Monday, November 19, 2007

The 'point' of cognition is Zero - no dimensions

This new non duality 'radio show' is coming soon...............

Is the serious seeker offended by the cosmic joke?
Can anyone really know reality? - Can there truly be an answer in the mind - if not why do we look for one there? - Is there truly such a thing as a guru? - Does the guru's self-declaration of enlightenment infer a state of separation - duality? - Isn't that a blindingly obvious fraudulent declaration - since he insists he teaches Non Duality?

- Why do they ooze contrived compassion? - Why is it nearly impossible to speak one to one with them? - Why do so many of these guru's charge extraordinary prices to attend their talks? - Does anyone really achieve a 'result' apart from some silly piece of paper - a fraudulent document to appease the ego? - and what lies behind that smelly conceited facade apart from greed? - It is all happening in the 'appearance' in the 'drama of life' - the realm of good and evil - the hungry seeker plods on and on and forgets what it was they were seeking - periodically happy with a life style of being a seeker - even being proud to pay the price and go on paying.

It is the easiest thing to feed seekers with a series of concepts that will bind them into an endless 'pathway'. - All the mind needs is a glimmer of hope, a promise and it will go on and on until exhaustion or until frustration bursts the blood vessels.

This blogsite is not about misleading anyone.

The simple fact is it is so easy to get out of those realms of being a seeker.

It is so simple and so straight forward, it is impossible to franchise it. - Have we become so addicted to those franchising methods of the gurus that we no longer have the ability to free ourselves from them? - What is true is totally free and totally available - it is not a 'state' to be achieved nor can it be achieved. - The simplicity is so radically simple no one suspects it. - Even though it is pointed out over and over in so many ways - the 'seekers' mind misses it - but it does not have to be like that.

The answer is NOT in the mind. - You may have read that or heard it a hundred times and still the mind goes on searching for an answer. - The natural state of simply 'being' is not of the mind - it is 'before, during and after' whatever the mind is doing.

Being-knowing-wakefulness - these aspects of what you are, are not limited to, or even of, the minds translations and its beliefs. - SEE that - KNOW that.

These notes are about 'something' so radical - it transcends and removes all habitual beliefs and leaves you as you are - present and aware - with NO dependence on concepts (not even one).

It can be told over and over - but if there is no resonation in being (with it) then the simplicity of being is ignored and one slips continually back into mind stuff.

Today's Note:

Recently a friend gave me Dennis Waite’s new book “Back to the Truth”.

It is a scholarly work and unusual in is scope. - For a few weeks, I was not moved to read it at all. - It is a large book - over two inches thick.
Basically, what is true is simple and can be said in a few words. - I can hardly make an issue of that since I have 178 notes on this Blogsite. - Words - words.

- Eventually the book was picked up and browsed through. – There are many quotes from ‘famous’ teachers of Advaita, historic and present day, all going to great lengths to point out the truth and the errors of common mis-understandings and presenting ‘their take' on it all – each one confident that they had found the truth of the matter. – It all makes for a good read and I would recommend it to anyone that is seriously studying this subject. - Insights may well happen (they arise within yourself - not from the book or any book). - The book covers the 5000 year ‘history’ of the Advaita teaching. - It is a very good book and Dennis has excelled in its preparation.

However, it must be pointed out that lengthy study can never bring any 'lasting result' and it is, at best, entertainment for the mind, although there may appear a conviction that some new understanding has been 'arrived' at through reading it. – That needs maintenance or it vanishes. - This is certainly not a criticism of the book but refers, instead, to the nature of the illusion of spiritual progress and time - as well as to the illusion of someone making the apparent journey.

Understanding is not acquired - it is simply uncovered - recognized to be silently present and wordless (in itself).

(Moving now away from references to the book)

Serious study can be recognized as a 'self organizing trap' - and the more knowledge or information one seemingly gathers, the more one may believe that one has 'got it' or 'not got it' - yet it is all just mind stuff, concepts appearing and the basic factor so many miss is that 'knowledge' is not 'knowing'.

The essence of all knowledge is knowing - knowledge does not lead through some duration of time to 'a state of knowing'. - Knowing is NOT a 'state' and it is timelessly present NOW - why have you ignored that?

All 'knowledge' is transient appearances in 'a clear space of knowing'. - Memory is not knowing - memory appears in the immediate knowing and is usually believed to be 'real'. - Past impressions (samskara) arise of themselves and they appear on the immediate knowing - (because) they cannot appear anywhere else.
Basically everything appears in and on the singular space-like awareness - every speck of what is perceived is an appearance in this knowing presence (THAT you ARE). - That is too subtle to catch and conceptualize, impossible - yet the mind's habit is to grasp at things and call that 'holding' knowledge. - Look into it closely and see if what I am pointing out is true. - It is not possible to see it because it is clear and empty - devoid of qualities - its singular quality is KNOWING.

Relax into that space of knowing and see for yourself.

Nothing appears anywhere other than in THIS immediacy. - This is non-contestable.

Collecting information and knowledge all (seemingly) serves, in a most elaborate manner, to keep the ‘seeker’ bound to conceptual notions. - It is all happening in the realms of belief and none of it can withstand a simple investigation. - Habitual biased points of view (seemingly) protect the belief system - all of it is mechanical mind stuff and it falls apart easily with the investigation.

There is one factor that is totally beyond all conclusions, beyond all knowledge, beyond all arguments and beyond all intellectual negotiations.

It is this: - KNOWING – pure simple knowing is never touched by a 'knower' nor by 'the known'.

The knower and the known are 'of the dualistic mind' - 'divided mind'.

Non Duality is not about 'the mind' and its endless realm of BECOMING. – it is not about anything at all - it IS.....BEING - KNOWING - PRESENCE.

