Thursday, June 26, 2008

Self-Realization is simply SEEING-KNOWING that there is no 'me'.

One - without a second.
Nothing that is expressed, by anyone at all, can ever bring you 'home' - because you never ever left 'home'.
As Nisargadatta says: "All paths lead to unreality".
In the clear and present nature of your own being - there is a total openness - is it being ignored? - Is it something fearful? - Is it so threatening? - Do we engage ever so willingly with anything but THAT openness? - just to avoid the absolute naked 'truth' of it. - All of our endeavors, all of our labors are in vain and we suffer unnecessarily - all because we believe in something that does not actually exist.
'Who' is it happening to?
Anyone who has ‘personal’ investments in a future time, in believing that they will acquire some special state at some future moment, is simply ignoring what is clearly obvious right now.
Anyone who teaches methods and practices about such fictional ‘attainments’ is clearly ignoring what is clearly obvious right now. - They imagine that they are doing great service for their companions and that story is an indulgence in a fabrication. – Such is the nature of appearances. – We believe in ‘the appearance’ and ‘the story’ and we ignore our true nature. The idea of being present is just an idea and any story woven around that idea is a fantasy. – The FACT of Being – Being presence-awareness – Awareness of presence is not an idea or a concept. – It is wordless and silent. - That is understanding beyond the realms of duality, good, bad, “I have got it’ and ‘I have lost it’.
In the clear and obvious ‘present evidence’ of THIS timeless Being-ness, right here, right now, all manner of concepts and ideas come and go. – In seeing them for what they are, there is a complete knowing that they can never truly ‘transport’ you away from ‘presence’. – ‘Who’ is it that believes that they leave this presence or that they are dislodged from ‘presence-awareness’? – Who?
You may reply – “It is me”. – Well, what is that ‘me’? - Is that what you truly are?
The ‘me’ is only a thought and a story. - How can a fictional character attain anything, no matter how elaborate the practices are?

News: It will be of interest to German speaking readers to know that the first part of Bob Adamson's Book "One Essence - appearing as Everything" is now translated into German and a FREE PDF is download-able from Bob's official website. - A link to his website is on the shining through the mind links page.

Today's Note:
The relief in letting go of all practices, (after many years) – in relaxing back into simple presence with this ACTUALITY - with 'what is' – and seeing what unfolds from that, is profoundly refreshing. – That is not a sale-able ’practice’ or ‘teaching’ so it is ignored (or even discounted as anything worthwhile - by the experts - it puts them out of work).

The simplicity of being what YOU ARE is not a practice – The pretense of being what you are not is painfully exhausting.

