Friday, September 30, 2005

Let’s not talk Falsely Now, the hour is getting late!

Note taken from an email reply:

You are faced with a dilemma.
IN and AS the Actual you are free - as you always have been.
In the mind - a pattern of belief in being a ‘seeker’ appears and re-appears.
It is nothing but a series of concepts, doubts and fears. - Fears of annihilation.
The conceptual fixation wants security and since it is a dream, there can be no security for it.
- So since it cannot find a foundation of solidity to hold on to, it fears its own demise, which is actually happening all the time.
- Contemplate that and maybe you will see very clearly that that is what the seeker is.
- The ‘seeker’ is vanishing consistently. - It's a shimmering vapour - Nothing can prop it up for long - and its props are vapour also. - Who wants to know such knowledge.
As Nisargadatta say: "There are no customers for this knowledge" -
So, all that is needed is to see clearly that the desperation for freedom (and all that comes with it) is just the flimsy fabric of conceptual bondage - ‘the bondage of self ’.
Your true freedom is impersonal and is found in your nothing-ness.
The paradox is that the seeker has no wish to ‘go’ there - and it cannot go there. - It runs in the opposite direction as it has appeared to do all its non-existence!

(In the appearance) The dissolution of the seeker is activated by the light of knowing.
Darkness is dispelled by light.
Ignorance is dispelled by Knowing.

All there truly IS - is Knowing.

Who does not know this?
As soon as a true investigate begins, then the light of knowing reveals all that needs to be revealed. As Bob says: "The false cannot stand up to the investigation. It falls apart".
This investigation [proceeds naturally, as if by its own volition.
- You already have all you need. - Fear not - just see and be free.
As Nisargadatta says: "That which directs the attention is (from) beyond the attention".
Pointing, pointing, pointing.
NO concept can ever reveal the empty nature of mind. - It already IS.
Pure seeing – pure knowing is untouched by the movements in mind.

Quote: “Let’s not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late” – Bob Dylan from “All along the Watch Tower”.

Another note taken from an email reply:
“What are you pretending to be?
How many masks are tucked away in the cupboard?
Do you know them all intimately?
Or are they so hypnotic in effect, that you don’t even notice when you take one off and replace it with another?
What is this hypnotic state of mind?
If you don’t know, then who or what is going to know it?
Does this living presence (with eyes) behind the mask appear to be dulled and ‘elsewhere’.
A blunt sword does not cut cleanly.
- Your authentic presence is sharper than any material object and it cuts through all disguises without exception. - Nothing can stop Seeing!
Pure seeing penetrates all camouflages and it is full of knowing.
The self-centre fixation is the apparent problem - but for whom?
Who owns the problem?
It appears that we must ‘come’ to know all this intimately through ‘time’.
It certainly appears to be that way.
When you emerge from a fog, everything is clear and obvious.
- What is known, is that the non-clarity is only a transient state of affairs and that which is, IS and was there all along.
We must pay attention to the immediacy of our life just as it is.
Not as a contrived effort with the minds formulations (based on the past).
Instant - Immediate! (no mediate!).
No effort. - Effortless Presence - just as it is. - That includes whatever is appearing in the mind in its immediacy, no matter what it is.
If the attention slips away into inadvertence, then it easily turns into the usual paradoxical terrain of conflicting reference points. - It always includes the ‘me’ as the ‘lynch pin’.
- The key point is that what you are, is the natural pure functioning – pure awareness – pure knowing.
Let the mind rest on nothing at all and just see that all there is, is Knowing.
Everything else comes and goes. - Since it all comes and goes, you can determine in an exacting way. - You know that you are not these transient appearances.
What you are is not knowable in any ‘objective sense’.
- It is unchanging.
Stop trying to be a SEER and let SEEING be effortless.
Don’t grasp at what appears and don’t hold onto any apparent knowledge that springs up. - When any concept of being enlightened arises, let it move on and be free of it.
In this way, freedom unfolds itself completely and you avoid the tempatation of being someone special, someone enlightened, which is the final threshold to actual freedom.
Many teachers and gurus have not seen through this threshold.
No one can pass this threshold from the mind.
This threshold is just an appearance that delineates ‘nothing’ at all”
As Nisargadatta says: "You are free now, you have never been bound".

I say: "Where is the doubt?"
- Gilbert.

Quote: “Don’t think twice, it’s alright” – Bob Dylan

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ultimate truth from a bipedal instrument

Email from Charlie:

Dear Gilbert,

I love the print version of the book! - Why?

Clarity. - Simply that. - After spending time with Bob, your book comes along as a perfect reminder (so to speak) of that which Bob pointed out - that which cannot be invalidated or denied - That which IS - Always Here, Always Now, self-shining, lighting the present with Its unlimited unfettered Presence. - Lovely stuff, hard hitting, strikes right into the heart and bypasses the thinking-mind conceptual machinery.

Well done! - Thank you, from Heart to Heart.
Warm Regards,

Today's Note:
I was first introduced to Non Duality at the age of seven or eight.
- It was rather ordinary mixed with the mystery of existence. - The ordinary wonderous life of a child was penetrated by a profound truth way beyond the capacity of the child consciousness.
- I see now that it was an ultimate non-dual symbol expressed through my own hand.
- Being unsophisticated at that age (I still am) there were no added interpretations to layer over the experience. - So it still arises in memory in rather a pristine ‘condition’.
- In my school equipment, for the new school year, was included a pair of compasses.
- An instrument for describing circles having two legs and a pivot point at its apex.
- A pencil was to be fitted into one of the legs and locked in place by a circular threaded ring.
- I have distinct memories of the first time I used the instrument.
- I was filled with wonder at apparently actually creating something that appeared to be perfect. - A deeply symbolic symbol manifested on the page in front me as I drew the circle. Paradoxically there in the exact middle of this circle was a pin hole in the page. - This fixed point was paramount in the process of creation of the perfect circle.
Yet it was nothing. - It was a hole. - ‘Matter’ pushed aside by the sharpness of the compass point - to make way for the ultimate symbolic expression in space and time.
- Now, what has all this to do with Non-Duality?
- The compass is a dual legged instrument.
- One leg (point) penetrates the void and represents the stability of the non-moving, un-manifest while the other leg represents the action, the movement, and the ‘di’-scribing of the manifest. Dualism arises from the non dual through its own 'apparent' KNOWING movement.
'Present Evidence' (thanks D.H.) is obvious.
- The ‘movement’ is stabilized and ‘the trace’ or clear and obvious 'present evidence' is the absolute clear equality of emptiness and world which you see before you.
- 'One eternal motion' produces the eternal perfection.
- The stability of the True Self, as well as the Teacher, Sage or Guru is just like this nothing at the centre of perfection. When Teacher and pupil merge, all is eqaul and perfect.
- That which is stable and unchanging in your-self - is the knowing factor and all things are witnessed by this centre of perfection yet the so-called witness is actually invisible.

