
Many just want entertainment. - After writing regularly for many months, I find that I have covered a lot of subtle points which are not usually spoken of. - Not much more can be added. - A lot can be removed in fact.
My new CD is a very direct means of pointing to what needs to be seen and it does that in many subtle ways. - It will do the job a lot better than words on a screen.
As for me, I find that a blending with the oneness of things is just happening all by itself.
Recent discussions with intellectual friends has shown me clearly how difficult it is for them to let go of the minds conceptual bias. - The message in such cases must come through something like feeling resonance. - There is a lot of fear to letting go of old ways of seeing things.
Bob is a master of dealing with such seekers. - I find I am just tired of hitting 'golf balls' in a golf course that has no holes, not to mention flags.
This moment of realization is perfect just as it is in everyone. - Where is the problem?
Those who are open to receiving the message are open to it. - Most are not. - Life itself will knock the stuffing out of some and that will open them up. - Then they will find what they need.
The subtle point is that nothing is happening. - There is a silence in the core of being. - If there is no openness to that, then the attention keeps going with the noise and concepts.

Every step you take, is in THIS Moment.
Just as the moon appears to stay with you as you walk along a beach on a full moon lit night. Another, walking in the opposite direction, sees the Moon travel with them.
The further something appears to be away from you, the closer it is.
Fence palings wiz by as you drive down that country road.
The Moon stays with you all the way.

The closest of all, is this Moment.
It touches the ALL, is everywhere, instantly, without moving.
It's vastness contains all directions at once, without limiting any of them.

The long and winding road home. - Never arriving. - Paying homage to an illusion.
The seekers trudging journey to that elusive reference point in mind and memory.
Disappointing and unsatisfactory. - It’s all a bit like sweeping away at a dirt (earth) pathway.
You just come up with more and more dirt.
Delusions of grandeur being a last ditch turn in the road for the hopeful and aspirant guru.
The apparent addiction to ‘acquisition’ or what is called ‘the progressive path’ will never disappear for the seeker.
The hope of ‘completion’ remains at a distance ‘up ahead’.
It, the seeker, is nothing but an energy pattern, which repeats itself over and over.
It is just a series of ‘reactions’ (if we accept that it exists at all).
Basically, it may be said that if the ‘addiction’ disappears, so does the ‘seeker’.
The seekers apparent ‘ability’ is to turn any fortuitous experience into more beliefs, as a personal merit or as a claim on some quality of superiority for itself.
It is all nothing but more and more belief patterns.
None of them can stand up to any clear investigation.

Because this is not seen clearly, it perpetuates itself on and on and can appear as very subtle belief patterns, which seem impossible to remove.
The thought to remove them is just another psychological posture and it itself is just more content.
Or it may appear as the opposite of the previous, as a demerit or some form of belief in unworthiness, seemingly acquired from an unwanted experience.

All experience-ING is IN this Moment and nowhere else. - How could it be anywhere else?
This is all we have.
- No thought or chronological instrument can divide THIS moment.

'I' - am this Moment - this 'One'. - This 'One Moment'.
Ha! - It is no big deal.

'I' and 'understanding' is this unmediated knowing. - There is NO split here.
it is far too obvious to be ever captured by any concept.

Ever-present and ordinary.