All conceptual notions about spiritual progress, practices and methods are nothing but ripples on the surface of KNOWING.

That knowing is personalized by the dualistic mind and so ignorance itself is seemingly created – a conceptual prison for the ‘person’ – and yet nothing of it has any substance or independence whatsoever. – Those who promote those erroneous concepts in 'their teachings' have no choice because of their own beliefs – they are completely convinced that they are doing 'the right thing' – all of it is nothing but a series of concepts appearing in KNOWING.

All notions, all beliefs, all concepts grand or profane are nothing but ripples on that KNOWING.

Liberation is a fiction.

Deliverance is a fiction.

The one who speaks of such things is ignorance itself.

Those that are sucked in by these teachers of erroneous notions are also fictitious characters, ripples appearing on that KNOWING.

Whether such notions are actively present or passively absent – that KNOWING remains untouched.

There has never been anyone that has ever attained that KNOWING.

All notions of such ‘events’ are fictitious – a story.

The whole manifestation is simply an appearance on that KNOWING PRESENCE.

Such knowledge – knowing that - what one appears to be ‘in mind’ that dissolves into the pure knowing and the apparent individual disappears completely along with ‘time’.

What has been written here can be pulled apart and criticized emphatically by anyone – the personalized agenda of such critics is far too obvious – yet they have no choice. - Everything can be stripped away by the discriminating mind but the bias of that mind remains hidden as if secretly placed at ‘the point’ of cognition.

Such a ‘point’ can be seen yet it is usually not even suspected.

Everything is truly clear and obvious and one can easily SEE and BE what is true simply by resting in ‘your own’ true nature – resting in that open space of KNOWING.

Shining through the mind website is down because of technical problems. - It may re-appear at some point.
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"The Axis of Creation #1" - Email me if you want one of the limited prints - I will give you the price and details of how to go about ordering it.
"Man cannot live by bread alone". - "Nor add one inch to his stature by thought alone".

Worlds within worlds - spirals within spirals. - If the moon left a trace in space, as it chases the Earth, it would appear as a helix spiral. - ( 'If' the Earth slowed its speed of travel considerably the Moon would move closer and eventually crash into its surface. - Theories are fun and 'IF' is the biggest word in the English language.) - The Earth traces a larger spiral circular path around the Sun - the same pattern. - Nature is full of spirals, some hidden well but they are there to discover. - DNA is depicted graphically as a double Helix, etc. - It is all one pattern seemingly repeated endlessly in so many ways.
The invisible axis of all being lies beyond the manifested traces of 'matter' - all that you can experience is the pattern and its apparent movement and its apparent creation 'time'. - All experiences come and go and when we drop the point of view it may be seen as One Pattern - which only 'appears' to repeat itself in infinite ways - beautiful in principle and motion. - Nature is the revelation of that singular pattern.
Recognizing it is easy - getting caught in its web is only possible for a fictional character.

New Note for today:

It is extremely simple. That is why it is so difficult and the raw and naked truth is that it is impossible to grasp with a concept.

There is a simple and obvious fact which is usually not included in what we have been told – one aspect of this is this: -There is a natural discrimination totally available to all but it appears that it must be pointed out to us – it is the discrimination between ‘the content (of what we call) mind’ and ‘that’ in which that content appears. The usual case is that we believe we are those conceptual notions and so they are not transcended.

Our true nature is already transcendent to those things of mind.

What we call the ‘person’ is not the actuality of presence – it is not the natural functioning of wakefulness, hearing, seeing, tasting etc.

What the ‘person’ is, is really only a series of stories – endless stories that are spooling off an endless ‘tape’. That ‘tape’ is just the acquired mind re-inventing itself each moment. This can easily be seen yet it is ignored because the mind is so actively engaged in its stories and descriptions.

Awareness is timeless and has no need to assert itself – it does not need to particularize itself as any ‘thing’ because it is in fact all things. Or we could say that all things appear in awareness and that they are all equal, if only because they are all appearances.

The identified consciousness called ‘me’ is an appearance, which has no being whatsoever.

It is a story.

The ‘person’ is not the actual, not the real.

What is real is beyond description. - All descriptions are simply words and they are appearing to be extremely useful for communicating. - They can point to their own basic nature and in doing so it brings a balance – it reveals the duality of awareness and its content. - That apparent duality dissolves for the mind as mind itself disappears into its origin – pure awareness.

That event is only happening for the mind, which is time bound – mind is time.

Remember that time is only a concept. The strongest evidence of there being such a thing as time can be broken down into theories, ideas and concepts or perceivable movements of matter translated by the mind into some kind of meaning – all content of mind.

Awareness is untouched and for it there is no duration – it is timelessly present.

Any insight we have belongs to the realm of mind. The essence of all insight is natural seeing-knowing.

One feature of insight is that a pattern is recognized and there is an apparent distance from what is seen. - The pattern that is recognized may appear to be floating beyond where one is looking from. - All the mind does is translate what is happening and the labels and descriptions are mostly from habit and that is a habit of identifying oneself with that translation – it is basically an activity of self-centered-ness and it all belongs to that long standing self-centre ‘me’.

This motion of subtle belief, a movement in awareness, that needs to be seen clearly.

In seeing it clearly one is naturally beyond it and without further engagement the natural flow is to leave it as it is, without adding more concepts to it.

In remaining in that restful state of no mind, the insights may expand into a wordless knowing – a true understanding – which forever remains beyond description.

Tasting this over and over, the habits of mind are starved of energy and they naturally resolve themselves into ‘flowing ripples’ in awareness. - They lose their grip and cease to drag up the old and stale repertoire of ‘personalized drama’.