Note: I developed a love for geometry and its simple truths.
We all have experiencing of a profound kind in childhood. It just gets covered over by belief. There is no suggestion, subtle or otherwise, that I am special because of what I have expressed here.

Hi Gilbert!
I just read the blog posting about the compass. - Beautiful!
- It brought back similar childhood memories for me too. - The one on 'Nutshell', before it, was quite excellent too. - One thing I have noticed with some regularity over the past months is a spontaneous recalling of various past incidents of the most ordinary sort (but often people, places, and things I hadn't thought of in years and had no particular reason to) and a recognition of the clear shining permeating those incidents and a simultaneous knowing/seeing that that shining and this one here are one and the same. - Although it seems when recalling it that there was no particular recognition of it at those times, it is obvious it was there and the recognition of it doesn't matter.
Cheers - B

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In a Nutshell.

I am going to spell it out once in a nutshell.
Word, words, words, words. - Endless words. - There are many ‘mad’ people wandering the city street these days. - They are endlessly muttering words. - Many others have the conflict of a running inner dialogue, hidden maybe but it shows on their faces. - Worried souls who chew their fingernails and have distorted faces with worry lines embedded in the facial tissues.
- Words, words, words. - It’s the same for spiritual seekers. - Not happy!
Ramana said this and Papaji said that. - Eckhart said this and ‘so and so’ said that.
And what do you think?
The essence of non duality is not a matter of what you think or don't think, or what 'they' think.
Thoughts spontaneously appear. Flowers appear in a field and thoughts appear in the mind.
- All manifested expressions including thoughts all spontaneously appear and disappear.

Everything spontaneously appears or happens without any entity with any volition being behind it.
That is too spooky for most seekers and they turn away and reach for some comforting self-bondage.
In the ordinary sense of things we have learnt many, many words.
(get them messed up and wow, 'teacher' will spank you)
- We interpret everything with words but it is always after the fact and based on memory. - The speed of its functioning in mind (process) is always behind spontaneous appearance (instant)which is mind free (pure mind).
Do you label almost everything and project these words out into your world?
In the psychological appearance, of being a ‘person’, this is so habitually constant for this ‘you’ that the natural world has been masked by a realm of words. - These words make a screen, which is often in conflict and personal drama. Its the cage of limitations, as Bob calls it.
- It brings suffering and you want someone to save you from it.
- You keep appearing to fall into its trap. (This applies also to a great number of so-called non-dualists. - Why else do the hang around teachers and gurus?)
Is your life like a weird court scene? - Where various solicitors take the stage and argue about everything while you keep taking sides with one and then another and then another. - This is confusion and nothing more. - You may wonder how you can get out of it. - Is life just a mess for you all too frequently?
- In your depths, you hanker for the peace of no conflict, no mind.
Sex brings a brief relief as the psychological ‘you’ disappears for a short time.
But quite often sex becomes a problem too.
- The very thing that brings relief is now a problem.
Due to the reliance on words and conventional values, handed onto you, all the drama appears as if by your own making and guilt arises or anger.
You are the only one that can transform it all. - Your teacher or guru cannot do it for you. - All they can do is point certain facts out to you. - All talk of the grace of the guru is just belief system crap.
All these dramas can be transformed into a transparent film which does not touch you.
Reality is wordless – changeless. - Your true nature is THAT.
There is no possibility that you could not be THAT.
You can negate every ‘thing’ systematically but reality remains timelessly present.
Absolute silence/stillness is what you are. - What identity can ‘you’ put on it?
The psychological ‘me’ cannot perceive it (or anything).
Seeing is knowing.
It is the silence/stillness which witnesses all movement, sights and sounds.
It spontaneously ‘does’ this without ‘doing’ anything and without becoming anything called ‘a Witness’. - It remains empty of substantiality.
It is timeless.
Time is memory only. - All doubt is in time and arises from memory. - And who is the rememberer? - The one engaged in memories? - Transient waves of appearance only!
The core is: You ARE Reality.
Why do you sacrifice your absolute silence for a bunch of words?

That is it in a nutshell.
- If you look closely into these pointers, then all these troublesome personalized dramas will resolve themselves. - They have no power against direct inquiry. Seeing cuts through them all.
This is not some ‘hotch-potch’ information here. - Use it.

Hi Gilbert,
You write well. - Sometimes I think I can actually see what you're pointing at - but not for long. - In that 'nutshell' posting you say "You are the only one that can transform it all".
- "Who is this ‘you’ you refer to? - You can't mean the ego/mind as that is the delusion so you must mean the pure awareness that we are - but this awareness being an unchanging, action-less witness doesn't do anything including transforming. - Please explain. - "Why do you sacrifice your absolute silence for abunch of words?" - Again you seem to imply a choice is available. - I don't see one.
- How long were you a seeker before you met sailor Bob? - Did you meet any other gurus?