One Moment of Eternal realization

I have recorded my second CD which is called "One Moment of Eternal realization".
- check its availabilty on the main website.
What is it about?
As with everything, it's ALL about This Moment.
You whole life has appeared to lead right up to this moment.
Have you ever been out of this moment?
Isn't it perfect just as it is? - Isn't there immediate realization happening just as it is. - Seeing is happening.
If there is some thought that this moment is somehow wrong or imperfect, then what’s wrong with that?
Don’t get pinned down to some flimsy opinion. - Be free and see.
Knowing that it is all perfect just as it is, is not a time bound limited view and the view does not belong to a reference point or place.
- This freedom of a clear view is here at all times. - It belongs to no one and is not limited to any moment in time or any instrument of cognition.
It is your true identity even though you may be seemingly caught in some limited view from a fixating mind set. - The one who is seemingly caught is nothing other than a thought.
Seeing that is from beyond the thought.
Seeing is beyond all thoughts. - Seeing is happening quite naturally.
For the so called seeker, that timeless fact is a key to a free and open realization.
Time bound realization is just colours in the rainbow.
Timeless realization is not limited in time at all.
The famous death of the ‘me’ is nothing but clear and immediate seeing.
That is far too simple for the sophisticated seeker who is looking for a ‘big deal’.
This ordinary awareness, this simple wakefulness in ‘this moment’ is unchanging.
Going with the changeful keeps the seeker seemingly bound to its ‘portable prison’.
No matter what is happening and no matter what circumstance you believe yourself to ‘be in’, you are not in anything and the ‘matter’ of it all is clearly visible.
The simple and obvious is overlooked. - You are invisible.
Whatever is happening is perfect just as it is. - You ain’t going nowhere.
All time arises from ‘no time’. It is this eternal realization of the Self, manifesting as the All.
All possibilities are being actualized in this moment.

Note 2: Informal talks on the subject of Non Duality will be held in Byron Bay at some point soon. - Anyone in that area who is interested can contact me for the details. - My email address is on the right hand side of the main website, page 1. The Newcastle area is also planned. - Same applies to those interested.

From my Notepad, written on the bus in wriggly biro, on my way to work:
Nothing is separate and not even one particle exists outside of this infinite ‘field’ in which it appears within. - Of course, all notions of ‘within’ and ‘without’ are only arbitrary points of reference. - The notion that one is trapped in the limitations of being a helpless individual is purely conceptual. - Its all conceptual for the seeker. - The obvious is non-conceptual and ignored.
However, on close examination, the nature of concepts is found to be spacious.
That may appear to be paradoxical for the habituated mind view.
Assuming you can understand it, I will continue.
How can something spacious be binding? - How can a concept bind you?
Is it the fixation that contains the sense of binding? The limited sense?
The senses are mostly closed off and there is a sense of the attention spiraling around a few reference points in mind.
Little of the natural sensations and impressions are being consciously received.
This is the realm of a limited view from a mindset occupied by nothing that is actually within the clear and obvious present evidence.
It’s all most probably imported from some ‘other time’ and ‘place’ or circumstances.
Exploration of any fixation reveals more spaciousness. - Direct cognition comes to the fore. Natural wakefulness dissolves the fixation simply by removing the energy of belief, once things are seen for what they are. - Usually it’s all concepts parading as a story about ‘me and other than me’.
An immediate and extensive investigation reveals more space than anything else.
Isn't it just a sense of spacious knowing without any sense of attachment to anything at all?
The courage that is needed to make this investigation is the very nature of the indestructible spaciousness itself. - Conscious presence!
Isn't this why the teacher points out the news? - That you are not the body, - you are not the mind.
Further more: Taking yourself to be a limited being, you associate yourself with ‘concepts of limitation’.
Your true essence is already transcendent to all concepts or their implications.
The true nature of mind is clear and empty. - In that knowing emptiness everything is made known. Instead of associating yourself with these limited concepts, why not rest in that openness and see clearly that all direct experience-ing is taking place right there in awareness itself - and not in the realms of limited concepts and mind fixations.
So many make a big deal out of this spiritual investigation.
It's no big deal. - It is obvious and ordinary. - It is simply seeing what is.
Sense the space in which the body is appearing now. - Let whatever comes up in the mind just be there. - The space does not disappear. - Whatever arises in mind flows in and out.
Love is felt as a warm spaceous feeling towards oneself. - It is not taught or learned.
- It is neither conditioned nor unconditioned.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Habitual Myopic View - of the seeker

