Friday, July 15, 2005

Some Teachers

Note: I write these notes in 5 or 10 minutes and spelling errors happen. Some get 'peeved off'
about that. I say - "get a life"! If you can get stuck on some spelling error, then get outta this non duality persuit because such miniscule 'things' are just 'ant' compared to the mountains of self-delusion you will have to traverse or 'see through'.

Some teachers of non-duality say that there is nothing you can do about anything.
I do not profess to be a teacher but I say there is something that you must do.
You must see clearly the nature of appearances.
Believing in their substantiality is the error. One must pay attention in the living immediacy and see through them so that all doubt vanishes. Everyone tries to see with concepts and mind stuff. These may appear to be useful for a short time. They soon take on a mechanical nature.
Openness contains all objectivity - and all concepts are simply objects in the mind.
To transcend the limited views of the individualized condition, the mind needs to open to its own space like nature. It is not a 'doing' as such - because it is effortless.
The clear nature of mind will only appear to open up with your natural and un-contrived participation with attentive awareness. Openness is its true nature.
In other words, it appears to open up - yet it is always open by its very nature.
There is presence with seeing and knowing happening.
See and know directly. Leave aside all pre-conceived ideas and let the mind rest on nothing but its own openness - presence (awakened mind). What reveals itself is inexpressible. It is unforgettable although it has nothing to do with memory.
It is conscious presence itself. THAT - is what you are. There is no 'Who' as such.

Some teachers can't explain how they opened into this Isness. Therefore their followers are waiting for a similar vague 'happening' for themselves. All the talk in all the world won't bring about any change that may be expected, in this regard. People crowd into rooms and pay their ten smackaroonies to hear that "THIS is it". How many times do we need to hear it?
Some so called teachers of clarity are laughing all the way to the bank. The bigger the crowd, the less likely it is genuine. Drains clog up with refuse. Better to clear the drain and let things flow.