Hi, - We must speak in terms of time to cover the questions.
I met Ramesh Balsekar, Sri Ranjit Maharaj and Bob. - All of the Navanath Sampradaya lineage. - My first teacher George Adie introduced me to simple presence in 1975. I was a complete novice yet I recognized something profound in it, which of course was my own presence.
Much inner work was apparently done with little progress. - Something was being uncovered slowly.
What I know now is that everything lead me to this moment NOW. - It appeared to take time. - I know now that this moment has never changed in essence. - But to speak of the so-called past, which everyone relates to, we must use the concepts of the past. - So, I have met many other so-called teachers but none really resonated anywhere else than in the personality and ego aspect of mind. - Tantalizing at times for sure yet in the core of the heart the knowing (was) is that they are just appearances. - Ultimately all 'others', including the true guru or teacher, can only be an appearance in Reality.
What will reveal itself is: - You are Reality!
Yes of course the points you make are relatively correct and deserve an answer.
- Although I cannot say I write these notes as 'people' normally believe that they write things, since they just appear to express themselves, so to speak, I do see and recognize a subtle play going on in them. - I also know that most readers miss this subtle 'to and fro'.
Some 'ground' is given and then wisked away. - There may also appear gross expressions. - Not many see or feel the subtle flow between the absolute and the relative which is within the nature of the play in their lives and in these writings - most miss it but even so it assists the mind to flow between these two apparent 'things' ( concept and non-concept) - yet they are at all times ONE appearing as 'many'. - The true nature of mind is clear and empty.
- Only the essence knows this.
The mind content can never know anything.
- No point is really erroneous unless it is fixated on by an attachment to the 'me' which is the biased reference point in mind. - Yet it is only in appearance.
- The reality that you are (that we all ARE) is unchanging.
- The one who KNOWS this is no one (it is not of the psychology) it is NO THING for the mind.
- The ancients describe this as cognizing emptiness.
- The vastness of emptiness (within you and without you) is obvious and yet it evades the conceptualizing mind simply because it has NO substance and yet IT is the cognizing factor.
Who knows this?
The nature of 'I' is the light of knowing.
- It is not a person.
Thank you for your questions.
- Cheers - Gilbert.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Too simple for words

In the beginning was the word.
It appears that we find freedom through words.
It also appears that we find our bondage through words.
If our ‘god’ is attacked verbally then we feel that we must defend it.
Why? - Because we have identified with that god.
What does identified mean?
It means we give our identity to an object. - Whether it is the body (our own body) or a ‘thing’ an object.
Our true identity is invisible.
What can the ‘psychological being’ know of this invisibility?
Nothing at all. In fact this psychological being is a fiction and can know nothing whatsoever of itself. - It is an image. - Just like your own refection in the mirror is an image, it cannot have any of the functions of being-ness.
All our beliefs are words and images.
The flow of the energy of belief is from the immediate livingness that we are.
What we need to understand is that all challenges to our ‘belief system’ arrive as a gift.
- A gift of the potential freedom from bondage.
A series of ‘pointers’ with an exacting potency have been expressed by Bob Adamson. - It still amazes me of how few really hear what they mean.
The addiction to being a psychological being is so seemingly embedded in seekers, that they just can’t let go of it. - There will be no freedom in that grasping habit.
The emphasis on ‘enlightenment’ as being some special attainment is the most misleading information of all. - Tantalized by its promise, the mind overlooks the simple and perfect nature of ordinary wakefulness.
The mind will continually fill in ‘the blanks’ with yesterday’s experiences as long as you do not pay attention. - You must BE the presence that you are without placing your identity into the minds projections.
It is very simple yet so elusive for so many.

Quote from Siddharameshwar:

"One who gives us trouble, liberates us from the ego of the body"

Sunday, September 25, 2005

THROUGH Vib-ration - The 'Means' of Self-Realization.

If you think that some harm or benefit can be done to one who lives in the Oneness of things as they are, or if you think that something can be added to, or taken away from them, then you have missed the point completely. - Exposing this fact is seemingly painful for some and this pain is psychological pain based on erroneous beliefs. - When all beliefs vanish, then one knows that one is free of their apparent debilitating effects. The error of the seeker is to look for this freedom while hanging onto beliefs and so freedom is subjugated even though it is here all the time as this thoughtless reality. What is wrong with right now, unless you think about it?

During the time of my intense investigation of ‘What I am’ I was assisted by the unwavering presence of Bob Adamson.
He pointed out a whole series of ‘indications’ with patience and warmth.
From the perspective of a mind being tossed around by every influence that comes along, Bob’s stability and stillness in presence was like some unquantifiable quality and its influence was a resonation felt in the deep recesses of the being.
- Meanwhile the mind is trying to put everything in its right place with little success.
- Ever so gradually ‘the waters start to calm’ and my own presence emerged as the confusion and habitual efforts to understand began to subside.
Bob did not lead me by the hand.
- Many essential points were hinted at but I had to make the ‘connections’ myself, so to speak.
Eventually, what began to show itself, was ‘the light of immediate knowing’- ‘my own light’. - Not ‘my light’ as a possession but as the essential fact of a knowing presence.
It is ‘through’ this light that the mind is brought into alignment with its own intelligence.
Bob pointed out a meaning of the word ‘persona’.
‘Per’ means ‘Through’.
‘Sona’ means ‘Sound’.
You can work it out yourself. One needs to actively contemplate these things and not expect to be hand fed. It is only the mind that needs to come into alignment and you must play an active role in that (at least in the begining) otherwise it is just more servility. "So and so' said 'such and such".
- A hint: - ‘through vibration’.
Now it is all very ordinary and yet highly significant and a room full of scientists would discuss the many facets of it for hours and days even.
The fact is a permanent ‘given’ so it is not usually conceptualised. - No concept can capture it because it is non conceptual. - Can you capture a beam of light?

What is written here, or anywhere, is ‘Information’. - ‘In-form-ation’.
Contemplate this a little longer than you might ordinarily do so.
In the ordinary sense, it is by light that we see, .
- In the profound sense it IS the light of self-illumination which 'brings' self-knowledge through itself.
- In the first case, the Sun is the source of light.
- In the second case, it is your Self that is the light
(These two, Sun and Self actually are One, although I don’t expect anyone to agree on that point).
Self illuminating, direct cognition.


I am THAT.

Which means, I am the LIGHT.

- Light itself is the 'mean-ing' of 'I'.

- ‘What’ I see and know, I am THAT also.

It is ONE.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cut Through the Dogma Once and for all.

All teachings, no matter how coarse or how refined they may appear to be are all legitimate within the dynamic display of awareness just as it is.
All methods and ways are merely expressions of intelligence in the infinite possibilities of all expressions. - They all appear in Self-Knowing Awareness.
No matter what anyone says about this, this fact is an ultimate fact and there is no one of any lasting substance to affirm or deny it within this Oneness.
There is no ignorance as such. - Shadows cast by the light are not separate, nor independent in any way from Oneness. - How could they be?
The self-centered Teachers and Gurus who repeatedly cast dispersions upon all other teachers and gurus are just displaying the remnants of their fixations of individualism.
These hindrances are passed on to their devotees as imitative attitudes and these are always divisive and so bring a halt to a full self-realization - for themselves and their followers.
Even so, it is all legitimate in the realm of appearances.
"Water finds its own level" - Old Chinese saying.
The seeker with a keen discrimination always finds the appropriate teacher.
The power of resonance leads them to the teacher in one way or another.
All the rest are on a ‘merry go round’ for the duration.
For many it is only with the death of the physical body that brings a dissolution of concepts of separateness.
It’s all legitimate. - Who can argue with it?
What benefit can be made from such an argument? - and for whom?

