Thursday, June 14, 2007

NO TIME like (the) PRESENCE.

"I am the living spirit - (that is what you ARE before the words appear).
Do not attempt to burden what I am with 'yesterday' - nor with 'tomorrow'.
That vagueness of mind, that time bound thought and belief, that fabricated image of being a 'person', through its belief, will suffer in its fabricated isolation, seemingly cut off from THIS timeless, living presence, cut off by its own non existence - all of it is nothing but mind stuff, an apparent attachment to time bound concepts overlaying the living-ness that is never a thought, state or concept.

Drop it all - and revel in THIS presence and enjoy the living spirit of timeless joy".

That expression is not from an ego - It applies to oneself - it expresses what we all do to ourselves through thought and belief. - Gilbert


Bob Adamson's new CD "Not Just for the Few" is finished. - It represents many of the subtle points being raised in the meetings at Bob's place. - This new CD will be available ONLY through Bob's official 'iinet' website.

Please note: - No other source of the CD is a valid one - please notify me of any breeches on that detail.

Today's Note:
The discrimination between simple awareness - ordinary presence-awareness and thought is all that is required for a 'break through'. - The break through 'happens' only in the mind. - What apparently 'causes' the break through 'for the mind' is not 'of the mind' and yet that cause is not a cause at all - but for the mind is appears to be a cause, as everything does, in its limited realm of belief. - The ever present pure function-ing of Seeing - Knowing is 'of BEING' and that is truly always present and in need of no breakthrough and THAT is beyond all cause and effect.
- The Sun as its light breaks through the clouds, does not sigh in relief - it simply shines in the sky.
The Absolute is embracing ALL apparent 'lower' conditions within itself - without distinction. - It is whole - undivided, un-mediated - this totality - just as it is.
Who can see that?
No one can see that - you can only BE that - because that is all you truly ARE.
The rest is conceptual.
As Ramana Maharshi says (my paraphrasing from memory) "You are the infinite being - then you take yourself to be this poor limited being - and so you create practices and methods to transcend those limitations - But if those practices and methods infer the existence of those limitations, how can they help you to transcend them?"
How strange it is that so many teachers of practices have a photo of Ramana, idolized on the shelf and yet his potent words pull the very rug from under them. - But I am sure that that quote above will not appear on the shelf with the idolized photo.
The (dualistic) mind by its very nature divides and names - all of which is only appearing to happen for an apparent 'owner' of a mind - a 'me'. - The mind can not rest in its own source because it is restless - it is an activity and it vibrates into ever new patterns - that is its nature!
The apparent momentary condition of these patterns is ever changing and all of it has only this 'razors edge' of existence - THIS Immediacy of right NOW. - All that appears, appears on this Razors Edge and the apparent 'motion' is actually is an appearance due to memory - a series of reflections in mind.
The apparent 'sharpness' of 'the Razors Edge' is only due to the minds perspective - that 'edge' has no boundaries and it is actually the vastness which includes the universe.
Bringing the minds activity onto that razors edge, reveals everything and the 'difficulty' is trying to stay there on the edge. - That is the perspective from the mind - the actuality is that you are not IN the mind. - Simply see and know that you are the SEEING - the KNOWING.
It SEEMS far too difficult and so it appears that FEW come to this 'open view'.
Some talk about an 'open window' - There is NO window, not DOOR and NO Wall.
Just this clear and empty 'space of KNOWING'.
You ARE That.
Or do you still believe you are that limited creature in your imagination?
Are you that habitual 're-presentative' in mind? - Is it not stale, old ideas, old habits?
Whatever you truly ARE, whatever is truly authentic is what can be called the essential being and that is simple and unchanging in its nature.
THAT, which is never divided, is non dual, undivided, all inclusive Wholeness - THAT is what can be described as 'thoughtless reality' or pure knowing.
What thought or expression could ever authentically re-present THAT Wholeness - except itself?
- Even so, a display of seemingly endless words keeps on appearing here, pointing 'back' to IT.
That is not indulged in and there is no story here, going on about compassion or wisdom or being a guru or teacher - because that is just not true.
There is no back or forward, up or down, left or right to IT, because it is ALL inclusive, wholeness.
Nothing can adequately express the inexpressible - and since IT is all inclusive, even the inadequate is included within THAT wholeness, which IS the DYNAMIC all inclusive, equal in its infinite vastness and its infinite minuteness, the total expression of THAT, as the TOTALITY of THAT. - THIS it IT. - It is the origin of the Undifferentiated - only mind differentiates and that expression appears as 'mind stuff'. - In that mind stuff, a belief appears momentarily, an apparent 'entity' - it has no independent existence whatsoever.
Over the past many months, I have written more than 150 notes for this website. - I have just read through the note below and I see it is very thorough, it covers so many points. - The feeling is that it carries the salient points within it. - I can't make you see what needs to be seen ( seeing is already happening) but it looks like I have given it a good shot. - I don't play golf but I do know that a 'hole in one' doesn't happen all that often. - It must be a joyous moment of elation - especially if you consider the circumstances - a small flat surface on the end of a stick, a small ball and a hole in the ground at a great distance - a swing of the stick and off goes the ball. - The physics involved for a hole in one appear to be 'phenomenal'. - The Zen Master Archer does not even look at the target.
Thinking about non duality will always tempt the mind with duality - and the one that thinks that they 'got it' has missed the mark. - There are masses of 'teachers' out there who 'think' they hit the bullseye - all of them are nothing but donkeys on the treadmill.
No one has a choice - the resonation in being is what 'takes you' where you need to go -and those that are open to whatever is being pointed out, will follow its indications, naturally and effortlessly - the others have no choice either, because the resistance to 'hearing this' information is just happening by itself - the courage to go beyond that 'stuff' may appear, as if it is the 'grace' of presence itself.