The direct investigation is necessary.
A vague 'time bound' teaching keep its teacher and his followers hanging about year after year, all indulging in some kind of agreement or fellowship. All very nice and la-de-da but what happened to freedom?
And so, such followers of vague teachers resonate with that vague quality and it all stops there in the drain. It starts to stink after awhile. Characters find their place in the scheme and set up shop as advisers to others, in how to get the best out of the teacher. What a load of bunkum. Ego games. Watch out for the sweet talking gentle ones who always talk about unconditional love.
They point at other teachers and say that they are 'stuck' and pick their teachings to pieces.
Where is the freedom in any of that?
A life style at best - and a membership to a club of endless seeking and back biting.
Freedom. What is it? It is not servile attitudes and kissing feet.
So what to do? This 'lineage' of Nisargadatta has a most definite series of 'pointers'.
I say, with some forceful conviction, follow the pointers of Bob Adamson and see directly - while making a direct self-investigation along the lines that he indicates so clearly in his books and CD's and of course in his regular meetings.
Many have written to me in preparation before a visit to see him. The contrast in their contact before and after the visit is most profound. It's a joy to hear from them. It also confirms yet again what I know directly myself. This knowing cannot be lost. It is already with you. Uncover it.
If you ever meet Bob, you will see that he is so open and free. What’s more - He knows directly how this came about - And he shows this direct 'pointing' to those who are drawn to his message.
I was one who listened and followed his advice. It works! Why would I bother to tell you if it was just a rumour or some fancy belief system. What shallow satisfaction would I derive from these things which I see through consistently?
The only reason 'I bother' with this website is for the benefit of those who are really looking into their own nature.
Oddly enough those who really listen and follow Bob's advice are few and yet the number who have been to see him and who have subsequentially been released from erroneous beliefs is not a small number at all. Most just get on with life in a new freedom, which does not leave them.
A few of these have taken up the task to spread the message.
I myself have been expressing the message in so many angles and shades of the situation.
Not as a trained parrot by repeating what I have heard. It all comes from my own direct experiencing. I may repeat some words that Bob pointed out. Direct insights flood through me everyday. They are not distinct from pure seeing which is timelessly here.
Sometimes I make notes of these insights and I share them with you.
So it is that this message is actually available for anyone who has the power of attention to follow what is pointed out or who is open enough to the directness of Life itself. It is the Big message!
The mechanical mind will never appreciate what life truly IS.
It seems to me that there is a lot of resistance in seekers. So many just want to be led by some guru on an endless path of service and belief patterns. They just want to hang onto their personalised 'stuff' and make the ego permanent. That is the Tower of Babble.
What is so clearly evident to me is that you can actually bypass all that and know completely and direct of this freedom for yourself in the immedaicy of your own life.
And it is not all that difficult (if at all).
Giving up the things that make you suffer should be the easiest thing in the world.
Is there anyone listening? Are you free? Do you want to be free? 'Who' is not free?
Who will free you if you won't even take the first steps to see through the erroneous beliefs that have seemingly kept you bound for so long? What Practices? All such 'things' lead into a vague 'future' which never comes. How can you purify that which has never been contaminated?
See how ridiculous this path of purification truly is. The ultimate truth cuts through all falsehood in THIS NOW.
YOU ARE already present and aware in and AS this Moment and it is pure.
It is the mind that tells you that you are not worthy of pure knowing - And what is that?- other than a bunch of concepts that you have picked up along the imaginary road you believe you are travelling.
Get back to basics. Question these beliefs in the directness of this NOW with a knowing awareness. Uncover these erroneous beliefs. Does someone have to bang you on the head with a mallet before you take notice? It's up to you. Hanging around spiritual groups is just a social occupation - pleasant for a while but dead boring pretty soon. Get the message!!!!!!
Recently I read for the first time in many years some of the words of Krishnamurti.
It was very clear what he was saying. After forty or so years of teaching, Krishnamurti in his last days is reported to have said: "For forty years I have been singing to the deaf".
I also remember an account of him turning to someone who had been hanging around for years and saying: "What are you still doing here? - Haven't you got the message yet?"
The essence of the message is your own true nature - presence awareness. Don't waste time making the messenger into a god or building monuments to his shadow. Don't bury documents for future generations.
All such nonsense is just thought patterns belonging to the common mind. You must transcend the hypnotised common mind with its common reality agreements and beliefs or it will surely keep you trapped. Egoistic pursuits in the spiritual realm are ugly to look upon and smell of conceitedness and contrived spiritual behaviour. In the appearance of life, some gurus are promoting such behaviour in the guise of true pathways to freedom. Why? - Because they themselves do not know the way out of it all. I am not saying that they are wrong - just that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
In contrast to this, there are many who are looking closer from their own natural being and they immediately resonate with the clear message when it is received. Intelligence in action.
A natural freedom is a beauty to behold whether it be your own or recognised in another.
If you have any sense at all - GET the message!
It is available. It is accessible. It is not a secret and you don't have to pass some test or know some password to open into its presence - why? Because it is what you are. You are THAT.
Get the message and LIVE IT fully. Then you will BE the message in one endless living moment. That is the only way to preserve the teaching. It is a LIVING teaching.
LIVE IT NOW. - Don't wait for tomorrow.
Basically: Only THIS moment is the real. You are present and aware. No doubt in THAT. There is no room for doubt in THAT.
For the seeker: Where is the problem if it is not simply an appearance in the mind? - See it! Don't become the problem - see it and know that you are not it. The endless display of mind content is all transient without exceptions. Who can argue with that? Remove the energy of belief in these stale habitual views and attitudes and see what is really happening in this immediacy. Be the freedom that you truly ARE.
When a teacher of practices says that self realization is unavailable and that you need to practice, he is speaking to himself from his own limitations and it is these very limitations that reveal that he is not a teacher worth his salt.
They say things like: "For the rest of us, we must do our practices". It is just an ego talking.
Hogwash! If you do not challenge these erroneous concepts of limited views based in the 'time realm of mind' - then no practice will ever free you. Unpleasant news for the investor.
The true teaching is your own heart essence which is your true nature.
It is the actuality of non-conceptual awareness - thoughtless reality. It is already here and cannot be produced or created by practices of any kind.
It just needs to be uncovered by your own vivid presence of wakefulness.
Nothing can resist it! Just pay attention in the immediacy of this livingness.