To those who wish to argue on this I say:
Your opinions fade away on a daily basis. - You manufacture new ones in a willy nilly fashion.
Your knowledge is momentary. - Your castle of sand will wash away with the tides of eternal motion.
All there ever is - is KNOWING.
ONLY this moment is real.
What can you DO with IT?
At best you can only open to it and SEE what IS.
The intelligence which penetrates the ALL, is holding your apparently fragmented separate life together. - It never fragmented in the first place, except for the conceptual being called 'me'.
Pure Intelligence is running the show.
No separate 'you' in any 'place' is doing anything at all.
Maybe this 'you' has ignored this intelligence with fixating preferences for individualized, egoistic notions, fanciful spiritual fabrications and imitations from all manner of spiritual traditions. - Maybe you have cooked up a concoction of beliefs and what of these?
Haven’t they brought you nothing more than endless troubles?
Havn't they kept you at arms length from a full and profound realization?
Whatever the case may be, it is all legitimate in the realms of 'appearances', simply as part of the infinite possibilities and means of Self-Knowing Awareness.
The ‘short cut’ and ‘the long road’ lay side by side in this timeless moment of actualising awareness. - The short cut usually needs to be pointed out by one who knows it intimately.
Look into this matter carefully and let the innate intelligence, which is present with you now, advise you of the true situation.
For some I add this: If your teacher repeatedly indulges in ‘putting down’ other teachers and gurus, then look inside and see what this demonstration feels like in the core of your own heart. How does it feel? - What does it say about the teacher who indulges in this activity?
The good news is that there are teachers who have realized Oneness and so do not engage in such misleading activities or finger pointing.
These clear teachers are direct and profoundly potent. - They exist for your potential guidance. Why not take advantage of their presence while they are still here?
I am aware of only one which I can vouch for and that is Bob Adamson.
All other living 'teachers', that I know of, indulge in some sort of egoism or erroneous concepts of 'time and process' or other fuzziness which clealy demonstrates for this intelligence here that they are misguided. - Even some very popular non dual teachers demonstrate this mind realm entertainment.
Nisargadatta's 'lineage', if we can speak of such a thing, carries a most potent message which is actually inexpressable yet clearly 'present', especially in the 'presence' of the teacher.
- Haphazard teachers do not carry this 'unspeakable' quality.
- For a final elimination of all doubts go see Bob or at least read his books and listen to his CD's etc.
I say this from direct experience and I am free due to this directness which I was introduced to by Bob. - It was here all along but I had ignored its significance.

Note to the Edjakated ! - :
OK, spelling mistakes, so what! - I didn't go to Oxford or Cambridge.
Reading still happens doesn't it? - Try reading some Chaucer! I write these notes in 5 minutes flat and so mistakes are bound to happen. - If a spelling error can get you in a twist, then may God help your tiresome soul. - Am I a lowly descendent of the convicts? It appears so.

- It's only by the 'King's pardon' that I am here at all (in worldy terms and understanding)
Londoner's today might wonder if the penal colonies aren't such a bad place after all.
- "Cheery Pip old chap!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Everything is clear and Obvious"

Warning: Don't lose your sense of humor! - It may be all you have left - but at least you can laugh.
A Couple of emails:

I've taken a short break at my desk to read your latest posting ("Whatever you do, don't read this note") and found it spot on.
All good teachers, from Buddha ("Be ye a lamp unto yourself") through to today, all say the same thing when it comes to authority in spiritual matters - don't trust anything they or anyone else says, just because they say it, but look for yourself and SEE whether or not it's true.
J Krishnamurti went into all this very deeply, and it's only recently that I've really understood the full import of what he was saying about the need to reject all authority when it comes to 'spiritual inquiry'.
In fact, don't trust anything you say to yourself either!

I regard all my beliefs as tentative at best, and as such always open to fresh investigation.
I really enjoy your articles, especially when they're provocative, since they occasionally tell me where the boundaries of my beliefs are.

Stan T

Dear Gilbert,
The message on the CD and in the book The First Instant cannot be put any clearer!

It's a joy and blessing to read your postings and comments on the website; - funny to see how that keeps the mind from wandering.
The "search" is definitely over; if I don't GET IT now, "I" never will; Nothing to get!
Reading this I just start hollering with laughter, what a relief.
Is "Everything is clear and Obvious" out yet? I'd like to order it, but I could find no reference to it on your website. - I now see that I don't "need" it anymore, but it'll be fun to read it anyway; thanks so very much, warmly, Michiel.

Gilbert reply: Thanks for the email. - No, the second book will not be out until nearer the end of the year, if at all. How few understand direct expressions. Most want it cooked in their prefered flavors and served on a platter, so they can convince themselves that they are 'special'.

A Point: Humour is only for those with a sense of humour:

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Seeker cannot See anything

Anyone in Australia who would like to get a copy of Bob's first book "What's wrong with right now, unless you think about it?" can now do so through me. I have a pile ready for posting locally. Just email me for the details of how to order it.

Several Bob Adamson interviews by Cameron in podcast format: a link on Bob's page on my website. Check it out. Good info in them.
Also check this blog out: Charlie Hayes has recently returned home from seeing Bob in Melbourne.
Also: Allin Taylor interviews John Wheeler at
Laid back conversational exploration of what Bob 'pointed' out to John,
with John's understanding of that. Well presented and worth a listen.


There are NO non-dual experiences!

