Thursday, September 13, 2007

Non Duality - A Note

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All the talk and all the writing never brings the mind closer to THAT which is cognizing.
Even the most practical and profoundly logical mind cannot get behind THAT which is 'doing' the cognition. The realization dawns that KNOWING is all. Knowing is the FIRST INSTANT - the ONLY instant and THIS is IT.
The label 'Right NOW' is just a label........seemingly important or not..........If someone was to invent a new word for 'right now' it would still only be a word - and like all words, it could NEVER BE what it is re-presenting. The word 'word' is the only word that is what it re-presents. - Someone will argue with that for sure. Whatever appears, argument, agreement or whatever, it cannot appear anywhere 'other' than 'right now'. - The 'Razors edge' - the immediacy - any argument about this must be an appearance right now - a memory can only appear right now. - What else is it? The foggiest, dimmest memory is nothing but the profound PRESENCE of THIS actuality - Right NOW.

The First Instant is this ever-present actuality - which is nothing other than the boundless being-ness of what you truly are. You cannot move away from this instant and you never have been anywhere other than right here 'in' and 'as' this one and only first instant. This, as a concept, is considerably challenging even though the actuality of its obviousness is undeniable for anyone that really examines the present evidence of what is immediately appearing as the world and its nature. From the individual perspective, one's whole life has been a never-ending appearance and disappearance of objects in and around one and this has never been anything other than this immediate living-ness, this first instant.

This immediate awareness is this directness, which is always the primary awareness of every-thing. It only appears to be sidelined by a habitual way of looking. It is, in fact, the ever-present actuality. This is very subtle compared to our usual habitual mindscape, which is nothing other than images, words and objects in the mind. Words, names, descriptions and the like are all objectifications in mind and the immediate fact is that none of these actually obscure awareness at all, even though they are believed to do just that. What is difficult to 'get across' about all this is that the belief in 'time' is actually erroneous. All objects appearing to slip into a realm called the 'past' is just a habitual concept and nothing more than that. Just because the majority believe in this common vague concept along with its apparent subsequent 'mind-scape' of serial concepts does not make it factual. The direct evidence, which is ever-present, is prior to the translating processes of mind and remains untouched by anything that arises as thought. It is so obvious and yet seemingly so challenging to the belief system - which of course includes the concept of a separate individual existence. This primary belief is the main culprit and the last to be 'let go of' for those that open to the ever-fresh newness of effortless living. This (new) book 'The First Instant' may assist those that are drawn to this inevitable and necessary investigation of 'self '.

This note above was part of something written some years ago – an introduction to my first book “The First Instant”. The rest of it is on the First Instant web page on my website.

It still conveys a directness – points that the average seeker avoids if they can.

There is no reason for anyone to enter into any ‘time realm’ for ‘deliverance’ or wait for ‘the awakening’. I am telling you clearly and precisely that anyone who promotes a ‘practice’ or asks you to ‘pay’ repeatedly for seminars, workshops and to repeatedly use some method, they are not telling the direct truth about what it real.

The clear and obvious nature of THIS moment is empty of all concepts, all time and no step has to be taken – because Reality is right NOW – always IS – complete as it IS – No departure is possible from THIS and no arrival is possible.

Manipulating the mind and body can be nothing but part and parcel of the transient appearing patterns. Nothing can be fixed or permanent except the Absolute.

The Absolute is expressing itself as everything – in every possible pattern and configuration. Even the wildest imaginary things that you may swoon in or be terrified by, in your own mind are nothing but an expression of the singular essence.

You are THAT essence – no matter how it may be appearing.

What the mind translates from the directness of experiencing is conceptual.

The concept of anything is NEVER the ‘thing’ is describes. That is even logical.

And yet is it not concepts that we bind ourselves up in?

Seeing through all concepts is very easy. Holding onto concepts is just suffering.

Believing that in 5 or 10 years ‘I will be delivered into the enlightened state’ is just a concept that is believed in, in THIS moment. It is also a denial of what IS – a not recognizing – an ignorance.

Teachers tempt their flocks with binding concepts, which appeal to the habitual, egoistic nature of mind – the ME. All self-centered activity is supporting the notion of being separate.

There is no separation in Non Duality.

Non Duality. - One without a second. - It means what it says.