Reality is THAT which never changes.

Absolute stillness IS and in THAT the clear and present activity of pure knowing is active - that activity of knowing is a movement of energy within that clear empty 'space' (we need to call it something) that is the 'creation' of the whole realm of appearances (apparent fragmentation of the One - appearing as the many) and THIS wholeness, this immediate knowing is completely undisturbed by that movement - it is undeviated knowing. - I am That. - 'Start' from That.
- This Knowing is the only true knowing. - All other 'knowing' is just concepts, words, images in the mind. - That is a reflection which seems to borrow that knowing for itself. - The primary knowing is totally wordless and it is itself what one could call 'silent understanding'.
- Words are of the acquired mind and words may appear from that silent understanding but see that the words are only a translation in the mind. - Within that translation, that pattern of appearances (words) there appears a concept of being a 'knower' and that belief takes ones true and authentic presence into a mind realm of belief, a belief in being that knower yet it is nothing more than an 'appearance'. - It is NOT the knowing essence and never can be - it is just a concept.
The paradox for all spiritual seekers (or anyone at all) is that there is no entity, no dreamer, no knower, no dream and no entity in a dream - no one, only a movement of energy - and without that movement nothing can be known at all - by anyone at all.
- There are some in the appearance who speaks avidly about 'the dream' and they give it some importance but that one and his story is only a dream character talking about his dream.
(Recent experience here demonstrated how) - Spiritual aspirants are 'lost' in that identified mind content and seemingly unwilling to let it go of it. - The pointing beyond that, must strike at the core, be insistent, and that is often matched by more resistance from the aspirant. - They ignore their own pure functioning, that activity of knowing, in preference for old ideas, yesterdays concepts, 'second hand information' - often received from one they believe is an enlightened being. - They prefer that someone else be the one who is awake and 'responsible'.
But no one can 'do it for you'.
Handling fragile egos and fragile beliefs is no way to cut through it all. - Holding onto concepts wrapped in cotton wool is a very sloppy way to be.
So much resistance to dropping that old mind content, is as though it has crystallized in their body and mind - and the necessary destruction of that is too painful to face - especially in one 'session'.
Gurus and teachers who pretend to themselves and to their 'loving devotees' that they themselves are special and have woken up - and that THEY can help these devotees to wake up - that is total crap - the biggest con job "this side of the black stump". - They give instructions on how to 'save the world' and advise all kinds of activities for these 'lost souls' to engage in.
Thus perpetuating the belief system.
The direct pointing is 'back' to that clear and empty space of knowing - THAT is not removed from the authentic being-ness of what one IS.
In that there are no methods to give and no practices to apply - because in THAT there is no one to do such things.
The 'enlightenment myth' is so seductive for that 'spiritual self-image' and the ruthlessness of what is real, shatters that illusion in mind.
You are NOT what you THINK you are.
KNOWING is through BEING and BEING is PRESENCE - totally immediate and NOT in TIME.
There is no one to wake up, NO ONE, no one to emerge from a dream or to wake up within a dream.
There is so much fantasy in the modern spiritual 'scene', in fact it is all fantasy - but in the so-called normal spiritual circles, who wants to really know that?
It seems that it is far more profitable to just believe what one is told - just like a pathetic servile creature, swooning in mind illusions.
They dream of the GREAT waking up - yet they do not even have a simple wish to examine their sacred beliefs.
But have a close look - The true nature of mind is CLEAR and EMPTY.
See that NOW - It does not require any special instructions - just pause thought for a moment -see that this 'direct and un-mediated knowing' is 'presence' - it is NOT a thought or a concept.
I am present and aware. - That is not depending on any thought whatsoever.
Everything appears in this clear space of KNOWING - Everything! - And they are ALL appearances - there are NO exceptions.
There is NO exception - NOT ONE minuscule exception to this FACT.
In the realm of spirituality, who wants to know that?
No one - and that is why no one 'gets it', never did and never will.....because there is non one to get it and there is no time to grasp it - everyone IS THAT.