So, do not search for any in yourself or anywhere else.
All there is and ever is, is this immediate experience-ING.
You do not have to postulate or arrange it.
IT IS happening. - Direct cognition is the non dual activity of awareness.
No forms can touch it. - All experiences belong to 'time' and time is the apparent division of Unicity in the mind. - No division ever happened. - It is impossible for the real to divide.
In appearance there are all the possibilities appearing without anything called time to divide them. - The seeker is only an apparent pattern which is energy. It has NO duration at all in direct experiencing. Only in mind do the lingering impressions bring about the common belief of duration. While engaged in memories are you fully aware of what is before you?
This seeker appears to be looking for its authentic source of being.
- Does your reflection in the mirror look for you? - It will NEVER find or understand anything because this pattern is only an APPEARANCE and it cannot SEE, HEAR, DO or BE - in any way, shape or form 'other' than in appearance. - Your natural state is FREE right now.
The seeker is the ignorance of that fact. The seeker is NOT direct cognition. It is a mind game in 'time'.
The 'knowing' which is happening with you at all times is the authentic unchanging truth of what you are.
- 'You' do not need to discover it.
It is uncovered by the negation of erroneous beliefs. - The seeker is a mirage!
In the realm of spiritual seekers, there is no one that wants to know that? - No one!
For some there is a spontaneous opening much like a flower opens effortlessly.
Nothing can make that happen. - It is beyond time and happenings.
Who can understand that? - The apparent individual has no choice - just like a shadow puppet has no choice.
Hoards of seekers will NEVER be drawn to the clear message because it is too shocking.
Even so, seeing is happening. - Direct cognition is happening.
There is no boundary to THIS. - There are NO enlightened teachers anywhere.
- Those who infer that they are, are frauds with NO exceptions. (sparrows painted as canaries) Now for some 'Stirring the possum'.
Precious seekers
and precious teachers are shadow puppets only.
If you insist on there being a teacher, then ONENESS itself is the teacher, the teaching and the pupil.
It is not called Ramana, Papaji, Gangaji, Jesus, Buddha, Nathan, Tony or any other name you wish to throw up. - Ignorance was obviously totally eliminated in two or three of these mentioned mind/body organisms. - The others are dubious, mixed expressions and add their preferences and dualistic notions. -It may be all very entertaining and heart warming stuff but where are the ones who have found freedom from these teachers? - All examples I have come across are replications and are glaringly egoistic. All quite fine for the indescriminate seeker who wants a glorified idol. They often behave like Hollywood Stars than realized teachers. It's all such a joke from where I am looking from. When a teacher starts believing in their own publicity, then the mind gets distorted beyond repair and everyone suffers by their antics. Precious creatures with precious egos and totally vulnerable to the rawness of life. Red carpet and white limo's won't protect them from the inevitable.
Ten years or more and nothing has changed. Lots just bliss out temporarily and then fall back into their crappy seeker lives - or they totally suck up and get a gold lined certificate and become just another photocopy guru.
It's all more like a viral infection or franchise mentality than anything else.
What do these parrots of non-duality offer apart from more beliefs?
Have you had a one to one with 'the teacher'? Was the result hypnotic, leaving in awe of your precious holy Idol? Servile idiotic behavior will inhibit your own realization.
It is bondage and belief only. - Where is the self-knowledge in it? - Where is the freedom?
Sharp words maybe but the 'alarm clock' can be rude sometimes too. You don't get angry at that, or do you? Its all designed to shake the cage of belief. As long as it is shakable then it is a 'gift', even though it may not be appreciated for awhile.
Has any belief ever delivered you out of the seeking mode?
The mark of a true master brings about the erradication of all beliefs and this leaves one empty.
No glorification can arise without self-hypnosis taking over again.
Who can franchise Oneness? - What banner could represent it?
Just like your own true nature, IT is NAMELESS.
It is the vastness of self-knowing awareness.
Its lesson is at all times, life right now.
The essence and fruition of its lesson is unmoving.
The seed, the fruit and the tree are enfolded within each other.
Who understands this?
Un-learning appears to happen as the erroneous beliefs fall away.
The dynamic aspect of awareness flows over this clear and empty space of knowing and all the appearances come into being. It is direct experiencing and no time is involved.
So 'who' and 'what' can move into the unchanging reality?
'Who' gets drawn into and lost in the appearances? - No one!
There is no separate individual to get lost.
In the appearance, such news is un-welcome to most seekers.
They have no choice. - The 'mirage' (the seeker) will vanish without a trace, with or without their acceptance or denial, assistance or resistance.
In fact it never was.
- 'Who' knows this?
Knowing IS happening.
There is NO boundary to this Knowing.
Try and negate this knowing in yourself.
It can't be done.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj says "There are no customers for this knowledge".

Forget about big crowded rooms and gurus. - If truth were being expounded there, the rooms would be emptied quickly. - Nisargadatta usually gave visitors 8 days, or sometimes two weeks, to absorb the message. - His 'pointing' was and still is highly potent. - Why?
Because he lived it fully as the Knowing presence of what he expounded.
Bob Adamson is the same potent messenger in a different package and he is still accessible now. Go and engage with him and eliminate the doubts as I did. - What stops you?
Sitting in crowded rooms with a so-called non- dual teacher, who just entertains his or her crowd for the purposes of his or her hip pocket is madness. - Why does the message slip by you in these circumstances? - How many retreats do you have to go on? - Their websites are full of
'correct' language and its all rather lovely and enticing for the spiritual aspirant.
The true guru or teacher, if we can speak of such, will disturb your slumber. - He is not a seducer. - (That is Shakti's job).
The habitual beliefs will be swallowed up over and over until they vanish, if one is in touch with a true master. - Otherwise, all that happens is a 'lifestyle' in bondage with self-deluded 'progress' and purifying practices. - Excuses will never bring about freedom. Why settle for a limited view and the bondage of self? - Freedom is here in its totality.
- 'who' does not know this?

Only those who know something of the transparency of the 'me' will be drawn to the clear 'pointing' that Nisargadatta and Bob Adamson clearly expound.
In my case that message found its mark.
Now that same message flows out from here.
When I discovered Bob he was quietly teaching in Melbourne and few knew of his profound 'pointers'. Intelligence brought about the changes necessary and now many have found his 'pointers' to be a 'key' that unlocks the limited view.
'Gilbert' has nothing to do with all this. It all happens spontaneously.
What is clear is that there is no DOUBT that this message works.
The good news comes as a stranger knocking on your door. - Only to discover that it is your own true nature stirring you from a slumber.
The words expressed here are sometimes 'similar' and often 'different' - but the essence is One. There is no emphasis on love or any other aspect of awareness.
Just a simple series of expressions that keep the mind within the nature of presence itself.
In this manner, something seeps through the mirage of conceptual baggage.
The essence of freedom is felt directly as a resonation in being. - It is un-mistake-able.
Freedom is the first instant of being - seeing - knowing. It IS and IS long 'before' any fabricated entity has 'time' to form in the mind. - The First Instant is THAT which is Real - Timelessly!It does not change! - The 'person' is a changing appearance, an illusion, which only appears upon the natural state of what you truly are. - Once you disengage the energy of belief from this 'me' and its stories, then things begin to flow differently. - The First Instant is a challenging book, even for the most highly educated academic, yet it is possible for a simpleton (like me) to understand its import, since the simple one carries no heavy baggage of education- to deviate the mind on a merry go round of endless concepts and intellectual excuses!
- The book wrote itself. - I claim no authorship.
All I know is that there is a knowing presence here - which I recognize to be everywhere.
It has no location in its vast unicity - of Oneness.
Release the joy of simple being and drop all those erroneous concepts of separation once and for all time.
It is so simple and so obvious.
'People' are too busy chasing 'things'. - Stop!
Even if only for a moment, stop and realize that there is nothing wrong.
This space of pure knowing that you truly are, is uncluttered by any 'things'.
This profound fact is so obvious that it is not noticed.
This point should not be by passed. - Look and SEE for yourself. - Now!
Even the body, that you are so familiar with, is an appearance in this open space.
The body is NOT what you are.
Find out what you are.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Silent looking - emails