The oneness is obvious. - Nothing divides this oneness into partiality – it is impartial and even though all manner of ‘things’ appear in this oneness, nothing that appears can ever touch the totality, the all-inclusive presence that contains every appearance.

This actuality can never be realized in any mind – why? – Because what is named as mind is nothing but this Oneness, appearing as a concept, a concept of being something ‘other’, separate or individualized amidst a mass of ‘otherness’.

Even the word ‘individual’ means undivided.

There is no one here pretending to be someone special. – There is no benefit in misleading anyone with fancy stories about enlightenment or special states of mind to be achieved. – It is known without a doubt that ALL states of mind are just transient experiences and none of it can ever be permanent (‘thank God’ – if there ever could be one). – Any ‘permanent state of being’ would be a most terrible torture beyond anything you could imagine.

The LIVINGNESS is forever fresh and new – that is its nature.

In ‘my’ so-called ‘journey’ of seeking ‘I’ looked for an answer in that ‘mind’ and ‘I’ sort out advice from those ‘I’ considered wiser than ‘I’.

It appears that ‘I’ came closer and closer, to what I was looking for, as ‘time’ unfolded.

Eventually ‘I’ came upon ‘someone’ who had an empty mind, one who was like a mirror – and in that mirror like ‘mind’ I saw a reflection of ‘my own’ empty mind.

And it was known beyond doubt that this emptiness is the origin of all ‘things’ – and that it is One.

Impersonal Being is clear and empty of all contrived mind games.

That ‘one’ who ‘I’ eventually found, ‘I’ found in this ‘presence of now’ – he is still offering the same clear ‘pointers’.

Those who approach through ‘a seeking mind’ do not recognize their own true nature.

The noise of their seeking and their grasping ‘attitude’ fills their ‘mind’ and so the empty nature of mind is not recognized.

There is one pointer that is repeatedly offered: “Start from the fact that you are THAT”.

In this realization, the matrix of mind constructions takes on a transparency.

The apparent substance of all mind stuff loses its energized appearance, because it is no longer believed in.

Now, what I am describing cannot be contrived by the mind. But this is what many seekers appear to do. They do not see that this ‘I’ that so desperately ‘wants’ liberation is actually just a believed in ‘character’, habitually believed in and never questioned.

Other apparently separate individuals pretend to be ‘realized’ and they behave like a child (infantile grandiose) in a lollypop shop. They pretend to ‘have got it’ and they themselves do not see that their very declaration of being one who ‘has it’ is nothing but a concept, one that supports the notion of separation.

The true realized one is not an individual at all.

It IS………ONE - without a second.


Each apparently separate ‘one’ is nothing but ‘an appearance’ of this ONE.

Partiality is only an appearance in What IS Totally Impartial.

The differentiated is only an appearance in the undifferentiated Oneness.

The seeker is only a temporary blindness, a shroud that has ‘slid down’ over what can be called direct cognition –(or) Seeing-Knowing.

The fact is that that shroud is only made of transparent notions.

Seeing penetrates straight through it.

What gives apparent support to that ‘shroud of ignorance’ is the ‘energy of belief’ along with a repeating ‘resistance’ to making a clear and thorough investigation - into the nature of ‘belief’ itself.

What is happening? - Intelligence is ‘playing’ about. - There is no separation.

The original view is and can only ever be ‘with the SEEING’.

The mind stuff cannot see.

It only seemingly borrows the function of seeing and it is not even doing that.

None of it has any substance at all.

Start from the fact that you ARE THAT and SEE.

As soon as ‘you’ step back into the realms of the mind, that ‘you’ takes on the appearance and ‘feel’ of being something with substance.

All there IS, is presence.

What you truly ARE can only be presence, no matter ‘how’ it appears.

It is a kind of madness to believe that you can perfect that believed in entity.

Those who encourage such belief are nothing but ignorance.

You are intelligence itself and all these characters, including ‘me’ are nothing but appearances that appear nowhere else but in THIS immediacy of presence.


Much can be said about it - the point is to SEE and KNOW - and these functions of seeing and knowing are here now, before anything is said or read. - Know that and the rest is just concepts.

