Thursday, June 30, 2005

Additional FREE e-book now available.

A New additional free e-book (40 pages) is ready for download.
"The Essence of the First Instant". It is a straight forward expression of some of the basic points. The exploration of the details is in the main book for those who wish to take it further.
This new version is composed of carefully selected extracts from the full e-book.
It is available on the 'shining through the mind' website only - now. It is not on the blog site!
Enjoy it - and share it with a friend or two.
To make things a bit clearer, there are now three e-books available. The main book The First Instant, a free short introductory version of The First Instant and this new free one mentioned above. The full version of the First Instant e-book will only be available for download for a certain time limit. A Second main book titled "Everything is Clear and Obvious" will be released later this year. It is a more extensive book, a companion to "The First Instant".
In due course these two books will only be available directly from the author via post as printed books - warm regards - Gilbert.

It is to be noted that the direct approach to Non Duality will never be popular. It will only draw those who have a deep resonance with their own presence or a wish to end the fruitless search - which they may feel as 'the plague' of the mind.
Popular teachings are full of concepts that one can attach to their habitual stories of Oneness.

Awareness can never actually be obscured by any 'thing' or concept.
Everything remains clear in direct cognition and this is ever prior to any 'personal' formation in the mind. If you disagree - then what is obscured by what?
What do you really know of these concepts of being in a 'mind haze' of confusion or arrogance or of being something ignorant?
Basically seeing is always happening. Knowing is always happening.
Where is the 'not knowing' if it is not simply a belief or mind process? Does it have some substance and if you believe it does, what substance is it? It is an obvious question yet few investigate things at this point. It is more pleasant for most to hold onto subtle spiritual beliefs.
Even some of the so called 'advanced thinkers' on Non Duality subtly perpetuate their beliefs and formulae. It is obvious. The 'who' that can't see this is the 'seeker' even when there is a conviction that on has transcended 'belief'.
Seeing and knowing are not two 'things' . 'They' are actually prior to the mind processing.
All the transient 'content' of mind come and go, yet 'seeing-knowing' remain present.
Don't try to hang onto anything that is 'known'.
It all appears and disappears.
'Yesterdays paper' is blowing in the wind.
Be this immediacy that YOU ARE.
It is truly effortless.
AND - It is already happening!
Just bring the attention back from dispersion - to the immediate presence - with 'what is'.
The ordinary mind is two blocks away trying to catch up.
It will never catch up because it is burdened by a whole bunch of concepts from the' past' and this 'personal history' that would slow down an elephant. The point being, that the processing mind is slow and ponderous - while awareness is ever-present, immediate and it is not 'in time' at all. If you can recognize that, then the 'journey' to freedom is already dissolving into immediate presence. The 'journey' is realized to be a mirage. You cannot get out of THIS immediate timeless moment, except as a conceptual being in a time realm in the mind.
That is one expression of the message.

Email about the CD "Shining through the mind":
Hi Gilbert,
Just wanted to let you know what a treasure your CD is !!
After many listenings, I so appreciate the fresh, simple, radical view that flows so effortlessly. Thank you friend. Cheers - Jodi -
Thank you Jodi - G.
Another email:
Dear Gilbert,
Your CD helped to confirm what I previously thought was being pointed to, which was a significant development. I recently read portions of your new book and things have become even more solid - although I'm realizing that they always were.
I think I'm just now having the courage to see what I am. This life has been so difficult up until now.......Your emails to me, your CD and book were truly instrumental in helping me to realize my true nature. Many thanks for your help.
-with love, Robert
This CD is a subtle navigation through the minds functionings. It points to the ever-present facts of natural being-ness and to self-knowing awareness. Short extracts may be listened to on the shining through the mind website.

It is all very simple and basic.
In confusion there arises conflicting views and the mind is clouded and unclear.
The desire for freedom is smouldering beneath the surface of all cases of entrapment.
Yet even this is simply an appearance in the spacious actuality of freedom itself.
The habitual view is always from a mindset, a conceptual prison, made from repeating patterns of thought and attitude. Apparently supported by its own repetativeness.
What you need to know is that these apparently constricting patterns of belief have no power at all against a clean and clear self-investigation.
All of our actions which arise from habitual behaviour patterns seemingly keep the mind clouded in confusion and with distorted intentions. Like a dog chasing its tail, we go round and round the same old ground and we miss the open freedom that is the ever-present possibility and in fact the ever-present actuality. It has to be known directly and immediately - not just as a concept for 'the future'.
By withdrawing 'the energy of belief' or by simply looking closely into things with the presence of our direct attention, all the habitual concepts and erroneous beliefs begin to fall apart and vanish. It is effortless.