Note: Check out Bob's interviews on the Podcast by Cameron - link on Bob's page, on my 'shining' website. There is a great deal of info' in these if one pays close attention.

D.. emails Gilbert after reading some of the website notes:
- Hello Gilbert - Is it so, that when I'm behind my thinking, seeing it happening in front of me, that I am awareness. - Just as looking at a tree, house or whatever. - I ask you because, thoughts come and go, sometimes I react, sometimes not. - When I'm `deep' looking, I have a very strong energetic feeling bigger than my body, impersonal and very silent. - Is this the un-speakable? - I ask you because last week I read for the first time that there is nothing like non-duality. - This I recognized deeply for the first time since I began to read, so-called, non duality books. - Sorry for the poor English (it has been corrected for this webpage), I was always better in Mathematics. - Greetings D…

G: Yes! You ARE, NO 'thing'- There is No teacher - no teaching. The Non Dual is Unspeakable. - As my teachers, Guru’s guru points out: You are the silence and stillness out of which springs the entire universe. - It is all only an appearance in ‘no thing’. - The ‘psychological one’ who does not know this, cannot know anything at all. - It all a mirage - seemingly powerful, yet no more than a fleeting butterfly. - Your true nature of silence engulfs everything constantly. - There is NO entity there to know this. - KNOWING is what you are - and KNOWING never ceases. - Do not fixate on what I am telling you. - Let it flow. In this personalized form, I am simply a messenger. - Warm regards - Gilbert.

D: Thanks for the quick reply! - But, why is it that I'm falling back in the dream, the joke of God. - I know that I am That but the thinking seems to be so strong that I 'forget' IT. - In mathematics I'm 1 and you're 2, in conversation, but when I'm NO 'thing' there is 0 (zero). - I can't help it, can I?

G: 1 and 2 are ‘of the dream’. - They appear in Zero without touching it. - What you ARE is Zero. - What you think you are is ‘1’. - ‘1’ will always appear while the body is present. - When you drop into a deep sleep ‘you’ return to Zero and the body-mind isrefreshed. - Look into the space where you are seeing from and without manufacturing anything, go all the way back into that space. - Negate anything that arises. - This space of knowing is clear and empty – its quality is Pure Silence. - The quiet ‘hum of being’ appears on this Silence, this non-being, self-cognizing emptiness. - ONE without a second. Being-ness is Samsara (This, this, this etc). Non Being-ness is Nirvana (Not this, not this, not this). As the Buddha says “Nirvana and Samsara are not 2”. Very few understand this. - A handful amongst 12 billion. Everyone searches in the mind. - Error! It is too simple for the mind and you will never work it out with the mind because the mind is only concepts - awareness is non dual. - warm regards - G.

D: So I'm an ‘Imax Theatre’, with my own movie but when the movie is playing I'm just too involved in it. - I forget the white and wide screen and focus on the images that are appearing or even one person that is projected. - (G: Who is involved in what?) - Wholeness is first and everything is appearing in it. - That means thateverything I want to become is just a play in IT. - It is nothing more but keeping myself busy. - That means, I think that there is nothing to do,nothing to become, but just Be Aware. - That's funny, cause the lastmonths I have not the intention to do anything or go anywhere. - The excuse I told to my environment is that it doesn't matter where I am, because it's the same as Here. (I didn't tell them of the 'different' movie.) - I can laugh moreoften of the people and myself in argueing about, so called, important things. - Deep inside me there is a constant silence that tells me that there is really nothing to do. - This silence is becoming stronger. - Is it a slow process that you can't push? - I mean, becoming more aware is a non-personal process?(I seeing it more and more that words can't tell what ONENESS is about!) - greetings from Holland –D.

G: You are Aware. - There is no 'becoming' not becoming 'more' aware. - It is NOT a process!Process means TIME. - Awareness is timeless - non dual. - 'Time' is a concept which appears to divide the non dual into duality but only in the mind.ME’ and ‘other than ME’ - 'here' and 'there' etc. - There is not entity that does anything. - Everything appears spontaneously yet nothing compounds into anything of real substance. - This profundity is totally unbelievable. - ‘Who’ is going to believe such nonsense ‘in life’? - It is not a matter of belief at all and never will be. - All beliefs, piled onto of each other, would not fill the eye of a needle. - The impressions leave an apparent trace, called memory and psychological time is only images and memories and all these can only appear in THIS immediacy. - You may ask why? - Because THIS immediacy is all there ever IS. - When have you truly left THIS? - What you are is the Whole. - Awareness is everywhere - it is your own awareness without any need to claim it as a possession. Even in the ordinary sense of things, where ever you go, as a body, awareness is there and any 'there' is automatically embraced in this ever present ‘here' - which you cannot get out of. - Whatever thought that may arise – it is not IT. - Thought is a pattern appearing on awareness. - Let it appear and disappear without insisting that it gives you anything. - You are complete just AS you are. - 'Who' does not know this? - KNOWING IS. It is not personal. - It is always clear, the unclear is just fixations with the content ofmind - and who is that? No one. - Just a condition response from childhood? - This awareness which was ‘here’ before you learned to talk is the same as this awareness now. - It is the same NOW everywhere. - Appearances shift and change constantly yet what you ARE has never changed - since before the concept of time arose anywhere. - One without a second. Advaita! There is NO need to contrive anything. - The natural state is thought-less, in itself. - Yes thought appear on it -but it is changeless whether there isthought or no thought - it is NON DUAL. - If this hits its mark then there will be speech-less-ness. - Silence overcomes all sound and movement, including all content of mind - and this is happening always. - 'Who' does not know this? - Keep laughing....warm regards - Gilbert.

