Monday, October 29, 2007

The elusive CAT - How did you miss it? - it is as Blunt as a Sumi Wrestler's butt.

Bob's NEW book is off to a flying start. -Click here - it takes you to his website for the details on ordering.

I highly recommend this book. - Carefully selected and compiled so as to deliver the message clearly and precisely. -All the major 'points' are there. - It is an accurate record of some profound expressions in simple everyday language. - No high flying conceptual notions in it.
Everyone should be able to follow what it points out.
It is a remarkably compact and direct representation of Bob's clear expressions and deserves to be widely read.
I am repeatedly touched by Bob's 'ability' to be so direct about THIS 'presence' and his 'never going off track'. - I have never heard him lead anyone off into any elaborate conceptual notions - it is always expressed clearly and always a gentle nudge, bringing it back to present evidence - direct experiencing - back to the basics.
In my opinion it is a most welcome addition to the other two books. - This new book will no doubt touch a lot of newcomers to this 'teaching'.

The great illusion is that there is someone who is going to 'get things clear' and that someone else is helping that someone to see clearly.
At the moment of that illusion being cat away, the clear seeing is found to be present - that it has always been present. - It never was obscured. - The seeker is impotent and has no being whatsoever - it can't even disappear without the living essence that 'appears' to give it life.

The so called search can only disappear - that is the sum total of its potency. - The search can never transform into some result - some objective result that has any permanent quality to it - in fact it is all transient and dream-like. - All those prolonged 'years of service' or of struggling with 'getting anything' is just a bad joke. - What you, that essence that you are is, is already complete - that 'is-ness' is all you need and that is-ness can never be a need or be lacking in anyway, except to 'appear' as a lack in imagination.
-Popular 'pathways' and 'teachings' are just expressions that appear to be 'time bound' and full of concepts about 'acquiring' - these misconceptions about non duality are seen through.
Belief as a 'means' is very a 'popular way' but belief is never going to bring anything - it is a closed circuit - club mentality - it actually keeps one going around in circles bound to condition that don't even exist. - Just because something is popular does not mean it is 'true' - in fact it is usually the opposite - the 'common dream' is not reality.
Knowing what is true, in your own direct experiencing, is the only way - and THAT knowing is always immediate - it is not a concept and it does not depend on any concept or the 'years of absorption' that many appearances called 'teachers' promote as the basis, the 'glue' that binds 'other appearances' their followers to them - it is a joke - all happening in appearance only.
The point is that there never was anyone that was bound.
Let the dead bury the dead - Let the blind lead the blind - investigate 'belief' and see for yourself. - Recognizing the truth is instant, immediate and one also sees that the usual mind stuff has nothing to do with direct recognition. - The words of the guru are not there in that direct seeing - naked awareness - his words can only point you to that - How can he deliver you to THAT - that which you ARE and That which you have never moved away from and what 'time' is there to 'get' anything?
The so-called 'mind' is seen from beyond the mind and one realizes that thought cannot see or know anything at all. - I have always been THIS knowing.
The myth of 'enlightenment' is a belief only - it is not a 'bad thing' - a myth is nothing but a story about another 'time' and it cannot remain in the light of knowing - it can only be in the imaginary realms of mind - just like a dream can only appear in sleep. - Wakefulness registers everything without favor - the minds habitual bias is called 'me' and 'mine' - concepts only.
- Clear and present awareness is not a concept - it is never a concept! - A concept cannot contain awareness because it is only an appearance IN awareness. - Get things in the right order and you can forget about practices and methods - it is only a 'self-image' that depends on such things.
Did anyone see my CAT? It got lost in the paragraph above somewhere.
Cut the cat out and email it to me. - Replace the gap it leaves with some other word.

Email: To Gilbert: Sometimes I look in the mirror and there is a sublte sense that this "me" is not what is seeing - like this "me" is also an object - or, looking at my hands there is a sense sometimes of less familiarity - almost, as if someone elses hands.
Regarding your pointer"you are nothing but the experiencing" ...I immediately habitually looked for an 'experiencer' – but it is seen that what I am is 'closer' than an experiencer – ‘experiencer’ is after – an addition.
Respectfully - S.