So, what to do?

Simply notice that the nature of awareness has no qualities of negative or positive.

All such ‘stuff’ is habitual notions and they belong to dualistic mind.

Know that you are not any of these things.

Everything you have ever seen, heard or experienced belongs to ‘the realm of phenomena’ – which naturally includes everything – and that is changing endlessly.

It is energy and energy is a movement.

Nothing of it can ever save you from the suffering realms that you believe you are caught in - in fact all attempts simply keep ‘you’ as the main contestant in the Olympic Mind Games.

The only way out is through ‘no mind’.

The natural spacious presence of knowing is not condition by anything at all.

Know that is what you are.

No method or practice will ever take you to that – because you are already that.

Those who profess to have arrived by the means of practices and methods and who prophesise that you can do the same, they are deluded and there is no exception in this.

By ignoring the natural state, which is already complete, we miss the very thing we search for. By taking active steps to realize it through practices and methods, we are simply placing obstacles in our path.

The truth is self evident and totally present no matter what state your mind is in.

That clarity is there and in that everything appears. But there is no ‘person’ there or anywhere.

Drop all thoughts for the briefest moment and it is self-evident – it may be very subtle but it is here, whether ‘you’ know it or not.

So, the problem is that we take ourselves to be something that is a fiction, a ‘person’ and that ‘person’ is just content of mind and mind is content of awareness.

As Nisargadatta says (paraphrasing): “Stop pretending to be what you are not - and don’t refuse to be what you are”.

In being the totally awakened mind there is a natural knowing – a knowing that there is no one here, never was nor will there ever be a separate individual.

In the appearance, yes, it appears to be that there is someone here but the simple investigation reveals there is no one. Everyone that has ever meditated is faced with that raw fact and yet it is usually overlooked simply because it is far too obvious.

The character that plays the role of a meditator has no faculties of its own – it is just a concept – it cannot see, hear or do anything - so the opening points that were made in this note can be read again because basically this cycle is an open system which only appears as the eternal repetition.

One essence recycles itself as everything and yet it never once entered into any time realms at all.

In the appearance of things everything you know of, appears. - Everything you have ever experienced belongs to that 'appearance'. - The KNOWING is NOT of the appearance.
This fact does not need to be learned. - It is NOT knowledge - it is KNOWING.
Nothing of the 'appearance' can alter or change that KNOWING.
All beliefs in a process are just 'appearances' in the mind.
All nonsense about stabilizing in the awareness is just a guru story - very effective for keeping seekers in a state of adoration of the guru and the guru loves the attention because he has not seen through the dream and his conceit is obvious and his specialness is only a concept in his mind - one that binds him and his followers into TIME. - That is why he says it will take time to 'get there' - and his story of being THERE himself is a concept that 'create' or perpetuates the concept of separation. - Naked wakefulness is not touched by these things.

The conceited guru is totally unnecessary and should be avoided - he will keep you on the path, a long and endless path to 'a future time' - a time that can NEVER come - his dreams are believed in, firstly by himself and then he wants company to help him stay in the dream of being so very special. - Some of these gurus have a very strong reputation of being beautiful being and the charisma is very seductive - but it is all about HIM. - His interested in you is only appearing after his ego is satisfied and that is insatiable. - Take a closer look if you doubt my words.

The clear and empty space from where (you are) seeing (- knowing ) is (happening) is totally free of all things, including gurus and duality. - That space-like awareness is Non Dual.

That mystery is overlooked by 'everyone' and that could not be any other way - usually a life of service to the guru and worship of that idol happens and that is a sad way to live - In clinging to the ideas of being a 'person' we are ignoring the natural beauty of our own natural completeness - That which IS - simple presence - total inclusive-ness -one with what is. - NO separation.

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- Cheers - Gilbert.

The What's wrong with right now? song by Willy Richardson Click here to see the video

Well, what is wrong with right now? - if you don't think about it? - It is not a trick question.

It is all about recognizing the underlying 'presence' of equanimity - that true essence that one is - the natural state - beyond the surface 'play' of the polar opposites of the mind - it is not about recognizing it as something that you need to acquire but simply seeing and knowing directly that this simple presence of being is what I truly am. - It is commonly overlooked because of its subtle nature (by most) and yet once 'seen' or recognized it is then known to be so obvious and natural.

From email correspondence:

Hi Gilbert,
Your articles are superb. - They give the accurate explanation and the real meaning of pure seeing (knowing).
I agree that it is motionless, that feels so true in my direct experiencing. - So is this the ultimate when it comes to stay permanently?
Don't get me wrong - is there anything that I can do to make it stay always? - I know you would say NO.
But - may be there are options - just for my interest - Not greediness!

So, the pure awareness (knowing/seeing) becomes our world with all the activities through consciousness. - Am I right? - Regards C in Sydney.

Reply: What is permanent is permanent - there is no change in it whatsoever- THAT is reality.

'Who' can say they know that? - You can say you know it or that you don't know it yet that movement is only a manifestation, a movement in stillness. - The stillness is not disturbed by the movement and for it all movement is undifferentiated.

'People' imagine that they KNOW reality. - You can only 'BE reality' (no matter how you appear to be) and there never was a 'person' that was, is or will ever be reality. - Yet reality is what you ARE. - That is not a 'person'.

So, IT is permanent already - There is NO 'becoming' to it. - 'Becoming' is the usual guru's story - a seeker trap.
What comes and goes in not the real - that is only relativity - reality appearing as transient appearances along with the matrix of apparent connectivity.

Can you grasp even one of those transient appearances? - and with what can you grasp it?

