Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Living Conscious Presence

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Words can only be a rough indication and language is mostly biased in dualistic notions.
Still, we need to talk about it, until it is seen clearly.
What is a ‘person’? - Is it not a psychological pattern of belief?
A ‘person’ has a ‘point of view’.
‘People’ argue over the meaning of ‘things’, words and 'points of view' and never realize the futility of such activities.
The basic undermining principle is that a ‘person’ is only a series of transitory points of view and they all depend entirely on the energy of belief.
- As soon as something else takes the attention away from one fixation, it vanishes, although a residue may hang about for awhile.
The ‘person’ cannot truly realize anything at all. (not popular news - downright unpopular!)
- It is just a pattern of belief and has no independence or power to realize anything in or of itself.

The so-called Advaita masters point directly beyond those conceptual realms of mind to the essential fact of conscious presence. - Their words are clear enough, although very few hear the essential message directly.
- Usually the mind grapples with re-arranging itself to accomodate things. - (No wonder we get exhausted by it all.)
A simple sentence, of the master, often says something extremely profound. - It is coming from a natural confidence and a natural view- from this living presence awareness.
- The seeker's personalized mind construct only registers the paradox of it because it is biased mind (me and other than me) it is dualistic.
- The clear empty space of knowing commonly called mind is apparently split by the self-centered fixation called ‘me’ and ‘other then me’. - That is the sense of separation, which seemingly limits the conscious presence to a realm of idea, concepts and thought patterns. - That is also an erroneous depiction because the empty space of knowing is not split or even touched by the content of mind.
A simple sentence can convey ‘the essential’ very clearly. - One in ten million may ‘see it’ directly.
It is only paradoxical for the psychological pattern called a ‘person’. - However, such simple sentences are in fact a ‘direct introduction’ or initiation through words and presence.
It may be helpful to see it like this:
A ‘person’ is a habitual psychological framework which is nothing but a series of recurring patterns made up of ideas, notions, images and driven by the energy of belief.
- Only when the energy of belief is abating are these ‘things’ ‘tasted’ for what they are.
- They can’t really be seen, as such, since they have no true existence.
The knowing essence beyond it all is not a person and never could be limited to any pattern, no matter what it may be made of, or appear as.
No pattern of energy is actually separate from the knowing essence.
Some call it Awakened Mind.
Seekers of such notions are immediately caught by their own projection of what they think that means. - Awakened Mind is for the seeker, just another ‘mouse trap’.
You may devote every hour of the day to the study of sacred scriptures and attempt to go into the so-called deepest meditative state of mind.
- You can attend a hundred silent retreats and do penance via hard physical labor and use all manner of spiritual disciplines and yet it will all amount to nothing at all. - Those who profess to have attained something are really deluding themselves.
- Such ones love the extra attention such proclaimed attainments bring from others because it gives a (false) validation to the beliefs.
See with Naked Awareness.
If the habitual mind activities, the belief patterns do not reveal themselves in a clear view, a clear taste, that you are not those ‘things’, then that habituated fixation of believing that you are a ‘person’, with all its heavy baggage, will not release its hold on the mind.

As the profundity of your own conscious presence, meets the direct ‘pointer’ of the master (a living stabilized conscious presence), then ‘the egg cracks’.
Even though the master points the way out of your conundrum, you must take the appropriate steps yourself – consciously! - That cannot be taught.
The ‘shell’ of separation falls away as the energy ceases to flow into old beliefs.
Conscious presence opens out into a living subtlety (beyond any description in words).
You may have read very good books on the subject, attended umpteen lectures, retreats and ‘done’ all kinds of spiritual activities and yet it seems that the ‘prize’ still alludes you.
Why is that so?
So often, it is unrealistic fanciful notions of a ‘spiritual self’ that is the ‘problem’.
All fanciful spiritual self-images are just a feeding on fantasy and it is an old appetite. Such self-images often include a wanting to be seduced into paradise.
- How many times has one been convinced into believing that one has arrived?
- Only to find that it all dissipates into thin air as the relentless seeking returns.
The clear emptiness of an unmediated knowing, conscious presence is most often too short lived. - It is interrupted by the restless mind, which wants to return to the habitual terrain.
- So it is felt to be threatening.
The habitual patterns of belief must be broken.
Those sweet speaking spiritual teachers only induce more delusions.
- It is no doubt seductive and not unlike other ‘drugs’ with the addiction to ‘getting a fix’ and the ever renewed promise of ‘a future time of deliverance’.
Wishy-Washy spiritual notions will never cut the crap away.
- They only put more icing on the cake.
Harsh words, cutting words can strike like a Zen Masters Bamboo stick.
Those habitual belief patterns must be shaken lose. - They must be seen clearly and I must know with a cutting directness with no doubt that I am not those patterns.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Everything is as it is.