Basically a seeker is a denial of what is.
- However, it has no volition and so can’t truly deny anything at all. - So, all this pandering to the seekers needs is useless.
- The fact remains that few ever drop the seeker posture. - Like a distortion lens for the mind, it has a bias of selfishness, self-centred-ness. - How this biased view is dropped will remain a mystery. - It has much to do with how our attention is focused on a continuous series of fixations, points of identification with ‘things’. Objectifications.
- If one were to rest in openness to what is and to let the view be periphery, without any fixation on the habitual myopic view, then direct cognition would be more obvious.
But even then the tendency is to try and make it into something 'other', a practice or whatever.
- Ever fresh and new!
- Whatever the mind translates from the direct experience-ing is only more pathways into the habitual mindscape, where the hypnotic brain pattern draws one back into its habits.
- A natural open presence to those tendencies in mind is needed.
- However, any active effort to overcome them is just more mind content and that is always biased and so myopic by nature.
- So, we can conclude from that, that all these methods and practices concerning meditation or transcendence are prone to delusional conclusions and mind games. - One wants to place oneself in the scheme of 'things'.
- This is why for some; it is only when the mind has exhausted all avenues and gives up, that realization happens.
- The trap in that is that it is a transitory event in time and space and is only momentary.
- By letting it be just be as it is, then misapprehensions are avoided.
- What spiritual aspirants consistently miss is ....that which is ever present.
- Because it is ever present, it is not noticed to be of any value, since the predominant psychological posture is one of ‘seeking’. - "I want to be self realized".
- Paradoxically, ‘pointers’ like, “What you are seeking, you already are”, and “Full Stop”, are not received openly by a mind taken up with the activities or efforts of seeking.
- It's a denial of what is already present.
- Examples of this ignorance are clearly evident in the fact that so few hear the message openly.
- Recently I came across some texts, previously unknown to me, which I found to be extremely expressive of a clear expose of the Non Duality subject. - That revelation showed me that it has already been told so very clearly. - One out of several hundred monks hear what was really being conveyed. - The rest just plod on with their practices.
- The direct teachings of Zen Masters such as Huang Po have exposed the errors of dualistic mind very clearly, many centuries ago. - Such text is not appetizing to the egoistic seeker and so the news is ignored, if it is ever come across by such seekers.
- It is just all too confronting and disruptive to the biased view and invested beliefs.
- Most Buddhists everywhere ignore or simply do not understand the direct ‘pointing’ out of the erroneous view of practices etc. - Buddhism is meant to be about non-attachment yet the majority appear to be very attached to the atmosphere and trappings of being a Buddhist etc.

- Therefore, I may well conclude that it is useless to speak of this much longer.
- The most popular teachers are those who erroneously keep seekers on a 'path'.
- The donkey wants his carrot or he wont move.
- "Well he can bloody well stay where he is as far as I am concerned, he ain't getting no carrot from me".

- Clear ‘pointing’ is readily available in astoundingly clear texts in a few good books.
- Although many of these 'clear' older books are still available, it is rare that they are readily stocked by many spiritual bookshops.
In keeping with such trends, passed gurus like Ramana Maharshi have been turned into Gods, which is ridiculous and so contradictory to what he was pointing at.
- Adoring a photo of a living or dead guru while ignoring your own true essence is quite absurd and totally obscuring to ones own clear sight.

- Seekers in the main just don't hear what is being said. - They take what they want to hear and ignore the rest. - They twist it into some convenient jargon and go on in the same old ways.

- If we look at it closely, when it comes to any ‘clear teaching’, there are those who are open to it and the majority are not.
- How the few come to be open to it is a mystery ( if there is not an investigation happening).

- There is no shortage of teachers.
- There is no shortage of seekers.
- The cessation of teaching and the cessation of seeking is rare.

- However, beyond all this sprouting one can come to see that everything just happens as it does.
- The Buddha’s quotation says it all:
“Events happen, deeds are done, there is no individual doer thereof”.

All there is, is this moment of direct experience-ing.
- This is all there ever IS.
- Knowing is primary.
- It is ever fresh and it is not based on the past.
- Memory colours the present view if indulged in.

- Pure Knowing:
- It is not about the known - and it is not about the knower.
- Both appear in pure knowing and so they are just appearances, just like everything else in pure knowing.
- Know the truth of that and the 'journey' is over.