D: I'm Aware. -This is it. -Nothing more, Nothing less – Complete! - Every thing appears, nothing changes really. - It's only appearing inWholeness. - This is all just Duality appearing in my Non-Dual Nature. So I'm Wholeness. - I am That. - Thanks - to Myself

G: Indeed! - You are 'before' all such recognition. - How did you come HERE? - The Sperm was your father - his name is 'Shiva' (- neg). - The Ovum was your Mother her names are 'Prakriti' and/or 'Shakti'(+ pos). - Sperm and Ovum are 'objects' or phenomena. - In this analogy, you are the mysterious 'third element' (0 neutral) which is not an 'object'. - Be quiet and see from the first instant of being and know that you are even beyond that. - Even in this quietness you may ride on Ganesh's back and eat tigers for breakfast. - Even the 'Dutch-ness' fades away - when the self-centre is drained from the energy feed of belief and conceitedness - and its constant appetite of 'me, me, me' will vanish.- warm regards - G.

D: So, when I am "before" such recognition, it's mysterious and at the sametime so obvious. - It's always here. - When the 'I' is awake or it is asleep, - IT IS. - Everything arises form IT and falling back to it. - Just as the me, my body, my name, the recognition, everything.

G: Sir, from what you say, it appears that you have, from within the confusion of mind, found your way to your own true nature. - Even though you never left it. - This journey is an illusion because you never left your true nature. - Only the imaginary one travels in 'time and space'. - I am formless. - I live this 'condition' now without any condition at all. - I 'appear' the same to all who know me, more or less as I always have. - I am not that or any other appearance! - Some of them would find such a statement outrageous and I can say quite clearly that I am not concerned with what ANYONE thinks and especially that lot. - I am free of all that. - They continue in their internal dramas and try to implicate me in it but to no avail. - Awareness is direct cognition. - Mind is re-cognition. - First instant of awareness (wakefulness) is non dual. - Time (mind) is duality. - The mind arises from the first instant. - It is clear and empty (in essence) and the resultant content is a reflection only - so it is merely an appearance. - Who can't see this? - No one. - So simple! - The one in time cannot see at all. - Seeing it timeless and 'beyond' the seen. - Simply be the seeing.

D: So IT IS So Simple.

G: Yes indeed. - So simple that no one gets it.

- full stop.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Telegram for I. M. Seeker

Generally speaking:
‘Seekers’ are a ‘Sorry Lot’.
(Normal 'people' are a joy compared to seekers)
Seekers often appear to be full of self pity and woes.
Many have a sad story, to make you cry.
(It takes less muscles to activate into a smile.....than it does to frown)
The seeker is the unfulfilled promise of a distant future glory.
- States of infantile grandiose behavior, along with grand delusions of another realm of angelic being, where they imagine that they have only one foot planted and are purifying their dirt before the ascent.
The other foot keeps slipping into the crap. - Subdued anger eats away any tentative trust in making that leap to solid ground or cloud. - Anger? - because others don’t recognise and believe in their holy and divine nature and so hold them back and even drag them into circumstances they would rather not have to deal with.
Other seekers are like hungry dogs, stuffing themselves with every drop of secret knowledge and every latest ‘self help book’, which they believe will deliver them out of their mess and confusion.

All through the seekers personalized perpetual drama and internal turmoil, their own natural state is ignored.
They have no time to stop and see what it really going on.
Busy, busy seekers!

- Recognise anything in that?
Of course I am not referring to you my dear.

- Contemplate this:
How can the natural bliss and the ease of being present to ‘what is’ ever unfold for such a mind while these erroneous pursuits continue?
What is the seeker clinging to?
Concepts? Ideals? Spiritual arrogance?
Ego? Material security? Personalized perfection?
There is no answer hidden in any of these reference points.
Each one is just another thought or concept and it has no independent substance apart from it immediate appearance.

It’s all rather simple really. - Pay attention.
Spend a little 'time' in your own presence to what IS.
Not with any contrived 'method' or hand me down 'practice'.
Without attention, the mind attributes its conceptual representations (past) out onto ‘what is’.
- There are actually no problems in the natural and spontaneous appearances, which you witness prior to any mind interpretations of them.
Words are not imprinted on these appearances. The sky does not have the word SKY written all over it. Natural phenomena are not patented by some software company.
In paying attention, the habitual drain of energy, which usually flows into habitual beliefs, is starved of energy and so mind projections diminish accordingly.
‘What is’ then informs you most accurately.
You cannot be totally alert to what is, if your engaged or identified with concepts.
The only concept you need temporarily is "I am". - Star with that only until it also is not needed.
It’s that simple - however no one believes it. - Of course it isn't a matter of belief but that is the realm of the seeker and the message must appear in that realm to start with.
Paradoxically for this 'seeker', it keeps (appears to) going back into the content of mind and just complains that "I just don't get it".
- Or "I got it" then a little while later it vibrates into a doubt and its all disappears again.

Lets face it: Seekers want a ‘grand plan’ and some ‘holy carrot’ to hanker after.

In that they know 'who' they are, until it starts to get all wobbly again. It has no stability.
Tense ideation brings exhaustion or stiffness in being. Many spiritual groups suffer from this stiffness. It is internal slavery to someone else's concept of how one should be.
All these activities are illusions, which match the illusion of the seeker himself.
It's all shadow boxing!

Get this:

The telegram boy will knock a few times.
If the message is not delivered, he will return the message to its source.
You think you have ‘time’.
You have NO time!

Habitual responses are useless.

A deep resonance must arise to match the potency of the message.