Repeat: Basically, Everything is as it is.
Speaking of truth or untruth does not change anything in or to the essential nature of things.
Now in my case, as a seeker, my apparent ‘journey to truth’ ended like a fading cloud, as it dissolves into the empty sky. - That appeared to come about by contact with the Non Duality message.
- The message, here, first hit home via “I am That”, a book I am sure you are well familiar with. - That book led me to India and to meetings with Ramesh Balsekar and Sri Ranjit Maharaj.
- On my second day in India I heard about a guy called ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson, who lives in my homeland, Australia.
-I followed up on that information and that proved to be the finish of it all. - I can't claim to be a seeker any longer. - It vanished.
Through contact with Bob Adamson, the message was received in no uncertain way.
Bob is an ordinary guy who while in the company of Nisargadatta, his mind just ‘packed up’ and a clear view came to the fore. - Nisargadatta pointed Bob to his true nature and it was seen (known) clearly. - Such an introduction cannot be forgotten because it is beyond the mind.
As he explains himself, further ‘help’ was never needed from that day - to this.

I have witnessed many come into a meeting with Bob, full of expectation and reverence for the Guru etc. - What they are faced with is a naturalness which is disarming for the expectant mind. - If they still find a resonance persisting while their expectations are dissolved, then they return again and again. - A ‘clearing’ opens up and ‘conscious presence’ is found to be what I am.
This conscious presence is also All Presence.
In this discovery, the old burden of internal anguish and conflicting spiritualized concepts surrounding a restless self-image disappears. - Things settle into a natural flow and a predominant lightness in being.
Its basis is a natural ease, a genuine simple presence, with no overlayed spiritual agenda.
This natural state is already with you and so it can’t be given or acquired.
- It is simply uncovered.
My advice to anyone who still takes themselves to be a seeker:
Go see Bob if at all possible. - He won’t be around forever (in the available form he is today).
Many have already taken this advice to heart and the ‘results’ have been clearly conveyed to me. - It only goes to confirm that what happened for me, is still available.
It is always available.
Yet this availability still appears to be a conundrum for most seekers.
I can't express strongly enough how different Bob is to other teachers.
He is clear and direct. - No spiritual games at all.
It was only after finding Nisargadatta's words and then a living 'teacher', Bob, that my mind cleared completely. All habitual conflicting 'stuff' GONE.
I spent some 30 years on a ‘path’ which led me nowhere. - The teachers on that path were honourable men and I cast no dispersions on them whatsoever.
However, it did not free me. - It kept me bound in many subtle ways, which I can clearly see now.
Some people say to me that the journey was necessary and the result came from the Journey.
I KNOW that that ‘story’ is untrue.
What Bob pointed out for me was not necessarily actually put into words at all.
In fact it can’t be spoken at all.
This immediacy right now is appearing as the ever changing nature of life.
The essence is unchanging. - When that unchanging essence is fully resonating, then conscious presence in this now is naturally overwhelming to the minds inadvertence.
Tasting this over and over, establishes one in THAT, even though one has never been anything other than THAT.
All that happens is that the belief that I am anything ‘other’ that THAT is vanquished forever. - Nothing and no one can take it away.
That is my advice to the reader. - Take it or leave it. - It makes no difference to me. I am Free. - Join me if you wish.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Luminous being - conscious presence.

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New Note:
It does not matter how you twist and turn those spiritual concepts and notions – they will only ever be concepts. - Isn't the singular feature of it all 'knowing'. - Without that, no concept could be known or even talked about.
All concepts only ever appear 'in' and 'with' time - and time is mind.
Mind, in the terms being used here, is the phenomenal aspect of mind, thoughts, concepts, images, which all arise and attach immediately to an associated past.
Like attracts like. - Apparently strong impressions, which have registered in the so called past, link up with new impressions more or less instantly.
This mechanism is that which seems to hold our personalized world together and it can give the impression that 'I' cannot escape 'the past'. - (The one bound in it is also a concept.)
Take a 'for instance': - I walk past a restaurant where I had a row with an ex-partner so many years ago. - Strong impressions register in that initial 'event'. These, by association, spring into mind as the scene is re-cognised. - RE- Cognition! - Memory!
Whenever I walk past or near that restaurant, up comes the memory. - No choice!
- The automatic response is to avoid it or quickly get identified with something else.
- All mechanical - no choice - m-e-c-h-a-n-i-c-a-l !!!
If I am the dramatic type, I may have the whole city covered with ‘hot spots’, where my ‘past’ haunts me until "I can't handle it anymore", get up and move to another city, where I can start ‘marking’ my 'new territory' all over again.
All this ‘stuff’ is in the mind’s mechanical capacity to translate the present, via past impressions.
One could almost say it is the past re-lived, while the present impressions are apparently subservient. - Topsy turvy world of a mind enslaved to the past? - Frustrating for the 'me', no?
- In practical terms, memory is useful and so I find my way back home without getting lost, due to it. - However it is often 'storyland' - what I call a mindscape, where the ‘me’ takes up residence as ‘King’.
- All of it is in ‘time’ - past, future and a vague present. -This 'present' is demoted to the rank of being a concept and so it gets overlayed by associative thought patterns.
- So, this 'vague present' seems to be assigned into the dim background with a parading ego on top.
Does all this sound familiar?
- For the habituated mind of relativity, it may make perfectly good sense.
- You may say: "I can relate to that". - It is all psychological 'furniture'.
Now the factor that does not register cleanly in that mind realm, which is occupied by its unceasing flow of thoughts etc, is that ‘Seeing’ is direct and immediate.
Whatever interpretation you want to make about anything at all, can only appear in seeing.
Seeing itself is wordless.
Now, many get hooked on particular words, like 'God'. - That fixation actually obscures clear sight and distorts the mind, or the personalized point of view.
- (In the terms of these believers, God is everything. - So, why obscure the natural seeing (of God) with a word? - since everything we see must be God - including 'the seer'.)
Pure Seeing cuts through all ‘stuff’ cleanly and precisely.
- No entity is attached inside or outside of that pure seeing - and that is why 'we' (of the mind) miss it.
Pure seeing – pure knowing is not in time.
It does not rely on any 'thing' - and certainly not on any past impressions.
Reality is immediate - and this immediacy - has nothing to do with ‘time’ or sequential objectifications in mind stuff.
- In fact, Reality never changes - that is why it is called reality.
It has no duration at all - the word 'eternity' is meant to describe it but also is inclusive of all time.