There is no pride or shame in this and no one to have or claim any qualities at all - all apparent qualities of being are appearances within the One substance, One mind, One Thing.

As long as there appears to be a searching 'entity', so the naturally present is ignored.
No words can make you see - or know.
Seeing and knowing are already fully present - THAT is the nature of Spirit.
It suffuses 'all and everything' without distinction.
The angel and the devil are just the polar opposites of dualistic mind.
All of your advisers in mind are second hand.
Awareness is non dual.
Reality is timeless - Presence is timeless. -Your struggle to understand this is time bound conceptualization - which has been 'seemingly' promoted 'in time bound mind' by ignorant teachers.
I am or appear to be ruthless about those teachers because they only pretend to be free and they attract others into their trap. - Their arrogating words are obviously binding for the the equally arrogant followers, the ignorant and the teachers 'preciousness', no matter how innocent it may appear to be and no matter how holy their groomed image is, their concepts are time bound nonsense and belong to dream characters only.
That is all part of how it appears.

The fact is that there is NO ONE here and no one there to be misled by anything.

No harm done.

Where you are seeing from ?

The mind can't go there but it will attempt to construct some knowledge about it - but all knowledge is the past and KNOWING is THIS Presence ONLY.
Ever Fresh.
Pure insight is ever fresh and nothing compounds from it - no benefit for anyone - it is the free nature of pure awareness - prior to any formation of anything. - It is No Thing.
How can the dualistic mind catch that No Thing 'state' - the state of mind is only content of mind - and the clear empty space of knowing is ever prior to whatever the mind can produce.

Due to the so-called 'fact' that so many seekers (in the appearance of things) are attracted and then addicted to methods and practices and because those very practices are the thing that keeps them bound up in the mind, I have decided to present a new conceptual 'idea', one that although it is a concept, it may well assist certain readers to access a 'clear vision' in themselves, which has eluded them so far. - It will provide something totally practical to 'apply', without necessarily having any bondage of the mind taking place.
This 'idea' will be expressed clearly and precisely and put in a way that it will be easily understood and certain elusive factors may well be recognized in one's own immediate experiencing, in one's own 'daily existence', or however one wants to express that.
This 'idea' will be featured in a new book, which the title of is "The Axis of Being - Zero degrees of separation".
So, in a subtle way, this 'idea' will provide a practical 'tool' to use and in the use of it, certain factors about our true nature will have an increased opportunity to reveal themselves.
Strictly speaking, any such concept is and will be pounced upon by non dual purists.
What I say in reply is this: - What are you providing for seekers? - Does any of your purist ramblings bring about any change in any seekers?
Intelligence operates through every particle of this universe - there is nothing wrong anywhere - there is no fault in the Big Pattern called the universe - everything is as it is.
A seeker (by its very nature) does not know that - and the dissolution of a pattern in the mind called a 'seeker' may come about via any influence at all.
Concepts are used naturally to express that which was never a concept.
Knowing through Being is happening - but the mind keeps coming up with more concepts.
If there is any holding onto some 'analytical critic' from what I have said in this opening note, then maybe you should read this book when it becomes available. -Who knows, you may also realize something you have previously missed about whatever it is that deviates that pure knowing essence into a critical pattern in the mind?