That 'permanent aspect' is LIFE itself which expresses itself as everything - it is a Movement in Stillness. - All movement spills out of stillness and it all disappears back into stillness - that is even logical.
SEE directly that there is no stillness in Movement - only a dream of stillness in the so-called mind. - Because you ARE stillness, movement is recognized instantly. - Consciousness is the moving aspect of awareness. - yet - They are ONE.

Can you postulate anything 'outside of the mind'?

How strange? - And yet when you look for the mind you can't find it.

Cut is all away and simply be what you ARE and in that simplicity of being, Know, without any dependence on thought. - I call it 'the first instant' - the ONLY instant and THIS instant is it!!!
So simple - everyone misses it. - Warm regards - Gilbert.

Return reply from C : - YOUR QUOTE: - "'People' imagine that they KNOW reality. - You can only 'BE reality' (no matter how you appear to be) and there never was a 'person' that was, is or will ever be reality. - Yet reality is what you ARE. - That is not a 'person'."

Once again I sense the accuracy. - Whenever, the experience was happening, only the experience was there. - There was only the experiencing/seeing. - There was only that. - I have to use the word (I) after (I) get out from that experience, when I have to explain it to someone. - This is really difficult to explain with these so called 'words".

This is all I can say to you is this: - Awareness is watching itself. It is motionless. But very alive.

Words by themselves are like a fake. - There are no words to explain that experiencing.
So it is better to stop here. - Good night. - C.

Gilbert replies:

There is no WAS or WILL BE - only IS.

All there ever IS is experienc-ING.
There is nothing else.

Warm regards - Gilbert.

Such pointing is devastating to all belief systems - because of that it cannot be popular - only when what is true resonates as the living pulse of KNOWING does the immediacy cut through the beliefs. - Fiction is popular because it feeds the imagination but when that life force starts to dwindle, no amount of imagination or fiction will save you from the stark reality. - Reality bites.

Let it bite NOW and drop the fiction along with its companions.

Bob Adamson’s new book "One Essence appearing as Everything" is remarkably precise and direct. - A link for ordering it is at the bottom of this page.

In the first 17 pages so many misconceptions are put to rest. – Even though Bob’s previous books have delivered their implicit message, to so many, there are always new comers on the scene. – For some years I was of the opinion that the two books already available were sufficient and nothing more needed to be released in book form. – After reading through this new book, it is clear that it is a great vehicle for the message. - My advice is to read it until the binding falls apart, until it is in tatters. – The concept and sense of being separate, by then, will also be in tatters and completely impotent.
It was my good fortune to work on Bob’s transcriptions and in doing so, I was not a passive book reader – I was engaged in repeated ‘dealings’ with what was being pointed out. – This fact provided me, by default, a unique opportunity to really see what was being pointed to. – All avenues of putting it aside were not an option for me. – I had a task to complete. – For the mind, this was an unrelenting ‘return’ to the basics of presence awareness – even though I was (seemingly) in so many different states of mind as all this unfolded. – That in itself provided opportunities that may be understood to be rarely provided for a ‘seeker’.
This suggests quite naturally some advice to others who are really attempting to ‘get to the heart of it all’. – Since I cannot advise everyone to do what I did, it is not practical, I advise you to read the book as many times as is needed. - Get extremely familiar with it. – I would suggest that if one were to read it every day and read nothing else for a month or two, there is no way that the mind’s inadvertence could survive. – Whatever needs to be seen will be seen – I have no doubt about it. – I also understand that few would take up that suggestion. – That does not hold me back. – All I will say is that in ‘taking delivery’ of the pointers – in really seeing what they are pointing at, one’s life is transformed most radically. – What occupied my being prior to this understanding is only a vague memory now. – I know that there was inner turmoil and suffering going on. – That has gone. – What replaces it is an ease of being. – It is not boring or lifeless – it is full of a spontaneous movement of consciousness in awareness.
Consciousness is a movement while awareness is motionless and completely stable.
There is no need to deny anything or to affirm anything. – Everything flows as it does.
The sad story of ‘me’ is seen through and that just in itself is the most radical seeing there can be, because in that seeing through, there is no concern for how things appear. – There is a knowing that it is all appearances and that they are nothing but awareness itself, displaying itself as the whole – the universe and every speck of dust.
In not trying to pin anything down – it is free to flow.
Bob’s new book is a most wonderful gift for anyone that is touched by it. – There is no reason why its message will not take you to the core of seeing and knowing.
These words are offered to everyone – it is up to each one that reads them, as to whether they follow this advise. – But I assure you that if you do, you will not be misled. – Warm regards – Gilbert.

This email demonstrates what happens when thought is paused and the story is seen through:

Dear Gilbert/Willy,

Loved the lyrics you posted the other day, but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your performance!

I was speaking to a friend the other day who is having some digestive problems for weeks now - and I quoted Bob, “What’s wrong with right now? - if you don’t think about it!”

She laughed and laughed! - And I laughed and laughed!

Love you! - Lori

Yes, a moment of freedom from the 'mechanical chatter and the habituated story of 'ME' allows a clear resonation to 'take place' - to register cleanly without the so-called 'interference' pattern of the habituated mind stuff - and that 'Taste' may reveal the idiocy of belief in crap that the so-called 'mind' a moment ago was 'indulged in'.

Yet what mind is there? - truly - apart from thought?

That awareness, that one is, is not in 'the mind' - what we call mind only appears in and on awareness - that taste is 'profound' in contrast to the habituated 'ways of being' - the sad story of an isolated individual 'me'. - Seeing the falseness of it all can 'trigger' the absurdity of it all. - All the drama and suffering of the world revolves around a fiction and in seeing through that story - freedom is tasted, however fleeting it may appear to be - That freedom from the story is always available - just pause thought and it is obvious.