There is no duration quality to pure seeing. - Duration (fragmentation) is mind stuff.
All the apparent fragments of 'eternity' appear no where other than in the duration-less presence of Now.

In time, ‘things’ appear – they ‘appear’ to be and then they 'disappear' (inevitably).
All of our concepts of Life and myself are in that realm of relativity.
However, what you truly are is THIS Reality, which is this 'cognizing directly', immediately – IT is ‘seeing-knowing’ and it is the seeing-knowing itself.
For the apparently individualized being, its instruments (in their immediacy) are all of the senses.
The senses do not lie, as such. - Direct information, un-processed.
How the sensations and impressions are translated is, more often than not, a distortion of ‘what is’.
Thoughtless reality - pure knowing - remains untouched by thoughts or objects - of any kind.
This is the clear and empty nature of mind - (if we want to call it ‘mind’).

The seekers apparent problem is: How can ‘I’ be delivered from 'my' relative ‘un-reality’ into what is clearly real?
Well, the news is that it is never going to happen.
This is where, (just about) everyone ‘changes channel’, ‘turns off’ or ‘walks away’.
The ‘carrot’, the reward is removed and ‘the donkey’ comes to a standstill.
The dream of relative reality and the seeking there for freedom, is a worn out circular track, trodden by 99.9999 percent of seekers.
- All of it is a dreamland, full of endless promises and no deliverance.
- The promise of deliverance is spoken of by one of the fancy ‘circle walkers’.
- Lost in mind stuff, just like all the others, he mummbles about the future deliverance in 5 years - or more! - The others are encouraged to do another round - to keep him company.
- The only difference is his suffering is pampered by the adorers of his ‘special-ness’.
- He has 'the pickings' of the best food, clothing and shelter etc.
- Just another Donkey? - No, not on your twinkle! - He (or she) is a very special' Donkey! And he reinforces that impression upon his followers almost relentlessly. - Sometimes they do a hundred turns of the track in silence, so the king donkey can dream a little about his wonderous future deliverance. - Dreamland!
It is a joke but if you take a close look at these spiritual leaders and their followers - that is what they are all doing. - The ones with the most followers are the deepest dreamers. It is all in the guise of 'waking up'.
- "The disease of Tomorrow" - (quotation from Gurdjieff).

Back to Basics:
Knowing cuts through the dream. - Immediate Knowing.

I am not a 'thing'.
This 'non-thing' that I am- is this Knowing - this conscious presence.
Only in being this knowing (and nothing else), can everything be revealed for what it is.

Who wants to be nothing?
In being nothing, knowing comes to the fore and everything is revealed as it is (for no one).

Now, the waves of relativity will ‘roll back in’ but there is an indisputable Knowing of what they are.
Spiritual seekers get offended if the veils of their beliefs get whipped away or challenged.
Here is another dose of Liver Salts for my precious 'angels'. (Advice: Skip a paragraph)
If you are a point scoring spiritual idiot who says things like: “I have spent time with Papaji, Gangaji, Eckhart, Adyarshanti” or whoever and then expect some extra ‘credit’ or extra attention from other equally impressionable idiots, then maybe this ‘stuff’ I am talking about is not for you.
- Guru Addicts Annon is up the road a piece.
If Nisargadatta were to suddenly re-appear in the world, (say, in California) – every point scoring spiritual idiot would ‘fast-track’ it to his door.
- It would be a riot and everyone would un-intentionally show their true colors.
But it would all amount to nothing.
“I am That” is now a best seller and it is trendy to have it on the bookshelf or to be able to say, “Yes I have read it”. - I have met scores who have expected me to be impressed just by the fact that they had read the book. - So what? What's the point if you still hang onto those 'seeker' views? - Biased views for phantom beings?
- Did you get the impact of what the book is pointing at? - Point scoring is such a stupid waste of energy.

The point is this: All this ‘mind stuff’ and 'point scoring' is just the relative world of the mind and its latest fixations. - The mind realms of duality - 'Me' and 'other than Me'. - More biased views for phantom beings? - Words and concepts only bind those of their own kind.
What are they anyway? What gives them some seeming power other than your own belief in them? - The belief of 'others'? - See for YOURSELF - Know directly what is false and what is true.
- All is equal in that ephemeral world of concepts.
A mind fixed on the duality of things will not open to a clean view without 'conscious presence', which is non-dual.
This Living immediacy is obviously shared by the whole manifestation in this immediate moment.
You cannot 'enter' into it. - You ARE IT.
No boundary exists in That ‘vast’ singularity.
As Nisargadatta says: “The only purpose of Life - is Living”.
Living – immediate, self-knowing awareness – now.
It alone (al-One) is not a concept – and you are That.