Reply: Yes - that is it! - I am THAT in which Everything appears - fresh and new – yet it does not change in essence – ‘fresh each moment’ and even the multiplicity, the concept of ‘each moment’ melts into One moment and even the concept of 'moment' loses its meaning - 'then', which is always ‘now’ it is seen that - THIS IS IT...... this is it.......
The bars of the conceptual prison evaporate - and one knows that freedom was and is always present.
You are ‘prior’ to all things.
It is strange for the habitual stance of the mind - because all the mind ‘has’ is concepts - and as the concepts melt away - the ‘fresh and new’ is sensed as being ‘strange’ -then that falls away as well.
But I see that all this talk can support a sense of expectation - the point is THIS IS IT - it already IS.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

Videos of Gilbert speaking at Bob's can be found as 'links' on the next Note or on the website menu.
These notes are addressed to anyone, yet the language may appear 'strange' to those not familiar with Non Duality 'conversations'.
The so-called ‘mind’ is at all times empty. – The so-called ‘mind’ ‘seemingly’ divides up the natural Unity of everything and then holds onto an expectation of coming to an understanding of Oneness.
Like a biology class, they can dissect a living frog into a hundred ‘parts’ in order to understand ‘the frog’ and ‘biological life’. Even if the worlds best micro-surgeon worked for many hours to reassemble the frog, that frog is never going to take another leap to freedom or even take another breath.
There is an ancient quote that says: “The sum of the parts is not equal to the whole.”
The mysterious quality we know and call ‘Life’ is not an objective ‘thing’ – it cannot be found, except as the animator of ‘matter’. – Like the wind it remains invisible.
You are the same. – No matter where you search, you will never discover yourself as an object. – You will never ‘see’ yourself – that is even logical, since you are the SEEING. – Turn this way and that and only the view changes. – Seeing remains.
It was popular a couple of decades ago, to go in search of yourself. – Thousands of books were written about that ‘search’. – Thousand upon thousands ‘went’ on that search and even though they looked everywhere, under ‘every rock’ and behind ‘every tree’ – they found nothing except new ideas and new concepts.
They did not know that an investigation is necessary – an investigation of ‘who’ is searching.
Only the so-called ‘mind’ seemingly divides wholeness. One must be the whole to know the whole – THIS living intelligence is the whole ‘appearing’ as every perceived ‘thing’.
It is not limited to any particular ‘pattern’ that it appears as. – No pattern can contain the whole.
The whole is not vain, conceited or proud. - It is not afraid or searching for itself.
It is not a concept.
The whole contains it all – without exception or preference, likes or dislikes.
Bob Adamson says many things that are clear and precise. – One is this: “Start from the fact that you are THAT.”
The ‘mind’ cannot approach that – yet its very nature is THAT – clear and empty.
The intellect can not appreciate that - it does not know 'how' to - because 'that' is non-conceptual. – When the intellect is quiet, that clear emptiness is most obvious – it is very subtle because it is actually 'no thing'.
The first movement of the mind away from ‘that’ may be to claim ‘that’ and so one falls back into a conceptual realm of separation.
The ‘habitual mind’ is like quicksand and it convinces one that ‘I am back up to my neck in it’.
No instructions will work, no methods can bring results, except in the ‘appearance’.
Find ‘that’ in yourself, that which does not change.
Recognize its obviousness and KNOW that that is what you are.
That is wholeness.
There is no separation.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Everything is revealed in SEEING - as it is.

These links below take you to recent video clips of Gilbert speaking at Bob Adamson's meetings.

1. Video one

2. Video two

3. Video three

Without intention, it is easy to slip into misinforming. - We, those writing about Non Duality, make a 'song and dance' about it and yet it is so ordinary - no wonder so many keep searching. - So many 'teachers' make a big deal out of it and give the impression of someone that is 'knowing something'. - Is it not a parody? - Is it not making a big deal out of it? 'Creating' another obstacle, a tantalizing 'thing' which keeps the seeker busy searching for that 'big deal' and in so doing, they over look this immediate knowing?
- Anything and everything can divert one (seemingly) away, through 'belief', away from this immediate knowing - which is non-dual - the essential nature of awareness.
It is wise to say less. - By constant mental engagement our intuition (already functioning) gets less of a chance to 'surface'.

Words are just like a finger pointing at the moon.
In getting engrossed in the words, the Moon is not perceived in its nakedness, nor is the orb of the moon noticed.
The perceiver is more mysterious and completely unreachable like a rainbow.

In engagement with the imagination we forget that 'seeing and knowing' are what we are. - The first instant of perception is THAT natural seeing-knowing.
Take a closer look - When did you ever leave THAT?