- Present and aware.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Silent words and empty minds

Notice Numero Uno: Any Pro 'Type Setters' who would like to assist with a couple of projects, please get intouch with me via this email address: -

Today's Notes:
Now, if you are making a whole lot of noise and disturbance over this non duality thing then it is all for nothing.
All that struggle and turmoil is just useless.
If you continue to think that you will uncover the gems of enlightenment by making internal grasping motions and all this indulgence in conceptual rigmarole, then you are grossly mistaken. - There is no doubt about that.
Insights will most probably come effortlessly when you least expect them to.
Following the minds inclinations is drawing your attention 'out' and away from the heart essence of wakefulness.
You can't actually stop that activity - but if there is a clear seeing of it, then it will abate of itself.

All that binds the mind into un-easiness is based on words.
To loosen this bondage, more words are used by ‘a clear teacher’.
A genuine openness to that connection is necessary.
As the bondage loosens, the expansion or openness is more obvious.
The space between concepts reveals itself as the background of presence awareness.
This thoughtless reality makes itself clear and obvious without any words necessary.
Silent understanding emerges (appears to emerge relative to the disappearing fixations of habitual mind).
As long as that habitual fixation of a ‘you’ who needs to perceive something to grasp or understand is feed by belief, then it will keep that ‘you’ treading ‘the mill track’.
So in a way, it seems that words and concepts have the power to bind you.
The only thing that is bound by them is the conceptual ‘you’.
It is not your authentic being-ness or presence.
See that the source of all words is actually silence.
Therefore, know that all words are an expression of silence.
Your true essence is that silence.
So when the attention is with that silence and the words or concepts are witnessed, then the proportion is more balanced, so to speak.
The fixations cannot construct a realm of erroneous belief.
You are present and aware.
Don’t trade that for a bunch of concepts.
What does all that mean?
Well, it is an ‘attempt’ with words to ‘reveal’ something which is not even obscured by words or by anything at all.
Our apparent dependence on words occupies the habitual internal processing which is of the ‘past’.
It’s all stale, like last weeks bread.
All those mind activities are usually believed in as being meaningful and necessary.
- For whom? For the conceptual ‘you’!
You are not that image.
Words are like the mirage of a camel.
You climb onto that camel and ride it into the realms of imagination.
See and know in this immediacy that you have never gone anywhere at all.
Everything is clear and obvious.
All such activities can never bring you to some final realization.
Realization is made out to be some big deal.
It is not. - In fact realization is constantly happening.
It is all of the mind only.
All revelations are transitory and they all disappear.
Most spiritual teachers rehash old revelations and begin to teach a method based on their ‘yesterdays’.
The very basis of such activities is completely erroneous and can only lead to more ‘stale bread’.
The ground is fertile and many plants sprout in it. - All the diversity sprouts there.
No seed will sprout in the sky (space like awareness).
Without the ground (awareness) nothing could appear at all within this being-ness.

How can one grasp that? - It is indeed ungraspable.
All attempts to do so are fruitless.
No matter what anyone tells you of their spiritual achievements, its all delusional.
The genuine teacher lives in this heart essence presence of THIS NOW - and any teaching that may be imparted comes directly from THIS presence right now. - Ever Present.

This is why most of the unfortunate seekers quests are so rarely successful.
The egoistic seeker will resonate with the egoistic teacher and so they dance thier dance in a frenzy of self delusion. There is nothing wrong in that. It is just that the promise of freedom is a confidence trick.
The seeker that is fair dinkum will resonate with the genuine teacher and the job is done quickly, depending on the ammount of resistance.
A genuine teacher will not tell you that they arrived at the understanding via some method or practice. - They are the immediate knowing - and that is what makes its mark.
How rare is such a one! How many teachers do you know of that do not teach some kind of belief system?
All those who teach methods and practices, have possibly only touched the eternal presence of pure knowing for a moment and then they have slipped back into a mindscape.
Their ego builds a story of attainment from it all and so they fall victim to self delusion.
Then they teach from that platform in mind and so cannot lift anyone beyond that platform which is only erroneous beliefs. - It is only made in the realm of concepts.
Delusions of freedom on such a platform is all transitory mind stuff and its false confidence can be lost at any moment.
So, one should not hand over ones trust to any of those who teach methods and practices.
Practices and methods are dead flowers on the seekers grave.