You are that luminous being full of light.
The clouds of relativity can never put out that self shining brilliance.
Let that light shine in all its immediate glory and it will shine through the clouds of unknowing.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

All is a reflection in mind - except awareness itself.

Note: If you are serious about 'seeing through' the trap of the mind, then I highly recommend Bob Adamson's new CD. - There is enough material in it to 'finish' the job. - In dropping the 'old ideas and views' and with paying attention in a relaxed manner, everything can be revealed as the 'pointers' indicate.
The CD is only available via Bob's Website - see his Webpage on my website for the link.

Today's Note:
Stop grasping at straws. - Stop trying to look through the eyes of the guru or whoever.
Get the message and be done with it.
Stop 'setting up camp' in conceptual terrains in the mind. - That 'campsite' is an illusion and the ground is not really there. - Reduce it back to that which cannot be eliminated – you presence - with what is.
As long as there is identification with any ‘other’, whether it appear as a so-called being or as a simple concept, then that identification itself will divert the mind into a realm of belief and it will continually bounce those reflections around in the mind.
When you look into that bathroom mirror, know without a doubt that that reflection cannot ‘see’ or ‘be’ anything other than a reflection. - It is the same with the ‘me’ – the self-centre. - It cannot ‘see’ or ‘be’ anything other than a reflection.
No one can see through that deviation except what you truly are. Awareness – seeing – knowing – presence.
The ego with all its equipment and baggage can only construct a mirage, a castle in the ether. - No one can live in it except a phantom. - Is that what you are? - A phantom. - All the sad stories of ‘this and that’, of the ‘me’, keep the mind occupied and that occupation is keeping the mind bound to a mirage. - All the glorification of ‘another’, keep the mind occupied with a separation that does not exist.
In the spiritual game, no one wants to cut to the chase. - No one wants to hear what must be heard. - To really hear it, is the end of the addictive attachments. - It will be the end of ‘me’. - Who wants that? - In the spiritual dream - No one!
It is not possible for that ‘me’ to want its own destruction. It never existed to either want or not want anything.
The cutting News is that there is no one there, anywhere - to want freedom or not want freedom. - Freedom is all there is.
All of the problems of the self-centre are, that, that ‘you’ is an indulgence in a dream.
All of ‘your’ problems arise from the fact that ‘you’ have unwittingly taken on board the position of playing ‘second fiddle’ in an Orchestra, which is performing to an imaginary audience, a disinterested audience. - Playing second fiddle is a ‘following’, an automatic response and this is deadening. – that is a mind wandering off repeatedly into the past of memory or a fictitious future, to ‘other places’ and ‘other times’.
Be innovative – cut the crap – ‘snatch the lead violin’ metaphorically speaking – take the immediate position - be this cutting edge of direct experiencing – this presence. – Simply be the immediacy that you are.
There is no realized being anywhere. - Concepts are concepts. They cannot limit what you truly are. Verify it for yourself.
All there is, is THIS immediate Realizing presence.
How can you not be That?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Good News for tired seekers.

Note for Sydney residents:
Mark West will be holding regular meetings in Sydney on the subject of Non Duality. - Mark is a living disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. - This is a rare opportunity to clear up misunderstandings and ask pertinent questions. - Be advised that these meetings are for relatively serious students of Advaita or similar - those who are already familiar with the nature of self-inquiry. - What I mean is that the meetings are not a for those who just want mere entertainment. - Such attendees will be browned off pretty quickly.
- The first meeting is planned for the 29th June at 7 pm - 8.30.
- Please email me or Mark for any other details. - (I will also be attending these meeting.)
gilbert (at) shiningthroughthemind (dot) net - or - markwest10 (at) bigpond (dot) com -
Due to auto web scanning for email addresses, I have altered the 'at' and 'dot' sections in the above email addresses.

Hello Gilbert,
I have been wanting to write to you but have not had the courage. - I'm not sure why. - What you wrote last week I took to be an answer to my email to you and it hit just like the 'arrows' you were talking about.
- I guess I'm one of the sensitive ones and I went through all kinds of emotions, but during this I had "moments" of very clear seeing, it 'felt stronger' than at any other time, (it's hard to describe)
- So, your arrows are very good medicine and I'm not afraid of them. - Thank you for your directness, - Love S.

I had intended to give it a break. - Ha! - Just goes to show you can put a cork in the bottle but it can blow out anytime. - I had no intention to write anything at all. - But up it came. -This one I wrote on the bus today onto the back of an old receipt:

