Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where is God now?

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Relativity has no value whatsoever - unless you give it some - and SO..since everything is related to everything else - so nothing has any value unless YOU give it value.
Your Guru has no value except the value you give him.

And YET all relativity is nothing but the ABSOLUTE - which is the Ultimate Value.

You ARE the absolute.
THAT is stationary, motionless, silent.
It is THAT through which everything appears to move - as the sensations of LIFE - this Pulsation of duality appearing in this Singular Presence.
The life of this living movement is called Wakefulness.

Who is asleep? - Who is awake?

Everything is the potentiality of yourself.

There is no one who slips in and out of this NOW.

There is no one who 'becomes' anything other than what they ARE.

Everyone is THAT.

You will not be the last to realize THIS.

You are the FIRST to realize anything - everything else is an appearance in THAT wakefulness.

Are you not Awake?

Cease from entertaining stories about waking up in some 'future time'.

Those who speak of such 'things' as future deliverance are nothing but weak sniveling creatures - and notice one common theme - they always want your money, over and over, like Charles Dickens' character 'Fagen', living off the labors of the poor unwanted children of the world.

Are you not awake?

Where is GOD now?

Can you truly separate HIM or what HE is meant to 'represent' from yourself?

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Note for today:

Where is God Now?
Who wants to know?
The word ‘God’ could be said to be a most sacred name, a word for the creator of all that is. - Many believe this to be so. - That word is uttered millions upon millions of times everyday upon this insignificant planet, not to mention any of the untold number of other possible planets throughout the Universe.
"Acknowledge him in all thy ways and he will guide you".
"Do not take the name of God in vain". says the scriptures.
In some religions the 'image' of 'God' is forbidden to be fabricated by the hands of man.
Isn't this because it is impossible to make an image of 'God'. - Since all things are 'made by HIM' so everything has 'His signature'. - The use of the male gender 'him' is merely a language issue.
'God' naturally includes both genders 'Adam and Eve' in HIS CREATION, the Garden of Eden (the Kingdom of Heaven).
At this point many will turn off and tune out - because of that word 'God' - it just brings too much up in the mind - so they have to tune out - go find something else to engage their mind with - distract them from the possible turmoil that this word brings to the surface.
But let's go on, without them......
Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden because they ate 'the fruit of the tree of good and evil'.
They began to believe in words as if they were reality - and it is words that separate and divide the 'Kingdom', the natural unity of One Presence. - So 'the drama of life' appears to have come about. - What is it that divides your mind? - What are the conflicts made of? -Beliefs? -Words?
Oddly enough many wars have been fought in the name of this ‘God’ and each opposing army may believe that ‘God is on their side’. - We even hear the concept of there being such a thing as a ‘Holy War’. - So, it would seem that within this creation that the singular creator has created, there appears extremely destructive forces at play, killing machines called ‘men’.
The problem of using the word ‘God’ is in the fact that everyone has their own ‘idea; of what ‘God’ is. - As soon as someone mentions the word ‘God’ a whole array of associative thought patterns line up in the mind like soldiers, usually ready to enter into battle. - So an argument, a battle, is already under way, before any ‘shots’ are taken.
The only way out of this battle is through agreement.
As soon as you agree with ‘the opposition’ the wind in their sails is taken away.
It takes two to tango. - If one party withdraws from the battle, the ‘dance is over’.
If you are in a heated argument with someone, watch his or her face when you say, “I totally agree with you”. - There will be a reconfiguration of the facial muscles; a flickering of a thousand expressions flash across their face, reflecting the way the mind is trying to re-arrange its ‘position’.
Where is ‘God’ during all this activity? - Isn’t ‘he or she’ the creator of it all?
Even Lucifer was created by HIM. - So if this is so, is ‘God’ playing games with us all?
All of the stories about ‘God’, the creation and everything are also included in this ‘creation’.
Now in the old book it says that ‘In the beginning there was nothing’. - Before light and time. - Now if one is to engage with this account, this story, then one must conclude that ‘God’ was ‘there’ prior to his creation. - Does not that mean that ‘God’ was the nothing out of which all the creation was expressed?
Does this not mean that ‘God’ is nothing?
For the mere sentient beings, even though the essence of what they are is ‘God’, all they have to play with is a concept about what ‘God’ is.
If one researches the meaning of the word ‘Allah’ you will find that the word means ‘nothing’.
At the center of the Mayan Calender, which is so popular at the moment, there is a symbol. If you research the meaning of that symbol, you will find that it means ‘nothing’.
Now if you investigate the space within which the SEEING is happening, in yourself, you will find that same ‘nothing’.
It is NOT an empty void.
It is the unborn mind. No mind.
It is One without a second.
Having the courage to investigate this does not come from a ‘personal volition’ or ‘self-will’. - The courage is that invincible ‘nothing’ which ‘was’ here before what we call ‘God’ created space and time.
No, how can you possibly separate that ‘God’ from what you truly are?
Like the prodigal son is celebrated on his return, when the discrimination between naked awareness and insubstantial beliefs happens, there is a ‘causeless joy’ self-evident in this realization.

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