This realization is only ever in this immediacy. It is LIVING.
Ever-fresh and new.
No method or practice can enter this immediacy.
The sword can’t cut it.
The fire can’t burn it.
The water can’t drown nor wet it.
The wind can’t touch it nor dry it.
IT contains all those elements.

One without a second.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Different 'Tack'

Allow me to take a slightly different 'tack' on this non dual 'thing'.

How many times have you contemplated the concept of re-arranging your life?
To re-arrange your priorities? - To pull yourself together? - Knock yourself into shape?
Then there is the question of where you want to be? - A five year plan is common.
Who you want to associate with etc? - Got to get away from these losers!
How many ‘turn arounds’ have there been? - How many times have you changed your mind?
Ha! - That’s a good one. - Change your mind!
The revolution came and went. - What has changed? - Getting older?
Who is that in the mirror?
When we were twenty or so, we thought we would live forever. - Old people were just there as something to avoid being like.
-“I won’t get trapped into that mortgage game”.
I dug out a whole lot of LP’s from those years. - It’s amazing how the music is still there in memory as bright as when we first heard it. - The lyrics art full of promise and social changes. New views and a revolutionary way to live.
Well, where did it all lead?
Has anything lead anywhere other than right here, right now?
This apparent ‘journey’ has seemingly wound its way through all manner of circumstances, marriage, children, various homes and all kinds of relationships, professional and personal. All my degrees, proof of achievements and various other documents lay in a draw gathering dust.
I remember going through my father’s documents after he departed. - Sorting out my ‘left overs’ stored in the cellar of the family home. - Memories flood back in as we do such chores. Old attachments to useless ‘things’. - It part of what we are, isn’t it?
Have you ever considered how many humans have lived on the Planet?
What trace is left of their individuality? - Remains a dug up in the present and examined. Theories are postulated and careers are founded on them. - Experts have always had their say about it all. - Scientists and their knowledge.
Have you noticed that since you first became away of science, there have been numberless corrections and alterations to the theories?
The fact is that science can’t even explain ‘why you laugh’. - All the concepts about it are just concepts. - Like life itself, it is all a mystery to the mind and its terrain of conceptual explanations.
There is an obvious and indubitable fact. - This moment is presence. - This moment has no beginning and no end.
Even though your awareness may appear to fluctuate in this moment, the presence is absolutely stable. - In fact you cannot leave THIS.
It cannot be diminished or added to. It can’t be stored or retrieved.
Whatever inner posture, or external posture you may take in THIS, it is simply a movement within Presence. - It is all obviously transitory except for the one constant.

Presence Awareness.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

One more 'Shot' into Emptiness.

There is a basic assumption which the seeker appears to make.
That is that ‘it’ can see, hear, do and be. - The pure functions of seeing, hearing etc., have nothing to do with anything called a seeker. - They cut straight through the mind patterns.
The immediate and unmediated 'samskara' (impressions) are a source of wakeful stimulation. - The stored samskara of memory are usually an obscuration, if dwelt upon.