The postulation of a Final Understanding is nothing but 'bait' for a mind distorted by its own obsessions about finding something imagined.
Self-realization is recognizing THAT - that which has always been known beyond all the 'thinking' - the essential nature of being-knowing-presence.
There is no finality to understanding. - The 'un-folding' nature of phenomena - space and time patterns - is simply a movement in stillness. - LIFE.
Some call it God - the ALL KNOWING PRESENCE.
There is NO duality in Non Duality.
'I AM' is your essential name - It is God's name also.
"I and the Father are One".
That is an expression that resonates in Being, if it is recognized.
It is an expression of One Essence - it is not a 'special someone' equating himself with 'The Almighty'. - That is Obvious and yet it is so mis-understood by 'the many' and of course that is the way it has to be.
The Singular core of being abides in ALL equally and without distinction.
The 'Sun shines upon everyone, without discrimination'.
(All the furor over 'same sex marriage' in recent days is so revealing of the ignorance of 'man isolated from his true essence' - The arrogance of 'egoic man' making judgments about 'others' and drawn deeper into his own convoluted arrogant attitude - that he is an 'agent' of 'God's Word'.) - I hear someone saying: "For the Love of God - Wake up, before it is too late." - Of course the word 'God' is so loaded with so many associations, it no longer 'resonates' cleanly.
'Ocean' could serve well as a replacement.
A drop of rain as it strikes the ocean is not rejected by the Ocean.
There is a moment of surface tension and a total dissolution of the 'separate drop'.
In this knowing - one cannot find that 'separate drop', that 'self-center' BECAUSE it never ever was anything but 'water' - ONE Essence.
Understanding is clear and clean - It is untouched by mis-understanding.
The mis-understanding is we take ourselves to be 'something' that we are not.
All confusion arises because of that misapprehension.
It seems rather odd that a clear exposition may be expressed in ‘devastating proportions’, such as the talk Bob Adamson gives at the beginning of his meetings and it is not ‘heard’.
When I first heard one of those talks, it was obvious that the information was ‘thick’ with ‘pointers’ – so thick that it seems impossible to assimilate it all in one hearing.
One may need to hear it a few times – each case is unique. – Just because it is repeated, maybe in exactly the same words, is not a disadvantage - it is always a gift - until it is heard. - Plus, one may well need to contemplate the meanings of it all and ‘follow’ what resonates clearly 'within you'.
In my case, I took it as the most profound exposition I had ever come across. – Something resonated clearly, even though my mind struggled to ‘get it’, that struggle dissipated naturally, the ‘longer’ I stayed with and AS that resonance and saw and ‘felt’ the truth of it – it began to be recognized in my direct experiencing – my ‘daily life’.
That resonance did not leave and it was discovered to be this natural presence that I am. – Now the same essential points are expressed from ‘here’ without a need to repeat the same words. - It is expressed naturally without any dependence upon the ‘past’ or memory. – It is Known – It is KNOWING – from beyond any doubt and ALSO from beyond any concept. – The concepts form themselves naturally ‘each moment’. – This applies to everyone – whether they have this ‘knowledge’ or not. – That is not an opinion – it is obvious.
The concept of a ‘lineage’ is just that – a concept. – This ‘knowing-presence’ this presence of knowing has no need of any support from any conceptual constructs.
Everything appears in THAT.
The Single Essence permeates ALL. - The wholeness is obvious. - The wholeness of a single apricot is obvious – even though it may appear to be a separate ‘thing’.
We may strive to ‘get to’ the ‘inner circle’, to the ‘seed’ - but in attempting to do that, we ignore the fact that the Essence of what ‘I am’ is in the finest fur-like hair of the skin, in the flesh of the fruit, in the case of the seed and also in and AS the potential ‘germination’ of that seed – it is ‘the Whole Apricot’.
These are words – expressing something that is indescribable. – There is nothing more obvious than Oneness.

All the words, in all the world cannot reveal THAT, that which is so clearly obvious.
Because it has always been ‘here’ and because it is so clearly obvious, the mind has never given it a thought or even named it - and so it has no words for it. – And yet all words appear in that clear obviousness. – The understanding and the recognition of words, or anything at all, is due to this clear obviousness. - Untranslated, unaltered, unmodified - direct knowing.
I AM THAT - I am not the mere words, ideas and images that take 'form' and appear in the mind.
The illusion of a separate self, searching for support, for some sense of substance, in order that it may add some substance to its own in-substantial nature, is itself an illusion. - It is a ‘mis-identification’ with ‘the appearance’. - In the clear space of immediate cognition this can be recognized – not by ‘someone’ – it is recognized as a falsehood by and in the essential being – that presence of knowing is what you are.
This ‘knowledge’ is not for the benefit of anyone. – The stored or shared ‘knowledge’ about this fact is not THAT essential being – that Knowing.
Knowing is unceasing presence and THAT is not limited to any form whatsoever.
All forms are appearances in THAT.
This is why a master will say “You are not the body – nor the mind.”
He may also say “Nothing is happening.”
That living essential being-presence is not a ‘happening’ in time or space.
The data, which gives rise to the sense of Time and Space, is an appearance in THAT.
As an apparent ‘seeker’ of THAT, that ‘seeker’ is naturally bound by its own nature.
A ‘seeker’ can never ‘become’ a ‘finder’. – When the seeker disappears a transitory ‘finder’ may ‘appear’ temporarily – yet this ‘finder’ is simply the mind ‘buying back’ into a story of ‘seeker-finder’. – The slightest evidence of freedom from seeking is exaggerated by the obsessive nature of the ‘seeker’. - In the dream of ‘seeking’ many are easily tricked into an endless cyclic pattern. – Methods are given, which ‘bring’ experiences of momentary freedom and these feeble experiences are enough to keep the mind trapped, for decades. – Living in hope eventually, after decades, turns into despair.
The oscillation between ‘hope’ and ‘despair’ is bound into the nature of duality. – The one that is tossing back and forth is a fictional ‘me’.
That ‘me’ is NOT the essential being.
It knows nothing at all.
It is like a thief – it borrows all of the pure and natural functions and claims them for itself – and yet it has no substance of itself. – It is nothing but a habitual belief.
Its ground is revealed to be non-existent and that can only EVER be revealed in this ‘present moment’.
THIS is obvious.
In believing oneself to be a seeker, what ‘seekers’ always miss is that ‘this moment’ is THIS MOMENT.
Everything reveals itself in THIS MOMENT.
There is NO other moment.
The word ‘moment’ implies time but the meaning of the words ‘this moment’ is not about ‘time’. – THIS MOMENT is the unchanging nature of Presence.
The Presence IS THIS Knowing right now. – It is not a particularization of knowing ‘something’. – THIS is simply the activity of KNOWING.
In recognizing THIS one may have a sense of being struck by a solidity beyond description. – The ‘me’ is shattered. – It may re-group ‘in time’ as the mind tries to assimilate, what for it is a ‘disappearing’ experience.
In staying with the direct and immediate experiencing, all such activities are seen to be insubstantial ‘appearances’.
There is no one to let go of them. – They are nothing but habitual beliefs.
They have NO power whatsoever.
There is NO spiritual self-image, no ‘me’ and nothing to acquire.
What you seek, you already ARE.
That ‘seeking’ dissolves into ‘this moment’ into the nature of recognition – and recognition in its essence is pure cognition – KNOWING.