It may also be of interest to you that there has been a substantial growing interest, recently, in Bob Adamson's 'message', what he has been expressing clearly for many years. - He is not saying anything new and he would agree totally, although I do perceive a very subtle refinement of the expression. - The basics are the same.
I will always have a love and appreciation for Bob, not only because if I had not 'heard' what he is so patiently 'telling us all', I would no doubt, be still roaming around in the mind, trying to sort out the reference points of the mind into some special order - which as I know now, that has nothing to do with direct and immediate understanding - which is simply this wakeful presence - it is never the content of the mind. - Bob's pointing cleared away all doubts here and that in itself reveals the underlying pure function of knowing - which was always present.
I am That.

Todays Note naturally flows on:
It is clearly obvious that as long as one takes oneself to be a person in search of the truth, then that concept itself is the main obstacle. - Any desire to make someone see the truth in any way shape or form has more or less disappeared here.
- It is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo.- Yet every now and then someone hears something and it 'touches' them, something is 'quickened' in them – like a living impulse deep in their being is uncovered, if only briefly. - Once it is tasted, there is no forgetting it. - The intrinsic value of that experienc-ing will not leave them alone.
- Most need a little help to kick things along - someone to 'turn them around'- (figuratively speaking) to 'point' the mind's attention in the 'right direction', then it will 'grow' in its own natural way and blossom – and it does this entirely within this LIVING presence, what we commonly call 'now'. - The living essence of this moment has nothing to do with the mind.
- It is Being-Knowing-Being-Knowing-Being-Knowing-Being – a living pulsation - THIS all inclusive presence, in which no concept, no boundary has any independent significance at all.
Speaking in a relative sense, the old 'days of fanciful spiritual presentations' have done their dash - there is a new 'movement' happening - there is a perceptible tiredness of being tricked by spiritual leaders and politicians alike. - So many leaders have been exposed and many spiritual leaders have been exposed to be something quite opposite to what they pretend to be.
Take a close look at it all. - The absurd postulations of spiritual teachers who wallow in their own 'glorification' and in their own 'time bound' conceptual notions, their imposing rules and regulations, is no different than a pig rolling around in its own shit.
- Have a close look - It is all equal as appearances - as consciousness – the multiple appearances of this and that, which all appear ON awareness.
- Without one exception, it all 'appears' on awareness - it is not limited to the condition that there must be an observer.
Awareness - Knowing - Seeing are one and the same.

Is the world waiting for you to realize yourself? - Who cares?
Absolute Presence is not limited by some ant like creatures walking around on some insignificant planet, busy destroying each other and the planets environment.
We think we are so important - human beings! - We are evolving consciousness? - Fancy concepts to explain away our persistent ignorance will never bring about a direct penetration of the time bound mind and its state of 'hypnosis'.
We must take a vivid interest in the exploration of 'our own' consciousness and not be diverted into new explanations or new fanciful concepts.
- What is awareness? - and what is it that is aware?
- Forget about 'WHO' am I? - That is an endless psychological maze.
There is a kind of natural avoidance of looking at this stuff, unless there is a genuine interest and a desire to 'go the whole hog' - to not give in to the first diversion.
The first diversion is the mind and what it is telling.
In taking the perspective of being this 'space-like awareness', one can watch the mind clearly and see what it is up to.