BUT - I see so much resistance to 'letting it fall away' - "who will I be, if I let go of my story"?

Well, drop it and find out - you will not disappear. - You just might find an innate ease of being that is so familiar to you and in that there is no doubt, not future time and no conditioned past.

But hey! - Who wants to know? - It is just too simple and the 'mind' can't believe it - it can't believe it because it is NOT about belief - it is KNOWING. - Immediate KNOWING - that is all it IS and ever IS.

But hey! - Who wants to know?

Maybe my song will touch one or two - and in doing that, it is worth the 'effortless effort' that this one here went to the trouble of 'doing' - Ha! - What a joke - There is no reason why anyone at all can't SEE this truth - and it is all available instantly - but it is never going to be found in the mind - it is the nature of pure awareness - and that is what 'everyone' IS - whether 'they' know it or not. - As John Lennon says: Give Peace a chance! - Let it BE!

Stop struggling with a phantom and relax - let this seeing-knowing come to the fore.....and KNOW the truth of your own BEING. - What the mind 'makes out of it' can only be a concept or an image.....and what substance do those 'things' have if you are not present and aware?

Note for today:

There is no negative energy anywhere - it is all one energy that remains hidden - it beats your heart - it moves the heavenly bodies and all manner of motion in all the forms - without dividing itself into the 'polar opposites' of negative and positive. -Man has been searching for perpetual motion for centuries and has overlooked the simple fact that it is already here - just not recognized. - In wanting to harness it and 'use it' a little greed and selfish motivation creeps into the picture. - Such is the drama of life. - We ignore what is so beautifully obvious and take up some 'mission' to conquer nature and be the 'master' of our own destiny. - Such delusion is not necessary. - The One energy provides everything - without exception. - It is intelligence in all its complexities - All fields of science are examining the same equation and getting side lined by details in the complex pattern - the dynamic expression of awareness itself. - In not recognizing that the one apparently 'looking' into everything is a part of the manifest pattern - in not recognizing that where the seeing is actually happening - in emptiness - then 'the mind' and its mechanical nature keeps one bound to conceptualizing.

Stop thought for a moment and one is immediately beyond the mind.

That is too simple for the complex 'spiritual seeker'.

It does not matter where the message comes from. – Many teachers and so-called ‘spiritual people’ are critical of other teachers and their followers. – It seems to have been a regular feature in the scheme of things. – The fact that cannot be negated is that ‘resonation’ with what is true. – In that 'resonation' (a clear living 'space' of knowing - in which the pulsation of immediate life abides) there is no doubt and in the recognition of what is true there is no fabricated story of ‘how’-'why' or 'when'. - Therefore, one only needs to ‘stay’ with that 'resonation' (in a manner of speaking). – When the direct message is delivered and recognized - nothing in the world can take you off that scent. – No negative comment about the messenger or any other teacher or whatever can throw you off that scent – because you have tasted it directly for yourself. – There is no need to indulge in deluded beliefs about the messenger. - No methods or practices ‘need’ to be adhered to in order that one follow that scent– practices can still be acted out – but the belief in some future time is cut off and that scent draws you to its source – which is your own authentic being – it is your own true nature. – Your true nature is invincible and cannot be damaged or tainted by anything.

As Nisargadatta points out (paraphrasing) “the external guru is just a milestone (a signpost). Your own true nature is the true guru and ‘he’ will walk with you every step of the ‘way’ because ‘he’ is the goal.”

In the pure nature of seeing and knowing – the realization is that I never took one step away from THAT.

‘People’ talk about negative energy and positive energy and it is all conceptual. - The sum total of all seemingly positive and negative ‘things’ is embraced by their own source - One Energy - and all conflict resolves itself without incident within the bounds of THAT. – We believe it all takes ‘time’ and that belief is just another insubstantial belief. - It appears that the drama of life keeps things going. – But what is wrong with right now? – if you don’t think about it somehow.

I have just recorded a song by the same name. It will appear on the website at some point.

The lyrics go like this:

You have been searching all your life.- for an answer you cannot find. It is like a game that isn’t fair- because the answer is just not there.

But what is wrong with right now? – if you don’t think about it somehow.

You have been searching all your life – searching through all that trouble and strife.

But can you tell me – what did you find? – Can you say ‘this’(anything) is truly mine?

Or is it just a bunch of stuff? – old photographs and a phonograph?

That old record is spinning round – it’s the same old story- it’s the same old ground.

Your guru says ‘It’s just your fate – Five more years you’ll have to wait.

Your preacher is saying that you have got to pray – so that you can go to heaven one day.

But what is wrong with right now? – if you don’t think about it somehow.

I wrote the song about a year ago. - After inviting a few musicians to help me out - and that never leading to anything - I had to get down and do the whole thing myself. - I am used to that.
So, out came the guitar, the octave mandolin, the drums and some microphones. - It all came together after some shifting about. - It would be good to hear some pro musicians play it but my guess is it will never happen.

Note 2.

Looking in the wrong places?

Non Duality is simple – there is nothing more simple.

Nothing that can be said will ever reveal Oneness. – It is already clearly obvious in natural seeing. - All that can happen for the so-called individual, is that the mind ceases to project its old belief patterns – and in that ‘moment’ the natural oneness of everything is registered clearly on awareness. – Oddly enough this is always happening but it is not noticed.

– Some laugh their heads off at seeing the simplicity of it all and at the fact that it was always here and so obvious. – This, when merely 'heard about' can be very annoying ‘for the mind’ and a habitual frustration buzzes about in the mind - more activity that keeps the mind busy. – No one can predict how this natural effortless seeing will miraculously reveal itself – and is it true to say that it ever does? - To suggest that it will reveal itself is actually a bit of a trap – an erroneous trap for the mind.