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Monday, June 23, 2008

Suspension of Disbelief and Doubt.

News: Take a look at this fairly new site "You are Seeing Oneness".

Rob wrote:

The search: Suspension of Disbelief

Well, as long as I searched for my Self, I overlooked my Self! - How stupid could I be? - They were my first thoughts, reading the words of Gilbert Schultz on his website in early 2006.

And...I knew it all the time!

My thinking had -by sustaining the search- invented a strong spiritual identity!

Searching is stepping out of 'Thou that You are.' I am already That. - The seeker is to be seen in action by the real Me. - So the object tries to find & become the Subject, the real Me. - But I am already That. - I'm not the seeker. - The seeker is a role, invented by thinking. But my existence is beyond denial. - I'm here already! - There is seeing, hearing, tasting, sensing, smelling. - The heart beats, my hair grows, my brain works all the time. - I have nothing to do for it. - I'm here!

That search is thus hopeless. - And whatever is real ‘here’ makes use of the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling... So I know I'm Here.

About 1995 I first discovered that truth, having read Krishnamurti, Ouspensky, Huang Po and many others. - But I expected after that moment of freedom, that my life would be without troubles from then on. - It did not, on the contrary, so I started the search again, looking for Peace & Safety.

I wrote texts on this website similar as the texts of Sailor Bob and Gilbert Schultz. - I understood it, I saw it. - I understood Krishnamurti. - Reading his Notebook I felt the overwhelming Peace and Stillness. - It was with me….. (so easily at times. ed).... but it didn't change my life. - The pain kept coming. - I kept searching. - I was always in haste on my way to .....home? - I had felt Home, but it escaped ‘away’ so easily.

I dug myself deep in Ramana and Nisargadatta, but it seemed unattainable.- For me the spiritual path had become a kind of suspension of disbelief. - I had so much invested in my personality, my ego, my knowledge, that it was very hard to believe what I read. - And when I believed it, it didn't lead me to realising it as the definite truth. - I was waiting for an impressing and definite sign, that would -beyond any doubt- be a proof of my homecoming.

Early 2006 I gave up the search. - Let it all roll! -It appeared that 'I succeeded in doing that' for a couple of weeks.

In early 2006 I discovered the website of Gilbert Schultz. - The first sentence was: Stop the search! - You are already that, what you are looking for! - I don't know what it was, but it struck me like a hammer. - Yes, this is it! - Of course! - How stupid of me! - It is unavoidable! - I know it, I have known this for years. - I wrote it myself! - I had even explained it to other people.
My mind knew it, 'Rob' knew it, but that was not enough.

