Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Everything IS

Recent correspondence:
Email 1:
"Dear G, I can not convey in words the extraordinary beauty and depth of it. - If my opinion was to count I would say it is one of the most important and beautiful books I have ever read in my life. - Thanks-Thanks-Thanks - Love, André."

Email 2:
"Dear G,
I have been immersing myself in Sailor Bob's two books and have had some cracking of the ‘Kirk foundations’ already. - I have ordered the book and am looking forward to your take on things as the descriptors or pointers you use seem to penetrate my cranium like no others. - The recent-cy of the ‘snuffing out’ of your own seeking and the insights gained probably have a lot to do with it."
Thanks Again, - Kirk

“Everything is Clear and Obvious”.
Forget those impotent sayings by sloppy teachers like: “There is nothing you can do”. - That only blocks your innate potentiality.
- You must take an active part in the deconstruction of your beliefs.
Reading this book may very well assist in revealing a profound intelligence at work within your own presence. - It is easily overlooked but I have intentionally covered every angle, so that it is virtually impossible for any reader to miss it. – With the possible exception of those stubborn intellectuals who may stay forever bound up in concepts.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Life - It's Clear and Obvious.

New book now available: "Everything is Clear and Obvious"
Mark West a living disciple of Nisargadatta says "This book is a wonderful tribute to Sailor Bob Adamson and Nisargadatta Maharaj, as well as a flawless expression of Gilbert's own crystal clear seeing and insight...A brilliant piece of writing."
(Mark West, author of the book 'Gleanings from Nisargadatta' - to be released soon)

A New Website for Mark West is coming, from which it will be possible to order the new book "Gleanings from Nisargadatta". - This book will take its place amongst the valued books of transcriptions from Maharaj's meetings. - This is profound new material which is not found elsewhere.

Notice: Anyone that has been to see Bob and wishes to express something about the visit and how things are now, can write a brief account to me.
- These will be compiled for use in a new project I am working on.
- Email me at my Yahoo address listed on Bob's websites contact page.

News: A new blogsite in Portuguese is up and running.
the address is:- http://nondualportuguese.blogspot.com/

Today's Note.
It appears to be a paradox, one that appears to have no solution.
That appears to be so due to the fact that we keep going back into the mind content, thinking that understanding is hidden there somewhere.
Understanding is 'pure functioning', not unlike awareness itself.
- In fact they are not two things, awareness and understanding are not 'things' at all. - They are one and the same - different aspects of the same.
For the habitually identified mind of the seeker, it appears that the essential message 'slips by' over and over (for most of us).
If you listen or read the words of one who is speaking from the non dual perspective, it can assist or allow the mind to align itself with that perspective. - That is how things happened for me when I met Bob Adamson.

We need to get back to basics and the basics are not hidden from us.
- They reveal themselves naturally with the investigation.

Only by seeing through all concepts can you discover what you truly are.
And what you truly are, already is.
It is clear and obvious that 'presence' is One and without thinking about it, there is a wholeness to presence which we miss if we think about it.
Many take thinking to be what they are, so much so, that the above sentence does not register.
The mind only appears to divide Oneness.
So ‘who’ is it that needs to see through it all?
Awareness is non dual. Seeing is clearly functioning.
These ‘two’, awareness and seeing are really One in essence.
Seeing is already happening. - What you truly are already is.
Awareness is presence and this knowing presence is this awareness.
No steps need be taken.
No practice need be made.
This new book may very well assist in revealing what you are, even though it can never be written down in words.
Just come back to the fact that seeing-knowing are already happening.
Drop the concepts and just see and be what you are.
Just one moment of clear insight is enough to ‘break the ice’.

George Orwell said: “good prose is like a window pane”.
It allows you to see clearly what is being described.
- The message of Non Duality goes a significant step further.
- It reveals the ephemeral nature of the seer and identified mind is transcended.
- A direct presence of knowing ‘emerges’ and is known to be what I am, my true identity.
As Nisargadatta says: “I am That by which I know I am”.
I am THAT presence awareness in which I know everything.
By a simple and direct investigation and by letting go of all reference points, I recede back into that clear space of knowing. - I witness whatever the mind attaches to and in turn let it go simply by remaining as the impartial witness. - Then the witness is seen and it is known that I am beyond even that.

I have published this book as a conscious intervention of habitual mind, a guide for those who resonate with this unique and direct approach.
– Gilbert.

We all like a story but the story is always from the past or about an unknown future. - Many teachers spin their stories about how they 'got it'.
My teachers did not indulge in any elaborate stories, they were very direct and wasted no time in directing my mind back to presence awareness. - It is now known that this is the most efficient 'way' to show the mind that its stories and indulgences with 'other times' are just useless. - They are only entertainment and a trap if indulged in.

Fortunately Gilbert ‘had’ at least one teacher of the highest order. - I say ‘had’ and not ‘has’, not because Bob is no longer my teacher and not because I am no longer his ‘student’ - because I know first hand that in truth there is no teacher and no pupil. - Bob in no uncertain terms revealed this very simply and he is pointing it out in so many ways everyday.
– So, as the story goes, it appears that I am one that ‘got it’ - even though there is no separate one to 'get it' or 'not get it' or anything. - That trap is one of the most common 'illusions' for seekers and their apparent 'determination' of getting it, turns out to be resistance to 'what is'.
– My ‘First Class Ethereal Certificate of Completion’ hangs in infinite space for no one to see.
As the years ‘appear’ to go by, one becomes more familiar with how things are, so to speak.
- The old habitual mind patterns fade away from disuse. – That is just a way of expressing it.
– In fact there is no time and everything is clear and obvious as it always has been.
– All the coming and going came and went while I still remain as I am.
– That is just too paradoxical for the mind to cope with (for most).
There has been an incredible amount of sharing going on via my website. - Having ‘been through the ropes’, I know many of the stumbling blocks for a ‘serious seeker’ and I know many ‘out there’ take themselves to be just that. - Unfortunately they come across very suspect information.
Now, in not playing the game of being special, everything remains normal and all inclusive. – I am the whole pudding, including the cherry on top.
Everything appears in this presence that I am.
Can you say the same with absolute certainty?
You see, when a so-called teacher plays the game of ‘being above’ everyone (I am the ‘cherry on top’ – ‘I am the Master’) it automatically excludes the pupils and assigns them to the floor below the sacred ground of the teacher. – Groveling comes into play and favoritism brings about a lot of internal considering and drama for the inner life of the pupil.
The Zen monasteries used to have a practice of making one of the teachers into a ‘Mr. Nasty’. – It would be his job to give everyone the ‘heebie jeebies’. – After a period of twelve months, the job of ‘Mr. Nasty’ would be assigned by the Abbot, to another teacher. - There may be several teachers about the place. – Now ‘Mr. Nasty’ may be assigned to the one who had been ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ last year. - This automatically gave shocks to the monks habitual mind structures.
The old ‘Mr. Nasty’ might be the ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ this year.
This ‘method’ was not only of benefit to the pupils, because the teachers also had the opportunity of profound insight into the drama of life and the ever present potentiality of freedom from it all.
What am I getting at?
If by chance you are with a teacher who considers and behaves as though he is ‘the cherry on top’, I say that you are wasting your time. - Only the ego admires that conceitedness and wants to imitate it. - It will never bring that deliverance he promises, in fact it will almost assuredly prevent a falling away of the habitual traps.
I may at times appear to be ‘Mr. Nasty’ when it comes to ‘having a go’ at false teachers.
Like a log clogged river, it may only require one log to be freed, for the whole lot to be released from the stinky ‘stagnant waters’ of a conceited teacher’s trap.