To Speak of Oneness, we must necessarily use language.
Language has components called labels or words, which are symbols.
Knowing the nature of symbols renders words seemingly more useful than if they are just imitated and used indiscriminately.
Language is a multiplicity of words and so they often express a multiplicity of intricate and/or gross meanings, depending on their use.
They most usually express an individualized 'object' or ‘thing’, 'state' or 'condition' within the multiplicity and diversity of phenomena.
Words lead to more and more words.
Rarely do words ever converge to a point of unity.
A more or less complete sentence which describes Oneness will no doubt neutralize the dualistic mind and so provide a window or a view from ones true nature of cognition and understanding.
The self-centered dualistic mind may resist this view, because the light of direct seeing reveals what the self-centre does not wish to acknowledge.
So it is that clear vision is usually short lived.
It appears that insights are stored in memory and fade into yesterday’s experience. It all loses vitality and it loses the immediacy of direct insight. The self-centre may embroider new attachments to these memories and thus seemingly create a realm of personal attainment or whatever it may be.
The ever present vitality of this immediate living-Ness cannot be reduced or trapped into any belief or into memory.
Our nature is presence – this awareness now – which is always fresh and new.
It is not the result of any ‘doing’ by any entity.
This presence is the true nature of everything and no boundary lies between what you are and the greater presence of the so-called Universe.
Knowing this is freedom.
And Freedom is truly what you are.
There is little point in attempting to re-direct one who is stubbornly entrenched in the intellect.
Any attempt to do so, is most often met with by strong resistance as the intellect digs in deeper into its false premises and gets busy with a frantic search for old data with which it will protect its terrain.
It is equally pointless to attempt to re-align one who has seemingly surrendered to a fanciful guru.
Any attempt to do so is met with by a negative response as the bonds of adoration of the guru are disturbed.
In their own terms, they are deemed to repeat the same automatic movements until it is seen to be useless.
As soon as one bows submissively to another (a guru), one is giving away one’s own authenticity in exchange for idolatry. - If it remains there as a habit, such idolatry casts a shadow across your own light of knowing.
Bring it back as: "I am the consciousness"! - "I am awareness"!
Know this to be a fact.
The true guru and disciple exchange is one of equality - not submission and domination.
Submission always leads to abuse in one form or another - as history shows us.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New CD from Bob Adamson - Get it!

These notes will now take a break for awhile.
But first one last note to 'nail' the bloody thing once and for all.

As one well known text suggests, the more you think and talk about it, the further you move away from the truth. - I would put it this way: The problem is always for the mind. - The more you think and talk about IT, the further you seemingly get away from the immediate presence. Of course you can’t really get away from presence because that is what you are. - In the knowing space, the knowing presence, the true identity resides without being any ‘thing’. - Once one is established in That – as knowing that I am that knowing space and nothing else, then it matters not whether there is thinking or talking and in fact all thinking and talking is only about That – because That is all there IS.
No ‘thing’ can budge you from That. - And above all else, that natural confidence does not abide in a concept. - Knowing that is the freedom of pure knowing.
It is not ‘held’ by anyone. - Yet this apparent someone appears in that.
You can choose the very highest esoteric knowledge or the most highest sacred spiritual text and none of these is anything more than a pointer, a concept, which can only ever appear in that Knowing Space that you are.
In this pure, empty space, the body appears. - It is actually light and so is full of light.
The mind is known to be only a concept. - The world is known to be similar. - The habitual patterns still appear and these are revealed in the light of this knowing space.
At some point, it may appear that you are floating through an empty world.
See clearly that what you truly are, is not moving - and that all these ‘things’ appear nowhere other than in this knowing space.

If it still by passes you, then go to the Master - Bob Adamson. - He will finish you off, like no other can. - He "did 'me' in" pretty quickly.

Still want more?
(Little known fact: Many teachers read these website notes trying to grasp some new angle on it all)

- Maybe read some of the 60 or so notes listed below, if you have not already.
If you don't want to read much any more then the title of Bob's second book says it
all. - "Presence Awareness - just this and nothing else".
If you imagine, as many appear to do, that awareness comes and goes, then you are mistaken.
What fluctuates is this movement of belief into 'things' that are NOT. - Being identified with it all and being identified as being a character in the drama, then it appears that awareness does come and go. - What really happens, is the degree of identification fluctuates. - Presence is awareness and awareness is presence. - See that it is the fictional character that comes and goes.
- Well it has all been said there in so many ways already and the obvious appears to remain hidden for so many. - If only they would stop 'guru hopping' and stop listening to these teachers who 'tell whoppers'. - It is time to give up all the running around chasing after 'what'?
You don't have to even take one step in any direction to find the truth of what you are.
"No University can teach you to be yourself" (-Nis'tta) It is extremely simple. But the mind won't sit still with the 'direct pointing'. One sentence can say everything but the mind goes off in all directions from it. "The great perfection is Non Conceptual Awareness".
See how direct that pointer is. - But the mind can't make anything from it. It more or less stops the mind dead in its tracks (even if only for a brief moment). Instead of stay open in that non conceptual space, the habitual mind weasels its way back into that free space. And so the great perfection appears to have been lost. It isn't.
I know (remember) very well what it is like to feel 'so close' to IT. - That membrane, that bubble of apparent separation will burst at some point - probably when you least expect it to.
It is not what that self-centre wants, but it must be exposed. - The Lovey Dovey approach is rarely successful.
Angel dust and self-hypnotic affirmations are just feeding the illusion. - Clean and clear wakefullness is the only vehicle needed to transcend the habitual mindscape. - "I am not that"
I am not any of those objectfications at all. - If I am lost in mind stuff, all I need is a direct 'pointing' to what I am and that is usually and pointing out of what I am not.
Put simply: I am Present and Aware. - Stay with that simplicity and the rest unfolds naturally.