This teaching, if we can call it that, is the direct pointing to THIS MOMENT of ACTUALIZING AWARENESS just AS IT IS – Totally Prior to anything the mind can 'seemingly' transform it into – via translating experiencing into words, concepts, images or whatever - which are all 're-presentations of' - never the actual.
KNOWING is the cognizing factor, the first activity, it is happening – and that activity is not limited to anything, especially not limited to whatever you 'think' you are. - There is awareness of whatever that thought may be.
KNOWING is INSTANT – That is not limited in anyway, especially by any concept of time or that TIME is anything that one could believe as being REAL. - All evidence about time is based on 'a concept of time', although many will dispute such a statement, yet it cannot be disproved, except 'seemingly' by some other concept and that is only content in a mind. - This type of expression is extremely annoying for intellectuals, or so it seems in my own experiences.
If I ask you “Who are you?” - The mind may attempt to explain it by telling some story or present some so called facts. - It takes 'time' to explain yet what you are is never limited by any story – and your story of who you are may change quite a lot from week to week anyway – Yet isn't whatever you truly ARE 'something' like a continuum – something unchanging? - Do you not sense that there is a 'thread' of 'something' that runs throughout 'your life'?
Could it be this KNOWING – this activity of Knowing – this presence – this essential being-ness?
Contemplate this – be completely open – be this activity of knowing and SEE that everything, absolutely everything, is appearing within the scope of this 'activity of knowing'. - Even if the mind is appearing as an insistence that you are 'such and such' or whatever, there is always the primary awareness of presence in which appears a thought process (in apparent time).
- It would appear that the clearer 'you' are away from that habitual 'slipping into the mind content' via identification with it, the clearer the view will be – Yet the 'original view from what you truly ARE, is all inclusive, it is this open view, it is THIS timeless presence awareness, which is also the pure function of 'seeing - knowing' – and that is naturally ever present and 'forever' happening. - You intrinsically know this - not as an 'entity', not as a 'person' - you are the knowing, totally impersonal. - ('Forever' is a concept about time - if I cease using 'time' associated words, it would be near impossible to write more than a few words.)
From this view, it is logical why a 'seeker' can never find what it is looking for - because the seeker is just an appearance, floating in awareness. - Just because the 'feeling body' adds its sentimental emotions to that concept of being a 'person' does not change the equation - those feelings are floating in awareness also and when you really 'look into them' they dissolve and vanish via the penetration and the potency of THIS immediate 'seeing-knowing'.
The 'teaching' is omni-directional - all inclusive - In seeing that, in the first instant of knowing that, all the functions, seeing, hearing, etc, those functions are known to be free of the habitual notions about location, boundaries and time.
Space and time 'appear' in awareness.
Awareness is timelessly present.
Mind is time.
Do you have a choice?
Time betrays 'you' constantly and it will claim 'you' for its history book - that time bound belief, that 'you in time' will drown in time - unless you address your whole being to this question about 'what you are?'
I can be full of compassion for your 'situation' and it will have little or no effect. - Something draws me to write these notes - maybe it is a faint memory of what it was like to be 'lost in space and time'.
If you can muster up a desire to follow this 'lead', I can assure you that it is not just another shallow 'guru promise'. - All I can offer here is words - but these words come from an intimate knowing - a knowing that I do not pretend to 'own' or to have 'acquired'.
- There is a natural avoidance of collecting any devotional seekers - because this is always totally immediate - totally available (It is what you ARE) - the concept of wasting 'time' on devotion and all those futuristic hopes and their promises is completely misleading.
If you are with a guru that shows any signs of 'being special', of being 'above you', give them the flick - NOW. - They are only fooling themselves and their devotees.
In the direct and immediate fullness of natural presence - any sense of vanity or conceit is cut through - in oneself and in anyone else - everything is appearing in this natural seeing - nothing can pretend to be what it is not, with any success.
There is NO water in the Mirage. - It only has to be seen once.......and the essence of that revelation is SEEING - and Seeing is happening right NOW.
Only the mind will tell you otherwise - and what the mind tells you is always second hand.
Knowing through immediate being is not via the mind content.
That profundity has the capacity to 'cut through' anything and everything - especially any belief in being a 'person'.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Can you enter into that clear space from which thoughts emerge?