Non Duality Note - revised from April:
Every thought, every motion is consciousness. - The First Instant (the Only instant) is KNOWING - cognition.
So, THAT is the ‘understanding’ - the knowing IS the understanding - there is NO entity in that. – Any appearance of an ‘entity’ is seen in the knowing – and notice the obvious, you cannot see yourself ! – In the first instant you KNOW that you are – for the mind it appears as knowing yourself as yourself Everything that IS, is within yourself. – No two-ness.
There is seeing - of each thought - hearing - your own speech – taste, touch, all the senses register ‘on that awareness’ that you are - the investigation happening in that 'space of knowing' and the pattern called the investigator dissolves into the knowing – into the no-thing-ness that it is - as it always ‘was’ – ‘is’ and ‘will be’. – One moment of self-realizing-ness – just as it is.
It already IS - so it is truly no Big Deal.
The thing that needs to be recognized is very simple. - It is the 'pivotal point' where the erroneous beliefs lose their hold - It is this: The mind translates what is seen and known - that translation takes on a habitual pattern - it is quick and seemingly instant. - That translation is what the mind is meant to do - it is not wrong as such. - The point is that the translation is always using 'old' impressions from memory - dead stuff - using that to describe or translate what is actually the 'living moment'. - This living-ness of direct impressions is not hidden in anyway. - It is so obvious, no one usually suspect it is 'here' - that this obvious clear and prsent evidence is the very 'thing' that they are searching for - searching for it with concepts, 'old' and second hand 'hand-me-down' concepts. - That is why when one pauses a thought - in that 'gap' there is the obviousness - yet for the restless mind it is too subtle at first - so one must get a taste of it over and over.

It is no big deal - the mind looks for a big deal - 'enlightenment' and it is encouraged to do that because it believes what it is told by teachers who speak with an apparent authority and genuine tone - yet all concepts are not equal to THAT - this ordinary naked awareness.

Ordinary awareness is clear and present always. – It may appear to be covered over by mind content – but for whom is it covered over – only a sense of identification – INVESTIGATE.
Those who make a big deal out of this are really treading an imaginary path of ignorance and that dramatizing of it all just keeps the believed in ‘entity’ busy with what is actually a concept of separation – it goes on and on – because it is not recognized for what it is - then the ignorant guru places an obstacle in your mind, one that cannot be fulfilled - he promises you deliverance, if you do what he says - that my friend is nothing more than EGO looking for companions on a road to nowhere or a fantasy journey to that old fabricated mind 'place', a castle of 'Salvation'. – That destination never arrives because it can’t. – Presence itself fills THIS moment and there is no room for that imaginary state of mind, except as an ephemeral appearance in the mind. – Why be a slave to that nonsense?
The modern guru's MAP is fabricated and erroneous belief - nonsense. - You ARE here now and there is no other time or place to SEE directly the ACTUALITY of your own completeness – presence awareness – in seeing that and knowing that, the ownership falls away – it is no longer my awareness.
The erroneous, fruitless effort making ceases to appear with its sadness and its suffering. Blessed relief - no doubt.
Right NOW is Reality - you can easily recognize that you are already FREE - but maybe your mind tells you otherwise - and maybe you still believe it – Investigate - 'who' is the believer?
Watch and see - that is all one needs to do.
Everything is revealed in SEEING.

Monday, October 22, 2007

ONE PATTERN appears as multiplicity

Non Duality Note:

The Universe appears as an endless vast space. - 99.9 plus percent of it is space, which is obvious when you look into the the sky at night. – The ‘matter’ of the universe appears as an infinite series of patterns. - With the naked eye, only a fraction is visible. - The wonder of it is sensed from beyond the eyes vision. - No one has discovered the edge of the universe (not even 'Monkey' from the classic Chinese novel - he wrote a sign on the pillars at the end of the world only to find that those pillars were Buddha's fingers).

Infinity stills the mind when we contemplate it. - That clear and empty space-like nature is the same as the nature of mind itself - clear and empty. - Strange how we ignore the obvious.

The infinite pattern is clearly visible to us, reflected as everything we see, eg: the plant life around us. – A tree is like a fractal pattern – a basic shape repeating on various scales, from trunk, branches and roots down to veins in leaves and further down into cell structures – one basic pattern. – Insects, birds, fish and animals all are patterns repeating themselves as organic life on Earth. – Topographic patterns like mountains, rivers, coastlines, beaches, coves and headlands – all part of a pattern. – Crystals are a prime example of a pattern. - Crystals have always captured the imagination of 'man'. - They are believed to hold special powers for healing. - The unbalanced pattern of the body is believed to be realigned by the influence of the crystal. -

Galaxies, Solar systems, stars, planets and moons – all these are branches of a pattern. – The various branch patterns in the physical body, nerves, blood vessels, organs, cells and the fluids are also patterns repeating themselves.