In the mean time, for anyone in need of some further advice, I give this simple indication:

- Drop any concepts that you are something 'special' – merge with life, just as you are without trying to be anything that you are not spontaneouly already. - That is effortless. - No mind set at all.
- Your ordinary life circumstances are bound to be full of all the subtleties of this Living-ness. - Get out into nature as often as you can and taste the livingness of it all.
- Feel the subtle atmosphere with all of its shadows and light.
- See that you are not separate from the Air you breathe.
- See that you are not separate from the water, the Earth, the Sun, the Space.
- You are the livingness itself which is experiencing it all.
- All is good - even the (so-called) bad bits.
- See that you are the space of knowing and that this has no boundaries whatsoever.
- All your brothers and sisters appear in this space that you are.
- Take no conscious action to harm anyone or anything.
- If you take this as a useful suggestion, you will find or re-affirm a whole realm of subtle livingness and this will nourish you in ways that you cannot imagine.
- Imagination will be replaced by the fullness of life and that is our potentiality in every moment.
Why close it off, with preferences for internal drama and inner conflict.
Stop punishing yourself and everyone around you and live this spontaneous life openly and freely. - Ever fresh and ever new.
- It is here - we just need to open to it - and in that openness, drop the 'old views and ideas'. -
No one else can do it for you. - You can't 'DO' it either - but if trying disappears into a relaxed openness, quite spontaneously, then that subtle beingness will resonate with the greater qualities of nature. One discovers that this natural state is boundless. (I am That)
As the Dzogchen teaching says: "The great perfection is non-conceptual awareness".

That clear space of knowing is already 'with you' but you won't find it in thoughts or in old images of what you imagine that you are. - It is ever Fresh and New. - Tasted only in this immediacy and in only being this immediacy, so it remains ungraspable for the mind because the mind is 'time'. - Got it?

(Well hurry up then, I only need one more brownie point and I get promoted to Arch Angel status with my own Golden Harp and a music book of rare angelic Hymns)

Note: You may be tied to the corner of a room and you may be so familiar with the view, so much so, that you resist quite varmint’ll anything that threatens to dislodge you from your false security, which that corner represents.

This metaphysical room does not actually exist. Only when the walls are seen through will the transparency of the self-centre, with its erroneous view, be known fully for what it is.

What keeps you tied to that corner?
Isn’t it simply belief in ‘things’ that are not? - Words - images - concepts?

Words may appear to caste a net for the mind to get caught in.
The net which is caste, over and over with my notes, has a huge hole in it.
Each knot has an arrow attached to it and all these arrows point directly to the escape hole.
Once you pass through that hole you discover the Whole.

With my heart felt warmth – gilbert.

Well, it has happened! - Horray!
A NEW CD from Bob-ananda!
This new CD from Bob Adamson is just a delight to listen to.
(For once, I had the pleasure of listening to a finished CD without ever hearing any of it before hand.)
Eliot Weber has gathered some excellent material and put together what I consider to be 'tops'.
I would venture to say that if one were to listen to this CD regularly, there is no way that one could survive as a seeker with what it is being pointing out.
The first book "What's wrong with Right Now?" is similar in that regard.
So many points are covered, that it is near impossible to take it all in, in one sitting.
It is a natural and uncontrived expose. - Very clear.
Some get it straight away but there is always more to it. - Others need 'time' and careful attention as one absorbs what is pointed out and this absorbtion is accompanied by seeing and knowing THAT truth in your daily life via direct experienc-ing. - As Bob says: "It dawns on you".
The erronoeus beliefs are seen through. - Once seen through, the 'old habitual story patterns' lose their grip on the mind. - They may still appear but they do not 'stick' anywhere, so they float on through without picking up any energy of belief.

The CD will ONLY be available via Bob's website. - Link on Bob Page on my Website.

I can't help but love this guy.
(Speaking ordinarily) Even though the message hit home 'here' quite some time ago, I still love to hear the fresh expressions coming from Bob. - I have witnessed it unfold beautifully over the last 6 years and the subtlety is just beyond words, even though it is expressed in (pointing) words. The source (awareness) reveals itself over and over.
It is much more than words can convey and yet somehow they do - it is intelligence straight from the natural state.
A bonus is to watch or hear the 'seeker minds' attempting to hold onto some reference point only to be left hanging in empty space.
But that loving presence is always right there and even in the midst of some argument, Bob is fully there (here), showing that you are not that 'content of mind'.
In recent months, I perceive a subtle flourishing of responses happening around Bob and his message.
Added to that, in those 'getting it', it is having a direct influence via a witnessing of a definite change in them by those around them. -However it must be pointed out that nothing is gained, as such (It is more like freedom recognises itself).
Our natural freedom is here already. - It is only the mind that needs clearing up, from its
erroneous beliefs. - Without a clean series of 'pointing' and without seeing the natural truth of what is pointed out, the mind will always return to belief in the content of mind.
- In most cases, it has to be hammered at relentlessly. - Listening to one CD over and over may sound rather limited but that, in my experience, is not necessarily so.
There are so many points in it to test and varify for oneself.
- Speaking about my own situation, 6 years ago, I was fairly stubborn and stuffed up with all kinds of esoteric concepts, gathered over 25 years. -That was all deconstructed by emersing myself in what Bob was pointing out. - Elimination. - Then the ever present clarity dawned unexpectedly and has never been covered over with any deep identification ever again.
- I know that so many teachers these days are 'selling truth' and offering 'wonder fixes'. - No matter how it is dressed up and no matter how sacred the presentation is and no matter how many hundreds have gone along with it all, I know it is all crap or just entertaining sidelines.
There is one thing I do know without a doubt. - Bob is genuine.
- Many will kick themselves 'later on', for not following up any living contact they may have had with him and his message.
Remember this: You have been told! - So don't come crying on my shoulder later on.
If you can't get to Melbourne then - at least Get this CD.