A great deal is written and spoken about Non Duality. - Much of it is actually misleading because the one writing or speaking is actually still caught in concepts about Non Duality and their words betray their misunderstanding quite plainly. - Some even compose imaginary correspondents to make themselves appear to be wise - The village idiot has more integrity than some of these 'Non Duality teachers'.
There is absolutely NO reason why anyone should suggest that you should commit yourself to any spiritual program or practice. - What is true is as immediately available as your next breath.
The mind does not need to be trained, no matter what anyone says about that.
Even the essential nature of what the Buddha discovered was his own formlessness.
That is the essential nature of realization. - All the rest is concepts and postponements for the mind.

There is a clear and obvious pointing happening. - It does indulge the mind with erroneous information like: ‘Yes, you are in bondage and I can help you over time to become free’. - What is being expressed here is that you are already free and there is no ‘becoming’ and ‘no time to become’ within.

All there is, is being – seeing – knowing.

These three aspects, being, seeing, knowing, are not different things – they are one and the same.

There is no story line being pushed onto you here. -No deliverance. No learning ‘how’ to be enlightened – all such things are contrived nonsense, promoted by the ignorant.

The realization is always right here, right now. - There is NO other time than THIS.

It is the mind that seemingly covers THIS moment of clear insight.

Adding concepts to THIS can never bring freedom in some future time, no matter how sacred or how profound they may appear to be (for the mind). - Methods are only momentary appearances - when they are indulged in, they imprison a fictional character (me) like a donkey on a treadmill. - The 'carrot' - the enticement - future deliverance is held just beyond reach and it is never become nourishment because it is only a story, a mirage.

To say just a little more, is enough:

You imagine that someone else is awake - more awake than you - and that you want to be wide awake like them.

All that stuff is only imagination and it is that which seemingly covers the FACT that you are nothing but this wakefulness, which is Always naked and Ever Present.
Just because there appear, in the conceptual mind, moments where you 'seem' to be more awake or less awake (judged 'in' the immediacy of presence) - see that that is only because the pure energy of this livingness is flowing into those thoughts and so they seem real and substantial - They are believed to be real - they have no independence at all - and they are not substantial at all, since they all vanish without a trace - and this can be clearly apprehended in one instant of seeing - in dropping any concept or attachment to believing that you are a body or a mind. - See that the body and what we call 'mind' (thought and concept) - both are appearing in one single clear space of knowing - and see that it is that expansive, spacious, natural state that is what I truly am - it is what you truly ARE.

In that clear 'space-like awareness' there is no doubt, no time - and even the empty space itself is being cognized clearly and precisely - without any error whatsoever. - It takes 'time' to find any fault in that and that 'finding fault' is only habitual mind.
As soon as the mind attempts to label THAT 'clarity of pure essential being-ness, label it with 'I' or 'me' then the old habit 'pathway' quickly comes into play - so simply pay attention - be quietly vigilant and watch what the mind is doing and KNOW that you are beyond it. - You KNOW that you are always present - the error is only in belief.
There is NO doubt in this clear and empty nature of mind.
An imaginary life is full of all kinds of 'things', states of mind with their fears and desires and they are the vehicles of suffering - for the believed in 'entity'.
All such things lead to nowhere at all - they never move away from THIS moment.
Who is life happening to?
"There is only Life - no one lives a life." quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
"It is only a me that can suffer". - quote from Bob Adamson.

Life goes on - There is NO personal enlightenment.
Everything is just as it is.

A new book on Bob Adamson is almost ready for the Printer.
It will be announced officially in due course.

Life goes on in the same way - even after you have been 'quietly astounded' by a clear insight into the nature of your own self. - Nothing changes in essence and everything changes in the appearance.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle, apart from putting Bob's new book together, I have been busy getting back into my artwork - print making. - Some years ago I was a wood engraver. - Wood engravings are usually quite small in scale.

I am now doing woodcuts which are larger and less strain on the eyesight.

The image above is my first completed print in quite some years.

These limited edition prints will be available in selected galleries and may be ordered via this website. - A link on the website takes you to a page where one can make a purchase. - The value of the prints may well increase as the collection grows.

The first print is called "Duende 1". - The word is a Flamenco term for those magic moments in live performance when time disappears into one moment of presence and everything is experienced as 'flowing along all by itself'. - To me the word suggests 'the end of the sense of duality'.