Now, the point to see or recognize is that the pattern, of itself, is nothing without the energy, the living energy that flows through the pattern. - Life is not limited to organic life forms. - The Whole THING is LIFE. - Only arrogance will say otherwise.

The sum of all the patterns in the universe is actually one pattern appearing as many parts. – The parts are not separate – they only ‘appear’ to be separate.

The living actuality of being is basically ‘knowing’.

Nothing is happening outside of Knowing.

That cognition is the first and only instant of being. – It does not divide into moments of time. – This experiencing that is happening NOW cannot happen anywhere else.

This moment of livingness is not dividing this presence into parts, past, present or future. - It is impartial presence – all presence.

The pattern only ‘appears’ to grow new branches and to shed old branches. – New ‘bodies’ appear to replace old bodies.

Each so-called ‘moment’ is an appearance that is fresh and new. – This moment now has never happened before. – It can never happen again and yet it ‘appears’ to re-appear fresh and new.

Instead of searching in the mind, in memory, stay with the direct cognition – the knowing presence - and see.

In just being the SEEING, the mind will and must ‘unfold’ from its complexities and the obviousness of clear insight is bound to reveal itself.

The most profound insight is nothing but seeing – seeing is already happening.

What the mind habitually translates that seeing into can only ever be a re-presentation of the pattern in one form or another.

The profundity is this: SEEING – KNOWING is not in the pattern at all.

These pure functions (already with you now) are beyond ‘matter’, beyond the pattern.

That is why it is said that you are not ‘in the world’.

The world appears within what you are.

The guru is just a signpost – pointing you back to what you are – so that re-cognition can dissolve instantly into its origin nature, resonation, which is direct and immediate un-mediated cognition – KNOWING. - Un-mediated - means 'not two' - no mediator.

The thoughts about 'who' I am are just thoughts which appear in the grounds of presence.

Those thoughts will never resonate as truth - because they are just twigs on the branch - they are an appearance - they are empty - they are NOT the living essence that is the living stillness of Knowing - they are just an expression coming out of what you are. - They can never BE what you are. - Seeing this is easy - be the space-like awareness and watch and hear the words spoken, those words coming out of your own mouth - See their origin - see that they appear in that space-like awareness - they spill out. - Some remain unspoken and many are expressed.
The ease of being is not found to be with the nervous 'editor' of speech. - That 'considering' of 'what will happen if I say this' is just a fiction - imaginary. - Stop giving it any validation.
Be the hearing, the seeing, tasting etc.

The paradox is that pure Knowing is already happening with everyone - whether 'they' are 'aware' of that or not. - Knowing is universal - it is not personal - the habitual mind labels it as personal and then the 'problem' kicks in - yet it has no basis - it is a story only and the character that owns the story is a fiction. - Seeing that is what 'appears' to make a difference.

The problem for the 'person' is that with an investigation, the 'personal' nature of everything loses its hold and so one quickly comes to the core issue. - Many balk at this point. - Those that challenge that primary belief -belief in ME - dissolve into impersonal presence - knowing - and so everything is known for what it is - with no bias.
The axis of being is freed from the biased distortion of a false self-center.
Paradoxically, who cares? - It would seem that only a person could care and yet in the immediate knowing before a notion of being a 'person' arises - in that knowing, in that absence of being a 'person' - there is a profound and subtle bliss and ease of being.

What is true is always undifferentiated - and ALL the differences in the world do not touch or alter THAT. - That is why it is said that 'nothing is happening'.

These insights appear to be my insights but there is a knowing that they belong to everyone – that is why they are shared. -There is no one here (anymore) the knowing is not obscured by any thought or appearance. Even though this ‘I’ appears to be ‘running on empty’ ‘my cup runneth over’.


Oddly enough, even though it appears that ‘I’ spent many years in spiritual learning with complex and convoluted esoteric, hidden knowledge, it all fades away as being insignificant and yet the short pieces from my Sunday school lessons ‘pop up’ and their profound meaning still resonates.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Running on Empty.

Do you like tricky questions? - Here is one - it has intricate complexities:

When did you ever run out of time?

If time exists, then where is it coming from? - It seems to me that there is always plenty of time, endless time. – The end of time is just a concept. – Space is similar to time – because they both are invisible and no evidence can be found of them except in relativity or in what I will call ‘absence’.