You are THAT which is SEEING....THAT which is KNOWING - how could it be otherwise?
The natural state is 'your' authenticity - it is unquestionable.
Nothing can be added to THAT and nothing can be taken away.
Awareness is non dual - unmediated knowing - it is timeless - it does not come and go.
Mind is time - mind is thought, concept, image etc, and each appearance in mind, whether it be a concept, an idea, a thought or a state, a mood or whatever, it will disappear.
The clear and empty nature of mind is nothing but awareness itself. - So why not call it awareness. - There is no mind apart from its apparent contents and all of that is insubstantial since it all vanishes without a trace. - Yet isn't it thought that we bind ourselves up in?
What is the basis of the bondage of self? - Belief in erroneous details.
Who is bound up in ideas?
Ideas can appear to be creative and they can appear to be destructive.
Someone has a creative idea and puts a patent on it - then ends up in a court case because someone else had the same idea.
Ha! - People don't have ideas! - A 'person' is an idea. - All thoughts, ideas and concepts just appear on awareness. - Do you imagine that you know where they come from?
Can you enter into that space where they emerge from?
I bet that you have never looked into that space thoroughly - because it scares the pants off you. - You much prefer to stay this side of it, bound into conceptual realms of duality.
So much fear over nothing.
What could be back there in that clear space of direct cognition?
It is your own true nature. - Nothing to be afraid of.
You 'go there' every night in deep sleep.
But SEE this - The 'space of knowing' is NOT divided at all - this side and that side is actually one all inclusive wholeness and its apparent 'axis' is yourself.
The 'axis' of the mind is fluctuating all over the place, through identification with anything and everything.
The 'axis' of mind and the 'axis' of being can align themselves and a new way of being comes into play. - (This revelation will be explained more fully in a new book, which is planned to be finished in a month or two.)
Watch the mind, watch what it is telling you and know that you are not in that 'stuff'.
It is chattering away with its old routine - just watch it, catch it at its game. - Be the conscious presence.
The mind stuff has no power or independent nature - you are the awareness of it - 'it' is not aware of you.
Just watch the mind, as often as possible.
So simple, so effective - yet seekers want elaborate practices and complex methods, plus a hero to worship and to show the way.
Just be awake to 'what IS' and see through what is not.

Friday, June 08, 2007

One Essence

Many seekers believe that all they have to do is to memorize the Non Duality lingo and speak it correctly and that is enough to convince themselves that they have 'got it'.
Wrong! - There is nothing more 'boring' than listening to non duality buffs talking the politically correct language. - The so-called mind will always think in the same way.
When speaking, if you do not hear your own voice, its tone and what is being expressed, then how do you expect others to be convinced of whatever you are saying?
Speaking in the realm of common beliefs, the 'normal' way we develop a personality is by imitation etc, and a sense of confidence comes with it as long as we are not challenged too much.
Superior or inferior complexes develop according to the 'forces' playing upon our 'personality'.
All such nonsense is fabricated and totally unfounded. - 'People' get bound up in thoughts because that is what a 'person' is, a thought, a concept.
- It would seem that there has to be 'a willingness' to deconstruct our habitual beliefs before we can taste our true nature - but in the simple act of stopping thought, for just a moment, that taste is right there. - It may be too fleeting and too subtle at first.
Having a good taste of simple 'thoughtless presence' is enough to allow the mind to descriminate between 'pure awareness' and thought, concept etc. - A personality is really made up of concepts and it, in itself, it has no power to see, hear or know anything at all.
So a good taste of ones true nature is also a taste of knowing that I am not those conceptual patterns that I have taken myself to be.
This is my understanding of the 'situation'. - No need to copy it because your understanding is completely enough, in fact you cannot have someone else's understanding. - Just clear it out, clear out the erroneous beliefs and the natural understanding reveals itself more fully, unencumbered by mis-understandings. - Where are you seeing from right now?
Can you describe it? - Our authentic presence is space like awareness - it is not a thought, not a concept. - In the first instant, the only instant of presence, there is non conceptual awareness - then a thought may come and then it goes - yet you remain as presence. - It is very simple.
Because we have been told (by those who truly do not know) that it is difficult and because we have been looking for something complex, we miss it.

Now, after that has been said, one may possibly understand more clearly the following essential pointer:

Awareness is non dual – timeless – presence itself – you are THAT. -THAT is the understanding - (present tense).

Mind is time – its content is all naturally occurring as transient appearances in the immediacy of non dual awareness. - The character in the mind does not understand anything at all - it is a fictional being.

Discrimination between these two ('apparently' for the mind) different 'states' is only for the mind, since pure knowing is non dual, un-mediated presence awareness. - Not two. - Awareness is not a state. - States come and go.