The simple fact is that seeing is always happening.

Where are you seeing from?

That simple seeing is completely natural and in itself there is no seer and nothing seen. – The so-called ‘seer’ and the objectively ‘seen’ along with all that the mind appears to do, labels naming, stories etc - it all appears 'in the seeing' – seeing is 'prior' to it all - seeing is a constant and the seen is transient appearances. - That may seem to be too confronting. - It isn't. - It appears as liberation - for no one.

There is no one that ‘starts’ seeing and no one that ever stops seeing.

Seeing and knowing are the very same pure functioning. – Understanding is the same.

One without a second.

In chasing after some great understanding, one is 'seemingly' giving the mind a complex maze that can never be solved. – That is frustrating for the mind - like the whole spiritual game is frustrating. - When the game is dropped and some authentic looking into happens there 'appears' a 'turning point'.

In my 'ordinary life experience' it is rare that anyone wants to know about such things. – There is a definite 'atmosphere' to someone that is seriously at the 'turning point'. - There is no tolerance for games present.

The 'hunger of the masses' - the ones who flock to teachers in their hundreds in that spiritual 'big league game’ - it is all about acquiring something ‘special’ – something that is sensed as being lacking. - There is no questioning of things happening - it is a kind of mass hypnosis and anyone who does start to question things is dealt with quick smart.

The ‘honest down to earth teacher’ never pretends to ‘have something special’ there is no game being played.

Just a relentless ‘pointing’ the so-called ‘seeker’ back to the bare facts of presence awareness. – It so happens that such ‘teachers’ are rare and they do not go about promoting themselves and giving grand lectures or making people pay extraordinary prices for their teaching.

What is true is simple - it is always simple – and that simplicity is usually too boring for the average ‘seeker’ – if only because these ‘seekers’ have filled their minds with expectations and images of ‘how things should appear to be’. - A guru who 'looks the part' is not necessarily genuine and yet that is how things are playing themselves out - in the 'appearance'.

Finding what is true is not about ‘life style’ or how much one spends on seminars and books, DVD’s etc.

As for books - you only need one decent book that spells it out clearly. – Sailor Bob Adamson’s new book is such a book. – “One Essence appearing as Everything”:

Click here to go to Bob’s book page for ordering the book.

Note: I would like to thank those who have donated via this website. - I am not a pauper and do not need to ask for donations. - However, the donations will be used to provide extra input to the website. - These days there is plenty of money to be made, out there, if your a spiritual teacher. - I am not one. - Being free from those burdensome images I am free to be what I am. - The message that 'struck a home run' here is so direct - because it is directness itself. - It naturally eradicates all notions of 'time' to be spent and it removes all concepts about some 'effort' that has to be made and some result that will consequentially 'come' because of those efforts. - This is so radical and beyond belief it still seems strange how it is passed over by so many again and again. - But of course memory tells me that I did exactly the same thing for a couple of decades myself. - It was only when I met Bob Adamson that I met someone that was not peddling concepts about deliverance and some future time. - It took a little while before I cottoned onto the fact that he was not playing any guru games. - In fact his directness kept 'catching me out' and revealing that I had some biased views that were just old views, second hand views that I had picked up along the way. - They were eliminated naturally as the bare facts revealed themselves. - I don't give any credence to any teachers who promote binding concepts - that covers most of them. - The few that are direct ALL have a natural way of speaking plainly and directly. - What is true is always simple and that simplicity is in no need of complex conceptual notions at all. - Bob Adamson is the clearest and the most direct messenger (as far as I know directly) - Some of the others I will mention in case they are in your locality - Mark West (Sydney) John Wheeler (Santa Cruz) John Greven ( Oklahoma) Randal Friend (Kentucky) Nathan Gill (UK) Tony Parsons (UK) These chaps are pointing directly and without leading 'someone' on a journey in time - Follow it up if you are moved to do so - each one has a website or Blog site. - There are others but I don't like long lists - Warm regards - Gilbert.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

No point of view is it.

Who is going to rob you of your sacred beliefs and the comfort they give to you?
Someone that is pushing their point of view onto you? - You must think like me and do as I do, etc.
If your beliefs have any truth in them, they are invincible and are not beliefs at all - they must be facts.
Everyone would agree that the sunset last night at such and such a time.
Now we all have seen many sunrises and a sunsets. - Always different and usually beautiful, depending on the pollution in that view. - No one would argue that the sun rises and sets – for them.

Now, lets take another look at that so called fact of the sun rising or setting - If you were able to move at the speed of the sun-rising – it would be seen that the sun is always rising, all the time, every moment. – In that same moment it is also setting on the other side of the planet. – It is the midnight hour right now, whatever time you think it is - and it is also the midday hour right now somewhere - every moment of every so-called day.

The shadow of the Earth does no move as the Earth rotates in its coolness.

What is the difference between a thousand years ago and yesterday?

The only difference would appear to be, that yesterday has memories attached to it.

Ten thousand years ago is just hearsay and relics.

Everything can only appear now, including all memories and the relics also only appear in THIS moment of cognition. - What else is there? - Imagination? - Where does that appear? - Now and nowhere else - if it appears at all.

We call this moment NOW. - It is a serviceable notion and a word. - What does it describe exactly? - How can you define 'now'? - How can you define consciousness or awareness?

Same equation - no description can be adequate. - It remains inexplicable.

It is simpler to call 'now' presence. – No matter what we call it – a name is a name and it always falls short of what it describes. – The word is not the actual – just as belief is not the actual. - The word 'word' is a word that names itself and that is just a word - four letters. - Dog chasing tail. - What is achieved? - 10 years meditating - what is achieved?