The beginning of space or the beginning of time, isn’t that just another concept. – Some scientists say that space and time came into existence when ‘the big bang’ happened. – The Hindus say that the universe is breathing – expanding in one eon and contracting into the next – a cycle of creation and destruction. – Such concepts spring naturally from our organic nature. – It is easy to use analogy to explain the inexplicable.

The consumption of spiritual literature is not going to bring understanding – the adherence to spiritual images and beliefs is not going to bring about the great revelation. – You already are this wakefulness. - That wakefulness is not different from true understanding. – There really is no wrong understanding – what we call wrong understanding is just the minds translation of perceptions. – The perceiving is not wrong – what is registering on that wakefulness is not distorted or wrong. – What is true is clear and obvious. – The error is in the believing in ‘things’ that have no substance and taking them to be real. – As so-called ‘identified people’ we try to manipulate a mirage (of water). – It does not matter how much we try and shape it or push it, it is never going to shed a drop of water.

The paradox is that the one trying to manipulate an illusion, is also an illusion.

Wakefulness is presence with what is. – It IS what you are right NOW.

That wakefulness was not acquired in ‘time’ and it cannot be pumped up with practices or methods. – There is nothing wrong with it.

That is the truth. – The truth cannot be used to build a spiritual empire. – Only lies and falsehoods can appear to build such imaginary things.

The elimination of the believed in fabrications of the mind is easily accomplished.

It is the investment in belief, the belief in an agent, a ‘me’, believing that ‘I’ am a spiritual being, a spiritual entity - that is the problem.

Take a look at the popular gurus and teachers. – There is an obvious belief there displayed for all to see, the portrayal that they are ‘someone extra special’ and of course that they ‘have got’ the ‘awakening’.

- Of course wakefulness is there – it could not possibly be otherwise. – The point I am getting at is that placing themselves ‘above’ their followers and emphasising the illusion that they have something that their followers do not yet have – that is a falsehood and ‘a slippery trick of the trade’.

The whole charade is arranged to make them feel special and to support that belief in THEM. – The followers can come and go and they do – but that emphatic entity, that egoistic appetite of the Great Teacher needs to be fed.

Belief will never bring a sense of completion. – Belief is not the actual. – The actual does not need belief to support it.

What you are, is wakefulness – knowing - presence. – That is the actuality that cannot be denied or negated.

In KNOWING that to be what I am – what else does one need?

What time is there to wait in – what practice is needed?

What method could possibly reach into that knowing presence and alter it?

The whole spiritual game is quite absurd, once you see through the mirage that it is.

Explore your beliefs – no harm can come from it.

The ropes that bind an imaginary self can never slip loose because there is nothing there. It is kind of funny how there is so much drama about nothing.

Red herring: Some spiritual ‘people’ I know are convinced that they have ‘got it’ and it is obvious that they have not even got to ‘first base’ yet. – It is imagination and belief that parades as knowledge – and the investigation is not done. – They know all the right concepts but they just come out sounding like a cracked bell. - Who cares?

It just clearly indicates a dead end track - 'don't go that way'.

Don't do anything - just 'stay put' - and SEE. - Everything is revealing itself naturally with no effort on your part.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Liberation is not learned or gained after years of effort

Behind every angel is a devil. - Behind every devil is an angel.

Is it not funny how words can set people off on a tangent?– words can move 'people', move them to great heights or take them into the depths of hell.

But is it true? – Do words take us anywhere? - Don't get lost in these words - watch how the mind 're-acts'. - Be aware of what words are and how they play around in the mind. - Be like a parent watching attentively as the children play in the backyard :-)

Facts are not fictional: - Knowing is not imagination: - The fancy tempting words and images on a travel poster are just dots of ink on glossy paper. – The swaying palm trees, the crystal blue water and the white sifting sands, those ‘dots of ink’ are all carefully arranged (by highly skilled graphic artists) so that the passing ‘do do’, bored out of his wits, will be tempted to walk in and book a holiday- in order to escape from the drudge of daily life. – The staff inside the travel agent's office are trained to make that ‘booking’ so easy. – If you are going to suck people in – it is best to remove the thorns from the rose bush. - It is much the same in spiritual circles. - Fancy glossy pamphlets and whatnot.

Make it easy for them to swoon in belief, to feel safe at last. – All sticky and unpleasant facts are swept under the carpet. - After all - Business is business! - And 'Satsang' has become big business in many places. -It has taken on the appearance of a circus in many cases.