Cloud hidden-whereabouts unknown.
A Zen monk travels a great distance to visit a Zen Master after he hears the 'essence message' of his extraordinary teaching.
When the monk arrives at the remote monastery he finds that the master is nowhere to be found. He asks many monks and their reply is that they do not know where the master is.
Finally he asks a monk who is sweeping the pathway to the entrance of the monastery.
“Where is the master?”
A smile accompanies the reply. “The master is cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown”.
(The worldly ‘reason’ is that the master has gone walking in the mountains out of view.)
The deep symbolism indicates something more profound which may be expressed like this:
The master is not to be found in the ‘seeker's’ clouded dualistic mind cravings, insistences and labors. Such activity is only fixating awareness and the fixations themselves cloud the view.
The masters ‘whereabouts’ are unknown because his location is not in the 'content realm' of dualistic mind.
The external master is simply a signpost or a finger ‘pointing’ your attention back into its own source—the ever-present true nature that you ARE.
Once this is ‘found’ and tasted fully the master is found to be present yet still remains hidden from the dualistic mind.
What changes is the view. It is clear and empty and is just so because this is the true nature of mind.
As Nisargadatta says: “You have taken yourself to be something that you are not”.
He also says: “Find out what you are”.

Soft warning: Those who have been addicted long term to meditation and yoga practices will most probably find the information herein rather disturbing, once it gets down to 'the nuts and bolts'. That which is disturbed is the self-centre, the 'me', the imaginary 'doer'.
It requires a definite presence of mind to see through this false concept or entity.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nothing divides THIS oneness of being

Dear Gilbert, Congratulations on your recent publication of The First Instant.
I love the no-holds-barred radical absoluteness about This, being here always.
Always available because It is what we ARE.
Take away belief and you take away limitation and temporal placement and freedom is all there is.
The simplicity of your message is SO refreshing in this complex market place for spiritual seekers. I also just read an entry on your website ("Read Bob's Books" I think it was) and really enjoyed hearing about your experiences with Bob when you first went to listen to him and then what followed as the understanding eliminated the unnecessary suffering of a seemingly separate self.
I especially liked hearing about your beginnings as an instrument for this Understanding, as that seems to be what I'm dealing with now.
I went to see Bob last November and came away clear as a bell and finished off it seemed....... ....What is Real is the Openness without limit full of the light without limit, one simple changeless Well-Beingness-regardless of any passing thought or movement of a body or a universe. What is really important HERE is the simple formless completeness.
There is a feeling and knowing that nothing that happens can affect or touch what I am. Another thing I'm really aware of right now is that it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks either, if you know what I mean.
There is no outer authority for what you are (what I am). A teacher or book can point to what we are but I now see the absolute necessity of looking - and being what we are inside, so to speak, before any concepts, learned teaching, or form.
This Knowingness is here in everyone the same.
The only thing that gums up the works seemingly is attachment to thought(belief).
From a fellow lover of Nisargadatta and Bob's teaching, for which I am extremely grateful, with Love -Bill

Nothing divides this wholeness into any realms of ‘time’ or ‘separation’. Without any need of a concept or a translation in ‘mind processes’, it is clearly evident that everything is spontaneously present. It has always been this way. IT IS ONE - ONE (long) moment of direct-cognition. It has never been divided into anything ‘other’ than what it IS. A simple way to describe it is – it is ‘What IS’. The 'story' of a life continues to ‘play’ itself out in the 'appearance' - Lila. None of it is anything ‘other’ than THIS directness of immediate livingness. Nothing can stand between you and THIS. YOU ARE THIS! There is no ‘between’. One could say that awareness arises between being and non-being but this is just a pedagogical statement to assist the investigation. It is all pure directness. Even the word ‘directness’ is incomplete in expressing THIS profound-ness that you ARE. Absolutely everything IS this essence of your own self. You are present and aware. You are awareness. Everything you see is awareness. Where is the boundary of separation? There truly is no boundary. THIS endless infinite universe is the phenomenal aspect of your own being-ness. The clear and empty nature of this unmediated knowing - is the pure potentiality of your non-being-ness. These two aspects are actually One. Right there, right now, there is just THIS IS-NESS. Inexpressible in words - it is this immediate, vast and everlasting expression of living-ness. When have you truly been anything 'other' than THIS? It is always IMMEDIATE! It is always OBVIOUS! To think about it takes you into apparent 'otherness'. Just be quiet, watch and SEE.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Read Bob's books thoroughly