Emptiness speaks to emptiness.

Note: 2 free e-books are on the main website.
'The First Instant' = sample chapters.
'The essence of the First Instant' = a flowing set of verses taken from the main book plus a few extra pages not in the main book(40 pages).
The e-book The First Instant is still available for purchase but will be withdrawn in due course. NOW IN PRINT.
This book plus a new book entitled 'Everything is Clear and Obvious' will only be available from the author via post.
The expressions in these books dissolve the habitual fixating concepts of the age old guru-disciple 'progressive path' and reveal the ever-present freedom of natural being presence.
It will never be popular for many seekers because they just don't see the trap they are in although they certainly feel it. That is what a seeker is.
Freedom is here right now and in your natural presence there are no doubts.
It is the mind that fills with doubt and so it is clouded in ignorance.
It can be cleared once and for all time - so simply via a clean investigation.
No one else can do it for you.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Presence Awareness

This is a brief extract from the book "Presence Awareness"
The answers are given by Bob Adamson in a meeting held at his residence in Melbourne, Australia. Bob is the teacher who removed all doubts in this mind. Since it has happened here for me, it can happen for you or anyone that opens to the message.
There is a web-page on Bob him on my shining though the mind website, where there is also a link is to his own main website. I Highly recommend it for anyone who has not paid a visit to it.


Bob: What memory have you got right now if you’re not thinking about it?

Visitor: Without thinking about it, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Bob: No. Have you got a memory if you’re not thinking about it?

V: Well no, I don’t.

Bob: Can you anticipate or imagine a future without thought? So you see that when you are thinking about the past, the actual thinking is happening now, presently. And when you are anticipating or imagining the future, the actual thinking is happening presently. So you see, you really haven’t moved into the past, or you haven’t moved into the future, though we think we have, you see. We’re so conditioned to go along with the fluctuations of the mind, we think we are in the past or in the future. But the actual thinking is going on all the time, presently. And this is the actuality. The actual livingness is going on in this moment. You can’t live a moment ago.
You can recall it, but if you recall it, it’s recalled presently. It’s no longer the past. It’s a fresh recollection happening now.

Or...... you can imagine it, but you can’t live in the future. You can imagine the future, but you can’t live in the future. And someone will say "I was in the past" or "I was way ahead in the future," but only in the mind, only in the thought, not in the actuality.
So, that’s why we say, what you’re seeking you already are that.
You can’t be anything other than that, really.
Another extract:

Bob: Right there, right now there is a presence of awareness. Full stop.

Without trying to grasp onto anything. That’s more movement on it.

But that awareness-presence or presence-awareness, whichever way you like to put it. You can look at it both ways.

Presence-awareness: there is awareness of presence, you could say. Or, awareness of the presence of awareness. And that is basically all that there is, and all there ever is.
Just like we use the term "like a mirror." The mirror is self-shining, shining of itself, that reflecting surface on it. Reflections appear in it. Is the mirror concerned whether or why there is a reflection there or not?

V: No, it isn’t.

Bob: Well, is awareness concerned?

V: No


This book "Presence Awareness" is the second book published for those who wish to investigate their own immediate situation.

This book along with the first book, "What's wrong with right now - unless you think about it?" are amongst some of the most profound 'pointers' to the natural state ever published. Many readers have followed their 'indicators' and have seen through the 'bondage of self'. This growing number who investigate their own consciousness will, by virtue of their own living example, ensure the widespread distribution of these unique books. CD's and DVD's of meetings are also available.

I sincerely urge you to follow up on this information because you can only benefit from this pursuit as I and many more can vouch for that fact.


Available through Amazon dot com and various other avenues. Australian bookshops have not caught onto Bob's books yet. You can insist that they get them for you. They are Bookshops after all and they are there to serve you. There is NO reason why they cannot get them.