The clever teacher encourages the identification to 'deepen', urging the ‘seeker’ to enter 'deeper' into the imaginary realms of mind - Techniques are employed to take them 'deeper and deeper' and then they are given a suggestion - that they have at last found ‘the true path’. - The alarm bell is switched OFF. - The Bondage is sealed! - "I am your teacher - obey me". - Whoops - These bits are not supposed to be talked about- my humble apology to the gurus.

These pop psychology 'means and ways' are everywhere - it is a huge business - yet somehow I don't see the masses, who attend, 'popping' out into freedom.

This kind of Entrapment is common in spiritual circles. – It is all illusion and these words here are just poking around, jabbing at this and that. - What is coming up? - Insights - dis-ease? - In these big spiritual groups, years go by and no one is released into freedom, no one is really ‘getting anywhere’ – A lot of pretending goes on - and a lot of ‘certificates of advancement’ get handed out by the Chief of Staff. – Under the surface, frustration builds up and special techniques are set in place, employed to deal with the dramas that emerge – one needs to protect the group from what is boiling underneath the surface.

Question: - Is it all just identified minds playing games with each other?

Many teachings talk about ‘identification’. - It is implied that it is a bad thing. – but is it? - Lets take a fresh look at it. - What is it? - Do you REALLY know what it is? - There is no point in pretending to oneself that ‘I know’ when all along you don’t really have a clue.

– Oddly enough that is what so many spiritual ‘people’ ‘do’. – They know all the words for everything. – They know all the ‘good things’ to look for and they know all the ‘bad things’ to avoid. – Trouble is they don’t know what to do with the bad bits that are in their own backyard, things chained to the fence, things that require ‘feeding’ every day. - They do their best to pretend to themselves and to others, that those things in mind do not exist. – But it doesn’t work like that. – Just because ultimately we can 'say' (with words) that 'nothing really exists', does not get us off the hook. – Have we bound ourselves up with the goody-goody ‘ropes’ – bound to 'a fence' (a limited view) that is not there.

Is there a sense of being bound, with you? - Are we just pretending to be free? – Is it a hard thing to examine? - Are we just puppets with a memory – mouthing off the learned jargon of Non Duality? - Where is the courage to take a good look and see?

There is no point in deceiving ourselves – is there?

But have we done just that? - for so long now, we don’t even know about our own delusions any longer.

Well, you may have taken on board everything I am writing here and may be having insights into things right now or you may be having some animated internal commentary about whoever wrote this nonsense. - It is all words. - Children in the playground.

It is all patterns in the mind. – You can sit and look at the passing parade of patterns for eternity and not realize that you are the whole thing.

Identification is like a one-way bridge across a ravine – a bridge that is dissolving behind your every step.

SEEING is omni-directional.

That fact can be explored and a most profound expansion of awareness may 'appear' to open up in the experiencing. – That openness does not 'open' - it already IS - it is the very nature of awareness itself.

Taking yourself to be a limited creature is just learned stuff- a belief.

What you truly are is this knowing presence - this limitless - space-like awareness. - No one can discover this for you - you must know this directly and immediately. - Once re-discovered - it cannot be forgotten.

No matter what anyone says: Liberation is not learned or gained after years of effort.

Liberation is our very nature.

We have bound ourselves up with beliefs.

Those ropes (beliefs) do not have any substance.

Stop ignoring the facts.

Stop pretending to be spiritual. - Stop believing that you are ‘in process’ becoming something ‘better’.

Be what you are – that is effortless - and it takes no time to BE.


The good guys and the bad guys are really all from the same home team. - The good guy at the top is really a bad guy - and the Bad guy at the bottom is really a good guy.

Behind every angel is a devil. - Behind every devil is an angel.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Awareness is Non Dual - Mind is the transient content of awareness.

Bob's new book is about to go up on the site for ordering.

It is called "One Essence appearing as Everything". - It is a potent book and will prove to be quite popular once word gets out about it.

Some requests for more notes came in. - What has not been said already? - How many times is it necessary to hear or read this stuff. - I am quite amazed at how the expressions keep spilling out here. - There appear to be so many ways to 'point' at IT. - It is extremely simple and yet that is why it is so difficult to see - it fact it cannot be seen and there is no seer to see it. - It is that which is seeing. - Knowing that, then all one needs to do is see that everything appears in THAT spacious awareness. - There is nothing that can appear anywhere other than in awareness.

Everything you see is actually awareness appearing as this and that - and 'you' cannot separate what you see from what is truly seeing. - Awareness is SEEING. - Awareness is also appearing as every thing. - This is obvious but thinking about it makes it seem complex. - It is thought that appears to be complex. - We take the concept to be real and get into trouble.