The news that the 'seeker' will never ‘get’ the Non Duality ultimate ‘prize’, which is commonly called ‘enlightenment’, can never be appealing to that belief in being a seeker, to that mind construct called ‘you’.
The ever potent so-called non dual ‘message’ is simply addressed to the true essence, which is beyond the surface of a persona.
So, that elusive ‘enlightenment’ is actually an impossibility or just a spiritual dream. - What that word 'enlightenment' infers is the light of the presence, the ever present actuality, which is consistently overlooked.
- It is overlooked simply because ‘it’ is not any ‘thing’ or state of affairs and its obviousness is simply far too obvious. - To the annoyance of all 'seekers', there are many accounts of some who can't stop laughing when it is recognized.
- The nature of dualistic mind is to discriminate and THIS can never be discriminated, since its very nature is emptiness. - When the minds content is seen clearly without attaching some identity to it or in attaching some entity to that which is seeing, then the view is clear. - (It's actually always clear - too obvious!)
The seeker can never enter into the clarity of the natural state. - It can't 'do' anything at all.
It, the seeker, is just an appearance that appears in the natural state and disappears without a trace.
Its repetition is simply habitual and its seeming substantiality appears real only because it has not been investigated thoroughly.
- Follow that through and the game is over!
Be warned, once the game is over, few will want to hear about it or understand what you wish to convey.
The so-called seekers mind is dotted with passing reference points. It connects all the apparent ‘dots’ and makes up stories, and in that activity it can never find a resting place.
- All the answers that arise in the mind are just more dots.
- If a scientist could calculate how much material there is in the universe, I suspect that it would amount to a miniscule percentage in relation to 'the space in which it all appears'.
- The same percentage relates to all these dots and problems we think we have.
By resting in that pure space of knowing, then these so-called ‘problems’ take on their relative proportion. - Mountains from Mole hills. - Last years, or last weeks dramas have all disappeared.
Life naturally flows with an ease and the apparent ‘me’ appears and disappears without incident. - The intellect will balk at such statements. - “Yes But…..etc”
All that is simply a conceptual parade in associative thought patterns. They are a resistence to what is natural and obvious. - How absurd!
How many concepts have you witnessed? - Which one's were of benefit to you?
Did any ever harmed you?
- Investigate that and it's the end of the game.
By looking clearly and honestly at those questions, it can only bring you 'back' to the this clear and present moment of awareness. - This immediate space of knowing has no room or place for any ‘problem’ to settle in.
- See the truth of that and its over. - Ah but it is far too obvious!
-"It can't be that simple" says the seeker. - Oh but it is!
All these apparently sporadic ‘times’ of ‘conscious presence’ are actually an absence of belief in substantiality. - Too obvious to notice!
No ‘seeker’ worth his ‘salt’ will ever agree with these words.
I know what the seeker is. - The ‘seeker’ has been vanquished here.
- The benefit of that, is that the ‘seeker’ there is also vanquished. You only need to realize that and know fully that you are not a seeker at all. - Far too obvious!
Therefore I quote Clint, and say to the seeker: “Go Ahead Punk, Make my day”.
All these words are forming into a pointing finger, aimed into that space of seeing, in you.
Nothing can touch that emptiness and its ever fresh nature is far too obvious and so you have missed it over and over.
What more can I say?
Like Krishnamurti said: “For forty years I have been singing to the deaf”.

Email response:
Dear Gilbert,

Not everyone is deaf! - It's all very clear here now. - For the past two weeks I have been mainly on my own with no agenda so there has been constant & intense watching of the mind. - Awareness is in the foreground now. - I know I am that. - I see "my story" appearing each morning and it no longer fools me. - I can with all confidence say that I am no longer a seeker. - Love from S.......

Secret Code:
Seekers want ‘the secret code’ and they want it put into everyday language. - Why? - Because they keep looking through concepts! - So many gurus give out endless concepts to ensnare thier devotees.
Take careful note of this: - The genuine teacher or guru robs you consistently of concepts. He does this simply to reveal the source of awareness.

Bob Adamson is a remarkable example of how this Non Dual explanation can be expressed so simply. - It is in fact not an explanation at all. - He may repeat certain points over and over. It is coming directly from the immediate knowing, so it carries with it a potency.
For most it takes a 'staying with it' until that knowing saturates as it disperses erroneous beliefs. - Most seekers jump from one concept or teacher to another in their frantic search. Most want to protect the illusion of being someone 'special'.
It's a dead end track to nowhere but who wants to know that?
Even though Bob is so straight about it all, intellectuals will ask: “Can you put that into everyday language?” - Well the concepts of common consciousness are all rather gross.
- How can a rarefied conceptual pointing ever be put into everyday language?
- Yet Bob seems to do just that. - How remarkable!

Let's face it. - If you really wanted this realization of the ease of being, then you would have taken the steps by now. - Instead of consuming endless non dual literature in some vague hope of some wonderous event overtaking you, why not get fair dinkum? - No one can do it for you.
Anyone who really absorbs what Bob is saying, cannot survive as a seeker. - I know because that it how it happened for me. - Now I find is difficult to remember what being a seeker is like.
It is just a bunch of stories which have lost their 'sting' or 'pull'. - Anyway, why would I even want to remember it?
Most spiritual teachers have got it up side down and back the front. - It is NOT about acquisition.
It is about discarding the erroneous beliefs and little more than that. - The problem is that the 'me' is woven into those beliefs. - It is the primary split in perception. It must be uncovered as being a false premise. - Sure it is 'old' and steeped in habit. - Never the less it has no power over pure seeing. - See that and it is over.