The heart essence of all religions is the same. – What the heart of each teaching is pointing to is THAT – which is THIS moment of awareness – not the conditioned mind of belief and prejudice etc.

THIS moment is clear and obvious. – The mind is clear and empty.

Knowing just these simple things is enough to penetrate through all beliefs and cast aside the bondage of self. – Yet ‘people’ want to be convinced.

All the best anyone can ‘do’ is point at THAT. – The sum total of every expression about THAT, including all times ‘past’, all the words of every great teacher and every sacred text, none of it is equal to the clear empty space of know-ING that you ARE!!! - you ARE!!! - What 'time' is there in that simple being-ness? - Is there any duration in it? - Did it ever start or stop?

Is there any doubt in that simple presence?

It is NOT about the mind....never was!

Whether your 'mind' knows that or not does not make a scrap of difference.

All the fuss about this teaching and that teaching – this one says this and that ones says that – it is all of no substance apart from whatever YOU give to it in the moment.

Whatever importance you give such things does not compound into anything with any lasting qualities – unless YOU give some substance to it in the moment.

Why give support to erroneous beliefs? - Why not stay with the facts?

Now this YOU I am speaking about is not what we think it is. - That YOU I am speaking about is the essence of what you are. – You can never know it as an objective ‘thing’. – The KNOWING of all things is by that essence that you are. - That alone is reality - and reality is not a belief.

As the saying goes: Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Belief only binds the mind.

Your nature is KNOWING and this you KNOW - but the mind may tell you otherwise.

Awareness is KNOWING and nothing more.

KNOWING and SEEING are just words for it – THAT is another word for it.

To call it IT is also misleading but all we have is language and symbols etc.

A good friend of mind says “When I enter that ‘no-think’ space……etc”

It is a quaint way of expressing something that is difficult to express in words.

It is all so very simple and yet seemingly so difficult to grasp. - For the mind it remains un-graspable and intellectuals find that way to much to accept.

Of course there is no one that can ‘enter’ into a space of no thought. – Thought simply vanishes and they are not replaced immediately as is usual.

I would say it is like this: - The realization is, or it is simply noticed, that there is emptiness and presence abiding now. – The mind labels it and then goes quiet again.- Unless conceptualizing kicks in. – That ‘no-think space’ is sometimes called non-conceptual awareness. - THAT is what the Dzogchen ‘masters’ called “The Great Perfection”.

THAT pristinely clear (what I call) space of knowing is not owned by anyone – it can never be owned by anyone nor acquired by any practitioner.

Everything and everyone ‘appears’ in THAT.

What appears in THAT must also be THAT also.

Where does that leave you and what sense is there to any search?

Stop ignoring the obvious.

Friday, November 16, 2007

All is.......under the Sun

Bob's NEW book is published. -Click here - it takes you to his website for the details on ordering.

This new book from Bob Adamson is 'spot on'.

Todays note:

It amuses me that people write and ask why I don't link to this teacher or that teacher. - I usually reply explaining that the mentioned teacher is not clear and direct and is obviously telling 'stories' about 'time' and makes promises that can't be fulfilled - about a time when things will get better, if you follow their advise and do what they say. - It always implies a commitment and a long process - That is nearly always instantly interpreted as being arrogant and offensive - because that 'self-center' and its 'hero' is challenged - the email reply is always an angry one. - Yet the apparent arrogance expressed is just a bunch of words expressed in confidence - 'my' confidence is apparently unforgivable. - I don't need anyone to explain what I know first hand. - Things are obvious and it does not matter to me what anyone says to the contrary about anything at all. - You may call that arrogance. - Can you bare the weight of your own immediate knowing? - Or is there some sort of hiding from reality going on? - Do you take a back seat and let some guru be the one to bare it all for you? - That is servile nonsense.

Have a look at who it is that gets offended by words - that one who prefers the 'nice flowery' expressions that keep the mind in a dream state and support that 'spiritual self-image'. - It is delusion.

The point is that as long as you hold onto some 'image' of a 'perfect being' - someone that has realized what you still struggle to realize - that is an obstacle in the mind and the protection of that image keeps 'the bondage of self' going around the same old tracks. - It sure looks like that is what most 'people' are happy to do. - However, when the 'teacher' delivers the message, that appearance of a 'teacher' loses its emphasis and is seen to be equal to all that IS and that I am That essence of KNOWING - then and only then will there be a ceasing of unconscious re-action.

Who cares about illustrious teachers and their eccentric display of specialness? - is it only the weak minded ones bound to a concept of the future, a 'time' when they will 'realize'- when they will be 'enlightenment'. - That is a crappy unsatisfying story and nothing more than that - and the 'seeker' remains unhappy in its search - not realizing that their sacred beliefs are the very thing that supports the search and keeps it going.

BE direct and immediate yourself - do not entertain any stories about the future - cut it all away and be this naked awareness right now - SEE what the teacher is pointing at and KNOW that THAT which is SEEING and that which is KNOWING is THAT singular essential nature of being - which springs forth from Non-Being. - Samsara and Nirvana are NOT 2.

The clear empty space (the un-manifest) which is the 'knowing' of 'everything that appears' including this appearance of a (your) body along with all that appears in the mind - that Knowing is not changing. We can call that 'nirvana' - and that which appears is 'samsara' - and the pertinent point is that the 'suffering' of samsara is NOT necessary and that requires an 'entity' to suffer - but you must knowingly BE the KNOWING - and that paradox is that you already are that knowing and cannot not be THAT.

So, just because someone nudges you and disturbs your beliefs -Is that any reason to get angry? - Surely it must be a gift. - But who wants to wake from a dream?