There is no separation anywhere - and so there cannot be any separation between these two aspects of awareness. - What you are APPEARS to be an individual, yet when you investigate it, you find nothing of any substance except the apparent substance of experienc-ING - which may appear to you as a like dimensionless membrane between these aspects - awareness and 'things'. - You and the world. - But are you separate from any of the elements, air, water, earth, fire (the body is warm from the inner fire) or space?

The body is a living vehicle which appears to be a host for awareness - yet it is nothing but awareness.

One can sense the living force pulsating therein - Because there is awareness of that life force, it means that what you are is even prior to that.

When that single cell divided after fertilization there was no true separation - it was totally happening within a vast integrated wholeness - No Boundary anywhere.

The world cannot appear unless what you are is there first - yet the world is nothing but the immediacy of THAT appearing as OTHER - What is truly One - appears as multiplicity.

These links below takes you to 2 video clips of Gilbert speaking recently at Bob Adamson's meetings.

Many popular teachers rely on this idea of a future deliverance. - Their whole teaching falls to pieces without it. - They are convinced that they are enlightened and they are shamelessly promoting that IDEA because it sucks people in, in droves. - It is only an idea - a popular one - but just because it is popular does not mean it is true. - People believe all kinds of nonsense, things that have no actuality at all. - The idea of a separate enlightened being is totally erroneous and should be treated as such. - No harm done to anyone. - Some teachers believe that they have improved the age old teaching because they themselves are so popular - The reason that they are popular is because their teaching indulges the imagination and allows the seeker to stay bound to concepts about the future and 'doing' something to 'get there'.

- It does seem that the courage to cut away all the bullshit in one's life is not a popular way to go.

What is so refreshing about Bob Adamson's 'teaching' is that he tells it straight - he says that it is not for the (specialized) few, as has been promoted by almost all modern teachers one can think of - It is actually the reverse -THIS is everyone's RIGHT. - Everyone is THAT.

Why is it so hard to realize this? Isn't it simply because we have ignored our true nature? - the simple message is not some protracted practice that drags out into years of frustration and self pretense - It is very simple: Investigate - Take a good look - follow what is indicated and SEE for yourself.

An email to Gilbert -

Watched your second you-tube video - yes, upon really seeing – in the looking, it is clear that awareness is always still and everything appears to happen/move within it - and awareness is not affected by anything that happens - remains still - almost solid yet spacious. - Regarding your previous e-mail - even though I can see that "I" exist only as thought, habit, felt sense - I am still holding on to the concept that someday I will not identify with this me – good - sometimes just saying it things shift. -

Thoughts/feelings stickiness shifting - I did have about a ten minute stickiness but it disappeared with laughter at a thought/direct looking. -In gratitude and love, S.


- The thought that there is someone holding onto a 'future time' when there will be no identification is just a thought - the same identification - drop it !- the energy of belief keeps it going - there is only this moment - and in dropping thought - which is easy to do - one is HOME – Instantly! - The idea that I am not THAT HOME BASE - is just an erroneous belief - it only seems to have substance because it is an old habit of thinking - and it has been 'believed in' for so long - seemingly reinforced year after year since childhood.

That is why we must see through it a few times - each time the hold is loosened.
SEEING is always happening - it is the potency of Awareness - KNOWING and it is and can only ever be THIS immediacy.
It is here right now, complete in its pure functioning - it is THAT which imparts all qualities, 'real' or simply imagined - qualities imparted to 'things' that appear in the mind.
You ARE that pure functioning - that living essence.
The mind appears as a 'wanting' a wanting to make what you truly are into a concept, a 'something' - something 'objective' so it can claim it and hold onto it - but it always fails - because THAT 'something' is actually 'no thing'.
Not nothing ! - No Thing - That is why the Gita says: The sword can't cut it.....the wind can't dry it.....water can't drown it....and fire can't burn it.......It is space-like awareness and THAT contains all of the elements including what we call 'mind'.

I see from your emails over recent times - that things are clearing away - it is a sign that all is well - and this you (will) know without a doubt - that 'happens' as the space of awareness 'seemingly' opens out into spaciousness - which it already is (openness itself) - so it is the mind content that appears to have more space around it – the mind is less cluttered – the body is less engaged with reactions to thoughts - each thought appears in space - and they are obvious, yet they are not seen at all - just like space itself - we see it yet we cannot truly say that we do actually see it - because it is no thing. - Warm regards - Gilbert.

Note to the reader:

If there is still some doubt there, then examine the following points.