Contemplating this simple equation is enough to see through whatever you imagine it is that prevents you from seeing what is true about yourself and the world.
The essence of all natural insight is 'seeing - knowing'. - That is already happening.
It is your very nature to know this.

One essence appears as everything.

How can you truly believe that you could ever be separate from THAT?

Investigate - the essential nature or grounds of any investigation is naturally occurring SEEING.

Seeing is happening NOW.

Stay with (and as) the seeing.

Email response to the above:

Hi Gilbert,I check out your page pretty regularly and appreciate you continuing to provide the great pointers that you provide. - I think today's entry, "One Essence", was especially clear and to the point. It seems that over time by questioning 'my' assumptions about me/my/mine/good/bad that these assumptions(thoughts) seem to rise and fall away much more quickly. - The other thing that is happening here is more and more just realizing the sort of blank space that I am, the capacity for everything else that arises. - The only concern here, if there is one, is that this appears to be something happening over time. - As I know you are aware, there are conflicting pointers out there about this realization, that it happens once and for all or that it is something that occurs over time as the false is seen through. - There are some indications in your writing that this can happen over time, but that there is a point of no return. Am I understanding this properly? - The best that my mind can make of it, is that habitual patterns of the mind are 'de-habitualized' by recognizing what I am not (the thought of me). - It would seem, and there are pointers out there that seem to support this, that once the false falls away the truth is what is left. - Of course there are other pointers that indicate that once it is seen, it is seen, and thats the end of it. - Do you see what I am getting at here? - How far off-base am I? - Thanks for sharing your insight on the web. - Regards, - Dave.

Gilbert replies:
There is no time! - Brief and potent.
That is far too shocking a statement for the mind - the apparent problem is getting the mind to see that it, mind, is time. - Awareness is presence – seeing - knowing.
What is mind apart from thought? - That is the pointer that Bob put to me, yes it appeared in time, in mind, but the recognition of its profundity is inexplicable, yet I would say it is like a momentary 'bridge' that 'happens' between mind and awareness, allowing clear insight to happen.
We use the word 'mind' far too often and it is misleading, it creates a phantom that does not exist.
All there truly is is 'THIS MOMENT', but those words, that label is just words, yet what they indicate is THIS PRESENCE right now - and THIS is timeless. - When was presence ever missing?
What we need to understand is that the mind can never 'get it', the mind can never put presence into a concept - and then say I have seen through it and now it is done. - That is bullshit. SEEING is happening - it is not a personal attribute. - All concepts are imparted with their own 'apparent presence' simply by their appearance IN or ON Awareness.

Words lead us on and on in the mind - just see, recognise that seeing-knowing is happening, prior to the seen and known.

You are THAT which is SEEING....that is naked awareness.
Nothing can be added to THAT and nothing can be taken away from THAT - It is One Wholeness - Total inclusiveness - Totality.
Where is there any profit for any 'person' in such a revelation? - There is NO profit or loss for anyone or any thing.
For the 'so-called' seeker, there is an ever fresh possiblility of 'negation of beliefs', beliefs in 'that which is NOT'.
In the 'seeing through' of what is NOT, then THAT which IS is clearly revealed, right here, right now, as it always was/IS. - The mind aligns itself with 'what is' and so it is no longer diverted into errors of perception.
Being 'out of the illusions of mind' is indescribable, yet there are many words that appear here, apparently in order to 'point' to the natural freedom - for others to read.
At every turn, there is a possible divergence from clear seeing, if the mind latches onto 'time'.
So many words.........who can understand? - No one!
Understanding is 'presence awareness' - not achieved by anyone - it already is, it just, 'apparently', needs to be unvieled. - The erroneous beliefs need only be conscously deconstructed and this natural understanding reveals its presence as the totality of what is.
Understanding, seeing, knowing, awareness are just words to describe the same 'thing'.
That 'one thing' is energy and the first instant of its 'appearance' is the activity of KNOWING.
In that activity, the mind 'appears' to divide THAT which is One, into a million things, and then as a 'new form', a 'seeker', it wants to put it all back together or to purify the 'machine' with spiritual practices for that body, that instrument of knowing or cognition.
It is useless activity but knowing that seems to be rare and the pointing out of such 'news' is mostly unwelcome. - It 'appears' that there are thousands upon thousands of devotees caught in the gurus web of time stories - the absolute potentiality of a natural freedom from those stories is a 'full stop' away. The resistance to stopping the mind, even for a fraction of 'time' is nothing but a fictional character with all its uninvestigated stories of 'time' and 'me'.
The seeker wants enlightenment for the 'me' - how much more grossly 'off the beam' than that, does it get?
Imagine the torture of so many devotees, being bound in so many rules and regulations and then dumped on top of all that, the guru tells them that they need only stick with it and all the suffering for another 5 years or so and then they will have deliverance. - What a crock of shite!
And seekers flock in their hundreds to such gurus and what is more they look upon those gurus with their concieted facades as though they had just fallen out of the lap of God.
A Self righteous man is a dangerous man but only in the drama of life, the life of duality and mind stuff.
The only deliverance that these gurus are possible of, is if they take a part time job as a pizza delivery boy. - I say to them "keep the tip" and "Close the gate on the way out".