The First Instant may be printed out simply in A4 format.
It has a front and back cover. Your local print shop can do it for you.
The First Instant is now available.
Basically this book is a compilation of notes taken down quite spontaneously from a very fresh view from beyond the ordinary 'mind stuff'. -After receiving the message in very clear terms from Bob Adamson, things began to be very clear. -The old ways quietly slipped away and a fresh presence to the moment was self-evident. -What a remarkable turn around it is. -This freedom is unmistakably present in those first few months of emergence. -It settles down as the contrast of previous states and old reference points fade away. -Prior to all this, I had spent many months working on manuscripts and audio files for the publication of his books and CD’s. That has proven to be of immense value to many seekers. -Instead of quoting him endlessly, I will make one very strong recommendation to you. -Read his books. -Listen to his Compact Discs. Watch the DVD’s. Visit him if you can or must but get the message! -It will not fail you! -A visit to attend his meetings has proven to be fruitful in the extreme for a considerable number. Only a few have taken up the task of speaking publicly about the message. -I was struck by his message to such a degree, that I was compelled into spreading the word about him and his teaching. Like a devoted Bhakti, I spent every spare hour of the day on the tasks at hand to do with this. I became so saturated by his message that it sank into every pore. As a consequence of this and in many personal talks with him (in meetings or privately), all doubts vanished. Quietly, in my own company, a realization dawned that the job was done and I hadn’t even noticed that any ‘event’ had taken place. The words, which he uses often are: “it dawns on you”. Now, quite remarkably they had (have) a most definite meaning. Some time after this I used to sit in meetings and momentarily wonder why these others couldn’t see what he was saying. The depth of his ‘pointers’ were (are) so clear to me. Often I would add something in these meetings (as Bob encouraged me to do) and the response was mixed. Many were upset and imagined I was pretending ‘to know’ something that they didn’t. They were there to hear Bob and not some student who thought he had ‘got it’. I was not deterred. It is interesting to note that when I first attended, some of Bob’s meetings were quite heated discussions. It was not what I was used to. Things were thrashed out. It wasn’t always like that. Certain types of seekers bring in that element. It’s all a challenge to the spiritual self-image and that needs to be exposed for sure. The ones closer to realization have dealt with most of the arguments. There are no rules to how a meeting will turn out. That’s the nature of free expression. In the silence at the beginning of one of Bob’s meetings you can feel the atmosphere of freedom and an open respect for all just as they are. Then it is down to business of questions and doubts. Yet this atmosphere is always there in the background. For me, during that time, it was (is) all good and proved to be a cleaning out of the dusty corners of the mind and a clean sweep of the remnants of a false self-image. As the months went by things just settled into ‘a solidity’ and the ever-present fact of knowing became so obvious. I could not fall out of THIS. The fact that it is always now became the norm, so to speak. I was no longer coming and going in presence to what is. ‘It’ was (is) not a state and its qualities are beyond all descriptions and words. Now, I find it difficult to remember how I had been before I came across this message that started with receiving a copy of “I am That” from my ex-brother in law. The path from that to finding Bob involved a visit to India on a self-imposed task to put an end to this ‘not knowing’ the answers. I was convinced that Nisargadatta had what I was looking for, yet he had departed long before. My conviction proved to be far beyond any expectations I might have had. So, you see, I can’t emphasize this strong enough. If you need convincing, then let me convince you—you won’t regret it. There is nothing in it for me. Gilbert couldn't care less if you get the message or not. However in the heart essence of being there is a resonation, which cannot be diminished. It is a subtle warmth, a love of being. To see ‘others’ who are confused and who are genuinely seeking fulfillment, then the message resonates out to them. So it is that I have put the message in a book form as clear as I can. Its effect has taken hold with some already. Bob said to me, early in the piece, when you realize THIS, you may use the same words or you may express it in your own words, it makes no difference. He has always encouraged those who have opened into ‘the knowing’, to spread the word. I witnessed this when John Wheeler came to Melbourne. John and I spent quite a few hours together walking and talking while he was there visiting Bob. Over that period, I witnessed an opening to Bob's message in him. John, as you well know, has gone on to be a clear exponent of the message and has already assisted some others into this openness of being. Getting the message out there is pure compassion - for those who imagine that they are trapped. However, the messenger can only deliver the message. He can't realize it for you! His or her presence does make a difference in some cases. Make the journey if you must - why wait? Basically it is like this: I can take you into the most beautiful garden in the world. It is up to you to see it - YOU must see the beauty of it all - not I. I already see it and your belief that I see it is really worthless to you, in fact it can be a hurdle to cross or a resentment. "Don't try to look through someone