'I' remembered 'myself' reading Gilbert. - A spark hit me beyond my grasping mind. - It was not an act of my person or my ego. - Something beyond that recognized Itself. - I'm now back where I belong. - Here, as what I am. - Home. - That's not a so-called enlightenment. - It's the recognition of the nothingness that's behind all that is to be seen and experienced. - That No Thing is my (your) true being. - I'm no other than you, who is reading this. What's me is not that which is to be seen. - The old me tries to regain its ‘old place’ - But the spell is broken.
- Rob (edited from Rob’s website notes)

What Rob read of Gilbert’s writing was probably the following note:
Stop the search! - You are already that, what you are looking for!
Every thought, every motion is consciousness. - The First Instant (the Only instant) is KNOWING - cognition- present and immediate - It remains timelessly as WHAT you are.
So, THAT (this unadorned pure wakefulness -this knowing, right now) is the ‘understanding’ - the activity of knowing IS the understanding - and there is NO entity in that. – Any appearance of an ‘entity’ is an appearance in THAT and is naturally seen – and notice that you cannot see yourself – primarily you KNOW yourself as yourself and then as everything that IS. – No two-ness. - Everything is inclusive in THAT.
There is a seeing of each thought - a hearing of your own speech – taste, touch, all the senses register ‘on that awareness’ that you are - the investigation is of that 'space of knowing' and the investigator dissolves into the knowing – forever - as it always was - is and will be.
It already IS - so it is truly no Big Deal.
Ordinary awareness is clear and present always. – It may appear to be covered over by mind content – but for whom is it covered over – only a sense of identification – INVESTIGATE.

Those who make a big deal out of this just keep the concept of separation going on and on.
The traditional MAP is a fabrication. - You ARE here now and there is no other time or place to SEE directly and immediately.

Right NOW is IT - you are already FREE - but your mind tells you otherwise - and you believe it - 'who' is the believer?
Watch and see - that is all one needs to do.
Everything is revealed in SEEING. (That applies to everyday ordinary seeing and also the highest esoteric insight.)
There is only one SEEING happening.
Everything registers in THAT – that space-like awareness – THAT is what you ARE.

Essential Directness - let it 'seep' into your bones.
Too direct and too immediate for the mind bound into time realms?
This is totally available to everyone - As Bob says: "Not for just the few" - it is totally available, simply because it is our true nature. - It is what I am.
All teachings are simply ‘pointers’ and one should avoid getting ‘stuck’ on the concepts.
All ‘traditions’ appear as transient patterns within Presence.
It is ‘presence’ that needs to be acknowledged, not teachers and gurus or traditions.
The only thing that you cannot deny or negate is the fact that you exist - you KNOW you ARE.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Profundity of: No Steps need be taken, away from right here, right NOW.

Traditional versus New: -

The tussle going on between traditional Advaita AND Neo-Advaita is ridiculous.

Those who argue about Oneness have no more substance than a mirage of water.

The intellect ONLY ‘appears’ to divide THAT, which has never been divided – and the arguments that follow are nothing but ‘foam’ on the ‘beach’. The campsite of each ‘contester’ is founded upon erroneous opinions and beliefs.
Calling yourself an Advaitan, a Buddhist or whatever, puts an erroneous boundary upon this immediate, clear and present Being. – That Being is boundless presence.

That which has never been divided can never be re-joined. - Yet there is a sense of wholeness that permeates the being, as a clear message is imbibed.

Note: An excellent new Urban Guru program (Pointers 4) on Bob Adamson is now down-load-able from that site. - It does not come much clearer or direct. - However, it does require the 'hearing of it'. - Many dabble in the subject of 'Non Duality' due to its apparent 'trendiness' or because it is 'Cool' etc. - Some talk endlessly using the latest jargon - some write songs and put out CD's about it all - others go on about 'The Beloved' and various other nonsensical notions, all 'hand me down' notions bandied about the spiritual circles. - If that is what you want, then stay away from any clear message - because it will dissolve all erroneous beliefs. - You can pretend to be 'earnest' about it all and even fool yourself - What for?