If the intellect insists that it has ‘got it’, even though it is obvious it has got nothing, then even that nothing cannot convince it, 'until' that intellectual posing is penetrated or seen through.
- The ego base and spiritual arrogance of many seekers and even some teachers is simply absurd to witness. - How many of them hero worship Ramana Maharshi? - How many have realized what he so simply pointed at?
There is a common guru trick of talking about unconditional love. - It’s an old one but a seemingly effective one for binding souls to a system.
– It sells heaps of books. - Go into any spiritual bookshop and you are immediately surrounded by a million pages about unconditional love.
Why does it appear to work so well? - Because we want that tender and intimate connection so badly. – And we have been burnt so many times when it looked oh so promising.

He takes me in his arms and says: “As I look into your eyes I melt like butter in the midday sun”. - Six months later, she says: “I can’t stand him around me”.
It’s all about ‘me’ and the ‘other’.
Promising seekers a ‘secret code’ is a sure way to enhance that retirement fund.

The voice of a so-called genuine teacher will rarely speak of love, if at all. - And when he does it is because someone else has used the word in a question.

I could easily go on about love and attract ten or a hundred fold to this website.

- I know all the words to say and how to put it into a lovely soup for the ignorant. - Trouble is, it is exposed immediately as a fraudulent parade of hypnotic jargon. - I prefer some breathing space. - Not being pestered by doting admirers is good enough for me.

Contemplate this word love. - See how seductive it is and how the mind swoons so easily into imagination. - The ones who over use the word have an agenda. - Why speak of it at all?

Who can really speak of love?

Love is not a concept. - It is an aspect of the nature of Non Duality.

- Love is another word for Being or Awareness.

- Love is not a problem. - Sex is not a problem.

- It is what we apparently make them into that seemingly creates the dramas of life.

How many wars have been started over love or attachment? - All of them!

- But it is always about a 'ME' and 'Not Me'. - Duality!

Let me remind you that your apparent interest is in Non Duality.

Non Duality is far too obvious - you can't get out of it!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

NO Exceptions in THIS.

Zero Degrees of Separation.
This Singular Essence is your true identity.
Although it is everywhere, it is firstly known right here, right now as what you are.
All ‘paths’ lead only away from THIS into diversity, ‘the world of appearances’.
The ONLY reality there is, is THAT which is unchanging.
ALL appearances are like Radiant Expressions of THIS Singular Essence.
Knowing This, all methods and practices are revealed to be based only on beliefs and so they are actually a kind of denial of THIS Actuality, which is ever beyond fragmentations.
Wholeness is Wholeness. - It is not in need of all the king's horses and all the king's men to put it back together again. - All seekers are engaged in a fallacy.
- Gurus who perpetuate methods are just dream characters and are not awake to the dream. - They cannot be awake to it, because to impose methods onto their unfortunate followers, this must mean that they themselves are lost in inadvertence and a dreamscape.
They all behave like watchmakers trying to fix a clock that is no broken.

Zero Degrees of Separation!

You can rearrange all the ‘parts’ and all the ‘words’ as much as you like but the sum of the parts is NEVER equal to the WHOLENESS.

See how profound Bob’s words are: “Start from the FACT that you ARE THAT”.