Have you unknowingly been misled by a pretentious 'enlightened being'? - Because you have innocently believed what you have been encouraged to take on board? - Does that message imply that you have not arrived yet? - That it is going to take some time before you will emerge from a dream. - Does the teacher say "Stand up and walk out of your dream?" I say bollocks!

There is 'no one' that is 'in a dream' and there is 'no one' that can 'walk out' of a dream. - It is just a con job of the most insidious nature. - Wakefulness is right here and now - obvious and overlooked - trampled on by common concepts - that 'I am not there yet'. - It takes no time to see this - seeing is immediate. - Concepts do not obscure awareness - believing that they do is just a concept - wakefulness is and must be what you are.

Because of these teachers of erroneous information, the main points of what is true keeps being overlooked - and that point is this:

Understanding Non Duality is absolutely simple.

There can be nothing that is simpler than Non Duality.

Who 'you think you are' can never ‘come into’ or ‘become’ this non dual understanding.

That belief, that ‘appearance’ in mind is only ‘content’ – it has no understanding and can never have any understanding whatsoever. – It only ‘appears IN or ON Awareness’ as ‘a translation’ of perceptions in mind, appearing as, as words, images, thoughts, concepts and ideas. – We say ‘I understand’ or even ‘I am an enlightened being’.

Such things are really misunderstanding. – It is nothing but dualistic notions – an ‘I’ that is ‘enlightened’ or ‘understands’. - Some 'I' has ownership of 'a state of mind'. - These teachers say that they have woken you up and that they will teach you HOW to live an enlightened life and also have 'enlightened relationships'. - Oh dear! - Poor misguided 'teachers'. - The 'school fees' should be refunded. - No harm done - it is ALL in appearance only. - There is no one to be misguided - is it fortunate? - For whom?

The common appearance in spiritual circles is the gathering of seekers around a teacher, a guru, who is believed to be ‘special’ and the atmosphere is one of adoration and devotion etc. – These teachers commonly portray themselves as being Non Duality Teachers. – They even say the Non Dual classic lines: ‘there is no teacher’. – What the common ‘seeker’ misses is the fact that this realm of adoring ‘someone’ is the old ‘worshiping an idol’ - the golden calf syndrome, which the symbolism in the story of Moses points at.

Everyone takes the story with a grain of salt, as a quaint story, overlooking the deep significance of what it potentially reveals. – We ignore the obvious and clear living evidence of our own nature and pay homage to images, objects and ideas in the mind. – That is the bondage of self. – Unwittingly these teachers encourage this adoration only because they have not seen their own vanity, which laps up all the attention. – It is all indulgence in ‘self-image’ and their pointing at what is true is nothing but impotency. – Why? - Because they themselves are nestled in that bondage of self and so they cannot do anything but speak like a parrot and emulate whatever they have imitated or gleaned from the ‘teachings’ of others.

Some readers imagine that I have an issue with these teachers and that I am not spiritual, too blunt and without feelings. – It is not so. – What I SEE in these teachers is that they are like ‘sign posts’ that actually ‘point away’ from what is the Obvious and Immediate Truth. - The imagined ‘entity’ of a seeker indulges in self-preening and imitation and all manner of internal drama and contrived notions about this ‘entity’. – This can never be what one truly IS. – It is not the authentic natural state of awareness that everyone IS.

The emptiness of that bondage of self is not recognized – because the mind is engaged in ‘stories’.

The naked clear evidence of simple presence may ‘appear’ to be devastating to a ‘self-image’ and so what is clearly obvious, without a thought, is foregone, simply because one is not willing to face what is true – and that not wanting to face reality is a realm of imaginary ‘things’ woven around a ‘self-center’ which has no existence at all.

The guru or teacher is only a ‘sign post’. – An accurate sign post, one that points you directly back to what you truly are is what is necessary – but only necessary until what needs to be seen, is seen.

Such SEEING is not going to take years, months, days or even hours. – It is already happening. – The subtlety of recognizing what you truly are is not in the mind as such - not ‘in time’ - it is the essence that you are. – It is in the very nature of awareness – don’t look for a ‘thing’ – it is not an objective ‘thing’ – it is THAT which is SEEING right now. - How could a thought, concept or an idea bind you? - They are all empty, ephemeral appearances. - Contemplate that. Have you ever seen a thought? - Truly? - Do they weigh anything? - Yet we beat ourselves up with thoughts - how ridiculous it all is?

Investigate what you are and stop pretending to be what you are not.
How many 'steps' does it take to arrive at what you truly are? - Surely NONE.