Mezzo Note: "It's funny how when you 'push a few buttons' on these fancy Spiritual Juke Boxes, they start playing 'wonky tunes' and then drop a whole lotta crap on the floor".

Correspondence on "The First Instant" book and other written pieces:

Email: Hi Gilbert.
I've seen the simplicity of it, with the help of your book and friend John.
- The suffering mist sifts back in, but I have seen and know simple non-conceptual awareness.
I am very grateful to have found your book - beautiful. - I will continue to use it on a daily basis, until there is no more need for pointers.
Thank you so much. -
Love, S.

Another Email:
Hello Gilbert.
This is wonderful! - This is marvellous!
I just want to share about your book, the more I go into it, the more insights happen and the ‘deeper’ I reach. - I want to tell you that I am really grateful for this.
There had been some odd moments and doubts, then I start getting more of the subtleties of it.
Thank you. - Thank you so much. - Love - André.

Another Email: Dear Gilbert.

It’s good to know that with "The First Instant" I have your most complete and direct expression of what is being pointed to. - I read the second chapter this morning (I am taking your suggestion and going one chapter per day or slower with it) and I see what you mean. - I am finding the book to be paralysing to all remaining beliefs of myself as a separate "me". - Hope to give you more feedback when I complete it.
With much gratitude - James

Another Email: Dear Gilbert,
Your book is amazing. - It's like being in a tiny room with four clear "teachers" in each corner and every time you say "yeah, but", they all move in closer and return you to your true nature. - There is no escape.
- It seems like nothing else is necessary. - It is "in your face" clear.
- The mist of the mind is pretty patchy right now. - There are short glimpses that no-one is there, one ‘aha’ after another. - Joy and giggling coming in spontaneously at times.
- I read, sit with a clear and open seeing, then back to reading.

Love, S.

Email re book:
Hey there Gilbert!
Flop goes the seeking. - This is what was finally seen:
There is ONLY ONE THING HAPPENING AND THIS IS IT. -Nothing else. -Every ‘thing’ and every ‘happening’ is That - In that seeing the resistance drops away because there’s nothing to resist. -THIS IS IT and it can never be different. -No matter what happens that is IT, or THIS. -No where for thought to go. -Just SEE and BE.

-Life continues as it always has.
-It is absolutely simple.
Love, M.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Time to Cut the Spiritual Sponge Cake! - Poof!

Many go on about a Great Understanding, an Ultimate Understanding and many postulate directly or indirectly that they have attained such.
This is a total fabrication and belongs to the ego only.
If I show you a green apple and you see it, it is understood immediately.
I don’t have to tell you what it is. - If I said it was a banana, you would laugh and call me an idiot.
Understanding is there and it is always there.
The content of what is understood is constantly changing.
The so-called Highest Understanding is actually nothing but everyday simple understanding. - You cannot be without it.
So, what is all this struggle about?
Who is caught looking for something special ‘out there’?
Isn’t it an unfulfilled sense of special-ness in here?
We have been looking in the wrong place.
There is no higher or lower understanding.
There is no higher or lower consciousness.
There is no higher or lower awareness.
There is no higher or lower reality.
There is no higher or lower being.
There is no higher or lower ‘I am-ness’.
There is no higher or lower ‘I’.
There is no higher or lower.

There is no deliverance.
There is no awakening.
There is no one with or without awareness.
There is no one with or without consciousness.
There is no one with or without understanding.
There is no one within this space of knowing, nor outside of it.
There is no ‘inside’ nor is there any ‘outside’.
Look cleanly and precisely and see that there is no one here at all.

The courage to see that is not anything to be acquired.
It is intrinsically here and natural as your essential nature itself.
For the mind it appears as a simple re-cognition of this un-contrived openness.
For itself (your true nature) it is simply this ever-present, unchanging, unmediated, awareness.