Your partial view, in believing yourself to be separate, can never return to ‘the source view’.
You ARE Present and Aware. - Pure awareness without words. - Thoughtless reality.
SEE from such impartiality, see from this simple wakefulness, without adherence to any concept, no matter how sacred or spiritual it may appear to be.
SEE that you never move from THIS immediacy. - The conceptual movement is only mind stuff.
Within the bounds of a sustained view, the bonds of hypnosis will break and you will see that your true identity never shifts away into any appearances.
In some realms this so called knowledge is held up to be highly esoteric and secret knowledge. It is believed to be only worthy to be imparted to a few lucky ones. - Elite and deluded souls.
The irony of such beliefs is that this simple wakefulness is present in everyone.
It is erroneously sacrificed or overlooked in preference for the ‘special path’ of attainment - and so what you already have is bypassed due to an egoistic hunger.
- That is ‘a path’ to suffering.
Beware of teachers and gurus who speak of attainments, Time scales of deliverance and especially those who speak of unconditional love. - These are the most deranged and usually most charismatic. - Charisma is always ego based and only serves to deepen the seekers slavery to duality, even in the guise of Non Duality teachings.
These gurus and teachers are truly only signposts, pointing you away from your true essence.
There are NO exceptions in this. - Examples of these are very popular teachers in the West.
Some even 'put down' other teachers by saying that they are not teaching true Non Duality.
This is pure bunkum. - There is NO teaching of Non Duality. - Non Duality IS what IS.
Duality is just appearances, what 'appears to be'.
Even as I write this, I know that there may not even be one reader who understands what is written here.
Well, maybe one, but I know this One.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Living Reality - a Book.

Note:Check Mark West's Blog for interview number 4.
Here is the link.
A New Website: - Burt is the one who helped me set up this Website and he did a thorough job of going over my manuscripts for the two books.
- Awareness has been expressing itself there in Burt as well. - Here is a link to his new website where you can read some of his writings.
Email your comments to him via this address:

BOOK NEWS:- Jean Pierre has his book manuscript available on line.
- The joy of the message is resonating loudly there.
- Link to his site is on my Links page.
James Braha’s new book is now released. - I had the pleasure of a preview copy.
- This new book called “Living Reality – My extraordinary Summer with ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson", is very refreshing and a welcome addition to the growing collection of books on Bob.- It’s not for die hard 'semantic' non dualists or pseudo 'teachers'.
- It's an excellent introduction to this sometimes difficult subject. - The writing has a friendly atmosphere, so to speak and is a comfortable read. - I am sure many will find it to be of considerable value. - In the main it is dialogue transcriptions of talks with Bob.
- Some are from private talks and some from gatherings. - It demonstrates a dissolving of complex miss understandings. - If one reads it with a relaxed attention, then some otherwise difficult topics may well open up in a new way.
- The personalized sections are welcome and do not conflict with the main message at all.
- In fact the main message comes through loud and clear.
- Many will find this book extremely useful, since James and others hammer away at Bob with various questions and concepts - which are shared by most 'seekers'. - It's very comprehensive and contains many points which one does not come across elsewhere in mainstream non dual literature.
- When I first discovered Bob, I wanted everyone to know about him and his clear message.- Well, we know that not everyone, in fact very few are really interested. - Actually, even in spiritual circle, there are very few who really resonate loudly in their authenticity with a true message. - So habitual is the apparent bondage, that they can't let go of the sad stories of being a seeker. - How miserable!
- Most prefer to perpetuate the illusion and will avoid at any cost, the true situation.
- Of course there is no entity 'doing' any such thing but it appears that way. - Even though there is not a single doubt here about it all, it is still a joy to see more and more picking up on Bob's genuine and profound subtle pointing. - Surely all these seekers must eventually get tired of those sacred teachers in their 'get up' and all their 'preciousness'.
- In a clearly obvious way, one can easily percieve that Bob has no ego base at all. - That freedom touches the innate freedom in us and something is revealed.
- Once revealed, it can never full close over again.- In simply seeing, without a reference point in (fixating) awareness, the shroud of ignorance dissolves completely.
- I must say I feel some 'personal' happiness about this book appearing 'out there' in the world of seekers.- It is a relief to see that this book will be easily available through the publisher.
- This new book by James will make an impression and assist in spreading the news about Bob’s extraordinary ‘influence’.- The book is around 320 pages long.
- I advise anyone who is a bit tired of the ‘heavy’ non-dual literature to get this new book.- It is a welcome sharing of this living reality.
- Well done James - Gilbert-
For Ordering: The ISBN number is 0-935895-10-8 51995- Living Reality.
by James Braha - Printed by Hermetician Press. - OUT NOW!
Check his website out -