Most recent Note:

Looking at things from the so-called ‘ordinary point of view’, the realms of confusion may loom ‘at my door’ but that realm cannot enter into this clear space of knowing that I am. –Thoughts, ideas and concepts have never ever have had any power at all – yet through ‘belief’ they ‘appeared’ to keep ‘me’ in a state of searching year after year. – That search vanished like a puff of smoke IN 'the clear seeing through' of those old habitual concepts.

Some may say “Oh yeah its alright for you – but it is very difficult for me” etc. – They miss the fact that they are just adding more concepts and imaginary difficulties in ‘this moment’ by believing those ‘old ideas’ about difficulties etc. - What is being overlooked is this natural clear and present awareness. – Due to the nature of awareness itself, there are many spontaneous expressions appearing for the apparent benefit of ‘seekers’.

An example of that is: The latest podcast on the Urban Guru Café is a most profound ‘introduction’ and within the simplicity of being open to its clear expositions, it seems (to me) impossible that anyone could not ‘get’ what it is ‘pointing at’ as long as it is heard - with an open 'mind'. – In this new program, as always, Bob Adamson ‘shoots straight and clean’ – he takes no prisoners. – No one is expected to ‘hang around year after year’ and play the game of being a ‘devotee’. – There is no ‘life style’ to imitate. – At ‘all times’ the ‘pointing’ is direct and immediate – a direct introduction to your own true nature. - Listen to the short program as often as you can – let it resonate in your being. – That is my advice.
What more can be done? - I can sit quietly and listen to all the stories about how difficult it is and blah-blah-blah and that NEVER brings anything new, unless it is ‘heard’ and recognized as being what it is – A story. – It is easy to see through someone else’s story or get bored with listen to it – but take a look into your own story – seeing that for what it is, is the revelation that needs to ‘happen’. – The chains, the bondage is cut and that chain can never be forged again. – The weakest link is the one we believe to be the strongest and the most difficult to be rid off – It is the belief in being a separate individual. – ME.

The new program is remarkably potent. - Bob does not diminish with 'age' - he seems to just get more and more 'direct' - whether it is heard is 'another matter'.

- Some are smart and 'make the move' to go see him. - The latest book on Bob Adamson's 'pointers' is called "One Essence - Appearing as Everything" - It is a remarkably compact text. - It has already drawn the attention of several translators, and versions in Dutch and Spanish have been finished. - It carries the potent message that Bob expounds in his regular meetings. - The book is only available via Bob's website or the Theosophical Bookshop in Melbourne. - You can order it on line on Bob's website.

Whatever was obscuring this clear presence of being, it vanished once I heard and recognized what Bob was pointing at. - Now there are no questions and no doubts.

I do not say that I have what everyone is looking for - since that would be a conceptual mind projection. - I KNOW that everyone is THAT clear presence. - The old habitual beliefs are not necessary and they cannot stand up to this investigation. - They will and must vanish - yet they may need to be 'penetrated' over and over - because of a life time of habitual belief. - They weaken and crumble. - You can spend your' lifetime' looking for that illustrious 'beloved' or some other 'stale old concept' handed down from 'yesterday' via some dead guru or you can search for some of your own 'mind projections', searching 'out there' and not realize its all unattainable - BECAUSE it does NOT exist. - What is true resonates in being because it is true. - When you hear or read something that 'clicks', delve further into it. - You can follow what resonates in your being. - What you are is that living resonation. - It need not stay bogged down with traditional beliefs and old second hand concepts. - Get the book - it really does resonate if you let go of your old ideas - read it thoroughly.

Note 2:

Even though there has been a relentless pointing out of the salient points on this subject of 'Self-Realization', people do not crowd my 'space' trying to get some knowledge. - There is no delusional self-imaging going on here, about being a guru. There is no pretense that 'I have' something that the 'seeker' does not have.

That is also how THIS 'self-realization' was introduced to me by my teacher, Bob Adamson some 8 years ago. - Once delivered and recognized, the apparent 'seeker' and the 'teacher's role' vanish naturally into knowing presence.