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yadda, Yadda, blah, blah, blah.

Well, much has been said, much has been written on this site, not to mention every other site, newspaper, magazine, emails and whatever, anywhere and everywhere.
The basics have not changed. - Whatever is said can only be an expression of THAT from THAT and the form the expression takes cannot truly be in error, whatever it is. - Only in a process of measurement and comparison does an apparent error appear and the bias held is transitory.
Biased views are all transitory and biased attitudes appear to collect opinions of a similar bias.
'People' don't switch 'camps' all that often, since their own bias prevents it.
Quasimodo was a disfigured character but (almost) everyone found a soft spot for him because underneath that disfigured form, love was beating in his heart, so to speak. Many spiritual types are extremely judgmental about almost everything, including their own 'Club Members'. - The Critical faculties are associated most usually with a sense of inferiority or insecurity. - At times, I sense that a Caveman may have had more integrity than our Modern man. - I see that computer games are threatening the movie industries hold on 'major profits markets'. - If you have never read Plato's “The Cave dwellers” I suggest you read it, it is a short story. It is highly symbolic. - One can imagine that 'in the future' an aging parent will smash down some virtual reality door and yell at their grown up children, telling them that 'reality' is available right here, right now and the sun is shining in the open sky.
Fancy Guru's weave a virtual reality realm for their devotees to wallow in and they hold the 'main character spot' with a vengeance. - Time to wake dude, slip through that crack in your dream and breathe in the fresh air of this ever fresh moment, which is free of thought bondage.
There are very obvious basics which seem to be missed somehow by so many. - For instance: Thoughts come and go. - They are made of what? - Have you ever seen a thought? - Yet we get tied up in them and many of them seemingly cause great havoc in our lives. - How many thoughts have there been today, so far? - Hundreds, thousands? - They have all come and gone. - Yet there may be a residue that appears to build up, to seemingly create a 'bad day' or a 'good day' or even a 'so so day'.
The freshness of presence with this moment right now, is not based on those previous thoughts or any thought at all. - This presence is simply presence and this is not conditioned by anything whatsoever.
Now a scientist or a therapist will object loudly over that point. - The objection is in their own mind and nowhere else. - Just because some 'other' agrees with them just confirms that that 'other' has a similar objection and they have not seen through the mind content, since as long as there is a heavy identification there, how can the seeing be clear? - Even so, the seeing is clear and is always clear, no matter what - but the one taking up the objection is merely a 'part' of the mind content, and (see this clearly) mind content cannot see, hear, taste or touch.
One essence appears as many – What you truly are is authentic and it is that authenticity that is true and it is THAT which naturally knows what is true. - Opinions are unnecessary in THAT.
Phenomena is ever changing patterns of whatever appears, objects, bodies, thoughts, states etc. - Trying to make a 'base camp' in the shifting sands of time will only bring hard labor and suffering.
Find that which is not changing in yourself and in finding that one realizes that the very 'finding' is a mirage, since what is discovered is simply your own self, which you 'were' all along from the very first instant.
All expressions are THAT expressing AS THAT. - There is no error, until it is judged as such and even then it is only how it appears. One essence appearing as many.