How rare is this direct message?
Who would have suspected it to be so simple? - Who would believe it?
No one! - Seekers prefer to believe in some promised acquisition of some personal power, with which they will transform themselves. - There are plenty of teachers who are happy to supply erroneous information to satisfy those egoistic desires.
Is it anything more than time bound minds looking for companionship in common beliefs? - The famous ‘deliverance’ is an illusion.
Make no mistake about it. Any teacher that promotes the concept of deliverance is speaking from belief and not immediate knowing. - Ask him (or her) to look you straight in the eyes and tell you that he (or she) is free from that future time of deliverance. - And then ask him(or her) to tell you once more of how it will take you 5 to 10 years for you to reach the immediate freedom of NOW. - It is all conceptual nonsense and no concept can ever be that freedom of THIS immediate knowing, which is with you NOW.
Why would any teacher that is free, ask you to go ‘the long way’ and give you stupid practices that only bind the mind into a servile attitude?
If he or she is actually free, they KNOW the immediate short cut and should be able to point your consciousness directly to that freedom (depending on your resistance to that).
Freedom is here for the taking and it is available to everyone and anyone. - There is NO need to enter into any contract with any teacher at all. - Such things are Hierarchy Nonsense!
All that stuff is all a psychological 'God Complex' which plagues the teacher of erroneous ways.
In finding one (a teacher) who is actually free, you just engage in an open discussion until it is seen clearly. - Come back as needed, until all the doubts are cleared away and that is the end of it.
It is simple and it is only a 'big deal' for those who actually avoid the directness of a true self-investigation.
- It baffles me how people can go on walking in the same old circles year after year.
- But that is the way it appears to be. - Carrot and donkey syndrome?
Looking at these loving teachers with guru star dust in your eyes is really a kind of blindness.
I doubt if Ramana Maharshi would ever have wished to be the glorified ‘thing’ that modern guru’s and seekers have made him into. - Some go on about the special atmosphere around his Ashram. - They ignore the atmosphere in their own homes and work places. - It is all nonsense and to continue to go along with all that crap is just entertainment for a fool.
Cut it asunder - and come back to your own immediate presence. - This knowing presence.
You can't stop that knowing - and that is That. - It is what you ARE.
That knowing-ness is not restricted to any pattern that it appears as. - Your presence is equal to All Presence and that includes all so-called sacred beings - and fools included.
The patterns called the body and mind appear nowhere else than in this knowing space that you are – and This is totally suffused by this immediate knowing and that is always NOW.
This is Conscious Presence.
Your true essence knows this but the mind may try to deny it by going off in all kinds of directions with its habitual views and concepts as companions.
Cut it short by simply watching the mind. - Be the presence that you are.
To deny your own presence, as this freedom of pure awareness, in this right here and right now - and then to place your immediate potentiality conceptually into some future time of (some sacred and special) ‘deliverance’ is really just an absurdity and so, so unreal.
Isn't this immediate presence what you truly are?

Yes - How rare this direct message is?

Does the Bell toll for thee? - Is the light turned on yet?

Is it just back to the old treadmill for you again? - Puja and practices?

Come on, shake that cage of erroneous belief. - You are not a monkey in a cage.
Are you?

( For those sensitive ones - I can assure you that these words above are not written in anger or coming from some abusive attitude)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Don't miss out on Bob's New CD & Portuguese text

Bob's new CD will only be available from his website. Link to his website is on the Bob Adamson Page on my website. - This CD is a must for anyone who really is keen to unravel the subtle aspects of his, comparatively 'radical', yet simple message.
I just love this guy to pieces. - It warms the cockles of my heart to see so many turning onto his message. - gilbert
I don't meant to turn this website into a shopping trolley, however I highly recommend "Beyond Description", the website and the trilogy of books. - Burt speaks with a fresh potency. - Actually, it is better put that awareness speaks via Burt in a clear manner. - Once one emerges from the dreamscape of a divergent mind, the expressions can carry a directness and a rawness which some seekers can barely cope with. - Many others hunger for such directness. - My own book "The First Instant" is quite difficult to read due to that confronting rawness and the lack of 'furniture' for the mind to get compfy in.
- Burt's book is clear and direct and I would say a little more 'friendly' than my own.
In the last year, you may have noticed some very clear material surfacing from those that have been 'touched' by Bob's 'teaching'.
- His new CD demonstrates the directness, a radical subtlety, which cuts through the minds old beliefs.
There will always be those who prefer the teacher to be the one who is awake. - A perpetual Guide (to nowhere). - It makes it easier to wallow in self delusion? - Habitual nonsense!
- For many others, they are sick and tired of the guru routine.

They invite seekers to "Kiss my feet"?
I say "Kiss my ass Dude" - "The days of the old Guru's realm are over".

Direct realization is right here, right now.
And Bob Adamson is 'pointing' to that immediate intelligence of conscious presence - THAT you ARE.

Gilbert's Note for today in Portuguese:

"O Âmago" The Kernel

´Quem é esse que está procurando pela verdade absoluta?

Isso está bem aqui, diante de seus olhos.

Isso está bem aqui atrás dos seus olhos.

Isso é Um Inteiro.

A barreira imaginária entre ´em frente´ e ´atrás´ é vazia de qualquer substancia e nenhuma entidade` reside lá ou em qualquer outro lugar. Saber isso é liberdade.

Tudo o que há, é SABER.

Voce é esse SABER imediato. Exatamente agora!

Na verdade, não há NESSA autentica presença, qualquer possibilidade na qual voce pudesse não ser esse SABER.

No ver que isso é o que eu sou, então toda a angustia mental cessa e toda turbulência se desfaz e tudo é conhecido como claro e óbvio. Contudo isso É sempre assim.

Ame a si mesmo e deixe esse saber florescer em sua realidade natural, sem palavras – de simples despertude.

Não há nenhum mal sendo feito em lugar algum, apesar de sua crença de que algum mal esteja acontecendo em algum lugar. Veja que é tudo sobre `algum outro lugar´ e em ´algum outro tempo´.

Toda a dissolução e ressurreição estão aparecendo e desaparecendo NESSE momento. Esse momento é tudo o que existe – ele é Um momento eterno – Um instante.

Isso é vida imediata. Eu o chamo de Primeiro Instante.

Voce nunca O deixa, nem mesmo por uma fração de tempo.

ESSE mesmo momento é a vastidão ilimitada do sempre-presente AGORA. Voce é essa duração pura, que é infinita.

Onde está a duvida?