Monday, April 20, 2009

Something is happening?

NEW e-book IS available - "Who do you think you are?" Details of how to get the e-book are on the new 'seeing-knowing' website.

New book by Randall Friend is now published via Non Duality Press. The title is "You are No Thing". Visit his site by clicking HERE.

NEW: German translation of selected passages from "Everything is Clear and Obvious" appear on my new website in the Writings, subsection "Translations".
A FREE PDF of this same e-book translated into Portuguese is also there. "Todo - Claro e Obvio".

My new website is now in operation and is where new notes, videos etc, are placed.

Randall Friend's his first book "You are No Thing" is published by Non Duality Press.
An interview with Randall about the book is on the UGC - the title is the same name.

Check out the latest Urban Guru Cafe Podcasts.
Tapes from Nisargdatta are being presented there. The atmosphere of the meetings comes across very well.
There is a new face-book account someone has organized about the Urban Guru Cafe.
If you have a F/B page, join the friends on the UGC F/B pages.
Warm regards - Gilbert.