It’s up to you.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two emails

Hi Gilbert,Thanks so much for the cd, which I listened to last night.
I also read this morning the free version of your book.
Your style of pointing to this our true nature has real resonance here.
You know, I have been a lifelong, though lazy, seeker.
Now in my fifties, it wasn't until last year, on reading Jed Mckenna's books, that I actually felt the bricks starting to come loose.
Four months ago I pretty much stumbled upon a meeting with Tony Parsons, and the foundations started shifting too.
This led me to books by Leo Hartong, Sailor Bob, John Wheeler and you.
The realization that this is it, and that I have always known it - the obvious and utter simplicity of this truth has brought forth tears of relief and hoots of sudden laughter. Moments of clarity and great ease seem to arise as and when they will, and yet there is still thought here, as it were "confirming" this. So the thought "ah yes, it's so simple" may instantly appear.
Or, "of course - it is always just this . . . ". Such thoughts as these, so that there is the sense that it is still "I" experiencing moments of what is certainly greater understanding than ever before, and which do for that split second seem like pure clarity - but in comes the thought, "ah, yes . . . . " or some such interference.That being said, there is an undoubted sense of ease permeating more and more of my life, and a real dropping away of the need 'to do' and 'to be' other than this that I am.
No sense that much is wrong at all.
Thanks again Gilbert - William

Note: Residents of Australia have an alternative to the Paypal ordering system if required. Email me for the details now at
This book will be followed up by its companion called "Everything is Clear and Obvious".
These unique books will assist in the resolution of erroneous conflicting concepts.
The key: One needs to pay attention, while (seemingly) caught on the wheel of change.
For those who are able to follow what is being expressed in these books, there is a unique opportunity offered.
There is a consistent 'anchor' to the present in its expression.
Life itself actually offers us each moment its immediate message - however some need to be turned around to SEE that. And Seeing is Knowing.
The mind needs to be aligned with its own pure intelligence and the expressions in these books assist in this alignment.
No belief system whatsoever is required to understand what is being expressed.
Freedom has no obligations and no Idols.
Belief is replaced by your own immediate knowing which was always present yet seemingly covered up by beliefs.
All you need to do is read with open mind and close attention.
These books will only be available from me the author.

Hi Gilbert, I’ve been enjoying your book The First Instant.
The pointing is relentless, and very helpful.
I agree with you that it’s attention that allows us to see that there really is no fixed centre, that there is simply content (EVERYTHING) arising in awareness (NO-THING), and that I am both – the ONENESS in 2 aspects, but still only Oneness.
It’s helped clear up the residue from the progressive path of Gurdjieff's.. (which indicates) that effort brings being, (and) develops higher being bodies, consciousness etc.
When it is relentlessly seen, it is obvious that what I (and we all) truly are cannot be improved, increased, refined or anything at all.
It simply IS, and it is perfect, complete and utterly whole. (In this context) Gurdjieff’s teaching is (appears to be) totally dualistic.
I just wonder if he actually missed the point, or if the message has just been obscured by his followers? Well of course he never really existed anyway.
There was no Gurdjieff anymore than there are any other individual entities.
Regards - Steve

Thank you for the email. Who can pass judgment on what or anyone?
It is significant that Mr. Gurdjieff's 'headstone' at Fountainblue in France is an uncarved, natural block of stone, which indicates to me - solid 'presence' which is natural and uncontrived.
Many felt this while in the atmosphere around his living presence.
The 'Work' has its place in the scheme of things. Like all teachings, it appears to serve a purpose. It is a stepping stone. Who can say where it leads? If it leads one's presence of mind back to the immediate and if this is natural and relaxed, then no problem. If it is a tense and painful means, then suffering continues. This psychological suffering is unnecessary. Gurdjieff himself taught the elimination of all unnecessary activities.
Let it Be.
It IS just AS it IS.

The First Instant - Now available in book form

The highest and most profound truth is seemingly hidden yet so obvious for all of us, including you. - The intellect is a veiling of the pure light of knowing and like a two way mirror; it seemingly obscures the light of knowing. - This happens only through belief in the images and words that appear on this mirror of mind.
- 'Who' is not knowing this? No one.
- The one that does not know is an illusion.
- It does not exist!
- 'Who' does not know this? No one.
- All there truly is, is Knowing.
- As he says: "There are no customers for this knowledge".
- There is no 'knower' forming in this clear dark empty space of knowing.
- This is the profound knowledge that has been traditionally hidden for centuries in inaccessible places.
- There is no danger in revealing this knowledge because it also is an illusion.
- All knowledge is of the past and Knowing is the ever present self-shining light by which YOU see and know.
- When did this light ever fail you?
- Only the 'mindscape' of 'time' and 'entity' have diverted this 'you' which you believe that you are. - It also is an illusion. - It is unstable and forever changeful.
- So how can you find stability in it? - The True Essence of what you ARE is not negotiable.
- It IS. It is Freedom. - Where is the doubt?
- A faint doubt arises, just now, that anyone will understand what is being pointed out.
- That is quickly cast aside because I KNOW that this Essence of Knowing presence is ONE.
- So, you know all this already!
- Stop ignoring the obvious and wake up!
For the few discriminating souls who wish to challenge the intellect to its natural end, a new bundle of copies of my book have arrived. - This new book brings one to the brink of conceptual perception. - One's natural, knowing presence lies beyond this conceptual brink. - Not in an 'outward' direction! Don't imagine it is somewhere else. It is What you ARE!
- Forget about spiritual pursuits. - This opportunity spontaneously presents itself and is made available by a simple means. - However....You can lead a horse to water...etc.
- Just follow closely, at your own pace, what is expressed in this website and the book and/or CD. - I can't tell you how simple this is - because quite frankly - no one believes it, until it is seen clearly. - Then all belief is known to be worthless and is forever subjugated to knowing which IS the First Instant.
- Knowing IS.
- It is truly - so very, very simple.
- The pure energy which throws up this phenomenal appearance is seductive and the mind is engaged with it.
- Be quiet and See.
- It dawns on you that this is what I am, this simple everyday presence - just as it is.
- Presence does not change even though the belief is that it is in flux.
- It is the mind that is vibrating into the myriad 'things' - not Presence.
- When the mind meets its own emptiness, all questions and all possible answers disappear naturally by themselves and it is found to be totally un-encumbered by anything.
- What we normally call the past is transparent and only belongs to memory.
- One realizes that there is nothing to add or subtract from THIS natural presence - presence to what IS.
- All additions and subtractions are simply mind constructs, interpretations or conceptualizations which all simply appear in the clear and empty nature of awareness or mind.
- The dream character is left to its realm of dreams and self-knowing natural awareness comes to the fore - as ones own true identity.
- "I am formless"- That is the essential realization of the Buddha. It is yours also.
- 'Who' is it that makes all the excuses and delays the inevitable?