else's eyes" - Siddharameshwar. Get the message. If you desire this freedom, then get the message loud and clear. Let it sink in well and truly. Don’t let the mind wander into extraneous stuff. Don’t jump from one teacher to another. This is a habit for many seekers and it leads to confusion and attempts to knit together differing expressions. There are other teachers who are clear. However, I see erroneous concepts being expressed there in their teachings and this is significant and reveals something. Bob lives this freedom 100% and his expression is pristine. Simply pay attention to the message, give it all you have got. Contemplate it within your being-presence. Pay attention also to your life in its immediacy. It's all inclusive! All that Bob is pointing out is in relation to ‘this moment’ - Right Now! THIS is all there is and ever IS. This fact will hit you or dawn on you. The message is clear. It could hardly be put any clearer. It's the attention that wanders about which causes the delay in receiving the message. Presence with the teacher can assist that error. If you read Bob’s books with a keen attention, it will not fail you. It’s up to you. Warm regards - gilbert.
The First Instant. My last and final teacher, Bob Adamson, removed all doubts through assisting me in a thorough investigation of all my beliefs. I now live in a freedom that does not come and go. Few can believe such a thing is possible for an ordinary chap. They are just more beliefs. It is belief that keeps you from your own self-liberation. Why hang onto these obscure and erroneous states of mind? A taste of this book can be downloaded on the website. It is a short extract that carries the same punch, which reappears throughout the book. It is uncompromising and tends to keep the mind focused on the immediacy of direct experiencing. Those who have come to a point of wanting directness more than spiritual entertainment will find a message in this book. I do not dwell on any ideas of being enlightened or in being someone special. I live in one moment of livingness - or one moment lives in me! No difference. This same light of knowing in myself, I see in everyone. Even though in most cases, this light is covered by errors in belief, it is plainly there. It is the simple elimination of these beliefs that free the light to shine without hindrance. To watch the true messenger like Bob Adamson deliver the message is a privilege. Sometimes gentle and nudging the mind towards an insight and sometimes ruthlessly blunt depending on the state of the seeker and the kind of resistance they may put up. In contrast to that, I have witnessed speeches by devotees (known personally to me) of famous gurus, to a crowd of thousands, in which they expounded great insight and professed a deep self-liberation—only later to find in personal contact with them, an admission that they were lying—a divine lie for the good of the group. What bunkum! Delusion leads to more delusion in these cases. Trickery is a lurking thief in many of these groups. It is not and can never be a matter of tricking anyone. It’s the removal of self-trickery that leads to liberation. The touch of freedom is freedom itself. Anyone who has been with a teacher who lives the teaching will know a taste of that freedom. It is only through the elimination of the minds erroneous beliefs that that freedom will expand, in most cases. There are many devotees of popular gurus who have never had a one to one conversation with the guru. Surrendering yourself to someone who doesn’t even talk to you is ludicrous. This projection of an ‘idol’ is tantamount to a sentence in a personal prison of self-exclusion from your own self-realization. The true teacher sees these projections and demolishes them without hesitation. The underlying love you have and express for the teacher is then left as it is without these contrived egoistic projections. Having been with such a teacher, I speak from direct experience and insight. The writing to be found in ‘The First Instant’ is of this same directness. Getting this raw message published in the conventional world of literature has proven to be difficult. One proofreader refused to work with the text due to its nature clashing with their own views and conventional beliefs. Others, in contrast to that, have been very helpful. Whatever the case may be the writing in this new book has the potential to bring the mind into a new view. A fresh and immediate view does not rely on any conventional programming or conditions. It is ever prior to words and literature. Even when I read it myself, it often ‘nails me’ to this immediate moment in some inexplicable manner. The mind opens up into a clear space of knowing as the thought ceases to intrude into this immediate living presence. This wordless ‘I am-ness’ is left clear and the wonder of living is expansively present. The mind may return to its normal activities but there is a new possibility and the open view is still known to be present, even if the focus has gone into some particulars of this present. Everything is the same yet ever fresh and new. This is the liberation. There is no before enlightenment and there is no after enlightenment. All there is, is THIS. The bottom line is: "Your true nature is this ONENESS - Your total potentiality is right here, right now and this is nothing 'other' than 'the presence of knowing' that you already ARE. It is ONE - and ONENESS does not NEED any separate pattern called 'you' or 'me' - or 'anyone' to realize its ONENESS. It is complete just as it IS. Knowing that is freedom in its Totality. Do not limit yourself to being a fixated concept.
The organism which you take yourself to be, is simply an instrument of direct cognition". - gilbert.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where is Seeing happening?