The Teaching: It was only ever a 'direct pointing' at THIS immediate fact of being presence, and the pointing itself appears nowhere other than in 'THIS moment' of presence. - It 'appeared' as duality - In fact it IS Non Duality!!!

Once the message has been absorbed and totally recognized, then naturally gratitude arises for the messenger - however, the messenger does not revel in any delusion about any of it - He is already busy delivering the message to others who are prepared to listen. - Such is the nature of a genuine 'messenger'. - Being beyond ego, there is a freedom and an infinite patience for 'bringing you home' - to THAT essential being-ness that you ARE'.

There are some profound difference about this direct 'teaching'. - Some may not be recognized straight away. - In this direct pointing, there is no indulgence about stories, about a 'future time' when deliverance will come. - There is NO self-important 'image' projected onto any individual - especially the (teacher) 'messenger'. - There is no sacred atmosphere to respect and no kissing of feet etc.

In the immediacy of THIS moment, all there is is naked knowing - the rest is 'of the Appearance'. - Even the evidence of that fact, appearing as 'knowledge', is only a translucent pattern in mind. - It fades into the naked presence.

There is only KNOWING - pure and simple Knowing. - I am THIS knowing presence.

Here in this first instant of knowing, the appropriate expressions appear naturally. They are not second hand, 'hand me downs' or empty rhetoric. - If they resonate with you, well and good. - If not then move on to something that does. - Find the message that resonates 'in your being' and follow THAT. - That leads you where you need to go - and yet you never leave this presence. - It all unfolds naturally as an emerging pattern - while the essence of what you are, remains as THIS presence of Knowing.

All there is, is a pointing out of the salient points - hammering away at those points. - Most seekers want a 'teacher' to show them the way and give them practices - all in vain. - All such activities are engagement with a conceptual realm - thus ignoring the present evidence of 'presence' itself - completely open and free of all concepts. - The natural state of one's true essential being.

NO step needs to be taken, in any direction, away from right here, right now!

Even though such directness is expressed over and over, few actually 'hear it'.

It feels 'to me' that enough has been written over a few years and these notes may soon cease to appear.

Other means of delivering the message may come about. - One to one meetings have been increasingly fruitful. - Direct and immediate investigation is the Key.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

So many words - for something so simple,

Email: (After several emails)

Hallo again Gilbert, I find in the non-duality community, a lot of confusion. - So many things expressed and talked about, that are not non-dual, but are dual in fact.

There are a lot of things (diversions) - and people want experiences it seems....even virtual experiences.
Regards - Sergio

Gilbert: - Dear Sergio, Yes, the 'community' is an aspect of 'multiplicity', it is all in the appearance of 'things' - it is ONE appearing as 'many'.
There will be no peace for the mind. - 'People' go on and on searching in the mind decade after decade and no peace comes. - Practices, like meditation, may calm the mind temporarily and yoga may help the body be more healthy. - There will only ever be a resolution to the whole riddle 'when' you find out 'what you truly ARE'.

Everything that is expressed about Non Duality MUST and can only be a transient appearance - it is duality - but none of that is what you ARE. - By attaching 'yourself' to any of it, you get drawn in to it, through 'belief'.
What you truly ARE is not in a community, it is the ONE, the ONLY ONE.
The 'purpose' of this 'life' is to realize what you are.
ALL else, everything, without a single exception will draw you into 'the web'.
See that what you are is not moving and in that space of knowing everything appears - it is all 'an appearance' (valid as what it is) - an apparent movement in THIS stationary PRESENCE.

The LIGHT of KNOWING, (which shines ever-before any time realm appears in mind) naturally reveals ALL for what it is. - (It is)Absolutely stable, it shines, appearing as all the energy patterns of the Universe and appearing as 'an emergence' - all expressed as 'change' - from that unchanging singular Essence - THAT is what you ARE. - (Ring a Bell?)

'You' as a believed in 'thing' cannot 'go there' - Going there requires you to be 'somewhere else' and it requires 'time to get there'. -
(THIS is all there IS, so...) Start in 'this immediacy' with 'the FACT' that you are ALREADY THAT (This Knowing presence).