In some of the Japanese Zen Monasteries there was a practice of one of the head monks would be an antagonistic influence on the monks, on a daily basis. - Then each 12 months the roles would change between the head monks. - Last years antagonist would be this years nice guy. - The challenge to habitual beliefs and behavior was 'organized' and what came out of that was a 'shock' that was repeatedly administered - arising from the nature of daily life. - Contrived? - Well, being hidden away from ordinary life the tendency to 'be nice' all the time can be quite debilitating to the 'living spirit'.

Modern spiritual 'people' are dreamers and they do not want to wake up - they twist and turn this way and that - and they get comfortable in their uncomfortable-ness and call that 'progress'. - The aphorisms they repeat to themselves are often just a suppressive self hypnosis that just dams the natural flow of life.

Wakefulness ALREADY IS. - It is NOT going to come via some practice or method - it already IS.

What is wrong with you? - It is a valid question. - Are you completely deluded?

Can you shake yourself? - Do you pamper yourself in a bed of erroneous beliefs? - if you can't shake yourself out of it then allow someone to do it for you. - It is funny how some words will bring up so much angst. - Automatic re-action is mechanical by its nature. - Who wants to know that?

Do you just want stories? - It's a valid question. - But remember every rose has its thorns.
There is so much bullshit floating about, about non duality and many people pay big fees to go and listen to some guru prattling on hour after hour. - And yet what is true is so simple - it is so simple the whole thing can be expressed in a few minutes.
If you want a clear and precise expose on non duality, get Bob's new book - it is extremely direct and easily understood.

Let's talk about life:

Two men fire their guns across a battle field at one another. - Each man believes that God is on his side and victory is assured for him because he believes it - although doubt most probably plays about in his mind like a devil. – Belief is a seemingly powerful ‘thing’. – ‘People’ die for their beliefs and they believe it is their right to fight and die for their beliefs. – A rational examination of this absurdity must reveal something about 'belief' itself - but the exploration of that is a rare thing, it would seem. - Where did these fighting men get their beliefs? – Are those beliefs an intrinsic inclusion in their essential being or are they acquired from ‘outside’?

When I was drafted to go to Vietnam, the last of about ten doctors who examined me, was maybe a couple of years older than me. - He had a degree in Psychology or Psychiatry. - He was a pleasant chap, was young and still had a heart.

His first question to me was “Do you want to go?” – I answered “No”. - He then asked me “Why not?” – I answered “Because I do not believe that I could point a gun at another human being and pull the trigger”. - There were many other young men who were eager to do something exciting, they wanted to go, and it came to pass that I was not finally drafted.

I must confess I still don’t understand what the war was about. - What I remember was a pervasive ignorance in the community and 'something' had the country in its grips. – The media was not such a good watch dog in those days and maybe it isn't much better these days either. - A good believable story is all they want, it would seem - sell lost of papers! _ Who cares what is in them - there is always tomorrows edition to get it right.

Throughout history men have waged war against each other, sometimes it would seem over the most trifling things. - Madness on mass. - A Roman Emperor gave his city folk the Gladiators just so they could taste the blood and gore of Rome's victories and they loved it. - Such is the common sensitivity of the mass.

Modern movies are rife with violence and blood thirsty acts, depicted in all their glory. - What strange creatures we are. - The box office sales reflect it all fairly clearly. - The directors are celebrities, held up as icons of creativity. - Then we worry about violence in the community, after glorifying it on the big screen. - Then we expect God to forgive our 'sins' and let us into heaven without blinking an eyelid. - It is all stories - all of this is conceptual.

Do you find yourself reflecting on your own views of such things? - Ethics - are they just mind constructs?

How do you measure up?

How do you measure your life? - In decades, years? – Seasons, months, weeks and days? – Hours and minutes?

What about THIS moment right now?

How can that be used to measure anything?

Is there any need to measure anything called ‘time’ in THIS moment?

It just is.

Do you imagine that the ‘sun’ is concerned by the rotation of its many planets? - Does it favor this one over that one? - Is Earth its favorite planet?

Is it concerned by the ‘drama’ that unfolds on the surfaces of those planets?

Of course it is not - it just shines - and it knows no darkness.

These things are just mentioned here as a possible useful means of conveying something by describing various things one may not have thought much about. - Points of view.

Many things can be written and opinions can be expressed.

I am not an economist and my opinion on such things as war and the economy are pretty facile. – But it would seem to me that many of the worlds problems could be solved if just the massive finance that is poured into wars was redirected into something useful. – When a war head explodes, what is achieved? - It cost maybe a million dollars. - Who pays for that and what possible profit can there be in destruction? - Do we really call this evolution? - I call it the evolution of the specimens - what G.I. Gurdjieff called 'Slugs'.

- What are these wars really about? – Has anyone really explained it in simple everyday language? - It looks like complete madness to me and isn't it quite absurd that the media has become impotent, like a dog that has grown old and lost its teeth. - Who can you trust? - When your sons and daughters go off to fight a war based on who knows what? - Who will comfort you when the bad news comes in?

A Newspaper journo? - No way - they will just buy you a coffee and ask you penetrating questions, get a story so that their viewers and readers can sit in the comfort of their armchairs and read or hear about someone else's misfortune. - Civilized people of Planet Earth.

Arrogance? - Who is arrogant? - Better to look at what you unconsciously 'go along with' and then call it civilized. - Who is the judge? - and of what?

The sun sets everyday, does it not?
No the sun sits in the open sky. - Because you are more or less placed physically in one place, the Earth rotates and the sun appears to set. - It is rising in the same moment somewhere else.
Locality is everything - that is what a real estate agent tells us.
Awareness is not located anywhere specifically. - You cannot go anywhere where it is not.
If you could, how would you know it?