Still attached? - 'What' is attached to 'what'?
Still trying? - Stop trying!
Be warm towards yourself—that is the primary requirement- Be affectionate towards the consciousness that you are.
That is not an intellectual reflection in the mind - it is in being - that warmth is your true nature - it is not depending on thought - it is prior to thought - yet thought will flow differently once that warmth is resonating through you.
In your search, you may have consumed all manner ideas, concepts, words in books and from teachers.
How is it possible that you may well have missed the clear and obvious nature of your own being?
There is a wonderous conscious presence, intelligence at play and it is not removed in any way from what you are.
It is completely present, not as something you acquired or gained by spiritual practices - it is re-discovered to be present and that it always has been present.
Nothing at all separates you from it.
Let that intelligence advise the mind - be 'open' to it.
It is nothing other than yourself- totally authentic and untarnished by anything that may have happened - it is your true nature.
You can cease to pretend or behave as a victim or a prey to what others think and say.
Look through your OWN eyes and see what is.
As Siddharameshwar says: "Don't try to look through someone else’s eyes"!
(Isn't that what everyone is doing and so much 'life drama' appears to arise from it. )

Attempting to see through another keeps the mind occupied in a kind of hypnosis and so it perpetuates the fixations with that drama.
The 'common mind' is flitting from the past to the future consistently - the present is give little attention - so, be present to what is in THIS immediacy!
What the mind without effort! - Seeing is happening. - Just see what it is doing.
It is as though one drops back into an empty space of knowing, which is always present as an aspect of your true nature - it is beyond any idea of yourself as being a 'seer'—behind or beyond all mind content, thoughts, states, moods or whatever appears in the mind.
Where is SEEING happening?
Is it happening to a 'someone'? - or is the concepts of being someone clearly observed?
Does a 'someone' truly appear in the minds realm of concepts?
Investigate this simple question for yourself.
The clear space called 'mind' is found to be spaceous and empty.
There are no limitations to it.
Knowing this to be what you are, one may understand that 'I am invisible'.
One re-discovers that I am not caught anywhere in SPACE or TIME - at all.
This KNOWING cuts through all stories.
You mostly probablty indulge in hundreds of stories and believe them.
Knowing transcends belief and there are NO exceptions to this fact.

I tell you directly and immediately that not one of your stories are true.
They all come and go. - They are discarded naturally as they are seen though - just like the belief in a mirage of water is discarded once it is seen to be a mirage.
The destiny of all booksis to be reduced to dust.

All knowledge is useless without KNOWING.
The intellect is not the intelligence! - The so-called 'mind' or brain is an instrument of intelligence - just like everything else.
The intellect projects concepts and believes in them and it believes in itself without suspecting the error.

KNOWING is ever present - it is not limited to the instruments though which it functions.
It is NOT somewhere else, it is not some sacred thing, nor is it in the distance somewhere.
It is the heart essence of what you truly ARE - Right NOW.
Where are there any doubts about this, to be found, except as a concept? - Is it not just some idea acquired at some point from 'others'? - Mind stuff?
Look through your own eyes in THIS immediacy!
Look back into that clear space of knowing.
Free yourself from those illusions in this openness of pure seeing.
All there is, is THIS moment—right NOW.
THIS is all there ever IS.
Thse 'pointers' are not found in common worldly knowledge.
You will not come to know this in some promised future time —you ARE already this knowing - right now - this KNOWING - right NOW.
It is NOT a matter of 'WHAT' is KNOWN—it never IS 'what' is KNOWN.
IT IS this KNOWING - and nothing but That!
In your true essence there is no possibility that you could not not be THIS.

So you see - there is really no problem.
To stop re-creating problems all one needs to do is to live from this direct knowing.
It is also your potentiality!
It is not someone else's potentiality. - No guru can give it to you, even if he promises to.
Such promises are just ignorance or self-centred activity, mere tricks of the trade.
Belief falls away in the light of seeing-knowing.
You are THIS timeless 'moment' of 'presence' and you have always been THIS - and further more THIS is all there ever IS.

my warm regards - Gilbert.