This knowing is forever complete just as it is and resides in the essence that you are, AS 'what you are' (It cannot be negated)
The mind is naturally dualistic - it could be said to stop 'direct cognition' from destroying the illusion of separateness. - In believing in the mind content, yes it appears to prevent self-realization.
Yet self-realization is happening - It is Universal - ONE in essence - realizing Multiplicity - just as it IS.
WHO is the arrogant one who WANTS self-realization?
AND who is the one that proclaims to be self-realized?
It is a most revealing insight.
Insight in its very essence is simply SEEING - Knowing what IS.
There is no separation - only an appearance of separation.
SEE that - be the KNOWING of that - drop the content of mind - even for a few moments and be the KNOW-ING - that is all that is required. - That is all that there truly IS, any way you look at it. - The universal is not limited to the individual point of view, obviously.
So 'you' will not see this truth - yet it is absolutely obvious in pure seeing - seeing without a 'seer'. - The seer is a thought only and it obscures if believed in.
See how the mind resists such information. - The character 'me' is the pivotal point of resistance. - In SEEING that conceptual 'appearance' it is recognized for what it is. - It is embraced and like 'the prodigal son' it takes its rightful place.
The mind is there to serve. - It can do a good job but if the tyrant 'me' is holding ground, it brings much confusion - all in duality and the essence of what 'I am' remains untouched. - So in the moment of seeing through it all, a 'feast' is already prepared - The impressions of what truly IS floods in.
Just drop the concepts and SEE.
Whatever resistance comes up - see it for what it is and drop it.

Everything is a concept except that awareness that you ARE.
The concept about that is just a concept....but the reality of it is undeniable.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

When it is said that awareness is 'space-like' - that is a pointer only. - Awareness is like space - it is not 'a thing' - it is formless - it is knowing. - Awareness has no locality, no center and no circumference, just like space.
Try and find a center to that awareness that you are. - Investigate that and discover what you truly are.
What you believe you are is just thought patterns and they have no substance, duration or volume.
Have a look.
As you approach 'things' they evaporate (subatomic particles are suspended in space - in an ordinary sense, everything appears and 'floats' in emptiness.)
The 'point' of view (pure SEEING, without a thought of being a 'seer') has no dimension - it is zero dimension.
Trying to establish oneself as an observer is a fabrication - an appearance - a transient pattern.
We can go around and around in the mind, altering our definitions and by attaching some sort of importance to them we remain ignorant of our true nature.
Habits can be broken.
The formless presence ('knowing') is already present - yet the habituated mind knows nothing about it and so 'seekers' remain on a 'path' that leads nowhere.

The intellect can serve 'us' well....but it can also keep 'us' seemingly trapped - in a world or 'reference points'.
As Bob says: There is no answer in the mind.

Note 2:

From time to time an abusive email arrives in my in-box. - I also hear stories of how certain 'people' dislike me with a passion. - (Who is this 'me' they dislike so much?) - From my experience these characters, most usually, have major 'issues' (usually substance addiction) that they are not facing in themselves. - It is all rather amusing and sometimes it is just plain pathetic.

Those who remain stuck 'in life' do not recognize that 'what they truly are' is not actually 'in life'. - All of their drama is not cut through - it is all believed in. - Yet it is nothing more than concepts appearing on consciousness-awareness. - THAT, what all concepts appear on, remains a mystery for them. -You may easily recognize the fact that 'most of us' avoid 'the truth' as much as possible - until it looms over us and it no longer can be avoided by the mind and its 'character' 'me'. - 'Weave and dodge' is best left to the realm of ball games.

The 'short cut' is right HERE, right NOW. - The mind avoids 'reality' and 'goes with' whatever concepts that arise. - There is no answer in the mind. - The realization is: - that I am this pure and empty 'space of knowing' - and that EVERYTHING, without a single exception, is 'an appearance' - it ALL 'appears' within WHAT I AM.

This equation 'applies' to everyone, without a single exception! - ONE without a second. - So in BEING THIS - THAT, there is no need to contrive anything, no need to impress anyone and no need of a 'spiritual self-image'.

The following 6 notes are too direct for those who dabble in spirituality and should be avoided.